Crazy Times Pt. 03: Week 13

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I am experiencing writers’ block. It was partly due to being distracted and partly due to the demands of my lover. Sure, the hedonistic lifestyle had its’ perks. I was having incredible sex on a regular basis, had a great tan and was without a doubt in awesome shape but I was struggling with my own goals. To make it worse, Laurie had the housekeeper working in the nude. She was on her way to the titillating lifestyle she desired most, stimulation around every corner, as she described it. On the upside of things, I had a new Challenger that was in my name, was making money as a part-time writer and honing my craft.

To find a way to explore my chosen career as a writer, to be able to afford to live and hone my craft without working a hundred hours a week, I had made a deal with the devil was a way of putting my situation mildly. Laurie, a woman I thought a lot of, had proven to be twisted and demanding. I had not been able to leave the house without her permission for several months, relegated to just doing research online most of the time. I was not seeing the world, the way my lit professor recommended and the details I was describing felt more made up than real.

Labor Day was fast approaching and I wanted very much to travel to Lawrence, a small town in Kansas. It was for a research trip, looking into a piece of local folklore. Therefore, I waited until Laurie got home for the day, meeting her with a hug and her customary slap of my ass. I already decided to wait until dinner before bringing up the trip. From home, this would be a one day journey, long enough to do a couple of interviews and take photo’s. I half expected that when I announced the need for a fact-finding trip, Laurie would insist on coming along. Therefore, I planned to ask if I could get away during the middle of the week, leaving on Tuesday and returning late Wednesday.

I decided to grill her favorite dish, lemon zest salmon. I made two baked potatoes smothered in sour cream and butter sauce. I opened up a nice bottle of red wine, Laurie’s favorite and everything looked incredible. As I waited for her to join me on the deck, where I had dinner planned, I got rid of the apron she allowed me to wear while cooking and checked myself. I rubbed my chest and abs with sunscreen, giving a shine to my skin and exaggerating the definition in my abdominals and chest. I looked like I was about to perform in a body building competition.

Laurie came out onto the deck, looking as spectacular as ever, appearing comfortable in just her black lace thong, her heavy thirty-six d-cup tits enjoying the late hanging sun. It was just after seven o’clock. The sun was still up in the west and her skin shined beneath the warm light of the warm summer evening.

“Dinner looks incredible, baby,” she told me. “It always does.”

I was growing more accustomed to cooking. I even enjoyed it, other than the occasional grease splatter hitting my arm or leg.

I thought to myself, I need to go on a research trip. Yeah, that sounded good. I would put it that way. I waited until half way through dinner. We were both relaxing and enjoying the bottle of wine I opened. As good as the food was we were half way through the bottle of wine already. I could tell she was in a good mood when Laurie started playing with her fork, treating it like a lollipop.

“So, honey, I need to run something by you,” I told her.

Laurie ümraniye escort smiled at me as if she was excited I might have something in mind for the two of us. I actually crossed my fingers under the table. The research I was doing for my book was going nowhere from my desk at home. There was only so much that could be seen from the earth mapping system. I needed to be doing some field research.

“I want to take a trip to Lawrence. There’s a cemetery site that is pivotal to the research and I need to get photos and actually survey the site first hand,” I explained.

There, I had said everything I needed to say. Now, I sat and waited for her to take in the information and respond. She looked across the table at me, her eyes telling me that she was considering my request. I knew, on some level, she supported my endeavors and wanted me to be successful but at the same time, Laurie had not kept it a secret that once I was a successful writer I would have less of a need for our little arrangement.

“Sure, when do you plan on going?” she asked.

“Two weeks from Tuesday.”

“Just you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think I could drive over on Tuesday and be back on Thursday. It should be just one full day there. Most of the time will be on the road,” I explained.

“Great,” Laurie commented. “Then you’ll be here for Labor Day.”

“Yes…” I said, wondering suddenly what she had planned.

Laurie stripped off her shirt and thong, before prancing over to the pool and diving into the warm, soothing water. I took that as a hint and jumped in right behind her. Laurie swam back toward me, playfully wiggling around in the water. She reached out, grabbing a hold of my already stiffening cock. Kissing me on the mouth, stroking my tool, she worked me up easily and I reached around her, grabbing her by the ass and lifting her up against me. I slid in, feeling the silky feel of her as my cock disappeared inside Laurie. We made love like this, frequently during the summer months.

After bouncing her up and down on my manhood, the water splashing around us, I could feel her tightening around me. Her orgasm came at the same time mine did, our bodies still pressed together as my knees buckled, causing us both to fall into the water. We both popped our heads up, hysterically laughing about the whole thing. Laurie put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me lovingly as I moved us to the side of the pool. This was one of those times that I look back on fondly, remembering that beyond the anal-retentive demands of her live in contract and her control issues, we were in love. Yet, I realize that with everything there is an equal reaction. I wanted to go to Lawrence, but it was going to come with a price.

Labor Day was coming up and the following Sunday, as she told me later, she wanted to have a barbecue. I wore jeans and a tee shirt to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon. We picked up fifteen pounds of ground beef for burgers, two dozen brats, five bags of chips and five cases of beers and assorted mixed drinks. I realized on Saturday that I was getting overly comfortable with her taking the lead on everything from how our shared home ran to what I was allowed to wear. It didn’t dawn on me until the next morning, what was she going to let me wear?

“Hun, about the barbeque, what is on the agenda?”

“Food for the guests, pendik escort everybody can hang out in the sun, listen to music, hit the pool,” she told me. “You’ve been to barbeques before, right?”

“I have…not this year but I have,” I said. “So, what are you going to let me wear?”

I was looking through my drawers when she hugged me from behind. Feeling her arms around my waist told me I was in for trouble. She was entirely too reassuring.

“I figured that while you ran the grill you’d probably wear an apron. I suppose a pair of sandals, if you think you need them,” she told me.

“Um, not to state the obvious, but with our arrangement, a barbeque is not without…” I said as she cut me off.

“Don’t worry, everyone that I invited knows that you don’t wear clothes at home. They’ve all been warned about what to expect.”

“Thanks,” I said, realizing that she had not done me any real favors. As much as I loved the woman, her sense of humor left a lot to be desired. Overall, Laurie got her kicks putting me in awkward situations as much as she did sexier situations. She seemed to get a thrill from putting me in awkward predicaments.

At four o’clock, I was on the deck, wearing just my favorite sandals and an apron. Laurie was ever so generous as to pick it out. Most of you would say what a bitch, but I just rolled my eyes as I expected something of this nature. It was a white apron with frilled lace around it. So, I was cooking on the grill, a frilly apron on to protect my goodies and my ass out for everyone to see. I had fifteen pounds of ground beef to cook. I had a little time to work with before I would be running around nude in front of an unknown list of guests.

It was almost five when Laurie came out. She was wearing a white tee shirt that clung to her tight little frame. She looked hot in it, her perky tits profoundly sticking out, and her nipples visibly protruding. She wore a tight and very short fitting pair of daisy dukes. They were sown together on the sides, showing that she wore no panties. Against what I would have liked to see happen, my cock jumped just watching her.

I was ten pounds of ground beef into preparing the burgers. I had two dozen brats warming in a warming pan. There were two cooler buckets with iced beers, wine coolers and bottled cocktails. I had four things of chips laid out and a large bowl of coleslaw and potato salad. As I prepped for guests, wondering still who she had invited, Laurie came around behind me and slapped my ass.

“Better put a little sunscreen on those buns. I’d hate to see them burnt,” she laughed.

Laurie walked over and took the first two warmers inside. I asked why and she announced I had just cooked for my Labor Day work party as well as ours tonight. I am putting these into the cooler until tomorrow. I will warm them up in the oven before taking them to work.

It made me feel a little more relaxed. This would dramatically decrease the number of guests that I could expect to have to greet. She told me once the last of the burgers were done I was done cooking for the night. I had forty patties ready. So, anywhere from fifteen to twenty people at the most, was what I could expect.

I had the burgers nearly done when the first of her guests showed up. Jamie and Brenda from the office were there early, already down to just their swimsuits and from the bostancı escort sounds of their voices half in the bag. Marsha and her thirty-year old niece Cherie were next. Both of them were attractive brunettes. Cherie wasted little time going over to the pool to enjoy the sundeck while Marsha stopped to chat, eyeballing me up and down. She commented on how she was wrong to doubt Laurie’s ability to get a man to do whatever she wanted. Laurie told her to come by some time during the week and meet the housekeeper.

“It’s fun to watch by boy squirm when she is fluttering around in the nude, cleaning the house.”

Her cousin Bill came by next. He wasn’t a party guy but if there was free food involved he was there.

“So this is mostly a work thing?” I asked.

“No, just friends and family,” she said, leaving me to hope she was talking about Bill.

The cooking was officially done and I turned off the grill. I was standing there talking to the girls, who were especially attentive. Laurie stood right next to me, like a proud peacock, only showing me off as her feathers. As I relented to her rule, taking off the apron I luckily had for the cooking portion of my night, she leaned up and whispered in my ear.


When the next guest arrived my stomach tied itself in knots. I looked at her, disapprovingly. How could she think this was acceptable.

“Look, honey, your mother’s here,” she grinned an evil smile at me.

“Not cool,” I told Laurie.

Laughing, she took me by the hand, digging her nails slightly into the palm. She was guiding me over to where my mother was walking onto the deck. God, this was out of control. I was sure my mother was going to freak out. How could she not?

“Penny, thanks for coming,” Laurie exclaimed. “I wasn’t sure if you would after telling you about Brian’s new lifestyle.”

“Well, I’ve got to admit, until I got here I thought for sure you were kidding,” my mother told her, still looking up and down at me with a quizzical look.

“Well, we’re glad you came,” Laurie smiled. “Aren’t we honey?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I’m glad you could make it.”

Laurie leaned up against me, on her tiptoes, whispering into my ear, as she ran her hand down my backside. She told me that I did not seem very happy to see her.

“Show her you mean it, give your mother a hug,” Laurie whispered.

“Yeah, give mother a hug,” my mother laughed as the two seemed to bond over my humiliation.

I didn’t care that much that her friends all were able to ogle, laugh or just generally peep on me but this was never something I imagined. Most people might think that it was right there that ended our time together, but Laurie was not going to break me that easily. I gingerly stepped towards my mother, with all the partygoers looking on, practically running bets on whether I would chicken out or not. I put my arms around her and hugged her, a slight bend at my waist. We were all adults but the idea of my manhood touching my mother was off-putting and weird.

“Very good,” Laurie applauded. “I told you so.”

“Yeah, yeah, I owe you fifty bucks.”

“What!” I exclaimed. “What do you mean owe her fifty bucks?”

“Laurie told me this whole arrangement of yours. Then she bet me fifty bucks if I could find a way to see the humor in it, she could even get you to hug me. I bet against it,” my mother explained.

“You bitch,” I said, looking at Laurie.

“No, you’re my bitch, and you love every minute of it, don’t you baby,” she laughingly said right in front of my mother.

“She was right, I did love it. What was happening to me?”

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