Taste And Smell, Just No Looking!

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Big Tits

“Close your eyes” she orders!

I obeyed the sexy thing, slim cutie blonde with a cheeky naughty nature.

She stuck first aid plasters over my closed eyelids, next her hands were on me like a starved vulture, kissing me full-on my mouth ardently going at me with pecks and mushy lips.

Suddenly she stopped and I tried to open my eyes, forgetting I had plasters fixed over my eyelids holding them down firmly, I stood there puzzled.

Next she was taking all my clothes off, I raised my arms to help and my top came over my head, my cock was pushing against my jeans. I was turned-on so much, my cock trying to escape from its confines like a snake unfurling. She opened my buttons and pulled at my zip, dropped my trousers to the floor, with her fingers running around the inside of my waistband she dropped my shorts like they were ‘yesterdays chip papers’. Next my socks, as I lifted each foot for her to peel them away and I was exposed and naked, while she was still clothed.

“Hands behind your back!”

I followed this request, interlocked a few fingers behind my back; clasping my hands together as I felt her cold metal cuffs on my wrists, not tight but secured with a click to each arm, she had the key and she had control of me! I wiggled my wrists to feel the bonds she has placed there, feeling the cuffs with the fingertips of the opposite hand.

“Now you know you will never see my pussy, my soft pink folds of flesh, shame but you will never see it!”

I nod, with this understanding that I have agreed to be teased by this woman and meet her demands.

“You will smell the womanly scent, the smell of my sex; you will taste my juices as you make me cum! You are here for my pleasure! But you will never see my pussy with your own eyes and nor will you ever fuck me! But be sure that I will make you want to fuck me!”

I guess I have no choice but to go with her tease and her denial.

She places a dog collar around my neck, yes an actual dog collar with a buckle, and I hear a lead being connected onto it as my head is pulled forwards and downwards for her lap.

She ushers me kneel in front of her as she sits down onto the comfortable leather sofa, I kneel on the floor before her in servitude.

“Lunchtime, lick me now and it had better be more than just good!”

I kneel and I am pulled into her lap for her hotness, I feel the heat of her body on my face and I zone-in to find that her fleshy mound smells how it should. Rather delicious, so I lick and I feel hands behind my head pushing down on my head so I am forced deep into her sex with the pressure of her pushes, my hands firmly clasped behind me as I lick and lick for a good ten minutes, up and down and dipping Onwin my tongue inside her.

“Stop licking!”

I rest my tongue and her hands lift away from the back of my head.

“You will rest your lips on my pussy for 30 minutes, you will not move your mouth away, but you will stay there and smell my sexy scent.”… I pause my movements and my tongue is retracted, I rest my lips lightly against her pussy entrance like I’m about to kiss a lover’s mouth.

“Each time I feel you move I will add 5 more minutes!” She says.

I hold as still as I can breathing in and out slowly, lightly, her strong smell filling my lungs, her taste is all inside my mouth and her flesh is in full contact with my lips!

I rest there until her telephone beeps, signalling the 30 minutes is up!

“You did fine”, she said. “now you will position your tip just onto my entrance! It will stay there for another 30 minutes, on-timer! You may enter me only very slightly, just the purple dome and no shaft!”

I raise my head in my plastered obscurity, she shuffles forwards on the seat and I remain kneeling, her hand touches my cock and guides me to her hot wet pulsing entrance! My head touching her folds just enough for me to know that it’s her sex, it feels so hot against my glands! My cock is hard and wet with pre-cum leaking, I feel it running out of me and into her body as it mixes with the juices from her hot shaven hole a mixture of our chemicals, our DNA connected, only my pre-cum and I know I’m going no further!

“You will hold there still for 30 minutes! You will think about my hot and wet tight pussy, which could grip your cock like a vice, you will think about how amazing it would be to touch my g spot and to pump your sperm right deep into my hole, if only you had the chance to penetrate me properly!”

I hold as still as can be as she rests there in a slouched seated position with her hot sex on the edge of the sofa, I’m on the edge of exploding! I can feel slight sensations as she moves very slightly but I remain as still as can be, I’m rapt on keeping entirely still because I know I will be in trouble, but she moves a little intermittently and I’m hard as iron down there, the sensation alerts me as she wiggles slightly, I want to thrust forwards to fuck hard, ram into her and pump deep inside her tunnel, but I’m not permitted to, not ever, never!

After 30 minutes of this torturous teasing, I’m pushed away by her two hands, my cock is free again to bob about in the air and I drip my juicy pre-cum on the carpet and the chair as I move away.

“Now you will lick me to my first orgasm” she orders, clean me up!

I guide myself back down, for her folds, it’s soft and buttery, vivacious Onwin Giriş and burning; simply everything a pussy should be, unique with intricate folds of skin, the heat encasing my mouth with womanly fruity dampness flowing up to my nostrils, the smell of sexual intercourse. I lap and lap at her mound of sex, enjoying every minute of her moaning. She arches and moves about wriggling under me as I intensively push my tongue at her hole and I slurp away her juices flow sinuously covering my face. My eyes would love to see her, this fleshy smooth skin on my face, the taste in my mouth. But I know I never will!

She orders me to open my mouth as a 2 inch rubber cock is inserted into my mouth, I bite at it and this makes it wiggle in my throat, it’s strapped around my head securely, on the outside is a thick 8 inch dildo which I have to fuck her with! She guides it down as I’m in my dark place.

“Fuck me hard” she orders, I bob my head back and forth, I feel the resistance of her tight tunnel against the rubber cock which feels like it’s going in about twice as far as it surely is? I pull out and return into her with thrusts. She’s panting and making those noises, my cock is dripping it’s stringy pre-cum juice and fairly uselessly wasted as I fuck her with the fake cock gag provided.

She cums hard and those hands arrive to push my head in tight against her body, moaning out loudly she’s loving the sex; she cums a second time assisting my rubber cock’s thrusting motion with a rocking movement of her own.

She pushes me away again and grabs the dog collar, I stand and walk, my hands still secured behind me and she leads me to the bedroom, naked and helpless with my eyes seeing nothing of all of this!

The cuffs are unhinged and my arms drop to my sides, the chain of the dog lead brushes and taps at my cock occasionally as we move around, the gag is removed and she kisses my mouth once again with a passion. I am pushed onto the bed and she’s touching my legs and my feet are tied together with rope, several times I feel the rope going around my feet and my toes are tied together, it is very solid and feels so good, I’m totally secured! I can’t see this handy work, I’m ordered to raise my arms over my head.

The cuffs are passed through the bars of the headboard and secured up there! Her mouth exploring my body and her breath tickles me as she moves her mouth down. She bypasses my cock and then pays attention to the ropes at my feet again, securing them as I feel my legs pulled down further and I am stretched full span on the bed securely bound and blindfolded. My toes touch the cold bars of the bed.

“Open your mouth” she orders me, I open up, not knowing what to expect, I Onwin Güncel Giriş smell something else, a new smell as someone clambers onto the bed, something hot touches my lips and enters my mouth! A cock! I suck my mouth in around it, it feels hot and hard and sweaty. It plunges in and out of me as I suck this thing I start to enjoy the hardness of a cock and completely new experience! Who the hell is there? Where has this man come from? I dare not ask! Was he there all along?? In another room perhaps, now he is fucking my throat, proper man cock!

I feel some snappy flicking, whipping as the dog lead is flicked against my own cock! Making me jump, making sure I’m still! The leather lead whipping my shaft, flicking it left to right and sweeping back. This man’s cock is filling my mouth, face fucking me! I’m fucked and can’t go anywhere at all! Even if I could break free; I can’t see a thing with sticking plasters over my eyes and my leg tied to steel bars. It’s not worth trying so I make a meal of this hot cock!

Then my cock is gripped by confident fingers, a warm slippery mouth lowers onto my length. I am being sucked off! Finally I get some stimulation, will I cum? The mouth slides up and down my shaft taking me in to reach tonsils, licking my hard end, am I being sexed by a strange man I’ve not even seen? Crap! I’m going to climax! My sperm prepares to shoot, to fill this mouth! Before it does my own mouth is filled with his cum first! It shoots across my tongue, eight, no ten spunky shots of man pump! Down my food pipe to my stomach, filling me with seamen; did I consent?

This man scrabbles up! He just gets up and leaves! I just lie there mystified for a few minutes, tied rather vulnerably, wondering what will happen next! I haven’t cum!

“Did you like that pussy licker” a familiar female says?

“Yes” I reply.

“That’s the first time you have sucked a cock isn’t it?” she enquires…

“Yes it is!”

“It’s not the last time you will suck cock, I am going to make you suck hot cock every time! Don’t get any ideas, you won’t ever fuck me, but you will suck plenty of hard cocks!

Remember you will never even see my pussy, but lots of other men will! These men will suck your cock! And you won’t get to cum! And if you do cum there will be shit! Next time there may be two cocks, or you may have to suck three, understand?”

“Yes”, I say.

She reaches up and releases the handcuffs from my wrists high above me and the rigging holding my legs somewhat firmly. If you are going to use bonds, they must be firm and secured nicely.

I peel the sticking plasters off to see her sweet sexy body laying there on the bed next to me, pussy completely covered with sexy pink frilly underwear.

She’s very pretty, petite and curvy. She adds more clothes. I guess she was right, I’ll never see her unclothed, but it smells and tastes unforgettable!

I suppose I will have to suck cocks, if I want to eat her again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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