Two Strangers at a Bus Station

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Edith Heard waved goodbye to her friends and pushed the baby carriage with Sam, Jr. aboard across the parking lot to the bus station.

She shivered in the cold. Her leather miniskirt and light coat did not give her much protection from the cold wind that blew. It had snowed earlier and then cleared. She could see the moon and a flood of stars this cloudless night.

There was a single light that barely lit the interior of the station when she arrived at the door. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the notice taped to the window of the door. The bus she had planned to take in ten minutes was delayed indefinitely due to snow in the pass leading to this small stand alone station at the foot of the mountains.

She opened the door and pushed Sam, Jr. into the waiting room. “Hello, ” she called out and then realized the waiting room was empty. There was no one behind the small counter that served as the cashier’s cage for this tiny station.

She looked around feeling panic creeping into her voice as she called again and again, hoping against hope that someone would answer. Slumping to the single bench in the small waiting room she looked around for a phone.

No phone. Thank heavens for my cell, she told herself as she reached into her purse. But it was not there. Her lower lip trembled when she remembered the hurried departure from her friends’ house. They were running late and she had left her cell on the nightstand next to her bed.

She closed her eyes. My God. What am I going to do? This station is a stand-alone building. There isn’t a house within at least a mile. Sam, Jr. could not survive in the cold if she tried to go for help and she could not leave him here alone.

Circling the small room Edith looked for a stove, a phone, anything that she could use to help her. Nothing. The stove was wood burning and there was no wood. There was no phone. She did find a bathroom but there was no warm water.

Damn. I can’t even warm water for Sam’s formula. She went back to the bench and took Sam from his baby carriage, hugging him to her chest, hoping to give him some of her warmth. She began to cry silently, tears trickling down her cheeks. The future looked bleak.

The door opened sending a wintry blast of cold air through the room. Edith looked up hoping rescue was here. Her heart sank. A big, burly man with a pack on his back and snowshoes in his hands entered the room. God. He looks like an advertisement for a mountain man movie.

It was true David Clarke had been camping for a month in the mountains. The late winter storm had driven him from his campsite. He looked around and saw Edith holding her now crying baby, the tears that stained her cheeks. He smiled, through beard and mustache that covered his face.

She looks as if she is seeing some snow monster. Damn. When will that bus come? He looked around and saw that it was the woman, baby, and he and no telling for how long.

He walked over to where Edith was sitting and put down his snowshoes and backpack, sleeping bag, and air mattress.

“I’m David Clarke. I did not mean to startle you. I guess we are both waiting for the bus that was supposed to be xslot giriş here. I was afraid I was too late. Now I guess I’m too early.”

Edith smiled wanly and put out her hand, “Edith Heard and my son Sam. We were visiting friends who have a ranch nearby. They dropped me off without realizing the bus was not coming. There is no phone and my cell is not working.”

Then she burst into tears. “There is no hot water. I can’t make formula for Sam. And I’m cold and hungry.”

David put out his heavily mittened gloves to the young woman. He would have hugged her, but she seemed fearful of him.

Edith put her forehead on his mittens, a deep sigh escaping her. Looking up at David she saw a smile among all the hair on his face and deep blue eyes and brimmed with compassion. Her fear of this stranger left her and she smiled in return.

She took in and exhaled a deep breath. “Can you help us?”

David opened his pack and pulled out a strange looking gadget and some pans. “I have an alcohol stove and pans. Do you use powder or liquid formula?”

Edith stared in disbelief as David put the stove together and separated the pans. In disbelief at this miracle she got up and picked up a small pan. “Powder. I’ll put water in the pan.”

When the water had been heated she mixed the formula and after testing it on her arm, began to feed Sam.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done. I was at the end of my rope.”

David showed her several packets he had pulled from his pack. “I only have dehydrated foods but they are good.” He showed her the packets and continued. “I have chicken noodle soup with chicken pieces, chili with ground been, lentil soup and tofu, and Mexican black bean soup, which is pretty picante.”

Edith shook her head in surprise and delight. Never would she have believed that a bag of dehydrated food would look so good to her. “It’s magic, David. I’ll have some chicken soup, thank you.”

David surveyed her surreptitiously as he prepared the soup for her and chili for himself, taking in her miniskirt and thin jacket. Not dressed for survival in this weather. How the hell did she let herself and her baby get into this kettle of fish?

When Sam had been fed and burped Edith put him back into the carriage, tucking the blanket around him.

David shook his head and pulled a large wool sweater from his pack. “Here. I think he heeds more than that blanket.”

Edith thanked him and wrapped Sam in the sweater. What else will David pull out of this seemingly bottomless pack?

She did not have long to wait. David unrolled and blew up a large air mattress and put an outsized down filled sleeping bag on top. “Get inside, Edith. You are shivering and it will be warm and toasty inside the sleeping bag.”

Edith thanked him and crawled into the sleeping bag gratefully. A warm smile covered her face as she thanked David. Thank God it was David and not some down and out tramp who had joined her.

Suddenly tired after the excitement and fear of her misadventure, she started to doze off but the sight of David stretched out on the narrow bench tugged at her xslot heart. She did not know him but what she did know told her that he could be trusted.

“Come. There is room for both of us,” she told him as she folded back a corner of the sleeping bag.

David looked at her uncertainly. They were strangers but it was cold. Making up his mind he crawled into the sleeping bag with Edith.

Edith grinned at him and then giggled, “Now that we are going to be sleeping together, tell me what brought you here on this miserable night.”

David turned on his side and rested himself on an elbow. “I was on a month-long camping trip when this storm drove me out of the mountain. I knew of this station and hoped I could get a bus to take me back to the city. How about you?”

“I was visiting friends who have a ranch north of here. My husband was killed in an auto accident six months ago and they have been mothering me ever since. I felt ready to get back on my own so here I am, waiting for the same bus.”

David nodded and told her how sorry he was about her husband. “Do you have a job when you get back to the city?

“Yes. I am an accountant and I’m lucky that my employer has given me an indefinite leave. And you?”

“I’m a professor at the University. I have been teaching there for twenty years and had to get away. I was getting burned off. I took a year off and have spent the time back packing all over the country.”

As he finished speaking he saw Edith’s eyes beginning to close. He sighed, laughing to himself that he had once again put an audience to sleep.

He rolled over on his back and closed his eyes, falling to sleep instantly. He was tired from his long hike out of the mountains.

He did not wake up until he felt a hand holding his rapidly stiffening cock. Edith had taken off her panties, undid his belt, and unzipped his fly. She rolled over on top of him and sat up, her hand stroking his now rigid cock.

She liked the feel of it in her hand; warm and large. Very large. Her husband had been a good-sized man with a cock to fit but David’s tool was going to be a stretch for her.

She put a finger to David’s lips when he began to speak. “You have done so much for Sam and me. I don’t know how we would have survived until the bus came if you had not helped us. Now I am going to do something for you, and for me at the same time.”

Rubbing the end of his fluted cock up and down her moist slit, she prepared him to enter her. Holding his cock with one hand, she raised herself over him and fed his cock into her hot, tight, wet vagina, slowly; very slowly.”

She licked her lips when David was finally buried inside her. “Ummmm. God. I have missed that. You feel so good inside me.” And he did. His large hot hard cock made her tremble with excitement. Tentatively she flexed her vaginal muscles around his throbbing cock, getting the feel of sex after a six-month period of deprivation.

David’s cock jerked uncontrollably. Eagerly he put his hands under her blouse and fondled her firm breasts and stiff nipples. He licked his lips letting the feel of her hot, moist, tight pussy around his hungry dick feed his passion. “I’ve not been with a woman for a long time. I don’t think I will have much self control.”

He started to raise his hips but Edith shook her head. “No. This is for you from me.”

With difficulty, David lay still, letting Edith ride his cock, her tight, wet, hot vagina vibrating around it, pulling at it, massaging it until he knew he would cum soon.

Edith put her hand between them and rubbed her clit as she rode his rod. David was turned on further by the feel of her finger whose tip was rubbing her clit moving up and down his cock as she fucked him.

“I’m. I’m going to make it soon, Edith. I can’t hold out much longer.”

Edith leaned down and kissed him, her mouth open, tongue sliding slowing, seductively, in and out of his mouth. Her vagina tightened its grip on his tender cock as it jerked in what she recognized as the beginning of his orgasm. Her own was not far behind.

David’s cock exploded and spewed his hot cum inside her as her body shook from her own orgasm. His hot cum blowing into her prolonged and strengthened it. Never had she felt her vagina respond as it did when David shot his load into her. This was the most exciting fuck she had ever had.

She collapsed onto his chest, her face buried in his neck. Loving the feel of his still hard cock pulsing inside her, she played with it with her vagina, squeezing it, pulling at it, sending hot flashes of erotic desire over her and his body.

David held her in his arms, loving the feel of his still hard cock buried in Edith’s pussy; a pussy so alive with hot passion, a pussy that wrapped itself around his cock and played with it as a musician plays an instrument.

He stroked her back and neck and when she lifted his head kissed her long and tenderly, expressing with slow soft movements of his tongue the gratitude he felt for what she had done.

Edith pulled her mouth from his and grinned at him, flexing he vaginal muscles around his tool. “Is there another round in that gun of yours?”

David’s response was to put his hands on her ass and pull her more tightly against his willing cock.

Edith threw her head back and giggled and then began to move her hips slowly, pulling at him, sliding her tight vagina up and down his shaft, building their cum slowly.

David slipped his hand between them, a finger seeking her clit. “Let me,” he told her. “I want to feel you, to touch you.”

Edith sighed and closed her eyes, loving the feel of his finger rubbing her sensitive clit. She had missed a man’s hand on her pussy. She opened her blouse and pulled his face to her chest, feeding him her soft yet firm breasts and turgid nipples.

The two lovers, strangers no more, fed each other’s excitement until they orgasmed together. When their bodies had finished quivering as the last of their cum drained from their hot sex David refastened her blouse and Edith rolled off him, curling herself next to him.

David put his arm around her and Edith cupped his hand tightly to her breast.

The sun streaming through the window onto his eyes woke David. He knew she was gone as soon as he opened his eyes.

There was a note on a pan on his stove. “Thank you is a poor substitute for the gratitude I feel for what you did for Sam and me. I hope fervently that you get your Mojo Back.”

There was no signature.

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