Ashley’s Panties

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After posting an ad online looking for a normal woman to sell me a pair of her used panties, I ended up getting a reply from a girl named Ashley. She described herself as a tall, skinny, brunette and indicated that she could cum lots in her panties for me. This had me turned on, and quickly we had entered into a discussion about the exchange. As we talked about the exchange the desire for the panties continued to grow and our discussion soon turned into a much more erotic exchange than just a hand off. We came to an agreement and set the date. I couldn’t believe this was about to happen, my body, just thinking about it get’s excited and I would daydream of what it would be like.

We decided it would be best for us to meet at a public place to start with, give each other a chance to get to know each other a little bit before going to a private location. We met at a small coffee shop and sat chatting for a little bit. After a while we both felt like the other person was able to be trusted and decided we wanted to get on with the reason for our meeting. I followed Ashley back to her place and we went inside. We were both a little bit nervous, neither of us having done this before, but despite our nerves, we were both incredibly turned on at what we were going to be doing. Ashley led me to the living room and she sat down on the couch and directed me to sit in the chair adjacent to the couch. I watched as Ashley started to touch herself, breathing bahis firmaları deep breaths, her hands started to caress her body. I watched as she felt her breasts, and ran her hands across her stomach and down her legs. It was all very erotic, and I found myself growing hard very quickly. Soon she stared unbuttoning her blouse revealing her breasts covered in a thin bra, her hard nipples protruding against the soft fabric. She slid her hand down between her legs and a small moan escaped her mouth as she ran her hand over her mound, through her jeans. Instinctively her hands went to work unbuttoning her jeans and slowly working them down over her hips and sliding them down her legs. She kicked her jeans off, and laid back into the couch, spreading her legs toward me showing me her panty covered lips. I had grown fully erect and was rubbing my cock through my jeans in anticipation of watching her. Soon, her hand was massaging over her lips pushing the fabric of her panties between them. I could see the wet spot on her panties forming as she continued to play.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, watching with each touch as her body would move against her, moans escaping as she would run her hand across her body. Occasionally we would make eye contact and she’d give me a smile, knowing that I was enjoying what she was doing. As I continued to watch, touching through my jeans was not enough, I was soon unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out so that I could kaçak iddaa stroke it. Ashley continued to play as she watched me moving my hand over the length of my cock. She could tell by the glistening tip that I had precum and was just waiting for more. We both continued to masturbate and soon, Ashley was moaning deeply with the onset of her orgasm. Her back was arched, and her hand was rubbing her clit furiously through her panties.

As her orgasm subsided, she sat up, still catching her breath, and watching me as I continued to play. Our eyes met and she could see the excitement in my eyes as she knew what was about to happen. She reached up to her hips, hooking the waistband of her panties with her thumbs and slowly started to slide the panties off. I watched as her mound was exposed to be, seeing her swollen lips and watching as the panties pulled away from her body. She slipped them down her legs and soon was holding them in her hand. She stood, taking a few steps toward me, then handed them to me. I let go of my cock, taking her panties into my hands as Ashley sat back down on the couch.

She sat there watching me as I fidgeted with her panties in my hand. I looked up at her, catching her eye, and I could see that she was waiting to see what I wanted to do with them. I smiled at her and raised the panties to my face, inhaling deeply, taking in the scent of her pussy. I heard her shudder, and when I looked back up there she sat, slowly running kaçak bahis her finger up and down the length of her lips. I closed my mind, imagining that my face was close enough to her that I could smell the aroma of her sex. I leaned in toward the panties, and soon, had my tongue gliding along the length of her panties where they were most wet. I could taste her on her panties and imagined what it would taste like to be giving her oral sex. To run my tongue over her body, and the pleasure we would both get from that. I continued to lick on them a little bit as my hand found it’s way back to my cock, I started to stroke it again.

Soon, I lowered the panties from my mouth, and watched Ashley’s eyes as I wrapped her panties around my cock, ensuring that the wetness of her panties was against it. I started to stroke myself with her panties and I began watching Ashley as she started to masturbate again. We played like that for a while, both masturbating when the wave of my orgasm made itself known. My moaning deepened, and my back arched, and soon, my cock was throbbing. Cum started to ooze out of my cock and into her panties. I moved the panties to ensure that cum ran over Ashley’s wetness. As my orgasm ended, I pulled the panties off of my cock, allowing them to lay open, with a mixture of Ashley’s fluids and my cum. I gave my cock a little bit more stroking as the hardness faded away.

When it was gone, I slipped my pants back on, and retrieved the money for Ashley. She took the money, and I asked her if she wanted to keep the panties. Without waiting for a reply I turned and headed for the door, her cum stained panties still lying on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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