The Student Teacher

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Big Tits

I’ve taken a two year sabbatical from Lit, but have a few new story ideas and a little extra time.

Thanks to Nstygrl for her help polishing and editing.

It’s good to be back. The Style Guy


Uncle Dave is the black sheep of our family. He’s in his mid-40s, good looking, but unemployed and a lazy drunk. It surprises me when he attends family functions with very attractive women.

I fondly remember the only good advice Dave ever offered me. It was at my high school graduation party in my parent’s back yard. Dave caught me ogling the tits of his latest bimbo. And, to be fair, she wasn’t a bimbo. She was a chemistry professor at a local university.

Her name was Stacy. I’d guess she was 35. Stacy was dressed in a cobalt blue sun dress, wedge sandals and not much else. Her large firm breasts and ample cleavage caught and kept my attention.

I was embarrassed when Dave caught me staring and was relieved when he smirked. He jerked his head and I followed him over to the make-shift bar. As he opened a couple of Coors Light’s and handed me one, he asked, “Ever wonder how a loser like me, gets pussy like that?” He nodded in Stacy’s direction as he said the last part.

I half-laughed and answered, “Yeah, Uncle Dave. I think everybody would like to know.”

Dave held back a snort, nodded and said, “Learn to eat pussy better than anyone else.”

I watched Dave for a few moments waiting for more and finally questioned, “That’s it?”

Laughing again, Dave continued, “I haven’t had a job in seven years, yet I have stunning girlfriends. They let me stay at their homes and drive their cars. We go on Island vacations, eat at great restaurants and drink the best wines. And, it’s all because I lick pussy better than anyone else.”

As I processed his advice, Dave finished, “With your good looks, athletic build, intelligence and drive, I know you’ll succeed in anything you try. If you learn to eat pussy too, you’ll be a quick success. Just find one girl. Lick her twat till she can’t take anymore and then eat her some more. She’ll be yours, to do whatever you want. And as an added bonus, she’ll tell her friends.”

Dave slapped my shoulder, “I’m telling you. Learn to eat pussy and you’ll have a great life, doing whatever you choose.”

Present Day

I chose to go into education and this Friday ended my first week of student teaching. My initial plans were to head back to campus and celebrate a successful first week, but I received another offer, one that I initially refused.

“Hey Chris, want to come to our Poetry Club meeting?”

My first thought is that I’m assisting with a before school martial arts club for teachers and students, and that was enough. My second thought was “Poetry Club,” fuck no!

Jim Willard, my advisor, laughed at the expression on my face. Before I could answer, he explained, “We meet for Happy Hour, every Friday after school. We call it our Poetry Club meeting, in case a student hears us.”

As it was the start of the school year, the Poetry Club meeting was well attended. Fifty or so teachers, administrators and staff chatted about their summer exploits as they drank one dollar draft beers and other happy hour specials.

The faculty was welcoming to me, but much more interested in catching-up with their colleagues. I took the opportunity to mingle.

I reintroduced myself to Maggie Wilson. Maggie is a school guidance counselor. We had met my first day, when she was assigned to explain the workings of her department to the three new student teachers.

Maggie was an attractive woman and in her mid-30’s. She was taller than average, with a full curvy figure, short dark hair, piercing eyes and a wide smile. Two rows of gleaming white teeth were framed by full and pouty lips.

Maggie was chatting with Lori Spenser, the school nurse and Bev Littleton, a secretary. After introducing me to both women, they included me in their conversation. The trio quizzed me about life in college, girlfriends, and my first week in the school and other mundane topics.

When Bev excused herself, to use the ladies room, I helped ease her bar stool away from the bar. She smiled, winked and thanked me, as she slid from the stool. Bev had a cute, athletic figure. My practiced eye gauged her to be a size six, with nice legs and a heart shaped bottom. I watched her ass sway as she walked through the bar to the bathroom.

As I brought my attention back to the women, I was met with two conspiratorial smiles.

“Nice ass, for an old lady,” Lori teased.

I wanted to agree, whole-heartedly, but instead answered, “Bev isn’t old.”

“She’s got you by fifteen years, Chris. Besides, you didn’t answer the question. She’s got a nice butt, doesn’t she?

Feeling myself begin to blush, I admitted, “She has a very nice figure.”

Both women laughed. We knew I hadn’t completely answered the question, but they seemed willing to give me a pass.

“Bev’s divorce came through, three weeks ago. She’s still a little down-in-the-dump,” said Maggie.

“Hopefully görükle escort the start of the school year will keep her busy and active,” Lori added.

Not knowing what to say, I just nodded and sipped my beer.

Maggie turned in her stool and looked toward the restrooms, then turned back and said, “Guess what Bev’s plans are tonight?”

Before I could think up a snappy answer, Lori slapped Maggie’s arm and hissed, “Quiet! You can’t tell him that.”

As both women laughed, Maggie asked, “Why not? We might be doing her a favor.”

Lori gave me a long hard look, from head to toe and started giggling again. She turned to check for Bev’s return. “She would kill us,” Lori observed.

Both were giggling nervously, when Maggie blurted, “He’s a college senior, so I doubt he’s a virgin.” Both women howled in laughter.

Together, they twisted and glanced toward the bathroom. The coast was still clear. The women looked at each other, giggled again and Lori said, “She planning on getting layed tonight.”

With the flood gates open, information poured from the women.

“She hasn’t had sex since she was separated,” said Maggie.

“It’s been over nine months,” continued Lori.

I felt like I was at a tennis match, as my head swiveled back and forth between the two.

“She’s only been with her ex, for the last twelve years.”

“They had great sex, all the time, but he cheated on her and bragged about it. He’s a fool and an asshole!”

“They made love four times a week for their entire marriage and now, she’s had a nine month dry spell.

“Nothing but her toys.”

Suddenly, as if out of breath, Maggie and Lori stopped. I noticed that Bev had left the ladies room and had stopped to say good night to a group from our Poetry Club, who was leaving.

The women followed my gaze and knew we only had a few moments until Bev’s return. They gave each other knowing smiles. Lori called to the bartender and ordered a refill for Bev and me.

Bev returned as the fresh drinks were put in front of us. As Bev maneuvered into her bar stool, Lori and Maggie wiggled out of there’s.

“Chuck is on his way home from work. He’s picking up the kids and I’m meeting them at Ming Palace for dinner. I need to run,” said Lori as she picked up her purse.

“I’m meeting Mike at home, and then we’re going to Heathers soccer match,” was Maggie’s excuse.

“We bought you a celebratory round,” was Maggie’s parting comment as the women headed to the front door.

Bev smiled but looked conflicted. We reached for our beers and toasted.

“What are you celebrating?” I asked.

Bev stuttered before answering, “I guess the finish of the first week of school.” I noticed a slight blush around Bev’s open collar.

Bev was easy to talk too. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry. When our beers were almost empty, I caught the bartender’s eye and circled my finger, for another round.

“You don’t mind?”

Bev gave me a nice smile. “I’m having a nice time. Thanks.”

As the beers arrived, I asked, “Are you hungry?”

She considered me for a second and I continued, “I’m starved. Would you like to grab a quick dinner? We could sit here.”

“You don’t mind having dinner with an old woman like me?”

I smiled and answered, “That’s the second time you have been referred too as old. You’re not old.”

Bev gave me an appreciative smile and asked, “Who else called me old?”

Trying to dismiss her question, I said, “I can’t tell you Bev. I’d have to explain the context and you might get mad.”

“Fess-up college boy or I’ll send you to the Principle’s office on Monday.”

I raised my hands in mock surrender. “When you walked to the ladies room, your girlfriends caught me staring at your butt. Lori’s comment was, ‘nice ass for an old woman.'”

Bev considered my confession for a moment. We were looking into each others eyes and I could see . . . something.

With a shy confidence, she asked, “And what did you say?”

Lying, I said, “Not nice, smoking hot.”

That’s when I knew what I saw in Bev’s eyes. It was a spark . . . that was slowly turning ‘smoking hot.’

Bev turned to the bartender and called out, “Two menus please.”

We shared appetizers, had sandwiches and two more rounds of beers. Bev turned playful and flirted. She touched my hand, arm and shoulder as we talked, which caused a growing sexual tension.

“Thanks for suggesting dinner. You gave an old lady an ego boost.”

Her bright smile turned into a 1000 watt glare, when I responded, “Not old. Smoking Hot. Remember?”

She considered me for a moment before admitting, “I lied to you before.”

I was surprised and asked, “When?”

“The celebratory drinks weren’t for the first week of school. We were celebrating my divorce.”

“I’m not sure if I should say, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Congratulations’?”

I picked up my almost-empty glass and raised it in a toast. “Congratulations?”

She clinked her glass against bursa escort bayan mine and nodded.

“If I have another beer, I don’t think I’ll be able to drive,” admitted Bev. She continued, “But, I don’t want the night to end.” Again, she smiled.

I was going to offer Bev the option of letting me drive her home later or getting a taxi, when she said, “Would you like to follow me home now? I have some beer in the refrigerator.”

Answering her, I said, “I’d like that. I’d like it a lot.”

When I saw a flash of doubt in her eye, I leaned in and added, “Bev, you need to know that I’m very attracted to you.”

All doubt instantly vanished and was replaced by a roaring fire. I called for the check, which Bev insisted on paying. Together we walked out the front door. When we were away from the prying eyes of our few remaining colleagues, Bev slid her arm through mine, as we walked through the parking lot. It felt nice feeling her body next to mine.

We reached her sporty Miada first. “My car is around the corner. I’ll be back in a second.”

I quickly reached my old beat-up Honda, crossed my fingers that it would start, backed up and pulled behind Bev. As she waved in recognition, I thought, “I hope this isn’t the only time I’m in tight and behind her!”

It was a ten minute drive to Bev’s condo. In the parking lot, she pointed to the designated “guest parking area,” then pulled ahead to her assigned spot. We got out of our cars at the same time and Bev walked in my direction.

I was leaning against the trunk of my car as she passed and said, “It’s this way.”

When I didn’t move, she turned and stared before asking, “Are you having second thoughts?”

I smiled, shook my head and wagged my finger at her.

Taking two steps back to me she asked, “What?”

“Closer,” I said.

Bev was smiling as she moved within two feet of me.

I reached out and slid one finger between two buttons of her blouse and gently pulled her closer.

When she was pressed against me, I leaned in and kissed her hungry mouth. Our lips pressed together and our mouths opened, as our tongues tasted each other. Bev’s arms ringed my neck and my hands tightly held her hips.

Bev let a muffled, “EERRRRgggghhhh,” escape as our kiss escalated. Her arms tightened and my hands slipped from her hips to the globes of her ass. I pulled her tight against me and she whimpered and ground her pussy against my hard cock.

As I squeezed each ass cheek, she huffed, “You like my assss. Don’t youuuu??

I let go with my right hand, reached back and swatted her cheek. As the ass-slap sounded, Bev groaned again. “I love your ass, baby. It’s going to get a lot of attention tonight.”

She groaned, “OOOhhhh Godddd. Yesssss!!!”

Bev let go of my neck with her right hand and slid it to my crotch. After cupping my balls, she ran her finger tips along my stiff rod to my cock head. “Jesus,” was her response, as she used her fingers to gauge my length and thickness.

She stepped back to give herself more room and was watching her fingers as she measured me. When she looked up, her smile was huge. “I love big dicks. And yours is fucking huge.” Bev lifted up on her tip-toes, kissed my lips, grabbed my hand and half dragged me to her condo.

Once inside the small neat condo, Bev turned to flick the deadbolt and chain lock. As she slid the chain into place, I pressed against her, pushed her shoulder length blond hair to the side and kissed her neck. Bev shivered and tried to turn to me.

I gripped her hips, pushed my rock hard log against her bum and continued to kiss and lick her neck and ear.

“Take me to . . .,” Bev started.

“We’ll go to the bedroom soon,” I told her as I lightly bit and tugged her ear lobe.

As Bev sighed and ground her ass into my cock, I reached around and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. I pulled it off her arms and over her shoulders and let it drop while kissing and licking her from shoulder to shoulder.

“Your mouth feels so . . . so . . . good.”

I smiled, kissed lower and was rewarded with a shiver and groan. When I reached her bra strap I opened it with a flick of my wrist and let it hang open. As I continued my oral trail down her back, I had to sink to my knees.

In a husky voice Bev asked, “Please take me to bed.”

I was kissing along the waist line of her high-waisted tan slacks. Instead of answering, I kissed the small of her back and reached around, unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned and unzipped her pants.

When I gave her slacks a tug, they easily slipped over her hips and pooled at her ankles. I was eye level with a cute athletic ass, covered with a small red silk g-string. The panty crisscrossed her ass cheek.

Goosebumps formed on each globe as I traced my tongue along the edge of the fabric.

“Your mouth feels so good!” Bev panted.

“I can smell you, Bev.”

“I’m so fucking wet!”

I bunched up the fabric of her panties, wedged it into her ass crack and continued to lick and bursa escort kiss her ass. After I had left a trail across each cheek, started down the backs of Bev’s legs, alternating back and forth. She let out an urgent groan, when I kissed the back of each knee.

“You are doing thingssssss to meeeee . . .,” Bev moaned.

I smiled to myself, reached up and palmed each cheek. I pulled them apart, massaged and kneaded them.

“Oh, god. My ass is on fire!”

“Your bottom likes a lot of action, doesn’t it Bev?”

She hesitated, before admitting, “Yes . . . God . . . Yes.

Hooking a finger into each side of her panties, I pulled it down until it joined her slacks around her ankles. Reaching down, I pulled her heals, pants, and g-string off. Before I could tell her to, Bev leaned against the door and spread her legs. Using my hands I spread her cheeks wide. I could see the bottom of her wet pink pussy and the brown crinkle of her asshole. She looked clean and smelled delicious.

I heard an in-take of breath, as I ran my tongue along the crack of her ass.

“No one has everrrrr . . .”

Bev mewed, groaned, and sighed as I licked back and forth over her hole. I felt her reach a hand to her pussy and use her fingers to circle her clit.

“I’m gonna . . . I’m gonnaaa . . . I’m fuckin gonnaaaaa . . . cummmmmmmmm!”

As Bev exploded, I held her ass cheeks and licked her until she settled. When she slumped against the door I stood, turned her around and held her tightly. She regained some composure and looked up.

“Will you kiss the mouth that just ate your ass?” I asked.

The naked women circled my neck with her arms and aggressively pushed her lips against mine and jammed her tongue into my mouth. Without breaking the kiss, I reached down and lifted Bev, cradling behind her back with one hand and behind her knees with the other.

Her condo was small and I easily found her bedroom while continuing our kiss. I laid Bev along the edge of the bed, broke the kiss and stepped back. It took me less than a minute to take my clothes off and Bev watched me intently the entire time.

As I stepped to the side of the bed Bev pleaded, “Fuck me . . . just fuck me!”

Instead, I bent over, kissed her lips and trailed the kisses over her cheek and neck and to her breasts. Bev had cute B-cups topped with small pink nipples. I took my time and alternated back and forth between them. I licked, kissed, and sucked them as Bev gently groaned.

After giving her tits a nice workout I kissed my way down her stomach. Bev kept her public hair trimmed in a short landing strip. As I nuzzled her pubes I turned her, so she was laying with her butt at the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of her, spread her thighs and licked from her asshole to her clit.

“OH . . . fuck . . . yesssss,” Bev hissed.

She grabbed my head with both hands and held me in place while I ate her pussy and licked her clit. Bev tasted incredible. A few minutes after I started she had a small cum. She’d have small orgasms every few minutes and finally begged, “Fuck me . . . I need you to fuck me now.”

When she let go of my hair, I locked my lips on her clit and slid two fingers into her tight overflowing cunt and started a hard deep finger fuck.

Her response was an immediate, “Oh Jesus . . . OH Jesus . . . OH JESUSSSSSS!”

Bev bucked her crotch into my face as I finger banged her. Her orgasm easily lasted a minute and when it was done I tenderly resumed licking her twat.

She pleaded, “No more . . . give me a rest,” so I licked even more gently and stayed away from her sensitive clit.

It took a few minutes for Bev to completely settle down and when she did, I increased the intensity of my oral assault. I tongue fucked Bev’s pussy and asshole and circled her clit. When she started to moan I pressed two fingers back into her pussy, and a few moments later I pushed one into her ass.

As soon as I attached my lips to her clit she exploded. Bev’s hips lifted off the mattress and she screamed, “I’m cummmmmmmmming!”

When this orgasm ended Bev aggressively pushed my head from between her dripping thighs and shimmed away from the edge toward the middle of the bed. I crawled in after her, lined my rock hard cock up to her pussy and eased it in.

“You’re fuckingggg killinggg meeeee!” But as soon as I bottomed out she begged, “Fuck me . . . just fuck meeeeee!”

Bev’s pussy walls were tight, but soaking wet and I was easily able to pump her hard. Her eyes were closed and her head shook from side to side. “Cuming . . . cuming . . . cuming againnnnnn!”

I was embarrassed to cum so quickly, but a few minutes later as Bev crested to another orgasm I said, “Grab my balls. I’m cuming too.”

Bev reached for my swinging sack and massaged my balls, as we exploded together. I pumped her full of cum and when my cock finally started to soften, I pulled from her gapping hole, rolled onto my back and pulled Bev to my side.

“That was fucking unbelievable. Where did you learn to have sex like that?”

I silently thanked Uncle Dave. I reached for Bev’s hand and guided it to my half hard cock.

She seemed content, lying next to me, with her head on my chest. My cock and pubic hair had an abundance of natural lube and Bev’s fist lazily stroked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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