First Time Training Session

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The following is the true story of my first experience with a man:

Where to start? For the longest time I didn’t realize I was bisexual. I’m pretty sure it started with porn. When we turned 18, one of the first things my buddies and I did was make a trip to the local porn shop on the seedy side of our town. It was incredible. Looking at all the toys, lingerie, and porn everywhere made my pulse rise. I even stepped into the “arcade,” which I realized wasn’t an arcade at all like I knew them, before getting told I couldn’t go in there without paying for tokens for the video booths. Not that day, I thought, I’d have to come back alone… Before we left, one of my friends bought a magazine with a woman spreading her pussy on the cover, all wrapped in plastic so we couldn’t open it until we left. When we got home I remember gathering around with my buddies looking at the porn magazine and being shocked-not just by the insanely hot women inside, spreading their pussies, but by the men too, and not just average men, but men with impossibly big dicks doing things to these women I’d never imagined, and never thought women could possibly be alright with (though they seemed to be loving it!). As we all looked, the other guys were staring at the tits and pussy, but my eyes kept going back to those cocks-at least twice the size of mine-as I felt blood rush to my dick.

I went back and got my own magazines to obsess over by myself and left with much dirtier magazines than my buddy had gotten-girls covered in cum, tied up, taking 3 dicks at once, etc. I quickly realized I was never even looking at these guys faces, if they were shown at all. I didn’t find myself interested in looks… just their mind-blowing thick, stiff cocks and big, full balls hanging beneath. Dashingly handsome or even kind of ugly, I wouldn’t have known either way because my focus was all below the waist. Sure, the women were insanely hot, those big tits and shaved pink pussies spread wide, but my god…those fuck rods… But I kept that all to myself.

Time passed and like all guys I quickly turned to the internet, stroking my cock to porn. More and more I’d be watching these sexy women choking on dicks, taking cocks up their asses (what kind of dirty slut lets a guy do that??) and getting their faces covered in cum, and I slowly started realizing that I didn’t wish that I was the guy, but instead I wished I was that eye-candy little slut, working and pleasing and, best of all, just getting used by these pipe-laying machines. The less sensual and more lusty, just hard-fucking and messy, slobbery, and cum filled the slut, the more I wanted to be her.

Of course on the outside I appeared straight and pretty normal, and wanted to keep it that way. I, like the majority of you, was and am a regular guy-normal interests, friendly, into TV shows, music, video games…all that. I wasn’t outwardly some sex-craved perv like this might make me sound, but my fantasy of cocks kept coming back to my mind when I was alone. In my mind I began to develop a taste for fantasies about older guys in particular. To be that young nasty slut for an older man would be so hot…for one thing it would mean I’m just concerned with the cock. Old, bald, beer gut, and nice thick cock? All I hear is nice thick cock. And for another, older guys probably don’t get it as much, and want it that much more-are willing to get as much as they can out of their new young fucktoy. For them a young guy like me would be a real treat. Plus the age gap was just naughty, taboo, and that made the idea even hotter.

This, of course, was all a fantasy. As you all know, in your head you get into the dirtiest things when you’re horny, and overall I was a normal guy, looking for pussy, if anything, most of the time, like the rest of my friends. However, when porn started getting old, I started chatting with people online, and found that there really aren’t many women chatting about sex…so I started chatting with men. There the fantasies just opened up, and I’d cum over and over talking to pervy old hornballs about what I wanted to do and what they wanted to do to me. But after I’d blown my load on my belly and chest, I realized I’d never do it for real, that’s just too dirty, too nasty…

When I was 22 I took it a little further and signed up on a free gay site with a little profile. In it I said that I am curious, want to be like the nasty girls in porn, etc etc, learn to deepthroat, be a plaything for an older dominant man or men, and so on, overdoing it and saying I was nastier than I’d ever actually be just to see who would contact me. You know, just tease them and jerk off. Then I realized I needed some pics to get their attention. I looked at my ass in the mirror, and was surprised-I have kind of a big ass. I’m a short guy, 5’7 with short blonde hair, light skin, fit and a little muscular, but wow, all this time I had a thick ass and some big thighs and never knew. I started to show it a little on cam in the chat room for the casino şirketleri men in there. I learned I could shake it like those girls do on youtube, make it clap and wiggle, and soon I was doing it on cam for 20-25 men at a time, feeling like such a dirty slut.

I wanted to show off my discovery more, so once I got very horny and headed to a porn store and grabbed some lingerie-some crotchless black panties (small in the back, and more like a thong if you pull them up tight into the ass) and some black fishnet stockings. The panties are a regular bikini-shape bottom, only smaller, and down the center of the back they were split, so they look normal (not crotchless) until you pull the sides apart, and your ass crack and hole is exposed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t see myself as a cross dresser, and was not trying to look like a woman. Just a slut, just to frame this bubble butt and put a “fuck me” sign on it, without the writing. It worked. I was surprised how sexy my own ass was, making those little panties look even smaller, the fishnets pulled up almost to where the bottom curve of my round ass cheeks meet my thick thighs. I even shaved my ass for the first time ever (was so surprised how sexy it felt all smooth) and I took some pics, loaded them on the site, and got a huge number of messages, many from older guys nearby.

I talked a little with some that night, blew my load, immediately thought ‘what the hell have I been doing’ and passed out, but by the time I woke up in the morning, my 6″ uncut cock was rock hard again, and I was horny. I checked the site and saw I had an email.

The man was 45 (perfect), a white guy with brown hair, slender, with a small tattoo near his waist. He was pretty regular looking in his pic except for his cock, which he said was 8.5 inches long, and it clearly had a big fat head. His profile labeled him as a “Top” but said little else about him.

His email read “you think you’re a slut? stop fantasizing and prove it. I can host now, get over here.”

Something in that moment was different. I got impulsive, probably kind of stupid (no blood in the brain, all in my cock) and wrote him back, saying ok. My heart was pounding in my chest when I hit send. He got back to me in moments with his address, and we talked a little about what we wanted to do-I said I wasn’t ready for much yet, may just want to stroke him (I’d never even seen another man’s penis erect, and didn’t know how I’d actually feel in that moment) and that I definitely wasn’t ready for anal. He reluctantly said that last part was ok, and lets do this. I was nervous, so nervous. My brain told me to stop, slow down, jerk off, cum like always and you’ll be fine, but my body slipped on the black panties, pulling them into my ass making them a little thong, and then my hands slipped on the fishnets. I couldn’t stop myself. I put on jeans over and wore a tight t-shirt.

A blink later I was slowly driving by his address, looking at the modest townhouses, heart racing. I pulled up, parked, and got out. As I walked to his door I couldn’t believe what was happening, and realized this was my last chance to go back. I guess I could have, but now I actually wanted it, I’d already come so far. After a few steps I remembered what I had on under my jeans. I could feel the thong on my smooth hole, and the fishnets gripping my thunder thighs. Then it dawned on me-I’m a whore. I’m a young little whore, wearing whore clothes, walking up to a stranger’s door. Better yet, I’m the cheapest whore there is. My cock started to harden, making a bulge under the black lace and pulling the thong even tighter in the back.

As my brain said told me to turn-around-turn-around-turn-around and my heart was almost audible, I walked up to the door and rang the bell. Seconds were minutes, and finally the door opened. It was the inner door, behind an all glass outer window-door. The reflection from the glass was bright, and I couldn’t see through the window, just that the other door had opened. Nothing happened. It felt like forever. Then my eyes adjusted and I saw past the reflection that the man was standing there on the other side of the glass-completely ass-naked! He was urgently gesturing for me to come in and I grabbed the glass door, opened it and jumped in. The wood door closed behind me. Clunk. No turning back. Oh god.

It was dimmer inside and my eyes adjusted and I realized I was holding my breath, insanely nervous. The stranger looked me up and down. I felt weird, like I couldn’t look at his dick. I felt like I was in the locker room at the rec center, trying not to stare at the cocks of the other guys changing. He just looked at me like I’ve looked at strippers before-like I was a thing. I felt vulnerable, naked (which was strange, because I wasn’t and he was) and a little violated…and I liked it. I really liked it. When I finally looked down, I saw he was stroking his cock…his big, thick, cock. It was only semi-hard, but longer and thicker than mine casino firmaları when I’m rock hard. His expression was serious, almost a little creepy, and I was surprised I liked that too.

“Follow me” was all he said.

He turned and started walking up his stairs. I took one last look at the door over my shoulder, paused for a moment, then slowly turned and followed him like a zombie, my body still not listening to my conscience, looking up at him going up the stairs. I could see his huge ballsack swinging between his legs. I shuddered when I thought of what was in there. He had turned out to be more than I expected-he was average in looks, but his cock and balls…it was much different seeing pornstar-sized equipment in real life than it was on a little screen.

We got to his bedroom and he said, “Time to learn, slut.” with a big grin on his face.

He sat down on a sofa, and pointed at the ground in front of him. I couldn’t believe it. I’d thought about this a million times, for years, and never thought I’d do it. The night before I thought I’d never do it. And I was getting down on my knees in front of this random, hung stranger as old as my dad. Now on my knees on his carpet between his spread legs, I put my hands on his thighs, and he shook his head at me. I was confused.

“Shirt off slut,” he said, “we don’t want you walking out my door with big wet spots of drool on it, do we?” I shook my head and pulled my shirt off, showing my well defined chest and abs. The air was cool, my nipples hardened and I felt so vulnerable and so sexy.

His dick was laying lazily to the left, resting on his leg and his balls were hanging down low between his spread legs. I bit my bottom lip nervously and put my right hand up and timidly grabbed his cock with it. I was touching another man’s cock. Oh. My. God. I had to squeeze my hand some around his fleshy rod to make my pointer finger touch the tip of my thumb-this was a very thick cock. I stroked the shaft a couple times, up and down an inch or so, surprised by how heavy it was, how warm his skin was, and how different it felt from dildos and toys I’d played with and sucked on in the past.

“It’s…so thick..” I sputtered-my only words to him so far.

“I shouldn’t hear you talking” he said, not in a mean way, but strict. I loved it, and without thinking said “Yes sir.” I stared at it, the head huge, still half hard, pointing right at my face, about a foot away.

I put my tongue out of my mouth as far as I could, all flat, leaned my head in and licked his cock from the base of the end, up and over the bottom of the head onto his slit. It was a huge moment, something I’d thought about since I first saw those colossal cocks in the magazine. I felt my own cock swell instantly. The taste threw me off, and made me realize that this was no toy, no wet dream, that this was a mans penis, and I had just licked it. And what threw me off more was the precum that I’d unknowingly licked up. I hadn’t seen it, but I tasted it, and I had a pang of intense nervousness realizing his precum was in my mouth. No stopping now.

With his cock still in my right hand, I put my tongue back out and slapped the heavy head down on it three times, making a smack, smack, smack noise, which he seemed to like, then opened my mouth as wide as I could and put the entire head of his cock in my mouth, sucking down on it and tightening my wet lips around the skin of his shaft. It was ecstasy, I was one of those sluts in the hundreds of porn’s I’d seen. I looked up, he stared down eyes closing some in pleasure, and I gobbled some more. 1.5 inches. Then 2. Then 2.5, then 3, the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat. He was getting stiffer. I shoved it in a little further, maybe about 4 inches, and let out an embarrassing little half-gag noise. “Good bitch…” he whispered. Embarrassed and ashamed of the sound, I took his cock out of my mouth and was about to lick his balls when he grabbed his dick from my hand and pointed it back at my mouth, pushing my head towards it with his other hand.

Back into my mouth it went, my jaw as wide as it would go, until my lips reached the end of the wet mark they’d already left on his thick shaft, less than halfway down his massive middle-aged rod. He flexed his hips a little, pushing a bit more past my tongue, making me gag a little but not letting it out, so the noise was muffled. Feeling desperate and full but so horny I bobbed my head some for him, up and down feeling his cock at the entrance of my throat, hearing a sort of squishing, plunging noise coming from my throat that I recognized from the the deepthroat sluts in my favorite porn vids.

He yanked my head off his cock by my blonde hair and I gasped in a breath. My throat automatically pushed up some gooey slobber it had made when I first gagged. It went into my mouth and there was a lot. I lifted his cock and spat it onto his ballsack. It landed on his left nut, leaving a trail hanging from my bottom lip.

“Mmm güvenilir casino damn you are a good lil slut-in-training aren’t you?” he said. I was hornier than I’d ever been. I was still so nervous I felt like I was shaking, but the hornyness outweighed it. I threw my face down to his balls, tongue out, and licked up my spit, spreading it all over his sack, rotating my head left and right to get my tongue all over it. It was messy, and so hot. His balls were sticky and soaked. I opened my mouth all the way with my lips on the skin of his ballsack and sucked a little on his balls. One of his balls came partway into my mouth as I did this. I had to keep my jaw way open so it could get in as much as possible, and then I sent my tongue flicking all over it. I let it go and sucked up his other nut, trying to get it into my mouth, though it was nearly too big. Licking all over, feeling his hand near my forehead, bumping on it, as he began stroking his meat.

I licked and licked, slurping and sucking on his ballsack while he stroked his thick shaft, and when I finally pulled my face off, my chin, cheeks and upper lip were all wet with my own gooey saliva. I put up my right hand to wipe some of it off and was surprised when his hand quickly left his cock and slapped my hand away from my mouth.

He looked me in the eye and pointed at me, like I was a disobedient dog, and firmly said “No wiping”. I nodded, realizing I may have gotten in deep here. This man was clearly dominant and was calling the shots. That’s what I’d always fantasized most about, being controlled and used, though now it was actually pretty terrifying.

A little worried, I said “o-ok”. I left my face messy.

My hand went back to the base of his cock, which was now as hard as mine had ever been-the veins running its length bulging up, the smooth, shiny cockhead staring me down. I opened my mouth and threw it back down on his rod. I realized I wanted, no, needed it back in there, I loved the feeling. I immediately took it back down as far as it had been, about four inches, and started bobbing my head up and down, faster and faster. The tip hit the back of my throat again and again, threatening to make me gag but not quite making it happen. I brought it more shallow and flicked my tongue all over the head, then plunged it back. Deeper. I wanted him further in me, and now there was so much spit in my mouth that his fuck rod was very slick and it went in easier. I made a swallowing motion with my throat, forced my head down, straining and squinting my eyes tight, trying hard not to choke, and got what felt like ten inches of cock past my lips. When opened my eyes to realize I was still at least two inches from the base.

I was about to let up when I felt his hand on the back of my head. He didn’t push down like I expected, but didn’t let me up. My throat was full, jaw all the way open. I blinked my eyes a couple times and they were watering, full to the point of nearly letting out a tear (not like I was sad, of course, but from being physically desperate, about to choke hard on a thick rod). My throat tightened and I gagged, making a pathetic lurching noise that barely got past my mouth as my head jerked back a little, but the fucker wouldn’t let me go. My left hand tightened on its own, gripping his leg hard and he finally let me off. As his cock quickly slid back out, over my tongue, it made a nasty slurpy wet noise. I took a big breath and let out a little cough, and the man reached down and gave me a playful little slap on my still wet cheek, smiling down at me with a crazy look in his eyes. I tried to catch my breath and looked up at him, breathing hard, my jaw hanging down, drooling a little of what was now a huge amount of gooey spit from my throat down onto my chin. He pushed my head back down on his rod.

This time it wasn’t forcing, he was giving me a break, just directing. I sucked on it hard and slurped up and down fast, and started moaning a little on his dick – not because I thought he’d like it, because it felt so good to be such a slut. When I’d take him in deep it was uncomfortable but so hot that I wanted it over and over. I took his cock out and licked up from his sack to the tip, back down, pushed it to the side and gave it big sloppy kisses all the way up the side of his shaft to the head. Back in my mouth-I needed it deep again. I threw it in my mouth and quickly back out, in and all the way back out again and again, 6-6.5 inches every time, making a gagging noise almost every time. I was working hard on his cock.

Then, out of nowhere, he said “Wait wait wait…”. I looked up, eyes watering. His eyes had narrowed and he was looking at me intensely. “What. The. Fuck.” With his left hand he grabbed my face by the chin, squeezing my cheeks together with his thumb and fingers, making my lips pop into a ridiculous little pouty kissy-face. “You been holding out on me you little slut?” I had no idea what he meant and gave him what was probably a really stupid look. He leaned forward, over my arched back, his right hand running all the way down my spine towards my ass, and I felt him touch a little bit of the top of my black lace thong that apparently was showing above my jeans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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