Begin Again Pt. 03

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“Baby wake up,” Alexa whispers in Maggie’s ear.

“Noooo,” says a very sleepy Maggie.

“Wake up! It’s your day!” Alexa rubs Maggie’s back.

Maggie turns to face her and pulls her in her arms.

“What’s more important than sleeping all day?” Maggie keeps eyes closed and takes Alexa in her arms.

“Come on,” Alexa nags.

“You are right,” Maggie says getting up and pushes Alexa on the bed; rides on her back. Maggie’s hands playfully undo Alexa’s robe; kissing the scratches on Alexa’s shoulder and the back of the neck. Alexa’s body starts responding immediately under Maggie’s touch.

“We should go, right?” Maggie starts teasing her and thrusts her fingers into Alexa’s already swollen lady part.

Alexa being unable to talk, buries her face in the pillow and lets a moan out.

“We are getting late, right?” Maggie whispers playfully in Alexa’s ear and thrusting her fingers harder into Alexa, whose face is still buried in the pillow and her fingers grab the sheet.

“Maggie! Alexa!” Lilly knocks on the door.

“Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me!” Alexa says at the disturbance as she was just about to come.

“Be there in a bit!” Maggie shouts.

“Come on hurry!” Lilly nags.

“I said ‘in a bit’!” Maggie shouts louder.

Maggie starts thrusting her fingers again into Alexa. Sensing that the mood is spoiled, she also starts rubbing Alexa’s clits with her other hand. Alexa comes not long after that. The pillow suppresses most of her scream.

“You are evil!” Alexa says as she catches her breath after a while. She sees Maggie lying beside her; watching her with a fire in her eyes.

“Only for you baby. Now let’s go before any other family member ruins another orgasm,” Maggie kisses on Alexa’s lips.

“You go. I will catch you up in a bit,” Alexa says.


“I need to clean up before hugging your mother!” Alexa says with a red face.

“Ok, hurry!” Maggie chuckles.

“Where is Alexa?” Mrs. Chan asks Maggie.

“She’s coming,” Maggie replies.

“Damn! This is not something you say to your mother,” Lilly giggles.

Maggie rolls her eyes, “Speaking of which, why couldn’t you get the hint when I said we would be here in a bit?”

“Jeez, sorry!” Lilly rolls her eyes.

“Girls, I’m still your mother. No sex talk before breakfast,” Mrs. Chan scolds both of them.

Alexa comes down wearing black jeans and a grey full sleeve top. Her hair is set loose and still damp from the shower. Maggie stops eating as starts gawking. It sometimes surprises Maggie that Alexa still has this effect on her. Lilly throws food on Maggie’s face.

“Good morning,” Alexa smiles at the trio.

Maggie hands her a glass of orange juice and whispers in her ears, “Drink this. You need it.”

Alexa shyly takes a sip.

“So, what are you guys talking about?” Alexa asks.

“Just random stuff. Sex. And, then Maggie said you were coming,” Lilly comments.

Alexa starts choking on her juice. Maggie throws a napkin on Lilly. It takes a few seconds for Alexa to get normal. Maggie gets up and brings a cup of coffee for Alexa. Mrs. Chan notices how domesticated her daughter has become and looks at Alexa with grateful eyes. Alexa sees Mrs. Chan but doesn’t understand the look.

Mrs. Chan doesn’t allow staffs to do the chores when they are on the island. Usually, she makes her daughters work. This time Alexa offers to clean up. Mrs. Chan squeezes Alexa’s hand with her eyes filled up with tears of joy, “Thank you baby girl.”

“What happened?” Alexa asks softly.

Mrs. Chan looks at Maggie and Lilly who are chatting on the distant couch.

“I have never seen her this happy. She has never cared for someone as she cares about you. I thought it was serious with Rose. Then they broke up,” Mrs. Chan says.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Chan. I love your daughter very much and intend to do so throughout the rest of my life,” Alexa reassures her by giving her a hug.

“There you go. Mom just gave her the permission to marry you,” Lilly jokes seeing the embrace of Alexa and her mother.

“Ssh. Don’t joke. I wonder what they are speaking about,” Maggie says.

“Darling what is wrong?” Mrs. Chan asks Maggie after brunch.

“Nothing ma,” Maggie replies in a lifeless manner.

“Come. Let’s sit,” she takes her daughter where they could sit and chat.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s one of my mood swings,” Maggie says.

“Alexa. Sometimes it feels like she is not there,” Maggie starts breaking down after a pause.

“I mean why is it hard for her to open up to me? I don’t know how I long I can have the patience,” she adds.

“Hey, shush,” Mrs. Chan rubs her daughter’s back to soothe her. She doesn’t even know how to comfort her.

Alexa, however, eavesdrops their conversation. She goes to the bar quietly.

After 2 hours, Maggie comes to the room. She just had a very emotional conversation with her mom and wishes to be alone. She realizes that she needs space to figure out her relationship. Nothing happened but a lot of things happened. bahis firmaları She craves more but also scared. She sends a text to Alexa “we need to talk.” Just then Alexa enters the room and checks her phone.

“Oh,” she says.

“Are you drunk?” Maggie asks annoyingly.

“We need to talk,” Alexa shows her the phone screen.

“That’s what I just said,” Maggie’s tone gets a bit louder. They stay quiet for a couple of minutes.

“I..” Alexa starts talking.

“I know that past few days, I am not treating you right,” she continues.

“It’s not that.”

“Please just know that you the only person who matters to me in this god damn world,” she says.

“Then why do I feel like you’re not letting me in?” Maggie asks.

“I was diagnosed with clinical depression at a very early age. I don’t know how to get over things easily,” Alexa confesses her dark secret which Maggie already knows.

“You have a wall around you. And you don’t let anyone in.”

“I do. But also, that doesn’t change the fact that I love you more than life itself,” Alexa says holding Maggie’s hands.

“Sometimes I feel like you are so far away,” Maggie says.

“I feel lost,” Alexa says.


“It’s scary. The breakup was scary. Every minute felt like a century. It hurt so bad and now I am too scared that I might lose you. But also, I can’t help the depression,” Alexa sits down on the edge of the bed staring the floor. Maggie sits beside her.

“I don’t know what to say. I didn’t know this,” Maggie says.

“Mag I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. I know I am not treating you right. I won’t force you to stay in this relationship if you are getting smothered,” Alexa says with tears in her eyes.

“I tried that. Didn’t work. I cannot stay away from you. I love you,” Maggie says touching her Alexa’s face. Alexa looks directly into Maggie’s eyes and Maggie feels like as if the time has stopped. And, Maggie just wants those eyes to see her; only her.

“But you didn’t sign up for this,” Alexa says.

“I signed up for the whole package,” Maggie says.

“Please talk to me. Just talk to me. I want to know how you feel. What you think about,” she adds.

“And the wall you talk about. I do it every time I am hurt. It hurt so bad that I didn’t know I could survive. It helped me to carry on,” Alexa says.

“I am so sorry, baby. Staying away from you was a hell for me too,” Maggie says.

“And there’s one more thing,” Alexa says.

“What is it?”

“It bugs me that we cannot go out or hold hands outside or do anything really. We never even had a proper date. We only have a bedroom which is our world. Nothing else.”

“I suspected it. Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“I don’t know. It makes me upset.”

“And, it bugs me that it takes you to get drunk, to be honest with me!” Maggie says annoyingly.

“Don’t shout. I am not drunk,” Alexa rolls her eyes.

“Ugh, you drive me crazy!” Maggie says.

“Well, you could have told me instead of dragging this out and feeling like crap!” Alexa is starting to get red in anger.

Maggie tries to embrace her but she pushes her away. Maggie pulls her again forcefully and wraps Alexa in her arms leaving her helpless. Alexa starts calming down.

“Please Lexie, you have to learn to talk to me,” Maggie says in a soothing voice.

“Please, you do that too. Tell me everything. It doesn’t have to be witty. Tell me every silly thing you think of. I would love to know everything.”

“Will do,” Maggie says kissing her temple.

Alexa sits on the middle of the bed while Maggie lies on the bed popping her head out on her left hand facing Alexa.

They spend the next hour talking about silly matters; Giggling like teenagers on silly jokes; Eating snacks on the bed; which helps Maggie relax.


Mrs. Chan catches Maggie before dinner.

“Darling now that you are stable, you need to talk to Alexa,” she says.

“I did,” Maggie replies happily.

“Well, that was fast. Resolved your issues?” Mrs. Chan asks.

“Kind of. I don’t know how to deal with her depression,” she says in a sad voice.

“Let her know that she is loved,” Mrs. Chan says squeezing Maggie’s hand.

“And, you were right about me panicking over nothing.”

Mrs. Chan smiles fondly at her daughter.

There’s a party after dinner. After an hour, Alexa excuses herself to get some fresh air with a bottle of beer. She finds Lilly and Mrs. Chan sitting outside.

“May I join?” she asks.

“Of course!” Lilly says.

“Come Alexa. Make her understand that she needs to find someone!” Mrs. Chan mockingly smacks behind Lilly’s head.

“My mother thinks I am going die alone,” Lilly rolls her eyes.

Alexa takes Mrs. Chan’s side on this and teases Lilly, “Why don’t you?”

“What? Find someone?” Lilly asks.


“Well, guys are pretty dumb,” Lilly says.

“Can’t argue with that,” Alexa says while drinking her beer.

“Look how happy Maggie and Alexa are!” Mrs. Chan says while kaçak iddaa making a hand gesture.

“Do you know how many issues they have?” Lilly says. “No offense,” she says facing Alexa.

“None taken. But you know, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it,” Alexa says.

“There she is…” Maggie stutters her words.

She basically falls on Alexa’s body.

“Aww, I missed you so much. Where did you go?” She asks Alexa and starts kissing her neck which makes the present company along with Alexa feel very uncomfortable.

“Hey I am here and you’re way too drunk,” Alexa says while pushing her a little bit. Maggie again puts her mouth over Alexa’s collarbone and her hand invading Alexa’s bare body under her shirt.

“Hey no!” Alexa says sternly this time; pushing her a bit.

Maggie says something in Mandarin and passes out on Alexa’s lap. Lilly and Mrs. Chan are sitting with their uncomfortable faces. Alexa assumes that it is because of what Maggie did and said which she has no clue about.

“Sorry about that,” Alexa says embarrassingly to Mrs. Chan and Lilly.

“Should we put her to bed?” Lilly’s face shows real concern.

“Uh we can finish our drink,” Alexa says smiling.

“Why don’t you get a lover?” Mrs. Chan starts nagging Lilly again.

“Jeez, mom! Lover? who uses that word anymore?” Lilly says in disgust.

“Call me old-fashioned all you want but at least I am not single,” Mrs. Chan burns her daughter.

“Ooh,” Alexa laughs.

“How did you two get together? Maggie never told us,” Lilly tries to divert the attention.

“Why are you putting the bull’s eye on me?”

“No no. I am curious,” Lilly sounds like a kid who is expecting a good story.

“Well…” Alexa hesitates.

“Please tell us,” Mrs. Chan gives her permission.

“Well, I saw her first in a conference. Luckily, she came to me at the bar. Nothing happened though,” she says.

“Then what happened?” Lilly asks excitedly.

“Well.. I got drunk the last night. Was having trouble to enter my room and there she was.. offering help,” Alexa gently strokes Maggie’s hair while telling about them.

“I was too drunk to think clearly. So, I kissed her. The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed,” she smiles.

“You passed out?”


“Then what happened?” Mrs. Chan asks excitedly. She almost looks like Lilly.

“I was afraid of losing my job. I didn’t. She came down to my office and told me that she kissed me too before I passed out and then asked me on a date,” Alexa says fondly and bends down to plant a soft kiss Maggie’s temple.

“Aww,” Lilly says adoring them.

“So beautiful!” Mrs. Chan says. Alexa looks at her nervously but she seems genuinely happy.

“I think I should put her to bed,” Alexa says.

In the morning, Maggie wakes up with a hangover. She finds her mother and sister in the kitchen.

“Are you two like opening a band or something?” she asks while covering her face.

“How are you feeling?” Mrs. Chan asks.

“A little hungover but I will live,” she says.

“Do you know what you did?” Lilly asks.

“No, what? And, why are you so loud?” Maggie covers her ears with her hands.

“You got drunk and attacked Alexa in front of us,” Lilly says.

“Oh my god. Did I hurt her?”

“Not that kind of attack. You know..” Lilly says.

“Oh no. I’m sorry. I feel embarrassed,” Maggie says covering her face again.

“I didn’t even tell the good part,” Lilly says excitedly.

“What did I do more?” Maggie panics.

“You asked her to marry you!”

“Oh My! what did she say?” Maggie asks.

“She didn’t understand. You asked in Mandarin.”

“Are you going to propose?” Mrs. Chan asks with hope in her eyes.

“No. I was going to ask her to move in. I mean I have been thinking about it since a couple of days,” Maggie says.

“Good morning,” Alexa greets everyone from behind.

“Alexa told us how you met!” Lilly says excitedly.

“Did you really?” Maggie asks Alexa amusingly.

“Just my version,” Alexa clarifies.

“Wait. Is there two versions?” Lilly looks confused.

“Well, she is a bad storyteller. You ask her about the storyline about an Oscar-winning movie and she summarizes it in one line,” Maggie teases Alexa.

“Then tell us,” Lilly urges.

“Well, I was really not in the mood to go to China to attend this conference. However, father forced me to. As soon as I entered the room, I saw a girl. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen but also the saddest looking. Now that I know she was not sad, it’s her resting face,” Maggie laughs. Alexa rolls her eyes at her.

Maggie continues, “Then I saw her again at the bar. I had already gotten her file mailed to me. I approached her and it was as if she didn’t even care. But she was polite.”

“In my defense, my knees started shaking and I was at loss of words,” Alexa defends herself and Maggie smiles.

“After five minutes, I was pulled away by something and I didn’t see her until the night of the closing ceremony. I was looking for her everywhere kaçak bahis without drawing attention. Then there she was; struggling with her keycard. I offered to help her. She was quiet again. It was getting on my nerves. As I was about to say something about it, she wrapped me up in her arms and kissed me,” Maggie squeezes Alexa’s hand fondly.

“Then what happened?” Lilly clasps her hands like she is listening to a bedtime story.

“Then I passed out!” Alexa comments.

Maggie rolls her eyes, “No you didn’t pass out. I was surprised. Shocked even. You looked like a lost puppy trying to apologize then I kissed you back.”

Alexa holds up her index finger, “I never told you this. I was quiet because I didn’t listen to any of the things you said. I was checking you out from head to toe.”

Everyone starts laughing and Maggie leans towards Alexa for a quick kiss.

“Then you passed out on me. And, then avoided me the next two days until I had to go down to your department.”

“Who asked out first?”

“She did,” Alexa sips her coffee.

“I did,” Maggie agrees.

“Tell us more!” Lilly squeals.

“The rest is PG,” Maggie laughs at Alexa who shyly smiles.

“Well, she came to place. I somehow managed to impress her with my cooking skill,” Maggie shares.

“She loves your cooking!? I’m your mother. I don’t even like your cooking,” Mrs. Chan comments in a surprised manner. Maggie pouts. “Aww,” Alexa wraps her arms around Maggie.

“I stayed the next day. And, the rest is history!” Alexa squeezes Maggie.

“I was so worried when your father said that you were dating a colleague. It was not like you,” Mrs. Chan says.

“Yes he walked in on us when we were having dinner,” Maggie says.

“Lucky him. I always walk in on you when you know..” Lilly says.

“Speaking of which, I need to hand you over the key,” Maggie says to her little sister.

“Okay,” Lilly says with a pout.

“Hey I am really sorry about last night,” Maggie says.

“Hmm,” Alexa says.

“Don’t be hmm-ing me now. You know I would never force myself on you,” she says.

“I know that. It didn’t feel like it. Just that I was embarrassed in front of your family so were they,” Alexa says.

“Gah I know. I am sorry,” Maggie says covering her face with her both hands.

Lilly comes in their room and jumps on the bed, “We are going on the yacht. Put on your best bikinis girls!”

Alexa looks worried while folding her clothes. Maggie comes close enough to whisper, “What’s wrong? We could stay in if you don’t want to go”

“It’s not that. We both have some marks on our shoulders you know,” Alexa whispers back reminding Maggie of their scratch marks during sex.

“Oh don’t worry. Our hair will cover them,” Maggie reassures her.

Alexa and Maggie both walk arm in arm flaunting their ripped bodies in matching bikinis.

Jia whistles, “Alexa you sure you believe in monogamy?”

“Hey! hands off of my girlfriend!” Maggie shouts. They sit beside Lilly and Jia. Mr. and Mrs. Chan join them. They both look funny and cute. Though Alexa feels embarrassed to be in a bikini in front of her boss.

Maggie squeezes her shoulder, “Relax!” Mr. Chan gets up to make some calls. It’s a big yacht. There are also some friends whom Alexa saw earlier. She sees Rose and feels uncomfortable immediately. Everyone notices Rose too. It’s hard to miss her with her loud voice.

“Jia!” Mrs. Chan scolds Jia.

“What? She is fun,” Jia shrugs in her defense.

Rose comes and joins them. She chitchats with everyone for a bit. Everyone is worried about Alexa’s reaction and Maggie seems like she wants to be anywhere else than here. It’s hard to read Alexa’s expression under her sunglasses.

“So, Alexa we didn’t get the chance properly,” Rose says.

“We didn’t,” Alexa says sipping her beer.

“You know, Maggie and I used to date,” Rose announces and Lilly facepalms.

“So I have heard,” Alexa says with a straight face.

“Is polygamy still her thing?” Rose asks. Everyone starts scratching their heads and wants to beat Rose up.

“What do you mean?”

“Maggie was never satisfied with one woman. We had an understanding,” Rose announces.

“Maybe you didn’t know how to satisfy her,” Alexa comments in annoyance.

A gush of wind blows past them exposing the scratches on both Alexa and Maggie’s shoulder and the hickey on Alexa’s neck. Rose gets a shock seeing this and everyone tries hard to suppress their laughter.

“I’m sorry if I have told something to offend you,” Rose apologizes and leaves.

Everyone bursts out in laughing even Mrs. Chan. Alexa smiles to sooth her annoyance.

“And, the wind put the final nail in the coffin!” Lilly laughs. Alexa resets her hair to cover the marks again.

“Baby what she said about me being a polygamist..” Maggie starts explaining looking down in guilt.

“Chill baby. If she were my girlfriend, I would be one too,” Alexa reassures her. She trusts her enough that she knows Maggie would never cheat on her.

“Yes, I never understood what you had seen in her!” Mrs. Chan asks.

“I had the same question,” Jia says.

“I was a little bird roaming from tree to tree till I found the right one to build my nest,” she plants a kiss on Alexa’s temple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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