I write to an ssbbw naked lusciousdebra on xhamster because she was so hot in her profile and I was sure I could become a really good fuckslave to her, and when I first wrote I told her about how another ssbbw who was a friend of my parents and a lot older just recently fucked me really hard and I came so hard from it that it was like nothing I ever felt before. And I explained to lusciousdebra that that ssbbw friend of my parents didn’t want to keep meeting up with me because she was nervous since she was friends with my parents for so long, but even though she was breaking up with me, she told me I was only beginning to understand my own body and how much I need to be fucking ssbbw, and how ssbbws are what will make my sex life really feel good all the time if I’m willing to keep trying to meet more ssbbws. She said the pleasure I felt from the one night with her was just the begginning and she said there was so much to teach me about how a woman;s big heavy body could make me hard and make me cum hard so much. and she said I should find a new ssbbw teacher who could show me more about how a woman’s big body can make me cum so hard. So when I saw luchiousdebra and how heavy her huge breasts and ass are a lot of precum came out of my dick and I wrote to her and told her how much my dick was throbbing from her and why I needed her . And then something happened that kept me from checking into my messages and, by the time I saw lusciousdebra wrote me back, it was too long since she sent the message and I was really embarrassed. But there was a good reason why I couldn’t write back, and I started writing an email to her to explain it. But I’m scared to send it to i’m Posting it as a story instead because then at least it makes me cum thinking about it. Here’s what I was gonna write to her:

Hi I’m sorry I didn’t get to see your message when you sent it and I owe you an explanation now, if there’s a way I can make it up to you please let me know. After I wrote to you I got a message from that ssbbw I told you about that she wanted to see me. So I was nervous and I went over to her house and when I went inside she got naked and asked me if I was feeling hard from looking at her big body and she made me take my clothes off. And she told me to lie down on her bed and she sat down on my dick and the second I felt her heaviness on me and I touched her huge heavy ass I started coming and sucking her breasts and she had milk in her nipples she said was special for me and I came while I was drinking and while I was spurting deep in her I told her I always masturbated about her since the first time I could ever cum (because she’s been friends with my parents a long time) and that thinking about her big legs and her heavy ass and big heavy breasts always made me cum so hard, and then her whole big body started shakingshe started shaking and came too. And while she was cumming she asked if I ever thought she would have such big nipples or get to breastfeed from them and I said I didn’t know, and spurt after spurt was spraying out into her and when I finally realized I was still shaking and just drinking from her breasts. And she said to me that since the first time she fucked me we should have never taken a break, and while sat on me big and heavy and her pussy was dripping wet on me with my dick still in her, she put my phone in my hands and told me to text my parents that I was staying at a friends for the next couple of weeks. And I did, and then she took the phone away and tied my hands to the bed posts and ties my legs and she used me the whole night to make herself cum I mean like she did 69 and made me eat her like a whole hour straight and kept sucking me til I came and spraying it all over her heavy tits and then making me eat u til I was hard again and then she sucked again until I came more and the night ended with her riding me again and I was in pain but I couldn’t keep from cumming, and then I woke up in the morning hard with her still lying next to me big and naked and her big thigh and breasts made me hard again, and I wasn’t tied up together posts anymore but I was on a chain and a collar so I couldn’t leave the room, and she made me fuck her from behind which I never did before, and her ass was so big that the slapping against her made me cum right away and she punished me for cumming so soon by making me eat her again. And anyway she fed me and let me shower but she kept me for 2 weeks and while she was away at work during the day she had a thing on me so I couldn’t touch my dick and she said I had to watch ssbbw porn all day and think about her big body too, and then when she came home I was going crazy needing to fuck her and I was slamming my dick into her so hard and deep because I needed to after all that frustration all day, and with each slam she was saying oh yeah sweetie that’s it let it all out I know this is hard for you we both need this sweetie my ass and breasts are huge sweetie fuck hard and cum sweetie and I came so much all night from it. After two weeks she let me go, and I guess I was a willing prisoner because it was my fantasy to have something like that happen to me. But now she;s saying we really can’t keep doing this because her parents seemed suspicious of her when she talked to them. But I’m so horny and my dick is aching so bad and now that I’m free and back online and when I saw your message I started throbbing so hard and I came when I saw your shower pics again with how big you are and your huge breasts. I promise if you can forgive me for not getting your message for so long I would make it up to you, I would be your fuckslave forever

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