Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 76

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 70). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 76 — To Copenhagen. Wife Swap Party


April Fools Day I broke the news to Wes and Scott that I had lined up a European porn video shoot for their girlfriends at a studio based just outside Copenhagen. At first, they thought I was kidding. I had to explain the whole story to them before they believed me. I guess I could have picked a better day for my reveal.

I wanted to keep the trip and the arrangements a secret until the last minute, but I couldn’t think of anyway to get Vanessa, Anna, Wes, Scott, Felicia, and Monica to the airport and on my large plane without getting at least some cooperation from Wes and Scott to herd the girls in the right direction.

I couldn’t very well take four women and two men on a surprise European holiday without the essential clothing, lingerie, cosmetics, and other items that women especially think are vital to have close at hand. Thus, I’d scheduled some time with Wes and Scott, although I think they were sure it had to do with my flight lessons.

I explained to Wes and Scott that in ten days I had to go to Stockholm and Milan, but that I wanted to also fly the girls over so they could do a porn video like they’d all expressed great interest in doing.

Brita and I had talked several times, as we often did, and she’d gotten everything set up for our arrival on a Saturday a week away. I had other meetings in Europe, so that worked well. I didn’t hear all the details, but enough to know that it was time to act. In any case, as the trip neared my need for surprise and secrecy waned slightly because I needed the men’s help.

I would get our actresses connected with Brita and through her the right people in Copenhagen where the film would be made, and then pick them up a few days later, after spending a little time there myself. Because of my prurient interests, my ulterior motive was to also watch some of the filming.

Wes and Scott agreed it would be a fantastic surprise, and agreed to help set it up so the girls could break away from their work for a week. They said they’d come too, and would make sure the girls had passports and whatever else they needed for the springtime trip. We had a long talk about packing their luggage and I volunteered female help if they needed it.

I knew from my flight instructors that they had been having their own little sex parties with Vanessa and Anna — their girlfriends and fiancées, and often with Felicia and Monica. Wes indicated they were getting together at least every Saturday night and fucking until they dropped of fatigue. The six of them would go out for drinks and dinner, and then go back to one of their apartments. I got an open-ended invitation.

The plan developed that on the Friday night we planned to leave, they’d plan a great outing; only they’d end up at City Airport with the girls in tow. We’d hustle them onto the 737 without answering any questions, and takeoff for Denmark. Everyone’s luggage and all would already be aboard. We’d reveal our secret and address their questions and any concerns after we were airborne.

I outlined my plan to Elsa and KC over dinner at the condo. Elsa suggested that I take Sheila with me. She hadn’t had any dedicated Mark time, hadn’t traveled with me for a long time except for business, and needed some R&R. Elsa said, “Besides, maybe you can talk her into making some sexy cameo appearance in one of the porn films the girls do. It’ll wake her up to her life again. I think she’s getting complacent about her sex life. She’s catching up to Felicia and Monica and becoming a championship MILF. I think she should fuck her way across Europe on this trip.”

Thus, on a Friday in mid-April before one of those peculiar state sponsored three-day weekends, Sheila and I welcomed Anna, Vanessa, Felicia, Monica, Wes, and Scott aboard the 737. They’d no sooner come aboard then the steps were folded up, the door slammed by the second officer, and the engines started to spool up. We started taxiing and I got everyone seated and belted in, and gave them the short safety spiel.

Geck and Jana were our security and bodyguards on the trip. They were considered part of Lucas’ A-team, so Sheila and I felt quite safe.

From the time they boarded the jet, Vanessa and Felicity kept asking me, “Where are we going?” “What’s going illegal bahis on?” “Are we just going for dinner someplace?” “What’s happening?” They turned to Wes and Scott, “Are you two in on this? Oh, you are so in trouble if you are.” They then started to work on Sheila, but she made a gesture to zip her mouth and pointed at me. As the trip got further and further underway, they became increasingly demanding of answers, but all I’d do is shrug. Meanwhile, the long-range 737 soared into the skies and headed northeast.

I finally held my hand up so the chatter would stop and told them, “All will become clear after we are at altitude. Get comfortable; we have a long flight ahead of us.” That last sentence fired them up again. “How long? To where?” They started to make guesses about where we were going. They knew about the villa in the Caribbean and decided the trip had something to do with that.

As we reached altitude, John, my chief pilot, came on the intercom. I hadn’t cued him in that that there was any secret, so his announcement was made in that light. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We will be in the air for just under ten hours on our flight, so we will be landing at Kastrup Airport about noon local time. Our destination is seven hours ahead of our time zone. I’ll remain quiet for the rest of the trip until we prepare to land. Have a good night’s sleep everyone; it’s two a.m. at your destination right now.”

As the intercom went silent, all four women exploded into questions again. They’d thought up dozens of new questions by then. None of the women knew where Kastrup Airport was, except it sure sounded like Europe. There was a further barrage of questions armed with that new information.

I finally held my hand up to end the suspense. “Ladies. This trip is mainly for your benefit, the way the Club Infinity was. In this case, two of our experienced porn queens expressed an ardent interest in making a porn film in Europe. They wanted the foreign experience so they could compare to the work they’d done out on the west coast. Our two novices followed that wish up with their own to just be in any porn film. Sooooooo, we are going to one of the pornography hubs in the world where you will spend a week with a production company making a feature length adult film and perhaps a number of shorter videos. We return home next weekend, hopefully after you have sated your prurient interests in European sex and exhibitionism and been fucked to your complete satisfaction.”

The squeals, giggles, laughter, praise, and overall appreciation resulted in me being smothered with kisses and hugs by four actresses. A couple of bare tits got shoved into my face as well, as a minor reward for making my friends exceptionally happy.

The women realized they had no luggage almost immediately and panic immediately set in. The guys took care of that for them and explained what they’d brought. For Felicia and Monica, they’d had the two of them come over on Thursday night prepared to stay three more nights over the long weekend, so at least they had some semblance of a wardrobe and cosmetics. There would be some clothes sharing between the girls. Van and Anna were at the mercy of what the men had packed for them that afternoon.

While the subject of clothes sharing got discussed at length, I guessed that the four women would be naked most of the time, probably as the centerpieces of a bevy of monster cocks getting blowjobs, fucking them, sodomizing them, or in the process of getting cleaned by them after some of the foregoing activities.

I also explained more about my present. Each of them would have a line of credit at several of the exclusive clothing boutiques in the trendy downtown area, so they could fill in any perceived gaps in their travel wardrobe. There were more squeals of appreciation followed by another round of sexy and sexual kisses.

As an experienced traveler, I urged the group to sleep. The six of them were too keyed up, so Sheila and I retired to the bed in the stateroom at the back of the plane and left them up front in the airplane’s lounge to talk and speculate about things even I didn’t know about. Anna and Van were already explaining to Felicia and Monica about what it was like to work on a porn film, especially the off-screen activities. There was talk of makeup, trimmed pubic hair, and other interesting things prior to filming.

I went right to sleep, and I think Sheila did too. The sound of the engines always had a soporific effect for me, especially at night. I awoke when the plane’s intercom came alive hours later. John was on again, “Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to awaken you if you are asleep. We are about thirty minutes from landing in Denmark. As you probably noticed we had a smooth and uneventful flight. I’ll see you all on the ground in a half-hour. The local time is eleven-fifteen on a Saturday morning.”

We washed up and I even got a shave in before we touched down. The others illegal bahis siteleri had sat up all night talking about a long list of things that included making adult movies, how to act in a porn video, the plane, Europe, Denmark, Copenhagen, and the need to return with a huge number of souvenirs for everyone they knew.

We cleared customs and immigration at the general aviation terminal, and met Brita, Nils, and two men, Rolfe and Juul, who were the co-hosts of the six guests I’d brought over, as well as the co-directors of the adult films they would be producing. We stood talking for a few minutes after our greeting. I liked the two new men; they knew their markets and treated what they did as an entertainment business and nothing more.

Brita already knew I was leaving for Stockholm, to return the following Tuesday or Wednesday to spend time with Nils and her until the weekend, and hopefully the completion of any movie they’d started. We talked frequently by phone or FaceTime so our face-to-face meeting wasn’t as dramatic as one might have thought.

We walked Wes, Vanessa, Scott, Anna, Felicia, and Monica out to the limousine that Rolfe and Juul had come in. They explained about hotel accommodations as we walked, and then about how they planned to start that afternoon with some screen tests or shorts to whet everyone’s appetite for the more serious filming that would start the next day. They’d also do a walk-through of the plot for the longer films. I noted because they used the plural ‘films’ they were planning on doing more than one.

After launching the film crew, Sheila and I bid adieu to Nils and Brita, thanked them for coming to the airport for a short visit, and then went back to the plane for the relatively short hop to Stockholm.


Knowing that we’d have The Meadows to ourselves, we planned a small party over the long weekend that Mark left to go to Europe with Sheila, our flight instructors and their fiancées, and two other women who also wanted to do some adult movies. Mark had encouraged us to do something ‘erotic’ with our friends since he’d be away for over a week.

The usual guys came out to The Meadows mansion for the long weekend with those of us who stayed behind: Deke, Ryan, Mike, James, and Carter. I heard through the grapevine that Jon was a bachelor for the weekend, so I called and invited him to come and stay with us too. Lucas agreed to also participate that evening, for the sake of security, of course. I remember ticking off the list of who would be in our home crew: Cindy, Melanie, KC, Izzy, Alice, and me.

As I had that thought I came to a stop. Alice! She’d been around so much and we loved her so much she had almost become one of the sisters without my seeing the pattern. Even when Mark wasn’t around, Alice had started to come by and hang out with us. I loved her.

Stacy also wanted to be with us, and she was another women who had become a kind of permanent member of our sisterhood whenever she could be with us. Unfortunately, it being a Friday night, she had to work at the Club Infinity, so wouldn’t be with us until around two a.m. unless things were going well and she thought she could take off early. I urged her to come, and to bring Kat with her if she wanted to party. Kat or Kate already understood about the kind of parties we had from at least the night when she first made love with Mark at the club up in the sex room. She seemed interested and I ranked her sex appeal at the top compared to any of us. Maybe it was because she had studied how to be an erotic dancer and stripper.

When I first mentioned the party to Lucas he was suitably cryptic and asked if it would be all right to bring a lady guest, but someone of an ‘open persuasion’ who had been with us before. I said, “Sure, but who is the mystery lady?” I apparently didn’t have my head plugged in, because I should have guessed.

“Linda Boyd.”

“My nurse. You’ve been kind of busy with her, haven’t you? Am I missing something here?”

Lucas actually blushed. “No, you’re right. We’ve been getting kind of serious about each other — at least I think we are. I was going to ask her to move in with me this weekend, but I wanted to get Mark’s permission.”

“Pfffft. You don’t need Mark’s permission. Just do it. Do you really think he’d say no and deny you that personal privilege, especially with someone as beautiful as Linda? He wouldn’t dare with the rest of us caring about you and Linda as much as we do. Do you have enough room in the gatehouse for the two of you? The apartments there weren’t that large.”

“The apartment next to me is vacant. I wanted to see if we could take it over and knock out a couple of walls. Then we’d have something perfect for us.”

“Yes. Yes. Do it. I’ll take responsibility for that decision. I’ll call Doug Reed and he’ll see to the renovation. I’m so excited. What does Linda think?”

“Errr, she doesn’t know yet.”

I probed, canlı bahis siteleri “Does she know how you feel about her?” From the look on Lucas’ face I already knew the answer to that one. I was purposely putting him on the spot. Now in the know, I wanted this for him.

Lucas replied, “Not really, but we’ve been spending a lot of time together. We even rejigged our schedules so we had more time together. With the warm weather coming, she has a little less time off than in the winter when so many of the snowbirds leave the city for Florida or Arizona. Now they’re all coming back home with all their ailments and many in need of operations. She says it’s a yearly cycle.”

I spoke firmly to the tall man, “Oh, you’ve got to tell her how you feel about her. Use lots of words too; don’t just grunt out, ‘Lady, I love you. Ugh,’ and drag your knuckles on the ground. Gush. Tell her why and what you think about her, and what you hope the future will be like. Think romance. Make the world revolve around her and she’ll always be putty in your strong hands and hot in your bed.”

He was nodding and soaking in every word I said. Here was the master of security and even detection, but I had long ago discovered he was clueless about and even intimidated by dating and love. I wondered whether he’d ever been in love before. I knew he’d been single his entire life.

I asked, “Do you think that means you two will drop out of our parties and become exclusive?” I hated to lose one of my fuck buddies, a favorite too. He’d really come around from when I first met him years earlier. That said, if he were happy, I would wish him well and do every thing I could think of to facilitate their happiness as a monogamous couple.

Lucas shook his head, “I don’t know for sure. She really liked the last couple of parties. We’ve had several conversations where she has just raved about the openness and the hot sex she enjoyed at them. She likes everyone and emphasized her love of the variety by being with multiple men in one evening. Mark also gave her The Experience, so she’s in love with him, but all the girls are; that doesn’t worry me. I think we have a deeper and longer lasting kind of affection for each other. I guess in talking about her on this subject, I would guess that we will both continue to desire others and be at your parties.”

“Has she ever said anything about your relationship? Maybe dropped little hints about the two of you being together in your sunset years?”

“Just that she likes to spend time with me, and wishes we could be together more and more. She was the one who suggested that we realign our schedules so we could be together more frequently. She has stayed over a few times, and I’ve stayed at her place too.”

“Oh, you guys are dancing around each other. This weekend you tell all. Take a risk with her. I bet you’ll make her very happy.”

“What if she doesn’t welcome my comments? Don’t you think that if I was too premature that I could lose her?”

I gave him a look of disbelief. “Lucas, just tell her. I guarantee it’ll turn out well. If you want to seal the deal, get her a piece of jewelry — and don’t go to Walmart to get it. Go to Tiffany’s downtown and be sure what you get comes in a little light blue box with a little light blue ribbon around it.”

Lucas looked serious and nodded that he’d heard me. He mumbled, “Thank you, Elsa.”

Friday evening at The Meadows I got Lucas to be the Grill Master, ably assisted by Ryan and Mike. My sisters and I hustled around and set up the picnic tables on the terrace and then produced all sorts of side dishes. Fortunately, the weather was clear and warm even though it was early in the season. Carter and Deke took over the outdoor bar and kept everyone plied with their favorite refreshment. I kept hearing the margarita mixer going under their care. I continued to funnel diet ginger ale into my pregnant body.

A major topic of conversation at dinner was our speculation about how Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, and Monica had received the news that they were on their way to Europe to do a porn video. There was great interest by all of us in making a film too.

Linda arrived late because of her shift. We were solicitous of her, had planned ahead, and got her a dinner with all the fixings although the rest of us had finished. She was slightly embarrassed but handled it well. Linda was still wearing scrubs and white sneakers, but I noted when she arrived that she had some other clothes stuffed into a large shoulder bag.

I watched Lucas and could see right through his stoic façade; the man truly had stars in his eyes for the woman. He followed her every movement, went out of his way to be sure she was happy with the meal and drink, and seemed myopically focused on her to the exclusion of the rest of us. I didn’t think I’d seen him smile so much as when Linda was around him. Conversely, she was obviously ga-ga over Lucas. She almost drooled over every little attention that he gave her. There were lots of little touches of each other too — a hand on an arm, a stroke of a cheek, a small kiss of thanks for some minor favor. How had I missed their obvious interest in each other? They were in love.

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