Party Time

We were both invited to a party but little did we know what would transpire. The invitation had come from a couple of Janet’s work colleagues. She had spoke of them before although it seemed a bit strange for her to accept their invitation as she had said before that they, that’s the couple of chaps who had invited us, had always seemed to be watching her especially when she was in the changing rooms at work. They always seemed to have an excuse to be there. Janet said it had made her feel a bit uncomfortable at first but she had got more used to it as she got to know them. She had said that because they had been catching her in her underwear it was making her feel a bit horny and she used to hang about in the changing rooms just so they could ogle her.
We arrived and were welcomed at the door with drinks. The party seemed to be going full blast although we couldn’t see anybody they were probably in the rooms at the back.
The next thing I knew was I was waking up tied to a chair in front of what looked like an indoor window. This turned out to be a one way mirror. Looking through the glass I could see Janet sitting on a settee looking ok but a little spaced out. I tried to shout but I was gagged tightly.
As I watched a man dressed in a dinner suit came and sat down beside her. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. She didn’t seem to mind, then it struck me that the drinks we had been plied with when we came in must have contained some sort of d**g.
The man leant forward and kissed her on the lips which she returned to my surprise quite passionately. His kisses turned into tongue thrusts, I could see him thrusting his tongue into her mouth, in and out just like a penis in a pussy. He then began to caress her breasts and ran his hand down to the bottom of her dress which was just above her knees. He prised her knees apart and moved his hand up between her legs. I knew she had stockings on this was the first time she had worn them since I could remember. As his hand when higher up her leg I could see the tops of her stockings and her silky black panty crotch I couldn’t believe my eyes, my wife being fondled by another man. I was starting to get aroused as his hands caressed her soft skin at the top of her stocking. His fingers started to explore inside the tightly stretched panty leg. Then a door in the room opened and another man came in dressed the same as the first man. He sat on the other side of Janet and began to help the first man undress Janet. With each item they removed they kissed and fondled the body part exposed until Janet was naked between them. Her nipples were standing erect, she was excited. Her panties were on the floor and I could see how wet they were with the juice from her pussy. They took a nipple each and rolled them between their fingers and stretched them out to their full length. They must have stretched to over an inch long. She loved that, she always did love her nipples being teased and licked. The two studs both stood up and stripped naked themselves their penises stood erect and in comparison to mine enormous. They then proceed to make love to Janet first kissing and licking her body all over, while one licked and sucked her breasts the other did the same to her pussy. She was loving every moment. Then one of the men pushed her legs apart and positioned himself on top of her she moaned as he guided his stiff cock into her pussy. First it was a couple of small thrusts and then he just slid his large cock all the way in till his balls bounced on her bottom cheeks. There was no holding him back as he tore into her. She was thrusting back so hard she was lifting him as well as herself clear of the settee. While he was inside her pounding away the other was sucking on her nipples while she frantically rubbed and sucked his penis. Then they changed over. It was exciting to see one mans stiff cock slide out of my wife’s pussy to be replaced straight away by another mans stiff, dripping cock. They both brought her to a state of ecstasy several times swapping over at least twice so they had both fucked her a couple of times each, they then ejaculated over her belly and her tits and made her suck the dripping cum off both their cocks. They then both squeezed a tit each and wiped their cocks on her face cheeks gathered their clothes and left leaving her naked and cum covered on the settee.
Everything went quiet I assumed that we had been left alone the people had got and seen what they wanted. I managed to free myself from my bonds and rushed to the room next door. When I got there and saw Janet lying there dripping with cum I couldn’t contain myself I pulled of my clothes and virtually jumped on her and fucked her for all I could. I cum inside her and then went on my knees to see all the cum she had taken during the night oozing out. She was lying there moaning her body shivering. I had to run my hand over her cum soaked body again and between her legs. I just had to fuck her again this time I took her from behind grasping both of her cum covered tits. I turned her back over and climbed between her legs, I fingered her soaking pussy before thrusting into her once more. She took more of a part this time and instead of just letting me thrust my small cock in her she thrust back at me and dug her fingernails in my back. I cum again. I climbed off and dressed and then found Janets clothes. I wiped most of the cum of her body but left what was dripping from her pussy, I pulled her panties up her legs and over her pussy so that they could soak up all that was running from her pussy, I would have a use for those later. I then helped her to dress and then took her home where I bathed her and put her to bed, she still seemed drowsy probably the d**gs or the fucking she had received from the two studs.
In the morning a package came through the door it was strange as the postman had already been. I open it and there was a DVD in it I rushed to put it on and to my shock all of what had happened last night was on there not just the two studs fucking my wife but me as well. There were parts showing me tied in the chair wide eyed watching my wife being fucked by two studs and they even zoomed in to a small mound growing in the crotch of my trousers. I have watched it a couple of times since while I fondle myself through my wife’s cum stained panties

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