The Hitcher

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The weather was too nice to be stuck on a motorway, but the weekend was over and despite the weather everyone has to go back to work. I’d been visiting my parents and that meant a 200-mile drive each way. But it was worth it as they live near the beach, which is where I spent most of my time “admiring” the view.

I sat in my car flicked the air-con on and waited for the cool air the make the inside of the car bearable. I’m not tall for a man about 5’8″, so my seat is quite close to the wheel. As such only the passengers’ vent is open; I don’t like fast jets of icy air blowing at me, and it can blow my long hair across my face while driving.

As I began to pull out of the services I noticed a woman by the road holding up a sign, as I approached I could see the name “Windsor” written neatly. That’s where I live, maybe I could help her out, have a bit of company in the car. Nice legs too.

I pulled up next to her and let the electric window wind itself down. All I could see was midriff, her dark blue one-piece disappeared under the top of the khaki combat shorts. She leant down and peered in. I looked out and a pair of brown eyes with an occasional deep wrinkle around them met my gaze, along with the laugh-lines I guessed she was in the early to mid forties compared to my 28. Her hair was short and spiky blonde, slight roots showed it wasn’t natural.

“I live in Windsor, I could take you all the way.” I tried to give a re-assuring smile. I was being genuine. She smiled, “I bet you could,” I felt myself blush a little at the inadvertent pun, “okay.”. She went to open the door. “Why not put you bag in the boot?” I said. “Good idea.”

When she sat next to me I got my first chance to have a good look at her. She had an inch on me in height with an athletic look. There was a darkened patch of sweat forming a “V” between her breasts which were probably a B or C cup. There was no support for them under her one-piece. It occurred to me, the one-piece, shorts and her sandals were the only clothes she had on. It took all of five minutes for the continuous blast of cold air to form two bullets in her top.

We moved out on to the motorway and set off. We spoke about the weather and what we had been up to on the weekend. Her name was Karen and I introduced myself s John. She was visiting her sister. She had thrown her husband out the month before and, “The bastard took the car”, in her words, so she was hitching.

“Why didn’t you take the train?” I asked, turning to face her looking down, then up. She was looking straight at me, my eyes rapidly returned to the road. “Who talks to a stranger on the train?” She replied. Her voice was warm and friendly.

We were passing junction 8/9, only a few more miles to go before our exit. I asked what her husband had done for her to throw him out. I was surprised to find it wasn’t an affair, quite the opposite. “Dead from the waist down” was repeated several times. She took marriage seriously, but the pressures had built up until she had had enough and threw him out. She hadn’t found anyone yet, that she fancied enough to break her vows with. I felt it was still some sort of barrier for her. Being Onwin a typical single male, I simply stated – “What does it matter who it is so long as they’re nice!?”. She smiled again, I felt myself warming to that smile.

At that point the conversation turned.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked. “No.” “Why not?” “Once bitten, twice shy.” “Oh, she played away then?” “Oh Yes!” I said bluntly with sarcasm and bitterness mixed in for good measure. “I’m sorry.” She put her hand on my thigh, I flinched and momentarily pressed the clutch down. “Er, sorry.” She blushed and removed her hand. “That’s okay.” My face would have reddened, but my blood was moving elsewhere. “How long ago?” “Two years ago.” “My god! She must have bitten hard.” “Only when I wanted here too.” I grinned.

She laughed, again the conversation changed. The car seemed to be getting hotter. I found out a lot about how a woman copes in a sexless marriage. She seemed to forget I was a male and talked freely as if we had been friends for years, I just listened.

A friend bought her a very special present one Christmas. If it wasn’t for the present, then hubby may have been kicked out years before. She slouched forward in her seat opening her legs, a subconscious move I couldn’t help noticing. She was looking out the car now talking about the times when her husband was down the pub with friends how she would relax and he would come back drunk climb into bed and complain about her post-shower wet hair.

“Junction 6. This is our exit. Where does your sister live? I could drive you to the door.” “Thank-you John, that would be nice.” She wasn’t talking straight to my face. She was looking down. I’d become so comfortable I’d forgot about my half erection. I didn’t think it was visible, but there was nothing I could do. I smiled at the thought she may be looking at it, I could feel it grow hindered by my the material of my jean pocket.

“Here, ” She handed me a piece of paper, “That’s her address.” “I don’t know it. I have an A-Z at home I could look it up.” This wasn’t a deliberate ploy, but I was thankful I didn’t know the address. “Okay.” She touched my thigh again, the pocket material was pushed aside by the growing pressure.

I pulled into the underground car park and put the car in my space popping the boot when I had stopped. Karen stepped out, and I sat there for a while waiting for my erection to subside before getting my bag. “It’s this way.” I said she seemed to be breathing deeply and gave me a long straight look.

I threw my bag on my bed and walked back out into the living room. Karen twisted to look at me then quite deliberately bent down away from me and began looking at my books.

“You’ve read all these.” “Yes.” It was small talk. The only thought in my mind was of her bent over the bookshelf with myself pressed deep in her from behind. But I was the host, and a little unsure. Two years makes you a little rusty. “Would you like a coffee?” She stood up and faced me. I was surprised to see her nipples were still hard in the warmth of the flat. “No.” She walked towards me, “I saw in the car.” “Sorry?” Half question, half apology. Onwin Giriş “No,” Her hand reached for my jeans, “it was flattering.” I just grunted feeling my erection spring back at her touch. She knelt before me and unzipped my jeans. I looked down and saw the tip disappear into her mouth. “Quick off the mark.” “Sorry, would you like me to stop.” I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed back in. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth licking just under my tip as she ushered me into her mouth eliciting another moan of pleasure. Her hand gently pumped the base, as her head bobbed, it was quite obvious that she wasn’t going to deep throat me, but I wasn’t going to let that bother me.

I cupped her head in my hands and ran them down her neck pushing her arms away from me so our only point of contact was within her mouth. She had her eyes closed as I gently pushed the straps of he one-piece off her shoulders. Her arms moved to take control and she liberated her breasts, pulling the material to her midriff. Her skin had a slight tight quality to it but her breasts were pert, mound like, more a B than a C then.

She ran her hands up under my T-shirt pulling it up with them. I took the hint and quickly pulled it off. I work out, but not overly so I’m toned but no Arnie. She scraped her nails down the front of my body leaving a trail of red lines. Her hand rested on the top of my jeans, I could feel her pulling at them. In no time I was stood naked, with her still at my crotch gently bobbing.

“This isn’t fair.” She looked up at me. “What?”

I placed my hands under armpits and pulled up toward me, chest to chest we kissed. With her shoes kicked off she was no taller than I was. Her tongue played with mine as they pushed back and forth from mouth to mouth. I was dribbling pre-cum quite embarrassingly and looked at the sticky trail linking myself to her combat shorts.

“I’m making a mess. Better do something about that.” I smiled and started down her body, kissing her neck, the middle of her chest, then quickly flicked each nipple with my tongue. I was bent at my knees, so quickly moved on until I was kneeling before her belly button. I snaked my tongue around the depression and undid her shorts. Hooking my thumbs in her one-piece I pulled them both of together. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It had been a hot day and she had been stood in the sun for hours before I gave her a lift. It was a nice smell though, gentle, arousing. She lifted her feet one at a time and stepped backwards out of her clothes.

She stood there naked, and uncertain. Obviously excited, but nervous of this long forgotten experience. I placed my hand on her buttocks urging her forward toward me, the warm flesh giving slightly under my touch. She gasped as my tongue flicked outwards towards her clit, snaking my hands between her legs I pulled then apart and slipped my tongue further back across her lips. Barley touching her I began to lick, first along either side, then down the middle. She opened easily as my tongue worked my into her. My nose was now buried in her naturally hairy pubic region.

Now there are two party tricks I have, Onwin Güncel Giriş One is that I can put my fist in my mouth, the other is that I can do that Maori thing with my tongue, only faster and more pointed. This of course means I can not only flick my tongue very fast, but I can also cover a very large area with my mouth. As Karen was about to find out – I love giving oral.

I pushed her back suddenly onto the sofa. Before she had stopped bouncing I had my head between her legs. Propped on the edge I had near perfect access, with a gentle pull on her knees she bumped toward me once more. Her eyes widened as I opened my mouth and engulfed her. My tongue worked from end to end toward her clit. She moaned as I repeated this several times.

Her legs moved in toward my shoulders pressing against them. Now I moved my mouth upward so I could concentrate on her clit, my bottom lip pressed into her opening. Now I know it doesn’t sound very attractive, but she wasn’t looking – I began to open and close my mouth slightly as I ran my tongue around her hood occasionally touching her nub and pressing my bottom lip into her at the same time. She began to pump her hips at me, her breathing and moaning growing incessant, her arms out stretched across the sofa I could see her face. Her eyes closed concentrating on every sensation.

I licked her clit straight on. Slowly picking up the pace until I was flicking madly. Every breath Karen made now came with a brief gasp.

“Oh god. Urghh.” My finger slipped in her sending her over the edge. I could feel her vaginal walls gripping at my finger, her body shuddering.

I slowed my licking and slid my finger slowly in and out. I saw her look down at me expectant, but I wasn’t stopping, not just yet. My finger was joined by two others sliding gently in and out of her, my tongue rotating slowly around her clit. She began rocking again, her hips pushing her mound further into my mouth so my tongue was trapped in the back of my mouth.

I worked my fingers faster as I watched her move her head from side to side eyes closed. She was panting again, little groans escaping on each breath. With one quick move I disengaged pressing myself home, completely in her. She let a loud guttural moan escape and looked straight into my face. Lust met lust.

“It’s been a long time, I may not last long” I said between slow strokes. “Don’t worry. Just…fuck me.”

My pace quickened gradually, her arms grasped at my buttocks controlling my pace. I could hear the gentle slurping sound as I moved in and out of her. Her eyes opened suddenly, “I’m going to come,” She said in one breath, “Come in me,” her hand left my buttocks running up my back, letting me take control, “come in me.”

I slammed into her as fast as I could. Mixed emotions filled me, I wanted to explode into her, but not before she came. I watched her chest rise and fall, and when the moan, beginning deep in her diaphragm, began to rise I pumped hard and deep. I felt her vagina holding me in her pelvis pulling me in. With a grunt I released two years of pent up pressure, wave after wave flowed from me into her. I fell onto her slipping slightly, lubricated by the sweat we shared. I slowly slid in and out still coming, not wanting it to stop. Her arms embraced me and we lay there for a while.

She kissed my forehead. Sweaty and smiling she looked into my eyes “I could kill a coffee now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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