A young sissy’s first time.

Driving by, in the back sit of my parents car, I saw it. An adult book store, and my eyes were drawn to it. I stared and studied the signs and building. “Videos” “Toys” I read and my mind raced. I had been curious about sex for along time, it’s was all I thought about anymore. I had found my fathers “girly” magazines long ago and have memorized every picture and page. The women were all so beautiful and sexy, but when there were photos of couples, I always imagined myself as being the girl. Being on my knees for the guys. I loved how lustful they looked, mouths open, about to suck cock.

At night, alone in my bed, I’d touch my asshole and imagine it was a man’s cock. I would push my finger inside myself. My little young hole was so tight, even just a finger was incredibly painful. I wanted it though, I wanted to know what it was like having something inside me. I wanted cock. Big, beautiful cock, I wanted to know how it tasted. I wanted to how it felt exploding in my mouth. Almost every night, I would flip my legs up behind my head and cum on my own face, imagining a guy giving my a facial. The warm, thick fluid splashing across my face and into my open mouth.

One evening, the urges were too much and I found myself nervously riding my bike to that adult book store. I was hard before I even reached the door. I know they would kick me out for being too young, but at least I would get to see inside, I thought. I boldly walked in. To my surprise, no one said a word! I waited for someone to saw something, but no one did. My mind raced as I looked around. So many magazines, so many videos, so many toys! I walked over to a rack and stared st the covers, my hands were shaking to much to even pick one up. I was in the “straight” section and my eyes searched out the “gay” area. I nervously built up the courage and moved over to it. I saw cover after cover of men sucking and fucking other men. My heart raced and my rock hard cock strained against my jeans, I tried to hide it by tucking it up under my waistband.

I noticed another guy in the gay section, much older than me obviously. I looked at him and saw that he was looking back at me. He smiled and I sheepishly smiled back before looking away nervously. Thoughts and fantasies raced quickly through my head and I imagined him coming on to me and sucking his cock. Although I didn’t really think it would happen, I always fantasized about it and was doing it again. My cock throbbed.

I walked out of the bookstore and was nervously surprised to notice the man had walked out also. I stood my my bike and he stood by his van. He smiled and motioned for me to come over to him. k**s always joked about the weirdos in vans, but my lust for dick was overwhelming and against my better judgment, I went to him.

Without saying a word he opened the side door and I climbed in. It was dark, only faint light from the signs and street lights shined through the vans small, dark windows. I sat in a chair and he closed the door and sat on a couch in the back. Still without saying a word, I slid down to my knees and crawled to him. I have wanted this for so long. “You want to suck cock?” he asked, alittle surprised I think. Instinct and desire, taking over my nerves melted away and i moved my hands to his inner thighs, sliding them towards his crotch. “Yes” I said softly. I heard a noise behind me, there was another man in the van. He had been sitting in a front seat and I didn’t notice him. I felt alittle uneasy, but my throbbing cock spurred me on. The second man watched as I turned my attention back to the cock in front of me. He had slid down his pants and with the soft light through the vans windows, saw my first real penis. I knew my place and although I wasn’t sure what exactly to do, I knew I wanted to taste it. I knew I wanted to kiss, lick and suck it. I was shaking at first, until my lips presssed up against the soft but firm shaft of his hanging cock. I kissed it. It felt so wonderful, so natural. I felt him swell and hardened under my tongue as I licked his pole. He took his cock in his hand and lifted it up saying, “suck my balls” I leaned forward and met his sack as he slid to the end of the couch. I felt his hand push my young face into him and I moaned uncontrollably. He pulled my face from his hanging ball sack and pointed his hard dick at my mouth, then forced my head down on him, I moaned again and stroked his thighs in appreciation, as I tried to stuff as much of his meat into my mouth as possible. I instinctively moved my lips up and down his shaft, loving the full, lip stretching feeling. The second man had moved over and was now next to me, his cock out and hard. I leaned over and gripped my ass, kneeding and squeezing it firmly.

I turned to him and licked at his stiff cock. It bounced and swung side to side as I tried to tongue it, so sexy! I put my mouth on him, he was smalle than the other man and I was able to slid my mouth gingerly and hungerly, further down his shaft. My hand instinctively moved to the first man’s cock and stroked him. His thick shaft felt incredible in my small hand. I was thrilled and felt so comfortable and so natural, pleasing the two men, I moaned again in sheer pleasure. “I love your cocks” I said softly, surprising myself, but maybe surprising them even more. The man
on the couch reached down and felt my raging hard on through my pants, I felt as if I was already on the edge of orgasm. He began to undo my pants and I layed down on my back for him so he could tug them off. I layed there passively and felt his mouth engulf my hard, throbbing dick. The other man, moved towards me again, straddling me and I reached up, holding his thighs, then his ass, and guided him down. His cock sticking straight out, I held his ass and guided him to move forward. He lowered himself and smashed his tight ball sack against my mouth. I licked and sucked them lovingly as I exploded an earth shattering orgasm into the other man’s sucking mouth. I shook and rocked in pleasure. Then felt my knees being pushed towards my chest.

The man straddling me stood and turned around before lowering himself back down on my face. Smashing and grinding his hairy ass crack along my mouth, Licked through the hair and found his hole. I licked him slowly and tasted the sweet, addictive flavor, my first asshole. I reached up, held his cheeks and spread him open.

I felt the tongue of the other man now exploring my virgin ass, then felt one of the men grab and hold my ankles, lifting my ass and spreading me open. I continued licking my man’s asshole. I felt something press against my tight hole. It felt impossible thick but pushed inside me. I cried out and felt his ass press down, muffling my cry. As the pain subsided and my hole became used to the invasion, I stroked the ass cheeks of my man straddling me in approval and moaned softly at the pleasure. I moved my hands down to my own ass and held my cheeks, spreading myself open. Letting me take me deeper with his finger, he pressed it all the way inside me, then another. He fucked my ass with two fingers, sliding and twisting them inside me. The man straddling my face moved back and in the soft light saw cum began to drip from his tip, then flow out onto my face. I opened my mouth to catch it and tasted his warm wonderful sperm. My first taste of another man’s cum. I smiled and moaned.

I felt the other man pull his fingers from my ass, making it hurt and miss the full feeling. He climbed up me holding his hard cock and I moved to meet it with my mouth. He came almost immediately and I moaned and his warm jizz shot across my mouth and face. Dripping all over my chest, chin and neck. I swallowed his jizz as he stroked himself and i sucked his cocks head.

Beathing hard and exhausted he sat back down on the couch and moved to him, kissing and licking his softening dick. On all fours, I felt the second man’s hands on my ass cheeks and I arched my back for him. He slipped a finger inside me. I instinctively bucked back and arched my back even further. “So fucking hot!” i heard him say and it made me smile. My man in front of him noticed, and said softly, “You fucking love this don’t you?” I continued to kiss his cock and said yes. “Youre a hot little sissy fag aren’t you?”

Yes, I guess I am.

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