After The Shower

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I stood under the shower for a while, letting the hot water run over me and then opened my eyes suddenly. Maybe I could never mean anything her in the long run, but I could be the most important thing in the world to her for the next hour or so.

I dried myself off and opened the door a crack. I could see her in a loose nightgown opening up a bottle of wine. I wrapped a towel around myself and went to my bag to get something comfortable to put on. She heard my movements and looked towards me.

“There’s no need to get dressed beautiful,” she said, the sound of her voice making me wet all over again. She walked towards me and handed me a glass of wine. I took it, keeping my towel held around me with my other hand. I took a gulp and she kissed me, taking the wine into her own mouth. I put my hand on the back her neck. I was so lost in the kiss I didn’t even realise I had let go of my towel and was standing naked before her. She put her wine down and took my tits in her hands, squeezing and then pinching my nipples hard. I bit on her bottom lip as she pulled her mouth away from mine and brought it to my chest. I have small tits and she almost the whole thing into her mouth. No wonder she’d kept a rock star husband happy all these year, she must give amazing blowjobs.

She bit on my nipple very gently.

“Harder,” I said and she did. A wave of pain güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shot through me and I took a sharp intake of breath.

My hand found its way under her nightgown and straight to her pussy, as she was wearing no underwear. I stroked her softly as licked my sore nipple. I realised at that moment there was nothing I would not do for or with that woman. I grabbed my glass of wine, took another gulp and slipped her dress off. As her naked body was revealed a shiver went down my spine. I lay her on the bed and looked at her cunt in front of me, glistening wet already. I skulled the rest of the wine and lay my body upon hers. We writhed together for a while, kissing each other passionately. She hadn’t drunk much of her wine so I took the glass and poured it over her. Her naked body squirmed as the deep red stained her perfect white skin. I told her to lie still as I licked every drop off her. She kept quiet and still for awhile but as I licked her inner thighs she started to moan. Her cunt, which was dripping by now, was right at the edge of my nose and it smelt so fucking good I could hardly take it. I kept licking her thighs as she moaned and then brushed my mouth over her pussy, breathing softly on it. She arched her hips desperately towards me.

I kissed her soft belly and then moved back down. My mouth was right güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri above her pussy and didn’t even move as her hips bucked up and she was in my mouth, I stuck my tongue deep inside her and pushed down, putting her ass back on the bed. My mouth filled with her juices and I swallowed her taste deep inside me.

I squeezed her ass hard as I flicked her clit gently with my tongue. I was so swollen it looked almost painful and I realised she was almost there again. I pushed one finger deep into her wet velvet hole and bought it back to her ass, slipping it in gently. Some women did not like to have their anus tampered with at all but it was obvious she did. The small hole tightened around my wet finger and her breathing got even sharper and louder. I sucked on her neck and whispered, “You dirty fucking whore, you like that don’t you”

“Yes” she moaned, “give me more, I’m a whore.”

She was groping desperately at me. He hand grabbed at my cunt but I pushed it away, as I wanted to concentrate completely on her. I moved my mouth back down her body and slipped another finger in her asshole as I sucked on her clit again. This was it. She started to move her hips uncontrollably as my tongue found its way back inside her. I bought my free hand around and massaged her clit roughly. I felt so completely consumed by her güvenilir bahis şirketleri sweating, moaning body, like my entire body and soul was inside her. She was grinding her ass on the two fingers inside her. My tongue explored every tiny fold inside the wet hole that was her orgasming vagina. I had to bring my hand onto her hip to try and keep her steady or she was going to throw me off the bed. She was muttering something between her moans and even though I couldn’t understand I knew it was something really dirty. I stiffened my tongue and pushed it back and forth inside her like a cock. She was screaming silently, her orgasm getting even stronger and I took my tongue and pulled her whole cunt into my mouth. I could feel her swollen clit under my lips and arched into me once more, stayed still for awhile and let out a long breathy scream and her orgasm finally finished, filling my mouth with her.

I rested my head on her belly as her shaking body started to relax. She was playing with my hair and I was so completely content, I wanted to lay there forever. Neither of us spoke for awhile.

“Come up here baby,” she whispered.

I moved up and lay next to her as she took me in her arms and kissed me. I taste of her pussy was still strong in my mouth and it felt so good to pass it onto her. I hadn’t quite come as I got her off but my pussy was completely soaked, juices were running down my thigh. She held me as we kissed and began to stroke my clit. It didn’t take me long and I only stopped kissing her I came, breathing into her soft white neck.

We feel into a beautiful sleep, entwined in each other sweaty bodies, covered in one another’s sticky juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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