Holiday Spa PANTYHOSE Play and FUCK

Several years ago, not long after having joined the Holiday Spa Fitness Center I had an erotic pantyhose encounter. I was just 19 at the time. As a life-long pantyhose wearer I wear pantyhose nearly every day and always under my trousers to work. My schedule for working out was every Monday, Wednesday and Friday immediately after work. When I would enter the men’s locker room I would look around for a discreet space to change. I would pull off my shoes and pull my shirt tails out. Next, I would sit my shorts or sweatpants out and peel off my socks. I would pause for a moment to listen for anyone and once I thought I was alone I would drop my trousers with my thumbs tucked into the waistband of my pantyhose. This way I removed my pantyhose and trousers at the same time. I would toss my hose in my locker and hang my shirt and pants before going in to the gym.

One day, I was getting dressed when I was caught with my pantyhose. I had put my shirt on and was debating whether or not to put the pantyhose back on. I had accidentally rolled the waistband and part of the panty. If anyone has done this you know it can sometimes be difficult to unfurl the pantyhose. I looked at them a second time and decided wearing them home wasn’t worth the effort and that I would fix them once I got home. Just as I was about to toss the pantyhose in my bag I heard a man clear his throat. I tossed the pantyhose quickly and they landed a few feet behind me on the bench. The man was an employee of the gym. He was young, lean muscled and a good looking guy. I guessed he was about 24-25 years old. My heart was pounding. He said “looks like some nice stockings, huh?” I immediately replied “they aren’t mine.” He then said “oh, well, I’m not judging, just saying they look nice, probably feel good on the skin too.” He walked past me and picked up the pantyhose by the toe of one of the legs. “Oh, its pantyhose!” he exclaimed. “Have to say, black pantyhose is sexy, don’t you think?” The only reply I could muster was “I guess so, but they aren’t mine.” He said “they aren’t your girlfriend’s?” I repeated “they aren’t mine.”

The employee next said “well, that’s a shame that these nice pantyhose were lost. Most lost items we hold in the lost and found but something like this I will just throw out.” The employee raised the pantyhose in front of him and looked at them closely. “I don’t see any rips in them, fucking shame to throw them out” he said. By this point I wanted my pantyhose back and I had a chance to really look him over and I wanted to fool around with him desperately. I didn’t say anything. After a few moments he balled the pantyhose up in his hands. “Oh these are soft” he said. “Well I guess I’ll get back to my office so I can throw these pantyhose away” he said. He kept the pantyhose balled up in his hands and walked two steps past me when he turned quickly and threw the pantyhose at me. He had a big grin on his face and asked “why are you lying? We both know they are your pantyhose.” I stammered that I was embarrassed and he said “awe, you’re so cute.” He said he had to do a few things and would be back in 15 minutes could I wait there for him and would I put the pantyhose on.

I put the pantyhose on, then my trousers over top and sat dressed in the locker room waiting for him. Fifteen minutes later he entered the locker room. He was pleasantly surprised that I waited for him. He asked “why did you wait for me? You had every opportunity to leave.” I told him I thought he was hot and I wanted to suck his cock. His eyes glazed over and he grunted “oh Baby, you’re going to get to, believe me!” He walked me over to a stall and asked me to drop my trousers. He wanted to see the pantyhose. He had me stand on the toilet as he rubbed his face all over my crotch and ass. “That is fucking sexy, I don’t care what anyone says, and pantyhose are sexy on a man” he said. He continued rubbing my legs, kissing them, licking them, squeezing my ass, nibbling on my cock through the pantyhose as his cock strained against his track shorts. He helped me down and kissed me hard on the mouth. I could feel the heat of his hard cock against my groin. He continued kissing me while roughly groping my ass cheeks and keeping his hard cock pressed against me.

We separated and he yanked his shorts down and pulled his jockstrap to the side. OMG, I thought. I love how men look when wearing a jockstrap. I bent over and took his full length in my mouth. He let out a soft sigh and proceeded to give me instruction on how he liked oral performed on him. I wondered if he had worked out earlier. His balls and cock tasted salty and there was a masculine muskiness behind his nut sack. Not funk, just an intoxicating aroma of manliness. As I sucked his beautiful 7 inch cock he ran his hands over my back, ass and the backs of my legs, moaning softly and giving me words of encouragement.

I lowered myself, squatting in front of him and began caressing his silky haired legs, fondling his balls and cupping his ass all while sucking his tasty cock with all I had in me. I had decided that I wanted him to nut in my mouth but had not yet told him so. A couple of times he arched his back and let out an “oh fuck, fuck… whew! Baby! I almost came!” Minutes later he said “I don’t want this to end but it is going to have to soon. Can I jerk off on your pantyhose?” I said “I thought I’d get you off and let you cum in my mouth.” He cupped my face and had me stand. He leaned forward and kissed me and said “okay, you don’t have to, I won’t be disappointed.” I said “I want to do it but I can’t promise I’m going to swallow.” I took him in my mouth again and began sucking his cock in order to get him to nut. Seconds before he blew he began panting heavily and his thigh muscles bulged and his back arched. “Fuck” he muttered with his fist in his hand. We needed to remain discreet. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, Baby, suck my cock, and take my load!” I felt his cock head expand and grow hot, then his cock spasmed as jet after jet of his semen spewed into my waiting mouth. He tried to pull out as the last squirt of cum entered my mouth but I wouldn’t release. I did a hard swallow of his cum and began sucking again to get every drop from his cock. “Oh shit, no, no, I can’t, ugh, ugh….stop.” He was giggling in ecstasy and implored me to stop before he passed out. He adjusted himself in his jockstrap and pulled his shorts up. He went over to the sinks and splashed cool water on his face. “Damn, I’m going to smell like sex for the rest of the night” he said. I told him “well, everyone will be jealous, so just enjoy it.” “Oh you! Next time I’m going to fuck you in your pantyhose!” he said.

Four days later and I’m working out at the Gym. Bryan sees me working out and approaches me. He asks “how are today Michael?” I say “I’m good” to which he asks me if I have some time later as he would like to show me something. I smile and he smiles back at me. I continue working out for another 30 minutes and then head off to the locker room. I take a quick shower and am standing in front of my open locker. I put on my deodorant and my button down shirt. I’m listening for anyone else in the room. One I’m sure no one else is in the room I retrieve my black sheer to waist pantyhose. I place my left foot into the foot part of the pantyhose and glide the stocking up to my knee. I proceed to do the same with the right stocking. I work each stocking over my knees and up my thighs and then work the panty over my hips and ass. As I reach in my locker for my Dockers I hear a throat clear. Fuck! I’ve been caught. I turn to my left and see that Bryan is watching me. “How long have you been there?” I ask. “I saw everything” he says.

As Bryan walks toward me he reaches under his very short and thin nylon track shorts. He frees his hard cock which is now tenting the sheer nylon shorts. His cock strains against his shorts to the point that the outline of his helmet headed cock is visibly outlined. I enjoy the show of watching his cock bob up and down as he walks toward me. Bryan stands before me and places my hand on his hard cock. He asks me if I want his hard cock, if I want him to fuck me. I tell him I do and he instructs me to get my pants and shoes on. Bryan slips his cock back in his underwear then leads me to a corridor, then a back door. He tells me he lives only 5 minutes from the gym and that he is taking me home. I say “let’s go!”

As soon as we are inside Bryan’s apartment he leads me to his bedroom where he pushes me down on the bed. He yanks my shoes and khakis off. “Those fucking pantyhose! Damn that is some sexy shit!” he says. Bryan yanks his t-shirt off, and then slips his shorts off. He stands at the foot of the bed wearing only his jock strap. His cock is hard and is making a valiant effort to escape the confines of the jock. Bryan climbs into bed and lies beside me. We begin kissing as our hands begin to explore each other. Bryan’s fingers find my shirt buttons. He slips my shirt off. He says “you know those pantyhose are staying on don’t you?” I nod my head that I understand.

Bryan has me lay on my back then climbs on top of me. His crotch is at my face. He reaches to the side of his jock and frees his hard cock. “Suck it Baby, suck my fucking cock!” he says. I tease him at first. I kiss the head and gently stroke the length with my left hand. I lick the length from just above his balls to the tip but I don’t take him in my mouth. “Oh that feels good” he groans as I lick his shaft. “Suck my fucking cock Baby, suck it!” Bryan senses I’m being a tease and begins to be a little more dominant with me. He lowers his head to mine, looks me in the eyes and says “you cock tease, your going to suck my cock now damn it!” I pucker my lips and he kisses me. He pushes his cock toward my mouth and I slowly take him inside. I roll my tongue around the head to get it wet. I continue rolling my tongue around the length of his hard and throbbing shaft to get it good and slick. All the while Bryan moans and sighs “oh Baby that feels so good.”

Once I’m satisfied I have his cock wet to my satisfaction I begin to suck him well while fondling his balls. I let him fuck my mouth and throat as I fondle his balls and run my hands over his ass, thighs and up his stomach to his chest. Bryan’s cock jumps each time I roll my tongue around his cock head. He pulls his throbbing cock from my mouth and lowers his nut sack to my waiting mouth. “You’re not going to make me cum early, lick my balls.” I lap at his balls, then kiss and lick the inside of his thighs to either side of his nut sack. “Damn Baby, that feels so good” he says.

Bryan rolls off me and lay beside me in a 69. I take his cock in my mouth as he begins to lap at my hard cock contained beneath the sheer black nylon of my pantyhose. “I see you’ve been leaking a lot of pre-cum in your pantyhose! I like it, that’s so sexy!” We play with each other for quite a while. Bryan lapping at my confined cock, soaking the front of my pantyhose with his mouth, sliding his hands up and down my legs to my feet, rubbing my feet, squeezing my hosed ass. All the while, I suck his cock, lick and suck his balls, run my fingers over his groin and up his happy trail.

Bryan rolled over, knelt on the bed then took hold of my legs by the ankles. He raised my legs in the air, pushing them back until my ass was up in the air. Kneeling in front of my sheer clad ass Bryan began to rub his face over it. His modest five o’clock shadow sc****d against the nylon making a faint scratching sound. Bryan brought his face to my ass. He began kissing my buns, then kissed and licked his way up and down the backs of each of my stocking legs before finding his way to my ass crack.

He kissed my asshole then began lapping at it. He saturated the sheer nylon with his warm spit. I moaned in ecstasy. His warm and hungry mouth felt fantastic against my hungry hole and the sensation of the sheer nylon enhanced his actions. Bryan’s tongue began to dart and press firmly against my hole. “I want to fuck you so bad, are you ready for my big, hard cock?” he asked. “Mmm, a huh” I moaned. “You know I’m going to fuck you in your pantyhose!” Bryan declared.

Bryan again brought his hungry mouth to my waiting ass. He lapped at the wet nylon. I felt his teeth sc**** across my ass then nylon being pulled away from it. Bryan had bit down on the fabric and was now pulling on it. He continued to pull the fabric to its limit. Suddenly, I heard a ripping sound. Bryan tore a small hole in the ass of my hose with his teeth. Bryan held my legs as he squatted above me and began to enter my hot and hungry ass with his rigid cock. “Oh fuck” I thought. His cock head was so big. It was a true invasion of my asshole. “Ummph, ummph, oh, oh” I panted. “You okay Baby” Bryan queried. “Yes, don’t stop, I’m okay, you’re just so thick, please go slow.” Bryan said “really, you think I’m big? Awe thanks Baby, I’ve got a whole lot more to give you, don’t worry my Nylons Boy, I won’t hurt you” he said.

Slowly and determinedly, Bryan pushed his hot cock into my tight little hole. “Oh, oomph, oomph, uh, uh” I panted and moaned. I was very tight. It had been sometime since I’d been with anyone and Bryan was thicker and longer than my Ex. “Don’t stop” I said. Bryan chuckled and said he had no intention of stopping. “I’m going to own your ass Michael, when I’m done you will want my cock every day. You are a fucking tease; I know your type Michael. You tease guys, get them turned on, pull back, then tease again with your sexy pantyhose and when he is turned on, intrigued, you pull back again and act all innocent. FUCK THAT SHIT! Your ASS IS MINE!” Bryan exclaimed.

Bryan had worked his shift deep inside my tight hole. I could feel his balls resting against my ass. He was still squatting above me, cock deep inside my ass. He brought my right foot to his face. He rubbed my foot over his face then began to kiss and lick its sole before placing my hosed toes in his mouth. His tongue darted between my toes; he sucked my toes and nibbled on my hosed arch. I suddenly realized he had begun to slowly pump my ass as he was doing this. Mmm! His cock felt great. I was loosening up some and was feeling so horny for Bryan. As he began to fuck me I slid my hand inside my pantyhose and began to diddle my cock. I was leaking pre-cum into my pantyhose like mad.

“I want you Bryan” I said. He smiled and suddenly pulled his cock from my ass. He stood at the foot of the bed then grabbed me by my thighs and pulled my ass down to meet him. He raised my legs again and reentered my hungry hole. “Oomph” I moaned. Bryan held both my legs in the air as he began to slowly and rhythmically pump my ass. Oh, how good he felt inside me. After a short while of slow pumping, he held my legs together in front of himself and really began… well, to fuck me, fuck me good. Bryan’s balls were slapping against my ass creating that oh so erotic slapping sound I love hearing. “Take that cock Baby, take my cock and love it Baby” Bryan kept repeating. Bryan would hold my legs together in front of himself and from time to time he would open scissor my legs or place them over his shoulders and stroke them. All the while I gently played with my cock inside my pantyhose. I was careful not to over stimulate myself and cum in my hose.

Bryan pulled out of me, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me from the bed. He quickly stood behind me and reentered me. He began to fuck me from behind as I reached around and ran my left hand over his left ass cheek. Bryan nuzzled my neck and our mouths found one another. He wrapped his right arm around my waist and held me tight against him as he pounded against my ass. Bryan was perspiring. I could feel his perspiration run down my back and I wasn’t exactly dry either. The gusset of my pantyhose was saturated from a combination of perspiration from Bryan and me. Bryan raised my right leg and placed it on the bed to get better leverage I guess. I closed my eyes in ecstasy for just a moment. When I reopened them the mattress was half off the bed. He didn’t care, he just kept fucking me and I loved every minute of it.

Bryan pulled out of me, quickly grabbed the mattress as if it weighed nothing and pulled it back on the bed. He lay me face down, and then lay on top of me. With his left knee he pushed my legs apart and entered me. He was breathing heavily, not out of breath but full of lust. He nibbled my left ear lobe and we began kissing as his steaming hot cock was buried in my ass. Bryan began fucking me slowly. Pulling all the way out and reentering over and over, going in slowly, pulling out quickly. This drives me absolutely crazy and I told him so. I begged him to tease me. “You like that huh? You like me giving you my dick then taking it from you don’t you?” I sighed “oh yes, I love it.”

Bryan pulled out and flipped me on my back. He held my legs back and entered me. When he let go of my legs I wrapped them around my waist. He kept his cock buried in me. We began kissing passionately and he slowly pumped his cock. At a break in our kissing I begged “Bryan, fuck me again, make me your bitch boy!” Bryan smiled and began to fuck me with long hurried pumps. The sound of his balls slapping my ass was constant. “Oh, oh, oh” Bryan began to moan. “I’m close; I can cum soon, ah FUCK! I can’t hold off much longer, how about you?” I told Bryan to cum when he was ready but to tell me when he was going to and I’d cum with him. Bryan tore into my ass like an a****l with his big cock. He was saturated in perspiration, the entire inseam of my pantyhose were soaked by him. “Grrrr, rrrr! I’m going to cum… soon OH FUCK! Going to FUCKING CUM NOW!” Bryan shouted. Suddenly, Bryan fell on top of me, wrapping his arms around me as he furiously pumped his hot seed deep inside me. I could feel his cock spasm as jet after hot jet of his creamy spunk splashed inside me. All the while, he continued to fuck me furiously, ensuring his balls relinquished every last drop of his cum. Bryan was panting hard as he lay on me. We lay in bed for sometime with Bryan on top of me. His cock still buried inside me. We kissed and Bryan asked if I came. I told him I did. He said “I didn’t see you stroking” and I told him that I didn’t need to because if I’m fucked well I can just cum. He lifted himself up and looked at the front of my pantyhose. “Oh look at that mess you made in your pantyhose! I like it!”

About 20 minutes later Bryan had me stand. He peeled my pantyhose off and led me to the bathroom where we showered together. That was the beginning of a great sexual relationship that lasted about 6 months. We weren’t boyfriends, it was all about sex and it was great.

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