video games and weed

We have been smoking together after school playing video games since the start of college
He was lucky to have his own dorm, his parents living 2 hr from montreal wanted him to concentrate on school so they where paying him his own place

It had been a year Mike and me became best friend
he taught me to make some nice classic cuban food and cook fish the cuban way and we also did our homework together

his gf who was still living in his hometown drop him after a year, the distance making it hard for them to see each other

he didnt seem to care telling me she was a bitch anywais and didnt like to suck

life went on, we played games at night and i would sleep on the couch like always

smoking one last spliff before he went to the shower then his room
but that night i was drunk and slipy after a school party at the pub

we smoke and i felt asleep

Mike was horny from cruising this cute student in nursing all night

I was asleep to the left of the couch couch
Mike taming the light smoking the joint alone
making sure i coudnt wake up

getting his fleshlight mouth toy
and lube from his room

cock out , all 8,5 inch getting swallowed by the toy, watching porn on the big 52inch tv

me deep asleep as my best friend masturbate near me getting his big black juicy cock work in by the fleshlight mouth toy real good and slow

mike hesitate for about 20 min looking at me lay on my side snoring

he help himself as my pillow , dragging me slowly head resting on his belly

his hand rubing my head like a pet, a finger opening up my mouth slowly, gently without waking me up

”oh i fuck are you asleep dude? ”

no answer
his cock tip getting help in my open mouth

must the tip slowly humping in and out having some delightfull fun in my mouth resisting to push it deep not wanting to wake me up

better than his fleshlight, watching porn slowly fucking my mouth open

i woke up slowly not sure of what i was feeling

eues open on tv a cute girl jumping on a bbc moaning out loud , my mouth taken by Mike , head on his belly on my side , mouth around his fat cock

keeping myself weak and faking i was still asleep not knowing what to do about it

how did it happen , mouth open hair rubbed up mike moving his hipse slow and steady making his fat cock slide in, feeling his big head just around my lispe before going a bit deeper repeating this in loops not knowing what to do my friend big cock in my mouth felt so velvet and big

i never tought id suck a cock , letting him use my mouth in the dark of the living room

tryig to tell myself i didnt like this and should stop him
but kept faking i was asleep, keeping my mouth open for him

after 20 minutes of him fucking my mouth i felt him shake and filled my mouth with cum
deep all of his load down in my mouth
turning my head face up , so i could swallow in my sleep rubbing my face with his finger helping the cum i drop back in

in silence feeling good at how he manipulate me gently swallowing the load not wanting him to know i was awake

and left in the dark back head on my real pillow mike kissing me

”thank you baby”

leaving me in the dark questionning if he knew i was awake drinking his cum after letting him fuck my mouth

i tried to act normally in the morning

mike drinking cofee with me on my couch

”so had a good night dude , i slept so well after that spliff ”

”yeah i was drunk i slept right away coudnt even smoke it with you”

”yeah you really where out dude”

acting normaly at my best

we went off to school and i thought of it all day
back at his place as usual after school

we ate dinner talking about anything like we always did

i tought it was all okay and he didnt knew i willingly kept sucking him last night

i went to the shower after him and washed myself
soon the door open
my friend holding a cute pink lingery kit and some other stuff in a bag

he never said a word and wash his teeth

and waiting lookinh at me in the shower rinsing the soap wondering why was he there looking at me

”you done yet ?”

opening the shower door for me as i close the water

drying muself as i hold my hand over my cock not knowing what was up with him

he smile and got the cute pink lingery

”shhhh just let me help you dress then will go smoke a big one okay baby”

and i look helpless at him lifting my arm sliding the camisole over my the little frilly tissu made me feel even weaker

watching him lift my legs one by one bringing up the matching translucide pink frilly panty over my ass and lil cock

then got a pink pair of stockings . helping em both over my legs . before turning me around looking at the mirror

all in pink my friend rubbing me calling me a pretty white girl

”i know you were awake and didnt stop me from cuming in your mouth baby’
kissing my neck

”its ok baby, im gonna teach you now”

”its your choice, my gf left lots of stuff here, i want you to wear them in secret and teach you to suck my cock like she never did”

my hearth pounding in my chest , at the words getting out of my best friend mouth

he left me to think about it all dress by him in his ex cute lingery after he told me he knew i was awake drinking his cum

i nervously got out

to the living room

dress pretty wanting to suck his cock in secret like he said

he was taking himself a beer from the fridge

”oh nice , i swear it will be our secret, damn you are so sexy in this”

walking me to the couch gropping my ass calling me a pretty girl

”now here let me het you ready baby’

helping me ass up on the couch taking my panty aside licking me like a cunt

his finger soon teasing me open his tongue wetting my love hole up for it to slide easy inside then out

”damn i love your cute pussy ass, we shoud have done this before you love it”

he was right i loved the feeling of his gf lingery on me , getting lick and fingered like i was her if she did her job

”she never wanted to try it, so its yours”

looking back at a silver buttplug with a hearth diamond

the cold tip pushed in slowly mike spitting on my hole making me take it slowly inside then out until it took its place
plug in my lil hole , feeling the panty get slide back in place

”holy fuck this is so nice”

pushing over my cute panty making the toy push in deeper

slaping slowly over it

”you are a good little girl, fuck i wish i knew sooner, id fuck you in secret all the time”

making me submit myself to him , feeling so weak as he repeated i was a girl

he sat down his pants off legs spread not saying a word dropping the pillow between his legs on the floor. and i crawl down on the floor knees on the pillow looking at him calling me his sexy girl helping my mouth on the fat cock

on my own , up and down sucking mike big cock and doing evrytging he said

using my mouth and tongue on his fat black cock

getting better every minute i spent worshipping him

”you look so happy as a girl, you love this ”

”yes i do, mphhhh”

getting turn by my best friend into his sissy secret bitch made me so horny

”omg i love sucking you , its so big”

”yes that my girl, say it again but use a girl voice”

”i love your cock its so big”

”yessss like this, like a girl, be a girl dont be shy its out secret dude ”

”im your gurl, your little white slut and i love to suck your big black cock”

”oh fuck yes, this is what i need babby, worship that cock, sexy girl”

”i m gonna cum wait wait”

getting up pushing me bend over the couch

”mike mike no please not in my ass please man id swallow it”

”shhhhhh you are a girl dont talk like a boy on me ”

”smack smack smack”

all over my plugged boy pussy mike holding my arm in my back with one hand

”you are a little girl with a pussy to fuck, look at you all plug and wanting my cock in there”

”no no its not true, please no leave it in please”

getting the plug out
his fat cock rubbing my cherry

his fat head pushing in

”just the tip , baby take the tip its okay ”

”awwwww mikeeeee fuck, dont go deeper please please ”

”its ok baby , your lil pussy can take my big head”

in and out feeling open and spit on bug his big mushroom dark cock tip
”mike mike , ohhhhh mike we shgoudnt do this ahhhhh mike stop”

”oh no babby, your too cute, im gonna cum babby, this pussy wait to good”

”ohhhh no please no mike”

”yes , here it goes babby, awwwww ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh take it take it”

seeing stars as soon as it burst in my hole, the cock plunging back easy all the way, all of it deep in my hole

”awwww awwww mike my god ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh mike my god mikeeeee yesssss omg yessssss ahhhhh im cuming ahhhh dont stop ”

squirting in his gf panty ,ass up taking him all in full of his cum, now open like a pussy, his cock all hard keeping the rythm in my open up cunt

”yessss like this girl, learn your place , cum by getting fuck like a good slut”

”you little white slut are so mine now, i love tjis too much, gonna turn you into my cock slut ”

he came again after having me admitt i love his cock in me

i felt bad once he was out and had me cuddle with him on the couch asking him to never tell anyone

”i wont ,but i want you to act as my sissy now”

”you come here dress up and plug , it will be out secret as long as you obey”

my best friend owning me after all these years being just friends

”i dont know why i didnt fuck you before, your ass so good at taking my fat cock”

watching a movie , dress sexy and pet like a doll , until he got hard again

taking it out as i crawl mouth on it

”really, this is the best”

making me deeper into my sissy role

feeling good and happy sucking my friend bbc

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