Abigail’s Awakening

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“So, Abigail how does it feel to be 19?” her mother asked.

“No different than 18, Mom, and thanks for getting me those writing pads for school.”

“Well, a young lady must be prepared to enter her second year of college. You must plan for when you grow up and enter the world of business.”

“Mom… really? I told you a million times that I’ve grown already. I have no idea what I want to do when I’m older. Although, I have thought a lot about what you said regarding joining a religious organization. Perhaps I’ll become a Protestant minister because then I can still marry, should I choose to.”

“Yes, I’ll admit you certainly have grown up. Just look at you, you have quite a figure and that’s what worries me, no wonder boys want you. You have beautiful long brown hair to your shoulders and those big brown eyes. I was quite amazed when I bought you new clothes for college. I was startled by your measurements: 36C bra size, 24-inch waist, and a 36-inch hip. What happened to my little girl? I’m surprised that you’ve only been on a couple of dates. One was your Sweet 16 party with your friends and family. That young man, what was his name? Rob, I think… anyway, he was quite cute and he couldn’t take his eyes off you.”

“He couldn’t take his hands off me either when no one was looking. He was like an octopus and an absolute perv, Ma.”

“Abby, really now, you’re just saying that because you have little experience with dating. The only other time was your high school graduation prom, remember?”

“Only too well, Mom. The boys brought liquor with them and tried to get the girls to drink. I remember what you always told me: ‘Men and liquor don’t go well together. If a man is liquored up, he is up to no good and that I should run like hell.’ Well, I had to do a lot of running that night. Poor Susan Feeney, we were in the cemetery and she was so drunk she was leaning over a tombstone puking her guts out and those damn boys had her dress up and her panties down taking turns on her. Mary Lu was laid out stark naked on the grass and snoring loud to boot. Not a drop of booze passed my lips. I locked myself in Bobby Brusters’ car and that was how I kept my virginity intact. While those animals were having their fun I remember what you told me about you and daddy.”

Abigail thought back to when her mother tearfully told her about her high school prom night. They had dated for a year and a half and only held hands and kissed a little. The night of the prom he came by to pick her up with a beautiful corsage of flowers. Her mom had pinned it on her dress. Darren held her hand as they walked to his car and then drove to the high school dance. After the dance, they went out with his best friend Frank and his date Louise. They started drinking in the car at “lover’s lane” and she was dared to have a drink or two. The other girl drank freely and her mom had felt compelled to drink also. She was a bit woozy and she noted that the other couple had their clothes off in the back seat. Her future father was trying to get her mom’s clothes off in the front seat but her mom fought him off.

He took her out of the car and they went behind a tree in the park. He took her in his arms and they kissed deeply. As they kissed he moved her hand to his crotch and had her rub him. Her mom started breathing hard. He kissed her again and started to feel her body through her clothes. After a few minutes, he unzipped her dress and let it fall to her feet. By now she was hungry for his kisses and his touch. Her tongue probed his mouth. He unhooked her bra and let it fall away.

He whispered in her ear that he knew she wanted him but was uncomfortable to do anything with the others behind them. Her mother was now fully aroused and confessed to Abby that she unbuckled his pants and let them fall and then she dropped to her knees and removed his underpants. His manhood jumped out at her and she was amazed at how large it was when fully erect. All she could do was stare at it. She thought it was strange and yet beautiful at the same time.

She felt his hand at the back of her head as it slowly moved her head closer to his body as his left hand reached down and gently cupped her breast and slowly kneaded it. He started to gently tug on her nipple. She deeply inhaled at the smell of his manhood and opened her mouth in wonder as his cock entered her mouth. Her mother remembered how amazed she was that his penis stretched her mouth wide. He told her to use her tongue all around the tip and shaft. She complied with his wishes and her reward was he started to pump his manhood deeper down her throat. He went down her throat and then pulled it back to her lips before he pushed it in deeper. He started to pump it down her gullet faster. As she started to gag he pulled it back and then shoved it in again. This went on for a couple of minutes before his entire body stiffened and he let out a loud moan as he shot his semen down her throat. Her mother’s eyes bulged out as the hot, salty liquid filled her mouth. illegal bahis She had no choice but to either swallow it or drown. His cum came out of her nose and dripped over her lips and down her chin. As she started to breathe again he quickly picked her up, turned her around, yanked her panties down and bent her over. He quickly inserted his manhood into her vagina. She felt a sharp pain as he ripped through her hymen.

He continued to thrust into her and the pain gradually turned to pleasure. She realized she was no longer a virgin. She involuntarily spread her legs wider to give him greater access to her and she started to moan as he plunged into her faster and faster. He reached around and grabbed her left breast and squeezed – she did the same with her right breast. With his right hand, he grabbed her ass cheek and slapped it hard. Her eyes narrowed as her toes curled, her breath came in gasps and her mind clouded. He slapped her hard on her butt cheek again as she spasmed and he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off the ground as he continued to thrust into her. She reached behind her and grabbed the back of his head. She turned and they kissed deeply as he came inside her, and her mother climaxed again. When it was over, they both lay exhausted on the damp grass.

As the months passed they continued to explore their bodies and enjoyed their lovemaking, until Abby’s mother realized she was pregnant. Their parents convinced them to marry. Darren believed that he was obligated to do so and her mother, Marian, was certain that she had to have the baby because it was God’s will. The first couple of years were fine, but then Darren lost his job at the auto repair shop. He started to drink and blamed her mom for all of his misfortune.

They divorced when Abigail was three. Her mother never dated after that and developed an unhealthy bias against men. Abigail had no experience with dating in high school other than those two terrible episodes. Her mother demanded that she stay at home and not join teams or hang out with other girls in school. Abby wore loose, baggy clothing to hide her figure – she was a late bloomer who developed a voluptuous figure. She was a loner who believed her mother was always right.

Abby’s freshman year of college was one of constant school work to maintain high grades. At the beginning of her second year, she was able to get a part-time job working in a dress shop run by a Mrs. Kaplan. She paid her the minimum wage and taught her how to sew and alter dress fittings. Her life was uncomplicated and simple; just the way she liked it. That changed in late April when the high school girls needed to be fitted for prom dresses. Mrs. Kaplan still had her youthful good looks – she had short blonde hair, light blue eyes, stood about five foot five and very friendly. She was overwhelmed with the prom dresses and Abby had to stay late to help. One evening, Evilyn Casey came into the store and wanted a particular dress made for her. Abby knew her as the most popular girl in high school. She was the captain of the cheerleaders and dated the captain of the football team.

“Hey, Abby, I heard you worked here. How’s college doing?”

“Evilyn, I hear good things about you. Yeah, college is fine but lots of work, ya know? So, how can I help you today?”

She opened her purse and took out a picture from a magazine.

“I want this for my prom dress. Can you create it for me?” she said as she opened it out for Abby to see.

Abby’s eyes popped out – it was a full-length red satin dress with a slit up the left side to the top of her leg. The top of the dress was a corset that barely covered her ample breasts and the design made it skin tight around the middle, butt, and thighs.

“Damn sexy right?” Evilyn said.

“Wow, Evi! More of you will be out than in!” Abby gasped. “We can get a bra to hold your breasts in but you won’t be able to wear underpants because it would show.”

“I’m not planning to wear a bra or panties. I want to be elected prom queen. I probably will be anyway, but with a rocking dress like this, every guy and gal will vote for me.”

“Whoa, Evi, what will your parents say? I… I just don’t know…”

Evilyn put her hand on Abby’s shoulder, which forced her to tear her eyes away from the dress. As Evilyn looked at Abby and her voice took a no-nonsense tone.

“If you can’t or won’t create this dress for me then tell me now and I will go elsewhere. Am I clear? Don’t bullshit me, Abby.”

Abby thought about Mrs. Kaplan and all she had learned from her. She knew she could create this dress, so she swallowed her embarrassment.

“No, I can make this for you and it will be perfect,” Abby said. “However, you must know that it won’t be cheap and you will need to work with me to pick the fabric and come in for many fittings so we can get it just right. Is that ok?”

“Yes, that’s fine. When can we start?”

“You will need to make on-time payments and the dress must be completely paid for illegal bahis siteleri before you take it. I don’t know how much yet, I’ll have to ask Mrs. Kaplan, but come back in two days and we can work out a schedule.”


The next day at school, during economics class her friend Sabrina was acting weird. Their desks were side by side and Abby couldn’t help but notice that Sabrina’s chest was almost on her desk. Her right hand held her pen to the open notebook but her left hand was under her blouse grabbing and tugging her right breast. She looked over and saw Abby watching her. Her face was sweating and she had a worried look on her pretty black face. She quickly pulled her hand away and started to write in her notebook. A few minutes later her left hand went back under her blouse and she fondled her breast again.

When class was over Abby asked her friend what she was up to, why she appeared to be fondling herself in class.

“What’s wrong Sabrina? Are you sick or something?”

“No, Abby… I’m sorry that you had to see that, but my hormones are raging and I’m always sexually excited,” Sabrina replied. “I get these hot flashes that come out of nowhere. I try to calm down by masturbating, but that doesn’t always help. I don’t know what else I can do. Oh God, do you have any ideas, Abby?”

“Ah… no, I don’t have a clue,” Abby replied, quite taken aback by her friend’s explanation.

“Well, what do you do when you get these attacks?”

“Ah… ah… I’ve got to go, Sabrina. I’ll see you in gym class later,” Abby hastily excused herself.

After the next class, the students were released early when the instructor had to leave abruptly. Abby went to the ladies locker room 20 minutes before her class started. She decided to visit the balcony area over the gym. The balcony was soundproof and had one-way glass so the students wouldn’t be distracted by students or teachers watching class competitions on the gym floor. She opened the door, went inside and heard moaning coming from the far end. Abby thought someone was ill so she went to investigate. Behind an “L” shaped corner she came across Bernice, a stocky girl with long brown hair and large, heavy breasts. She was completely naked, leaning back on the wood stands with her legs in the air and her hands holding her legs up while Eileen, a skinny short haired blonde, also naked, was between her legs making slurping sounds. Both girls stopped what they were doing to look at Abby. Eileen looked worried and her mouth and nose had a wet sheen about them.

“Care to join us, Abby?” Bernice asked in a seductive voice.

Abby didn’t know what to say. She was shocked at their lesbian display, but couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“Well, Abby, what are you going to do?” Bernice prompted for an answer.

Abby still couldn’t tear her eyes away but was at least able to answer.

“Er, no… that’s ok. Sorry to interrupt you…” she stuttered as she slowly backed away.

Both Bernice and Eileen gave her hungry looks, then Bernice took the back of Eileen’s head and forced her face back into her crotch.

“She’ll be back, you’ll see,” she said to her lover.

Abby had changed into her gym outfit when Sabrina came in. Her friend still looked embarrassed, clearly still flustered by what she’d been caught doing in class earlier that day.

“Again, I’m sorry you saw me like that in class, but I must do something about being constantly horny. Maybe a cold shower would help?” Sabrina said.

She removed her pullover blouse and dropped her skirt – to Abby’s surprise she was naked under her clothes. Abby received the full impact of her friend’s voluptuous body. She was a light-skinned black girl with a fantastic figure. She had big breasts; at least a 38D cup, with nipples that stood out at least 3/4 inch. Her large hips had to be 38 inches for sure. She had long black hair in braids and dark eyes.

Abby thought about it and decided to help her friend.

“Sabrina, I may have an idea that could relieve your problem, if you’re up for it?”

“Are you kidding? Of course, I’ll do anything to relieve this constant itch.”

“Put a towel around you and come with me,” Abby said as she led her friend to the gym gallery.

“You may be late for gym, but it will be worth it,” Abby said as they got to the door.

She led her friend in and took her to the dark back corner. When they arrived it was Bernice going down on Eileen – the two girls had swapped places. When they looked up they saw Abby and Sabrina.

“I brought you a present. Enjoy her,” Abbey said to the two lovers.

With a flourish, she tore the towel off Sabrina, baring her naked body to the other girls. Sabrina just stood there transfixed with desire. Bernice and Eileen were on her in seconds kissing, licking and sucking every inch of her. When Abby was leaving she dropped Sabrina’s towel on the bench. Sabrina turned her head to Abby and mouthed the words, “Thank you.”


At canlı bahis siteleri 6:15 pm Evilyn entered the dress shop. Abby’s annoyed because she should have arrived at 5.

“Damn, Evi you’re late. I’ve got homework to do and I have to clean and lock up before I leave.”

“Sorry, I was running late and went to the bank to get money. I got $150, is that ok?”

“Yeah, let me lock up and we can go into the back. I have a mannequin with your size dimensions so I can alter and then place it on you to see how it fits.”

When the young women got to the rear of the store the mannequin was set up in the middle of the floor with two wooden chairs and a small table with fabric, scissors, and pins on it.

“Take your clothes off but leave your heels on,” Abby said as she went to get the fabric on the dress dummy. “Is it the same heel height you’ll be wearing to the prom?”

“Yeah, it is,” Evi answered as she removed her top and dropped it over a chair and pulled her dungaree pants down as she shucked off her shoes.

She sat on the other chair and put her shoes on. Abby looked at her in surprise as Evilyn was naked in the chair.

“You don’t wear underwear when you go out?” Abby asked, clearly shocked by the other girl’s state of undress.

“It’s for the fitting and I’m not wearing any for the prom, am I?” Evi replied as though it was no big deal.

Abby was a bit flustered with all the naked women she’d seen that day, but Evi was strikingly beautiful.

“Just step into the dress so I can adjust it for you,” Abby said, realizing she was staring at the naked beauty.

Evilyn got into the dress and Abby zipped it up for her. She was able to take it in with pins on her hips but her breasts didn’t fit properly into the corset. Abby came to the front and tried to rearrange the corset but that didn’t work.

“Evi, I’m going to ask you to lift your arms straight up and I will have to rearrange your breasts into the dress so it fits properly,” Abby said as she went behind her to lift and tuck it into place.

“Ugh, Abby, just be gentle okay – I had a recent boob job and they’re still very sensitive.”

“Are you kidding? I told you once we start you can’t change anything because it throws the dress off.”

“Sorry, but we didn’t start yet and they won’t be as sensitive in a few weeks. Besides, I couldn’t help it. I simply must be the prom queen and I will do anything to win.”

“Do you realize that with this dress there is no room for error. I must create the dress and reinforce sections or you could be the laughing stock of the prom when it falls apart on you.”

“I’m so sorry, I really am. I will do anything for you, whatever you want. Just fix this, please?”

“Evi, time is moving fast and more alterations… Mrs. Kaplan will demand more money for the dress.”

“Listen, just fix this dress so it’s perfect and I will take care of Mrs. Kaplan and you. I promise.”

“Ok, let’s start with your bigger tits shall we?”

Abby gently but firmly squeezed and massaged Evilyn’s breasts so that she had the correct size and shape to make the cups for her. Evi started to perspire and moan while Abby worked.

“Ok, Evi, up on the chair so I can finish the bottom,” Abby instructed.

Evi got up on the chair as Abby went behind her and lifted the back of the dress so she could smooth out the way it settled on her butt. Abby struggled with herself as Evi’s nakedness started to get to her. The back was done and she went to the front and had to rearrange where the slit of the dress ended. It was almost at her vagina. Abby stared at her hairless pussy mere inches from her face as she breathed in the younger girl’s sex.

Now Abby was the one sweating, and when she looked up Evi had a longing in her eyes. Abby licked her lips and cleared her throat.

“I need you to put your leg on the table so I can see how far the dress will part when you’re dancing,” she said huskily.

Without a word, Evilyn complied and when she did her naked groin was fully exposed. Abby slipped back with a loud groan. Evi got down from the chair and lifted Abby up. She pulled Abby’s blouse over her head and tore her baggy pants down. She lifted her bra up exposing her breasts, reached down and yanked her white cotton panties off. Abby sat stunned and obedient in the other chair when Evi went down on her knees and lifted Abby’s legs over her shoulders. When she gazed at Abby’s cunt she saw a dense forest of hair.

“I can’t believe you don’t shave. Are you a cave girl or what?” Evi teased.

Abby was yanked from her intoxication of this beautiful young woman and jumped up, grabbed her clothes and ran to the other side of the room.

“What’s the matter?” Evi asked her. ” It’s just the two of us. You can’t get pregnant from another woman, you know.”

Abby was pulling her clothes on as fast as she could.

“I’m so sorry,” she stammered. “I never experienced anything like that before. I didn’t…”

Evilyn put her clothes on and turned to Abby.

“No big deal,” Evi shrugged. “I just hope you got the measurements correct. Will Mrs. Kaplan close tomorrow night?”

“Yes, she will, about 7,” Abby, still flustered, meekly said.

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