Puppy Girl Aven Ch. 01

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Aven awoke in her lil doggie bed at the foot of her master’s king sized bed. She stretched with a yawn and looked about lazily. She debated on going back to sleep for another hour or so, but the smell of bacon was strong through the house. So instead she decided to go beg her master for a piece.

Down the steps she crawled and through the living room into the kitchen. Her master stood in front of the stove tending to a pan full of bacon strips. The table was set for two and already pancakes sat on a plate in the middle as well as a second plate of bacon. She thought this curious and whimpered up at her master.

He looked down at her and smiled. He walked over to the table and picked up a piece of bacon which he dropped to the floor. Aven scampered over on all fours and licked it up off the floor and chewed it up and swallowed, then looked at him again. He reached down and petted her head and smiled.

“Good girl,” he said, and went back to the stove.

She crawled over after him and sat near his feet staring up at him. He ignored her however, and continued to cook. Her tummy rumbled and she then decided to find her görükle escort doggie bowl for more of a breakfast. It was where it always was, in the corner of the kitchen sitting next to her water bowl.

She pushed her head into the dog food and ate it, and her master smiled as he heard her crunch down on the hard pieces. She had eaten half the bowl when she was finally full. She took a drink from the water before she crawled into the living room to take a nap.

She hadn’t been laying down for long when she heard the door bell ring. She lifted up her head and looked at the door until her master stole her focus. He came in and smiled at her, which told her it was someone she could be allowed to be seen by, and laid her head back down, keeping her eyes on the door.

Her master opened it and she heard the greeting female voice of a common visitor to their home. Ellen walked in and gave master a hug. Trailing behind her was her slave, Isabel. They came in and exchanged their pleasantries, except Isabel who stood silently behind her mistress with downcast eyes. Ellen was pretty, and so was Izzy. Both had bursa escort bayan brown hair and blue eyes except Izzy was much tinier than her mistress. Her master still stood tallest and Aven still stood smallest, especially since she was a puppy girl and on all fours constantly.

Master lead the two into the kitchen, and Aven got up and followed a few minutes later. Master and Ellen sat at the kitchen table, while Isabel kneeled at her mistress’ side on the floor. Ellen was of course regaling her master with one of her recent adventure stories and he was listening. His eyes were distracted however by the sight of his lil puppy girl entering the kitchen, and he smiled as he saw her.

Aven crawled beneath the table and laid down close to her master’s chair. She rested her chin on his shoe and listened in on the conversation, since she too liked Ellen’s tales.

From what Aven could tell from being beneath the table, it was a pleasant breakfast. The two had laughed a lot and Aven even got two pieces of bacon snuck to her from Ellen’s plate which she lapped happily from the floor. She even noticed a smile bursa escort from Izzy as she did so.

“Now John, as to the reason of our visit…” Ellen started.

Aven’s ears perked up at this, and she listened contently from beneath the table catching Izzy blush a bit.

“Isabel has confided in me,” Ellen continued, “That she envies the life that your lil slave girl lives.”

Aven smiled as she watched Isabel blush deeper.

“Is that so?” her master inquired.

“Yes, John” Ellen answered. “Apparently she wants to experience being a puppy herself. You know I don’t care much for training puppies, nor do I know anything about it to even do it if I cared to.”

Her master laughed at this and Aven sat up and laid her head on his lap. Her master reached his hand down and stroked her hair. She gently licked at his hand and then laid her head back down on his thigh and he continued to stroke her hair.

“So what exactly is your proposition Ellen?” Her master asked.

“I should think it quite obvious, John.” Ellen answered.

“You want me to give her a taste I take it.”


Master thought about this a minute, and then said, “Fine, shall we begin today?”

Ellen smiled and nodded, “I shall leave her here then, when a week is through I shall be back, and John, you have my permission to treat her just as you would your sweet Aven, in every way…”

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