How i fuck my boss to get appointed as permanent 1

I finally got a job in the gov but was only temporary for a year, at first did really mind was working normally the day pass quickly i realise my friends already got their contracts except a few and knew only 1 permanent place was left to fill.

The guy who decides on which one will be keep was an 57 old man, i knew i had make move as the last candidate was more qualified than me and was a guy he was more regular at work and performed better i had no chance to get the job. As a got some leave as had to fuck my bro in law as you guys know he was buying a lot of thing shoes clothes and my new phone :)…

So i started wearing short dress not that short lol, everytime i see him i will talk to him even have lunch with him, we become more friendlier i even stayed late to work some doc when i knew he will also be here so i could interact with him more.Every Time i went in his office i would bent a lot showing my ass and had unbutton my shirt making sure my bra showed. It was working a once i saw him adjusting his pant when was in office with him.

One day i knew we would work late and so he was i asked him for a lift home instead to go in company transport, told him i was really tired having f****y problem really needed the job i would work hard and do everything finally i asked him if he knew who will get the last post, he said he has not decided yet.

We were in the car driving home it wasnt that late 7.30 i think, we were talking i told him my situation and i will do anything he ask so he change his mind and keep me at work. He paused then asked what kind of thing you mean? I replied with a smile anything to help me perform well at work and other thing that you may need help which are not related to work.

He started smiling at me saying well their is a thing i can do for him as his wife stop helping him long ago, i smile at him and placed my hand on his cock started rubbing on his pants he started getting hard and asked him so will you help me if i do the same to you, i unzip his pants and bent down slowly taking his cock in my mouth he wasnt that big but it would not matter, he said i could not believe a 25 old petit girl is sucking his cock he started moaning loudly “ ah oui ta souce li cumsamem to ena lexperience paret” i smile and reply you like it, yes he does and ask me to stop as their may be police on the road, he was excited and wanted to fuck so we went to grand baie and rent a room.

He could not wait we started kissing his hands was on my ass he slowly lift up my dress i already remove his cock from his pants and rubbing it he laid on the bed i was on the bed sucking his hard cock with my dress up my waist his cock was small and had grey hair, i stopped and sat then asked him so do we have a deal he asked what do you want??? I replied well give the job in exchange of my body, he said ok will give me the job but this once will not do it i knew he would ask more.

How i fuck my boss to get appointed as permanent 2
Ok but we will do that on week days at night so i can have an excuse at home, he pulled me close to him started kissing me and “said seem like Miss D*****ha will have to do a lot of overtime for me” he unzip my dress i was only on my undies he was sucking my boob and massaging the other while i was jerking him off i was wet as hell already horny kissing my boobs and belly slowly moving towrds my pussy i cannot describe the sensation i felt when his mouth kissed my pussy lips “ ah ah ah ah mousieur *****dhy p gagne extra bon ah oui souce moi encor, a 57 old my man with a lot of experience.

Oui cumsamem servi moi mo p gagne bon Mouiseur ****dhy ou ledoit gro aaah pli vit, he was fingering me even faster he came closer to me and kissed me i could taste my own juice in his mouth “ mo pa p capav mon pare Mousieur ***** dhy mo envi ou cock endan moi please mo envi gagane bon encr plus, he reply : to pa paret 1 tifi cumsa ki content fer sex ahhhhhhhhhhh ouiiiiiiii he push his cock inside me i felt so good ‘ ah c bon ‘ he started fucking slowly and increased his speed he was now fucking me so hard oui oui bour moi cumsamem Monsiuer ***dhy “to vraiment 1 ti pitin selma toi ein, my legs was on his shoulders and his cock deep inside me we were holding each other hand i was lock in that position it felt so good.

Oui Mouiseur ***dhy mo 1 pitin bour moi encor bour moi encor mo p gagn extra bon la, coem here and suck my cock now he placed me at the end of the bed my body was on the bed but my head was hanging downward he pushed his hard cock in my mouth and started to move he was mouth fucking me while his hand was playing with my pussy he was fingering me so hard i was going to cum myself.

He turn me around spread my legs wide and pushed his cock hard into me i was like ahhhAhhhhh he was fucking my pussy like an a****l, ahh d***sa am about to cum, decharg endan moi Mousiuer ****dhy mo save zordi, i crossed my legs and arms ah ah oui am cumming i could feel his hot cum in my pussy we stayed like this for a few minute his cock still inside me, we look in each other eyes and kissed like lovers i still cannot believe it am below an a 57 old fat man with his cum and cock inside me.

Ita was already 10.30 told him he has to drop me home i just put on my undies with his cum still drop from my pussy we got dressed and was in the car we kissed again we were still on the road i knew there was 10 min before i reach home and their will be no police so i bent down and started suck him again till we reach he cum twice in this 10 minutes i d***k his cum.

Its been 4 months he fucked me more than 50 times, i don’t regret our deal as i get less work and leave when i want it LOL.. the end

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