Turning Contest: A Edible Waitress

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Summary: Cute waitress is seduced late at night by black woman.

Thanks to: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea suggestion.

Thanks to 2: Robert, Sophia, Wayne and Tex Beethoven for editing.

THE TURNING CONTEST is a week-long competition between five MILF best friends over who can turn more straight teens, college girls and women.

The prize: The winner gets a weekend with the other four women’s submissive 18-year-old daughters.

Note: This series is based on a few things:

a) Quick seductions (Each story will likely be under 5000 words… give or take); these are sex stories and thus lack the detailed character development I often include.

b) Some are inspired by the Japanese molestation videos that are so popular in Japan.

c) This will be, if people enjoy them, a multi chaptered series about five women who seduce straight women.

Although each story definitely stands on its own, this is the eighth seduction scene. Here is a quick refresher of what has happened so far.

1. Turning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde, in which seductress VERONICA STONE seduces a teen in her clothing store.

2. Turning Contest: A Cute Maid, in which reluctant seductress (she is more a submissive) and rich wife CAROL WHITE seduces and dominates her temporary maid.

3. Turning Contest: A Delicious Model, in which seductress and casting agent, PORTIA JAMES, seduces a cute nineteen year old model who is auditioning for a part in the new Matt Damon movie.

4. Turning Contest: A Desperate Asian, in which a black professor, CRYSTAL WATSON, seduces a shy Japanese student in her office.

5. Turning Contest: A Dominated Thief, in which store owner, VERONICA STONE, molests an 18-year old who tried to steal from her store.

6. Turning Contest: A Drunk Bday Girl, in which married seductress, JASMINE JONES, molests, seduces and fucks a 21-year-old birthday girl at a club.

7-Turning Contest: A Drunk Bride 2 Be, in which JASMINE JONES continues her night at the club by seducing a friend of the birthday girl as well as a bride-to-be at her bachelorette party.

Turning Contest: A Edible Waitress

Crystal had been stuck in a boring faculty banquet that night and sighed multiple times as she saw texts showing up on her phone announcing (well, actually bragging) that Veronica got her second turn and then Jasmine got into the game with a turn. She couldn’t dare attempt a seduction of other faculty members, the male faculty members’ wives, or the honoured guests and thus was helpless to do anything but sit there nursing her cold cup of tea and watch her competitors’ scores climb.

Once the gala was at last over, after midnight, the black professor was driving home, frustrated to be tied for last with Portia and Carol, when she noticed an all-night diner.

Deciding she could use a piece of pie and hopefully find someone to eat her own pie, Crystal pulled into the almost empty parking lot. She got out, walked into the diner and took a seat in the most secluded corner.

Kendra was the pretty eighteen year old waitress on duty. She sighed. She had hoped the place would remain dead, although the black woman at least looked like someone able to tip well. Her last table, four college guys, had left her a whopping two dollar tip amongst them. Which really pissed her off considering how much she had flirted with those deadbeats. She headed over to the table in the far corner, finding it odd that the well-dressed woman had chosen to sit way over there.

She rallied. Showtime, kinda. “Good morning, ma’am,” Kendra greeted.

“Is it morning already?” Crystal asked, looking at a clock that said 12:11.

“Just,” Kendra answered, knowing her shift was now more than halfway behind her.

“Well, I didn’t turn into a pumpkin,” Crystal joked.

Kendra laughed, “Isn’t the carriage what turns into a pumpkin?”

“I think you’re right,” Crystal laughed back, thinking this pretty girl could possibly be a perfect turn.

“What can I get you?” Kendra asked.

“A coffee, black just like me,” Crystal responded, in full flirt mode.

“I like my coffee black too,” Kendra nodded.

“Mmmmmmm,” Crystal smiled. “And what kind of pie do you have?”

“Um, let me go check,” Kendra said, before adding, “while I get you your coffee.”

“Great, thanks,” Crystal nodded, as she watched her walk away, a great pair of hips, nice legs in black pantyhose and a tight ass… a perfect turn candidate. There was only one other patron, a gentleman, in the diner and he was getting ready to leave.

Kendra returned a minute ümraniye escort later with the coffee and as she set it on the table said, “We have apple, pecan, chocolate and raisin at the moment.”

“Hmmmm, chocolate sounds delicious,” Crystal said, the response a double entendre, as she planned to offer her own chocolate pie to this pretty girl very soon.

“It’s my favourite too,” Kendra nodded, loving the chocolate crème pie.

“It’s usually very sweet and addictive,” Crystal responded, of course still talking about her own pussy pie.

“I know, I can’t get enough,” Kendra agreed, enjoying chocolate pie almost every night.

“Good to know,” Crystal smiled, smiling at the innocence of the sweet, but not very bright, girl.

“I’ll go get you a slice,” Kendra said.

Crystal watched her leave again and noticed the one lone customer was standing up to leave. She knew the window of opportunity was about to open, and she had no idea for how long.

Kendra accepted a generous tip from the older man and thanked him as he left. She selected the biggest piece of chocolate crème pie for the friendly woman and headed back to her lone customer. She placed the pie in front of the pretty customer and asked, “Can I get you anything else, ma’am?”

“Can you sit with me?” Crystal asked.

“Um,” Kendra said, looking around and seeing the entire diner empty. “I guess, until any customers come in.”

The prey sat down across from Crystal as Crystal inquired, “Is it always this dead?”

“Until the bars close,” Kendra nodded. “And then it gets crazy sometimes. Cassandra will be here at one to start her shift for the Friday bar rush.”

That news accelerated the timeline for Crystal’s seduction. She slipped out of her heels, placed them onto the bench beside the waitress and said, “God, my feet are killing me. Heels all night are not my thing.”

Kendra nodded, looking at the black woman’s feet, her red painted toenails perfectly manicured, “Yeah, tell me about it.”

Crystal nodded, “I can’t believe you wear five inch heels for an eight hour shift.”

“It gets me better tips,” Kendra revealed.

“I bet it does,” Crystal nodded, as she took a bite of pie. “I imagine your big breasts help too.”

Kendra giggled, “They definitely help pay the rent.”

“Are your feet sore?” Crystal asked.

“A little,” Kendra admitted, thankful to be off her feet for a couple of minutes.

“Let me give you a foot massage,” Crystal offered.

“Really?” Kendra asked surprised, as she again looked behind her at the empty diner. The only person in the diner, besides the two of them, was Phil the cook… and he never left the kitchen ever… not ever.

“Sure,” Crystal nodded. “Maybe we can do each other a favour. I can massage your feet and you can massage mine.”

Somehow this made sense to Kendra, who shrugged, as she blew a bubble with her gum, “Sure, why not.”

Seconds later, both women were massaging each other’s stocking-clad feet. Crystal asked, “So who’s in the back?”

“Just Phil,” Kendra answered, surprised by how soft the woman’s nylons were, much silkier than her cheap drugstore hosiery. She looked and felt the stockings more closely. These were silk! More expensive than any nylons, but they felt heavenly. She wished she could afford something like these.

“And does ‘Just Phil’ come out front much?” Crystal asked, the final phase of her plan about to begin.

“Never,” Kendra laughed, massaging the black woman’s foot, while enjoying the soothing massage that she was receiving.

“Never, ever?” Crystal questioned.

“Nope,” Kendra said. “He literally hates everyone.”

“Well, just so long as he’s an equal hater of all people,” Crystal joked.

“That he is,” Kendra laughed back.

“So how does a pretty girl like you end up working a dead Friday night shift?” Crystal asked, buttering her up.

“I moved out at sixteen,” Kendra answered, having dropped out of school in her sophomore year.

“How old are you now?” Crystal asked, wanting to make sure she was legal.

“Eighteen, a couple of months ago,” Kendra answered.

“Live alone?” Crystal asked.




“Girlfriend?” Crystal inquired, wanting to make sure she was straight so she would qualify as a turn.

“Oh, no, I’m straight,” Kendra laughed, suddenly wondering if this pretty black woman was actually hitting on her.

“Ever considered being with a woman?” Crystal asked, opening the window a bit wider.

Kendra’s face went red. Truth be told, after yet another disastrous relationship with a verbally abusive asshole, she had recently joked to her friends that it may be time to become a lesbian. She had been joking, but suddenly that curiosity, which had laid dormant for a while, was burning. Was this black woman hitting on her? She answered, opening the door to her curiosity, “I’d be lying if I said no.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find you incredibly cute,” Crystal pendik escort replied, opening the window even more.

Kendra blushed as her deduction that she may be getting hit on was confirmed. “Thank you, ma’am. You are very beautiful.”

“Beautiful?” Crystal asked. “That’s a rather evocative word. Do you really think so?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kendra nodded, her panties getting wet.

“So you said you love chocolate pie,” Crystal said, giving the girl’s feet a firm squeeze of intent.

Kendra thought it was strange that the topic had just changed from flirting to pie, but nodded, with a slight moan from a sudden sensuous pressure on both her feet, “Yes, it’s absolutely delicious.”

Crystal moved one hand to her fork and took another bite. She nodded with just the slightest calculated moan, “Chocolate pie is utterly heavenly.”

The moan turned Kendra on even more for some reason. As she watched the black woman eat the pie she couldn’t help but find the sight sexual, even though that made little sense. It was just pie, a fork and a mouth. Oh. Those generous lips suddenly looked very sexual.

Crystal dropped her fork under the table, ‘accidentally’ and requested, “Oops, can you please get that?”

“Of course, ma’am,” Kendra nodded, letting go of the silk stockinged feet and getting onto her knees. As she peered under the table, she noticed that the black woman had moved her feet back to the floor.

The fork was against the wall and Kendra had to crawl all the way under the table to get to it. As she did, Crystal asked, “Can you see it?”

“Yes, ma’am?” Kendra replied, now completely under the table.

“While you’re down there, can you do one more thing?” Crystal asked, parting her silky legs wide.

Kendra had the fork in hand and turned towards the black woman just in time to see her spread her legs open. Although it was darker under the table, she found that she was suddenly staring at a completely shaved pussy, the pink lips standing out. She stammered, even though she was pretty sure what the bold black woman was about to ask, “W-w-what else can I do for you?”

“Actually, it’s what I can do for you,” Crystal smiled to herself.

“Ma’am, I don’t understand,” Kendra said, still staring at the pink lips surrounded by the black perfection of smooth, ebony skin.

“You told me you love chocolate pie,” Crystal said, moving her left hand to her pussy and spreading her lips for the girl, who by this time must have her eyes wide open. “I figured maybe you would like the opportunity to enjoy the taste of some unadulterated home grown chocolate pie.”

“Ma’am,” Kendra gasped, shocked by the woman’s words, even though this was exactly what she had thought the seductive black woman was going to offer. “I have to get back to work.”

“Consider this your snack break,” Crystal responded, opening her legs wider. She then added, “Now come and have your chocolate pie.”

Kendra asked, even though she knew there wasn’t since a bell would have rung, “Is there anyone else in the diner?”

“No, my dear,” Crystal answered. “It’s just you and I. Now come and get it.”

Kendra hadn’t broken eye contact with the enticing pussy the entire time, except to watch the fingers that were now slowly parting those pussy lips. And even though she knew it was wrong, knew she could get fired for it, she crawled between the black woman’s silk-clad legs and stared at the pussy.

“Go ahead, my dear, we both know you want to taste my homemade chocolate pie,” Crystal purred, moving her finger gently against the girl’s lips.

Kendra mindlessly opened her mouth and tasted the pussy juice coating the woman’s finger. Her eyes went big instantly at the interesting taste.

Crystal briefly finger fucked the girl’s mouth, before pulling out and adding, “Now lick your chocolate frosting directly from the source, my dear.”

This time Kendra didn’t hesitate, suddenly completely consumed with forbidden lust. She buried her face in the pink pussy, wanting very much indeed to taste it directly from the source.

Crystal moaned as turn number two became official and she now was tied with Veronica and Jasmine for first. She also just leaned back and enjoyed the young girl licking her, as she finished the chocolate pie on the table, licking it off her chocolate fingers.

Kendra licked hungrily, partly because she was in a state of complete insatiable lust, partly because she was in a hurry to get the full flood of pussy juice into her mouth, and partly because she knew time was of the essence. Cassandra would be here in half an hour, give or take, and a customer could walk through that door any moment. Yet the idea that she might get caught only added an extra kick to the wild moment, as her panties dampened with the exhilaration of the kinkiness she was currently performing

“Oh yes, eat that chocolate pie,” Crystal moaned.

“So good,” Kendra moaned back, the fingers from her left hand going under her skirt and poking against her fevered bostancı escort pussy.

“You definitely do love chocolate pie,” Crystal teased, as she sucked her last bite off of three fingers.

“I can’t get enough,” Kendra repeated, finally catching on to the naughty innuendo that the wicked black seductress had likely been using throughout their entire discussion.

“There is nothing in the world like homemade chocolate pie,” Crystal drawled, knowing that a black woman’s pussy usually had more of a piquant taste compared to a white woman’s.

“This is the best chocolate pie I’ve ever tasted,” Kendra responded, getting even more turned on by the naughty talk that was enhancing the naughty act. She had occasionally masturbated at work before… usually when by herself, in the bathroom while on break. But never like this, with a customer in the dining room! Her orgasm was growing quickly as she continued lapping the sweet pussy. Suddenly her former joke of going lez was no longer a joke. Did all pussies taste this good? If so, she may never suck a cock or fuck a guy again. Although she did love getting fucked, she didn’t really enjoy sucking dick, hated getting cum all over her or swallowing it… even worse… and she had never met a guy who could get her off with his tongue. And women were easier to get along with! She suddenly wondered if this lovely black woman ate pussy. She hoped so.

“Oh yes, you’re about to get the crème for the chocolate pie,” Crystal moaned, as the girl’s tongue was really doing a number on her.

“Please give me your crème, ma’am,” Kendra responded, dying to taste her first full flood of pussy juice, to be baptized as a lesbian per se… or at least as a lesbian for black pussy.

Crystal reached down, grabbed the back of the girl’s head, and began grinding her pussy up and down on her face just as an older couple walked in.

Kendra heard the bell and her eyes went wide with worry, and she moved her hand away from her own fevered pussy, but could not do anything with her mouth except continue to serve this captivating black woman who was grinding her pussy and wetness all over Kendra’s face. Kendra licked as fast as she could, assuming an orgasm was close.

Crystal watched the couple walk towards her, and sit a of couple seats in front of her, thankfully out of sight, as she bit her lip not to alert them that she was coming.

Kendra suddenly felt her face sprayed with wetness and she lapped up the strong tasting and abundant pussy juice, which was even tastier than she had imagined.

Crystal let go of the girl’s head once the intensity of her orgasm had passed and whispered, “Relax, they can’t see you.”

Kendra quickly backed out from underneath the table, and crawled towards the bathroom. She crawled all the way into the bathroom, before she dared to stand up and look in the mirror. Her makeup was a mess. She looked like she had just been fucked. Smelled like it too. She quickly washed up as best she could before heading back out to see the black woman placidly sipping her coffee and an older couple sitting patiently.

Kendra went to the couple and greeted, “I hope you have not been waiting long.”

“No, no, we just got here,” the woman smiled.

Kendra took their drink orders and went and got them, her pussy still on fire.

Crystal could have left now, the turn was accomplished, but she wanted to taste the sweet girl. She wanted to show her how well a knowledgeable woman could please her. She figured she would wait for the other employee to arrive and then invite the likely very horny waitress out to her SUV.

Kendra brought coffee to the older couple, took their food orders, and then returned to the black woman and asked, “Will there be anything else, ma’am?”

Crystal said, “I wouldn’t mine some cherry pie.”

Kendra went beet red again, this time alert for the woman’s innuendos.

“Ma’am, we are out,” Kendra answered.

“I bet you can go out and find some on your break when your colleague shows up.”

Kendra looked around the room helplessly, gesturing vaguely.

“I wasn’t making a request,” Crystal clarified. “I am not leaving until I get some cherry pie. Some homemade fresh cherry pie. Is the cherry pie fresh right now?”

Kendra gasped, her pussy getting even damper in her panties, suddenly grinning wickedly at the gorgeous black woman as she made her decision. “Yes ma’am, this cherry pie will be the freshest, juiciest pie you’ve ever tasted.”

“Good to hear,” Crystal nodded. “I’ll savour the wait until it is completely ready. Anticipation can be very stimulating, you know.”

“Yes, ma’am, I know exactly what you mean,” Kendra nodded, completely on board, before walking away flustered and horny, the cherry pie definitely baking in her oven this very moment.

Twenty minutes later, with a quartet of teen girls now also at a table, Cassandra arrived.

Crystal finished her second cup of coffee, left a very generous tip, five times larger than the bill, and walked out of the diner and to her SUV. She moved the SUV to the side of the diner where it was relatively secluded.

Kendra watched her leave and, after serving the two tables, asked Cassandra, “Can you start early? I really need to make a phone call.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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