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“What the fuck!!!!!” I said aloud.

My head turned quickly to the side. I could see the alarm clock. It was 3.30am. I’m never awake at this time of the morning. I know why though. I can feel a wet warm mouth sucking the life out of my hard cock. Its dark, but I know who it is. It can only one person. And that’s my grandma.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Brandon. I’m 22 years old who through circumstance has had to come and stay with my grandma Phyllis. Not through choice mind you. I could think other places I rather be. I have had no choice though. I have to stay here for a period. I think it’s 6 months. You see I’m a parolee. They would only let me out if I had somewhere permanent to stay. My own parents were being awkward. I’d spent the last 3 years in prison and my mothers mother was the only one who would let me stay and helped loads with the parole board.

I’ve been out for 2 weeks now. I’m still not used to life here on the outside. Part of the conditions of my early release is that I stay away from my old haunts and mates. At the moment I’m obeying. It’s hard. I miss my old life so much. Not that it was that brilliant. I spent my whole time when not working, drinking and fighting. The only thing that could sway me away from that was a good fucking. I was well known for that. Almost as much as the fighting.

As you can imagine, after 3 years banged up, I’m a pretty horny guy. My grandma is my grandmother though and I’ve never thought of her any other way. At least not sexually. Things have certainly changed between these past couple of weeks. I think for the mutual better.

I arrived at the house at 10.30 on a Monday morning. A probation officer had met me outside the prison and ferried me here. I think they felt I couldn’t be trusted and so made sure I got off to the right start. They needn’t of worried though, I was so relieved of getting out I had no intention of screwing up.

I led the old probation officer around the back of the house. There was grandma Phyllis, as I’d imagined, on her knees, taking full advantage of the weather, tending to her beds. For the first time, I became nervous. I’d always been Phyllis’s favourite grandson and she’d only visited me once in prison and that was about a year ago. So I really didn’t know how we stood with each other. In hind sight, it couldn’t be that bad. She was letting me live with her. I coughed to get her attention. I wondered how she felt about me now. At the sound of my cough, she turned round.

“Oh Brandon honey. You’re here. Finally.” I smiled kind of weakly. I was ashamed of myself and embarrassed.

“Hi grandma………. This here’s Mr Johnson, he picked me up from the prison. He’s a probation officer.

Grandma walked towards us, smiling, wiping her hands on an old apron as she did. This, as I’ve said is the first time I’d seen her in just over a year and to be honest, she was a real sight for sore eyes. I didn’t know it then, but I can now tell you that Phyllis is 61. You can certainly see where my mother gets her good looks from.

She stood in front of me, completely ignoring Mr Johnsons out stretched hand. Her hand came up and caressed my cheek.

“My darling Brandon………. It’s going to be really nice to having you here.”

With that, she threw her arms around me and I found myself embraced in her loving arms. After a few seconds that felt like minutes she told me to go on into the house whilst she talked with Mr Johnson. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but could imagine that he was just re-iterating my parole conditions to her.

Within 5 minutes, they both walked into the house. Mr Johnson said his goodbyes, wished me luck, told me not to forget our first appointment in a weeks time and I was left alone with grandma.

She stood there looking at me. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking and so I made my way to the kitchen table and sat down and waited for the lecture that I was sure was going to happen any time soon. Mr Johnson had told me to expect it and I was, so I was more than a little surprised when grandma said,

“You looked tired darling. Let me go and have a quick wash and I’ll fix you some food. Your mother brought most of your things over last week. There upstairs in your room. Top of the stairs, first door on the left. I won’t be long, so make yourself at home.”

I watched her walk out of the kitchen. I picked up the meagre possessions that I’d accumulated in the nick and followed her upstairs. I entered my room and was pleasantly surprised to find that Phyllis had sorted my things out for me. Most of my things were here and I guess that sort of made things final. My parents had made their decision and were sticking to it. I couldn’t blame them. I’d put them through hell for years and they obviously felt that even after my time in the nick I wouldn’t of changed and hadn’t had enough tolerance to have me at home. In time I knew they’d come round and it was up to me to show them that I’ve changed and casino şirketleri that they could trust me.

I sat on the edge of the bed. I could hear grandma moving around her room. I could even hear the wardrobe door opening and closing. I could hear her faint cough. It struck me as strange how I could. Considering this was an old house. I’d of thought the walls would have been thicker. But no. I heard her leave her room and enter the bathroom across the hallway. Then the sound of the shower running and all of a sudden I had an image forced into my mind. I couldn’t help myself. It was just there.

The image was of grandma soaping up her large breasts under the shower. I could almost see the river of water cascading over her large nipples. The image must of stayed with me for seconds, it felt like minutes, but I shook myself and the image left. I came aware that I was actually stoking my hard cock. My erection must have been instantaneous. I really hadn’t been aware that I was doing it. I was shocked. I know that I’d been in prison for a good few years and this was the closest I’d been to a woman in that time, so it was understandable that I would become aroused. But, she’s my grandmother and I was starting to feel disgusted with myself.

I busied myself with getting changed. I went through my draws hoping to find my favourite clothes. I did. I’d been afraid that mum had thrown them away. But she’d known how much I liked them and had obviously decided to let me keep them. Another sign. They weren’t much but I’d had them ever since. It was a pair of old sweat-pants and a washed out black vest. I used to wear them to the gym and then they got relegated to the house. But I could never bring myself to throw them out.

I sat on the bed and went through some papers that were sat on the bedside table, hoping that there would be a letter from my mum. No such luck. I’d just finished the pile when I heard the bathroom door open and then grandma’s door closing. I was aware this time of my cock twitching. I quickly got up and put some music on and got busy emptying my bag. Anything to take my mind of what had been trying to enter my head.

Five minutes later I heard a knock on the door and grandma’s head popped round after I’d called out enter.

“Now that’s better. It’s how I remember you love.” she said as her eyes slowly scanned my 6′ 2″ frame. A bit too slowly if you ask me. I felt really awkward and if she had been anybody else I would of done something about it. As she’s, one, female, two, stunning for her age and three dressed the way she wass, the something I would of done is fuck the living daylights out of her. More than once. My appendage wouldn’t listen to me and I could feel myself getting hard again under her scrutiny. I quickly looked around and gabbing my bag I sat on the edge of the bed and made out I was looking for something.

“Honey, what do you fancy to eat? Your choice. It’s your first day home so it should be something you’ve really missed.”

I couldn’t answer straight away. All I could see was grandma standing in front of me, about 3′ away. She was wearing open toed sandals, bare legged, shorts which came to about mid thigh, and were surprisingly tight across a not too shabby arse. In fact, I’ve been with a lot younger women whose arse was in worse condition than grandma’s. She also had no stomach to speak of. Very flat. I wondered about this. My mother’s 20 years younger than grandma and she’s never had a stomach either. They must be the fortunate ones. The lucky people. My eyes drifted up her body till I came to her tits. At the time I didn’t know her correct size, but I estimated that she was at least a DD cup. My cock was now jumping about on it’s own under my bag and I could feel pre-cum oozing onto my leg. It was then I noticed grandma’s nipples. The first thing I clocked was that they were huge. I mean really huge. They stuck out at least an inch. The second thing was, I was sure they were hard. My eyes flicked up to grandma’s face and she was smiling down at me. It looked like a knowing smile. But I couldn’t tell for sure.

“Well dear……….. What do you fancy to eat?” she was still smiling and with her hands on her hips was waiting for me to answer.

I swallowed and said, “A fry up would be really appreciated grandma.” it was all I could think of to say. Luckily for me, I’m one of those people who eat just about anything so there was no problem there.

“Ok love… I can do that. I’ll make a start. Come down when you’ve sorted yourself out.” she gave me some sort of languid wink and turned and walked out of the room. I watched her bum cheeks as she walked and she was surprisingly firm. In the back of my mind came the thought of “what did she mean by ‘when you’ve sorted yourself out’.” I shuddered. It was true. I really did have blue balls at this point. But there was no way on earth I could do anything about it as my thoughts would be solely on my grandma. And that wasn’t going to happen. I looked wistfully casino firmaları at my collection of DVD’s, some of them weren’t what was on the cases. I couldn’t wait to get up there that night and get some much needed relief.

I waited till I heard grandma go down the stairs and when the sound of pans came from the kitchen, I then knew that I was safe. I jumped off the bed, looked down at my groin and was mortified to see a huge wet patch across the front. There was no way I could continue wearing them and had no choice but to change. I pulled another pair out from a draw and slung them on. I was acting with a certain amount of urgency. I still wasn’t sure what grandma had meant with her last statement and I didn’t want her to think that I’d been up here pulling myself off the minute she’d left the room. I considered that I might have got it all wrong and misread the situation. I couldn’t be sure of anything. I was also trying hard not to think about it. It’s a subject that I’d never thought of before. I wouldn’t of dreamed of it. Completely taboo.

I was minutes behind her as I went down the stairs. I got to the kitchen door as she was reaching up to a top cupboard for something. I was greeted by the sight of grandma’s shorts being pulled right up between her arse cheeks. I couldn’t help but stare at her tight bum, her slender legs and her dainty feet encased in open-toed sandals with red painted nails. She must of sensed me watching as she turned around without coming off her toes and smiled at me.

“Sit down baby, it wont take me long……. So what are you going to do for the rest of the day?” she asked after giving me a few more seconds to ogle her legs and arse.

“I don’t know gran, I haven’t given it much thought. All I’ve thought about is being here and not in there if you know what I mean.”

I could of kicked myself as soon as I’d said it. I’d given her and opening. I really didn’t want at this moment to talk about prison, but I just knew the lecture was coming. I watched wearily as she came down of her toes and turned to face me, knowing what was coming.

“Brandon honey. I’m not going to give you any long speeches, because I know your too old for that and if you haven’t learnt anything by now, then nothing I say is ever going to change that, but baby, I missed you for 3 long years. Even last year when I came to visit you in that awful place I cried like a little girl all the way home. I didn’t know when I was ever going to see you again. Of course you always know you will, you just don’t know when. Now your home and I’ve never been happier. This will be your home as long as you want it to be. Ok?”

By now grandma’s standing in front of me, her hand is caressing my cheek. I look up at her and my sights bleary. I realise I have tears in my eyes. I quickly look down and wipe them away. As I look up again she pulls me towards her ample breasts. I’m quickly smothered in amongst her bosom, my tears quickly dry as if they never were. I bring my arms up to her waist and hold her tightly, not wanting her to let me go. At this moment I’m content but because of my state of mind my cock is rising. I get into a slight panic. “how the hell am I going to get out of this one?” I’m stuck. Grandma can’t see me at the moment she’s too close, but we can’t stay like this for ever. But the longer we stay like this, the harder I’m getting. It felt like a solid bar even then.

My face is buried in her more than ample tits, I can feel her long painted nails raking through my hair and the heady smell of her perfume, this close to a man that’s been apart from all women for 3 years is no laughing matter. I had no chance of being able to control myself. Nothing I tried to do was going to help.

Eventually she released me, bent down, with her soft hand on my right cheek she kissed so tenderly on my left. Now I know that there was no way that she could fail to miss a 9 inch hard-on tenting up my sweat-pants. There was no way that she could miss it. Then, for the briefest second, I saw her eyes flick down, just before she turned away. There before her hazel eyes, stood a tent in my sweat-pants caused by my thick cock. I was mortified. Instant panic. I had no chance to cover up. I waited to be scolded and at the least a slap around the face. But nothing happened. At least to me. I saw the corners of her mouth turn up and before I knew it, she was back at the stove.

I picked up a morning paper and we made small talk as she cooked. She told me most of what had been happening in the family since I’d been away. Sort of brought me up to speed. I watched her surreptitiously as she went about her cooking. I was starting to think that I’d become some sort of deviant, but I just couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t drag my thoughts and eyes away from her. I was glued to her expansive tits and the way they wobbled beneath her flimsy t/shirt. The way her arse looked as she bent over to get eggs out the fridge and plates out of the cupboard. Damn, I was getting myself güvenilir casino in a real state. I needed to eat and get out of here for a while.

40 minutes later, I sat back in the chair, my hunger completely sated. It, in all truth, was the best thing I’d eaten in the whole three years. A fact I know which is not really surprising. Grandma had told me while we were eating that she was going to drive into town and do a little shopping and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. Now, I know I’m supposed to of been rehabilitated, but I have to draw the line somewhere and declined.

“No, that’s ok grandma. I’m just going to laze about, maybe go out for a walk and enjoy my first day of freedom, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course not dear. You do as you please. Just because your living here doesn’t mean you have to do everything with me. I’m quite capable of managing the shopping. I’ll bring you some beer home and maybe a little wine for me. We’ll celebrate tonight. Just the two of us.”

“Sounds great.” I said. Although I had serious doubts that just the two of us would have great fun.

To cut a long story short, I did laze about and go for that walk. I was back indoors before grandma had come home. It did not go unnoticed by me that as I did walk through the streets of my new neighbourhood, my cock seemed to behave itself. And I saw plenty worth looking at that would have normally, three years ago, got me up and running so to speak. I made my way home and waited for grandma. I heard her car pull into the driveway at 5.45. She looked completely washed out. I went outside to help her with the bags. She sat and talked to me as I put it all away. Pleased that she’d, by fluke, managed to buy my favourite lager. I was going to enjoy one or two of them later.

I made her a cup of tea and as I poured the water from the kettle I was aware of grandma rotating her neck around. Her left hand was rubbing her neck.

“You having problems grandma?” I asked, as I watched her massaging herself

“I’ve a bit of a sore neck honey. I don’t suppose you could give a quick rub do you?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

I made my way over to her. As I did, she removed her cardigan and I was treated to the sight of her blouse being pulled so tightly across those magnificent breasts of hers I very nearly stopped and stared.

“I think you need to move grandma so I can get behind you.” I asked as I noticed she wasn’t going to move and had in fact leant back in her chair, which was itself up against the wall.

“It’s not really needed at the back love. It’s more along here, just below my shoulders.” she demonstrated by running her hand below her blouse, across her breast bone. I couldn’t believe this. She expected me, a man in my condition, to stand right in front of her, massaging her just above those terrific tits that I’m practically fixated on already and not react in anyway. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this. I asked what was wrong in the first place and could hardly refuse now. I would just have to think about boxing or football.

As I got to her, she opened her legs so that I could get in between them and be closer to her. She then reached up and undid three buttons on her blouse and pulled it apart.

“There, that should make life easier for you dear.” she said.

I looked down and was momentarily lost in her expansive cleavage. It was a sight to behold.

“Are you alright dear?”

“Ohh…… errr……… yeah. Sorry gran. My mind was elsewhere. Forgot what I was supposed to be doing.” I replied quickly.

She passed me a tube of skin lotion from her bag. I squeezed a good handful into my hand and shakily I put both hands on her skin. I gently pushed and rubbed and soon grandma was ‘ohhhhing’ and ‘ahhhing’ under my ministrations.

“That’s just what I needed Brandon…. I’m going to enjoy having you here.” she said. The words sort of came out of her mouth in a purr.

I looked down at her. I tried to look at her face but couldn’t help but see her huge white tits before my eyes. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from them. The trouble was, the more I looked, the harder I got. The harder I got, the more the front of my jeans became tented out and it would become obvious to grandma that I had an erection because of her. Luckily for me, she had her eyes closed, but I was under no doubt that they wouldn’t be closed for too long and when she did open them there would be my 9″ cock, encased in tight jeans, throbbing about 18″ away from her mouth.

I tried to stand sort of sideways, but I just couldn’t manage in that position. As I looked down, I could see her tits heaving. They were really a sight to behold.

And then it happened. Her eyes opened and stared right at my hard cock. I could feel it throbbing and I wondered if she could see it moving. I waited for some scolding. I was sure grandma Phyllis was tear a strip of me and would call me all the perverted names she could think of. In fact, what did happen was,

“Oh Brandon, that feels so good. Just do the top of my shoulders for a little while and then I’ll get us something to eat.” I watched as she spoke and was sure she was actually talking to me but staring at my hard-on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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