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I live in a gilded cage, pampered but not free. My owner likes to collect unusual things. He is a wealthy viscount, living in a chateau in rural France. Attached to the mansion there is an enormous hothouse, the size of the palm house at Kew. It is tropical, with birds of paradise, exotic palms, giant butterflies and parrots. I love to wake up in the morning to the sound of tropical birds and iguanas.

My costume is a feathered skirt and elaborate feathered headdress. The feathers are the colour of flames – orange, gold and red. I am naked to the waist and my nipples are accentuated with crimson rouge. The skirt is heavily layered at the back, reaching almost to the floor, but tiered upwards towards the front until it reaches my waist. This results in there being nothing at all at the centre front except the band that reaches around my hips, holding it all together.

My cage sits high up in the tree canopy, and the door to it is always open. Outside there is a swing, with jasmine and vines growing up the ropes that support it. If I want to I can swing to play, or to get to a platform attached to a wooden walkway leading down to the floor.

I am not alone. There are two gardeners who live and work in the hothouse. They are gay and totally devoted to one another. They are also devoted to me, tending to my every need. We play together like kids when there is no-one around, swimming naked in the lily pool, eating fresh mangoes straight from the tree and teasing the monkeys. It is their job to make sure that I am kept free from body hair, and they take turns to have me spread my legs wide so they can shave and tweeze, leaving me pink and a little sore. It’s worth the small amount of suffering for the yoni massage they give me afterwards. Using a balm which they make themselves, they use their supple thumbs to make little circular movements on my outer labia, up and down. It feels exquisite. Usually it is short (they have work to do) but other times they will keep it up until my juices are flowing, my eyes are closed and I hear myself letting out little moans of pleasure. All it takes is the palm of the hand pressing on my mound and a thumb on my clit and after all of that build up I orgasm in a delicious wave of pleasure. Although gay, they enjoy making me come occasionally and I don’t object, of course! But they can be moody and easily pissed off, so I never ask for that. Things are not always peaceful in paradise, especially when they fall out with each other. But this is rare.

At night my friends retire to a tree house they built for themselves and I have my cave. I love my cave. It is small, but comfortable, having a bed of soft animal fur to lie on, and lit by the soft glow of candles.

Visitors come to the hothouse. They wander along the footpaths between the trees and some venture up onto the wooden platforms in the tree canopy. When they come I usually sit on my swing, unless I don’t like them in which case I’ll stay in my gilded cage.

About once a month the Viscount (I’ll call him Victor!) throws a big party. These are expensive, glamourous affairs with a casino, live music (usually jazz or classical) burlesque artistes and an elaborate feast. At the feast my keepers (the gay gardeners) and I have to wait at table, along with Kat. More about her in a minute. At the house there is a full quota of staff – a Butler, a Cook, a Housekeeper, maids, kitchen staff and a Nanny. Victor keeps his Nanny on the payroll masturbasyon porno despite being an adult. She looks after the health of everyone in the house. Kat lives in the chateau and considers herself to be above me because I only go there for the parties. She looks down on me and we do our best to ignore one another most of the time. She is dark with black hair and wears a sort of catwoman outfit. She curls up at our Master’s feet when he sits in his chair by the fire. I hate her and have been known to pull her tail, causing her to re-adjust her costume.

After dinner the guests are invited to gamble. The casino is set up in the ballroom, a large elaborate room with a magnificent chandelier. There is a roulette table in the centre of the room, and poker tables. At one end of the room near the enormous fireplace there is a billiard table.

One particular party lives in my memory. Victor usually holds an auction or presents as a prize me, or the Cat. He never enjoys us himself, except for occasionally stroking us or inspecting us for flaws, like collector’s items. He is a voyeur and gets off on watching his guests taking their pleasure of us.

One balmy summer evening at a particularly glittering occasion, Victor decided to hold a roulette game and offer the winner the choice of either me or Kat. To show his guests the merchandise, I am brought to the billiard table. For evening occasions in the house I am expected to wear gold stilettos, and I teeter up to the billiard table on 4 inch heels, supported on each side by my gay friends, who adopt serious expressions for such an occasion. This usually means having to try not to laugh, especially if I have been nicking champagne from the kitchen. They lift me up onto the edge of the table and spread my legs wide, keeping my knees straight so I have to lean back on my hands to keep my balance. Then Victor will come and carefully open my pussy lips to expose my pink flesh for all to see. Look but don’t touch is the rule, and after a glimpse of my innermost secrets I am lifted down and turned around, feathered skirt raised to expose my buttocks. The high heels create an appealing shape and also expose my pussy lips. Victor usually gives the Butler a nod at this point, if he is nearby, to slap my pussy lips to make them to pinker and do the same to my buttocks a couple of times for good measure. Then the skirt is lowered and I am whisked away to the main guest suite, left vacant for this purpose, where Nanny is waiting with a bubbly bath. Kat is displayed in a similar fashion and taken away to be prepared in another wing. The winner will be given the key to the room where his prize awaits after making his (or occasionally her) choice.

The main guest suite is sumptuous. There is a four poster bed, a log fire and a free standing bath in the bedroom situated near the fire. On the other side of the fireplace there is an antique chair and Turkish rug. The room is lit with many candles and the bed has silk sheets. At the end of the bed there is a blanket box covered with a kilim.

Nanny disapproves of Victor’s parties and she fusses and sponges my back for me. I lay in the bath watching the roulette game on the flatscreen situated above the fireplace. There is CCTV hidden in the room, so the occupants can see themselves on the screen, and Victor, or whoever else he invites along, can watch from his private rooms on the top floor. After the bath mature porno I am wrapped in fluffy white towels and my skin is oiled. Nanny is good a this. She takes time massaging the oil into my breasts, using just the right amount of pressure. When she rubs the scented oil into my buttocks she has me over her knee with my ass facing the hidden camera. Sometimes she runs an oiled finger down between my buttocks and pushes it into me, using her thumbs on the fleshy bits on either side for extra pleasure. I think Victor enjoys watching this. After my massage I put the gold stilettos back on and a floaty silk robe which has humming birds embroidered onto it. I then sit in the fireside chair with a bottle of champagne on ice and wait.

I noticed a man I had not seen before at the gaming tables earlier, and he was in the front row of onlookers when I was perched on the billiard table and spread wide for all to see. A tall and quite large African, he did not seem to know many of the others and seemed a bit shy. There were some regulars at the table, a tedious bunch mostly, toffs on coke with too much money and too much to drink. I watched with interest as the African (I guessed him to be from Nigeria) effortlessly won the game. He stood to hand in his chips and I noticed he had a lot of gold rings on his fingers. I could not see which key he was handed but was not at all surprised to hear a gentle knock at the door before the key turned and he entered.

He makes a slight bow and introduces himself. Turns out he speaks perfect English, having gained a scholarship at Oxford when he was younger. Also turns out he’s a chief of some sort, rich but not very well travelled. This is his first trip to Europe as an adult and his first introduction to Victor’s social circle. He has 2 wives but has, he tells me, never experienced “white flesh”. He is curious and wants to see if I feel/ taste/ behave any differently from what he is accustomed to.

This man was one of that rare group of men who get pleasure out of giving pleasure. It pleased him to make me squirm with delight, and he would not even allow me to touch him at first. He asked me to sit on the edge of the blanket box and gently undid the silk robe so it floated away from my legs, which he spread wide by pushing on my knees. Still in the stilettos, this had the effect of my pussy being at the same level as his face as he knelt on the floor in front of me. He used his thumbs to spread me open and looked, for what seemed like a long time, at my pink flesh. To my amazement, he then asked “what would you like me to do?”. Men that win me, or Kat, as a prize, usually have no imagination. It is often just a case of bending us over the bed and fucking us from behind, or forcing us to our knees and making us suck them. One time, a rather nasty American guy had me kneel then tied my hands behind my back before asking for a “blow job” (hate that expression!). I lost my balance because my hands were tied so he slapped my face then told me to lean over the end of the bed. He’d had too much to drink so instead of actually fucking me he had to use a candle, but then he got turned on by watching my pussy lips stretch around the candle (it was one of the thicker ones) and made himself come, all over my ass. Satisfied, he slid in between the silk sheets and crashed out, leaving me cold and sticky and with my hands still tied. Bastard.

But this guest was a perfect gentleman. milf porno When I got over my surprise at being asked what was my pleasure, I asked him to lick me. He took a large handkerchief out of his top pocket and, tying it around my eyes, explained that I would get greater pleasure from his ministrations if I could not see. Then he fetched a pillow from the top of the bed for me to lean against. He started by running his fingers up and down the inside of my thighs, using the backs of his hands as well as the palms so I could feel the cold metal of his rings. Whilst doing this he explained that one of his wives was circumcised and got very little pleasure from sex. He said this bothered him and made him feel that he was taking something from her and not giving. This made sex eventually become a duty for the purpose of procreation only. His other wife was intact, but oral sex was considered taboo where she came from so they didn’t do it very often. He told me he enjoyed “sipping from the honey pot” and was looking forward to giving many women pleasure on his trip around Europe. Wow.

From stroking the inside of my thighs he switched to kissing them, and I felt myself getting wet with anticipation. For a moment he stopped and I felt him looking at me again, then he began to lick me. His tongue felt slightly rough on my pussy lips, but pleasantly so as it was warm and wet. He probed my depths with his tongue, making me open my legs wide, wanting more. Then deliciously, he started to circle my clit with the tip of his tongue, pausing to flick at it then switch back to circling. I began to writhe with pleasure, hearing little animal like moans come from deep inside me. I needed to relax and enjoy the slow build up but my body wanted more. Sensing this, he pinned my legs to the bed with his forearms and used his thumbs to spread my pussy lips apart to give him better access to my swollen clit. I could not move. Soon I was gasping as he moved one hand closer to my pussy lips, dipping one finger into my juices. Even though I was pinned down, I managed to grind towards his fingers, wanting them inside me. Suddenly he is fingering me and licking me at the same time. I murmur that this feels exquisite and I am close to coming. But still I could not let go. I needed to be fucked. I needed a big, hard cock and nothing else would do. But I was too shy to say so, so I just kept grinding.

He knew. And he was enjoying making me wait. Grabbing an ankle, he swung the leg attached to the ankle way above my head and leaned forward to whisper in my ear. He asks if I want to feel his big black cock in my pink pussy. I nod, impaled on his fingers as I am.

My oh-so-considerate lover then flipped me over. Blindfold in place, heels still on, feet on the floor, my ass is tipped up towards him and again I feel him scrutinizing me. Thumbs spread my pussy lips wide and I feel the cool air on my heat. I am suddenly aware that I am holding my breath. Then, he slides inside me and it feels so good to be filled up that I let out a moan of relief. I try to reach down for my clit so I can come but he pulls my hand away and rubs my clit himself with 2 fingers. I am shameless now, grinding against his fingers as I move forward and pushing back against his thrusts when I push back. We move faster and faster, frantic. Suddenly I feel the familiar spasm inside me as my orgasm approaches and I come noisily. He doesn’t. Instead, he grabs my hair, pulls off the blindfold and tilts my head back so my mouth opens to receive his hot juices as he spurts and groans with pleasure.

Then he thanks me, takes me by the hand and leads me back to the bubbly bath. Handing me a glass of champagne, he tells me with a smile that he has had an enjoyable evening. Then he leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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