An Evening at Christmas Pt. 01

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The works Christmas party was coming up and the pair had been caught up in the festivities so much that their diaries were clashing all over the place. Unfortunately this evenings festivities would be separate. Amy had arranged to visit an elderly friend in the early evening, so Dave was forced into going to his work party on his own. He was always reluctant to go to these things alone as he much preferred to go out with Amy, she was after all, the life and soul of the party usually.

Friday evening came and Dave & Amy were both getting ready for their respective evenings. As Dave showered Amy walked in and joined him, stripping down naked and quietly joining him. The steam rose and Dave turned to an embrace and passion filled kiss.

“I can’t let you go out without my bit of pleasure first Hun,”

Amy whispered as she broke the kiss, her small Asian hands explored his toned torso and hungrily traced the contours of his abs. Her fingers made their way down and landed neatly onto his semi hard cock and lathered it up with the available soap. He began to get harder within moments as she gently ‘cleaned’ his manhood. whispering again just louder than the hiss of the shower.

“I want you to have fun tonight baby, you promise?”

He nodded in agreement with a smile and let her stroke his hardness. Amy picked up her pace and stroked him harder, knowing it would drive him mad. She wanted to press him, to tease him, to drive him wild before he went out.

She knew that if they were going out together, it would more than likely end up being a night of hot, erotic sex between them. She was no stranger to bedroom exploration. She was so much younger than him, 20 years old against his 35 but he had opened her mind to all sorts of new possibilities.

She wanted, more than anything to be going out with him tonight, but her commitments were set. She continued to masturbate him, speeding up then slowing down. He moaned as she did, knowing that all she really wanted was a good fucking before he left her – that should see her over until morning when he could give her all the attention she desired.

Dave’s lust hit breaking point. He snapped in a deep carnal mist and grabbed Amy by her arms, pulling her into him. A hand then moved and grabbed her right knee raising it, exposing her pussy to his slick wet cock. In a single hungry movement Dave slid his member up into her, the hot water rolled over the pair as their bodies entwined. Dave pressed her against the wall of the shower and began screwing into her hard and fast, building passion as he did. Amy moaned and panted as he thrust into her, hissing as he did,

“oh yes, fuck me, give me something to keep me going,”

He slipped from her then span her around.

Sinking into her again from behind, the couple moaned together as their bodies slammed into one another. Water splashed and sloshed around among their heavy passion, Amy grew closer in her orgasm, moaning and cursing as she did. She finally gave in and clenched around Dave’s cock, milking it as she came. Dave felt her eager pussy and groaned loudly exploding into her, filling his girl with his hot seed.

The pair embraced in the shower as they cleaned themselves off, eventually stopping and drying themselves off. Ready for their journeys out that evening, they moved to the bedroom and Amy went into her closet, picking out some fairly conservative clothes for her meeting.

She then looked at Dave and thought, just as he was about to put some boxers on, she moved over towards him,

“you know if you want to play tonight, you can,” Dave smiled a little, looking at the twinkle in Amy’s eye.

He’d seen this look before, it meant that she would be having fun this evening after all. Amy continued as Dave smiled,

” you know what I like, if you pull tonight, you bring her home for me,”

“but don’t tell her.”

she winked at him and took his boxers from him, tossing them aside. The pair was dressed and about to leave, Amy took another look at Dave, black shirt, white tie, smart trousers and growled at him seductively.

The pair parted and left for their various engagements, Dave spent most of the early evening thinking about Amy. His dinner with his work colleagues went well and they inevitably ended up in a bar. Dave already knew his night was going to be full of sex, no matter what. But he also knew in the back of his mind that if he got lucky, it’d be an extra hot night.

He was relaxing in some seats whilst he watched his male colleagues blitzing the women, Dave had learned long ago that women in bars were way more open to guys that weren’t on the hunt than those that were; either through attachment or otherwise.

He sat and watched calmly, waiting for the group to disperse a little to their chosen targets. There had been, on the adjacent cubicle, a hen party. In which earlier a few of the guys had tried their luck, but the group was having none of it. Their party had thinned out considerably Onwin by this point and only a few girls were left,

Dave looked at the group and saw the four girls looking at him, he smiled at them and gave a cheeky wink. One of the younger girls grinned and waved him over. Dave smiled and grabbed his beer, walking toward them, the girls moved over making room for him.

“Hi, I’m Sarah, this is Lauren, Kate and Millie.”

Dave smiled and greeted them warmly,

“Nice names, I’m Dave.”

“Happy Christmas Dave” Sarah said eagerly,

Taking a sip of her drink, she then looked him up and down, inspecting his hands for rings or anything else that would show his attachment to anyone.

“We’ve been watching your group all night, why haven’t you made a move on anyone like all the others?”

Lauren asked with brutal forwardness, Sarah and Millie both giggled as she did, Kate just sat back and watched, then leaning forwards,

“Are you married? ”

Dave shook his head,

“But you are attached? right?”

Dave just gave a small smile and wink, the girls gave a big scream at the submission. They chatted some more about the club and the music, Dave asked who the hen was. The girls explained that they were bridesmaids and the hen and her maid of honour had already left.

He bought them all another round of drinks, enjoying their company as the club raved on. Lauren had moved next to Dave and was flirting heavily with him, Sarah and the others allowed her the freedom and watched as the pair flirted, smiled and joked. They all got up to dance a little, Dave’s group had moved on, leaving him there, he didn’t mind and was happy to stay with the bridesmaids.

Lauren was dancing closely to Dave, indicating to the other girls that she had her sights set on him, all the girls were wearing the same black mini dress halter neck that showed off their bust, a uniformed look for their party. Lauren and Dave danced closer, it wasn’t long before He responded to her advancements and held her body in his hands.

She seductively gyrated against him, teasing him and smiling at her friends as she did. She ground her ass into his crotch as he held her hips, it was clear she could feel him through her dress as her eyes suddenly bulged as she looked at Sarah, giving away what she had stumbled upon. Lauren slowed her moves to prolong the feel of him behind her.

Kate and Millie danced together whilst Sarah danced in front of Lauren, watching her grind into him as they danced. His hands moved up from Lauren’s hips and slid across her dress to her breasts, cupping them to see what the reaction would be like.

He could see Sarah’s mouth drop in surprise as Lauren did something, her moves just continued and she remained pressed against his crotch, grinding slowly against it. As the song changed the girls all grouped into a circle including Dave into it.

“Boxers or Briefs?”

Lauren turned and loudly asked him, the girls laughed at her directness but eagerly awaited him to answer, Dave smiled and simply replied,


The girls looked shocked and giggled in surprise. Lauren reached and felt his trousers, finding his length immediately and stroked it. The girls watched in almost hunger as she outlined its length to them, Dave wrapped his arms around Lauren and Millie who were by his sides as the group drew in close.

Lauren looked at Sarah and grinned then moved her hand down to his fly, unzipping it before he could protest, and pulled out his length for them all to see. Dave jumped a little and looked around, nobody was in the slightest bit interested in the club, but the girls looked and laughed as he told Lauren to put it away. She obliged him and zipped him back up.

The group danced again, the conversations about sex soon started to happen, all the girls commented on what a fine specimen Dave had produced. They made their way back to the seats and chatted some more, Sarah was interested and asked Dave,

“So, what made you stay here?”

Millie breezed in “Us of course!”

“mmmmm… you strike me as.. what, say mid 30’s?” he nodded as she continued,

“and you said you were attached, you’re clearly not Gay… I’ll bet you’ ve had some experiences before haven’t you?”

Dave smiled and just gave a simple wink in response, Kate giggled a little as Sarah added

“hmmm modest to huh?”

He shrugged as the girls laughed,

Kate looked and thought,

“what’s your favourite position?”

Dave smiled and thought before answering “Doggy, an oldie but a goodie.”

Lauren grinned and couldn’t help but burst out “ooh my favourite!”

The girls laughed again and she blushed a little at her sudden admission. Dave looked at her and smiled,

“hmmmm good to know! anything else you like?”

The girls giggled at Lauren as she again blushed, embarrassed that she was the one being grilled. then lent in to Dave whispering

“I’ve Onwin Giriş always wanted to be tied up.”

Dave ‘s eyes twinkled and he gave a nod, the others looked in interest and begged him to tell, he shook his head and looked at Lauren.

“not unless she tells you, nope.” He laughed.

The girls glared at her and awaited an answer, eventually peer pressure got to her and she caved in.

“ok ok ok… I’ve always wanted to be tied up.”

The girls cheered and comforted her. Dave sat back and planned briefly. Sarah and Lauren disappeared to the ladies room leaving the others to find the seats again. Kate and Millie were talking to Dave, trying to find out as much as they could about him, whether he wanted to take Lauren home. At that point he got a text from Amy,

‘Hi hun, I hope you’re having fun. don’t forget our deal.’

He read his message and smiled, excusing himself from the girls as he replied.

‘ hi baby, yes having lots of fun, found a hen party and met some nice girls. Lauren is keen.’

At that point Sarah and Lauren returned, sitting with them, Lauren reached under the table and handed Dave something as they made more small talk. Dave looked at the gift discreetly noticing it was a 2 pairs of white thongs, he smiled and winked at her. Sarah looked at the pairs eye contact and gave a grin as she knew what had taken place under cover.

Dave’s mobile went off again so he excused himself as he checked it

‘ooh goodie , you have good taste.’

Dave let out a smile and texted back quickly,

‘I have her thong in my hand!’

He placed his phone back in his pocket and continued talking to the girls. Millie announced that they should be leaving, Kate and Sarah pouted then they looked at Lauren expectantly, eagerly awaiting the inevitable,

“hey, if it’s ok with you guys, I’m gonna stay with Dave?”

The girls gave her a reassuring ” oooohhhh ”

In way of a tease, got up and made their goodbye’s. Once the girls left them, Lauren lent into Dave and started kissing him. He kissed back passionately, slipping their soaked thongs into his pocket. His member pushing hard against the fabric of his trousers, he wanted to take her there and then, which was more than a possibility.

They broke their kiss and Lauren encouraged them to leave too. As Lauren put her coat on, Dave gave Amy a dropped call to warn her he was on his way back. They left the club and got into a taxi, hugging and kissing as they did. His hand wandered under her dress, tracing up her thigh as they kissed in the back of the taxi. Lauren moaned as she felt his touch and her legs parted allowing him access to her hot, aching pussy.

She hissed quietly in his ear “you have protection at home right?”

Dave let out a confirmation murmur and they continued to kiss, as soon as his fingers touched her, she moaned quietly and kissed him. He felt her heat and knew that his evening had gotten infinitely hotter, he knew that Amy would love Lauren, he just wasn’t sure how Amy would introduce herself.

The taxi eventually pulled up outside his flat and they piled out of the cab trying to be as quiet as possible. He fumbled with his keys and quietly opened his flat door. No sooner as it opened, Lauren grabbed his hand and pulled him in, kissing him passionately as he closed the door behind them. It was dark, abandoned, the only sound was Lauren pining and begging as she lent against the hall wall.

“You need a condom on .” she begged.

He kissed her again and pressed her against the wall hard as she fumbled with his zip again and pulled out his hard cock. it dripped with precum and her hand stroked the stickiness up and down it’s length. She guided it up and he pressed it onto her, meeting her pussy for the first time, rubbing it against her slit.

She then gave out a cry of pleasure and satisfaction,

“Oh .. Oh.. n no .. wait! put on a condom, please?”

Dave broke their kiss and hissed at her “let me taste you first?”

Then pulling from her, he grabbed her hand, leading her to his bedroom. It too was dark and he made his way over to the bedside lamp, the yellow light partly filled the room, romantically and just enough to see what was happening, but not enough to blind the couple.

Lauren turned and kissing him passionately again, her hands unbuttoned his trousers and they fell to the floor no longer hindered, Lauren then worked on his shirt, unbuttoning it, he undid his tie and then finally stood there naked before her, she took him in and bit her lip, craving more.

Dave responded by reaching up and untying her halter neck, her dress fell at the top exposing her very pert b cups and her dress held at her hips. Her long brunette hair fell just above her nipples framing them as Dave reached and tugged her dress down. It fell the rest of the way and she stepped out of it towards him, a neat landing patch of pubic hair topped her perfect pussy as he Onwin Güncel Giriş looked at her naked for the first time.

They kissed in a naked embrace then Dave pushed her back onto the bed, they kissed again and he moved her further up the big double bed. His kisses were soft and deliberate, slowly working down her neck, collar, chest.

Finding a nipple, he bit it gently. He loved breasts that were like this, they were almost identical to Amy’s. He continued to kiss and suck down her body, under her breast, then abdomen. He opened his mouth and let his tongue hang out and dragged it down, teasingly and with a slower motion down towards her landing strip. Then finally reached her hot, wet clitoris.

She squirmed and moaned as soon as he touched it, parting her legs some more as he began dragging it down over her labia. His tongue expertly began working on her slit, long strokes up and down with varied pace, teasing her even more. Dipping into her occasionally then working his way up again to suck gently on her hood.

Lauren responded with moans and gripped the bedding hard as she felt the tingle shock through her body, she giggled as she enjoyed his ability. He continued to tease and please Lauren, he couldn’t get enough of her taste and broke off,

” You taste amazing!” he breathed at her,

Then continued lapping at her until he heard her moans get a little louder. Her breathing became shallow and she trembled as he licked her quicker. Just as she was about to cum, Dave pulled his mouth away from her. Lauren gasped and giggled,

“oh my god, why did you stop?”

Dave smiled and crawled up her body, dragging his wet cock-up the inside of her leg, she gasped again and looked at him.

“You need protection on.” giving him a cute wide-eyed look, closing her legs as she spoke.

Dave smiled and moved from the bed, moving towards the bedside table, opening it as she looked on in lust, biting her bottom lip. He pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and turned to her smiling, then walked over to the bed, her eyes fixed on them. Her heart physically pounded against her chest visibly as her breathing quickened.

Her eyes only moved as he arrived and grabbed her wrist and connected the first cuff, silently he moved as she watched, submitting to him. He raised it and clicked it to the iron head at the top of the bed. He moved over her body, slapping her face with his dick as he did, she gave a squeal of delight and giggled as she tried to catch it in her mouth.

He then connected her other wrist and again up to the bed head. She now laid there exposed and bound to his bed, submitted to him. Her mouth was dry and her voice was course as she hissed something incoherently.

Dave moved from her body and went back to the drawer, he produced a condom and unwrapped it, putting it on slowly in full view of her. Her worried look vanished and was replaced by a greedy lust as her every fantasy was being fulfilled.

She noticed his dick seemed a lot bigger now, the condom barely covered its full length which made her wet with anticipation. Dave crawled back onto the bed and moved between her legs, positioning himself so his covered dick slid up and down her slit. Her eyes closed and her head fell back.

She was enjoying this and wanted to savour the feeling for as long as possible. Her legs parted wide to accept him, encouraging him to sink into her young teen pussy. He pushed his head into her opening and paused, teasing her again, she began whimpering and begged him.

“Please… please… fuck me.”

He obliged, sinking in hard and deep, allowing her to take in his full length, she burst a cry and moaned loudly.

“Oh yes!”

He held himself inside her briefly before withdrawing and started to pound in and out of her captive pussy. Her arms rattled against the iron headboard, legs locked around him as the noises of her juices filled the air. She was thrown back in ecstasy and hadn’t noticed Amy emerge from the closet.

She stood leaning against the doorway, one arm high holding her up, the other by her hip. Her body half tilted in a sexy pose as she watched her partner nail this small teen in her bed. The dim light barely reached her, leaving her almost totally in the shadows, He continued to sink in and out of Lauren as her orgasm peaked again, she trembled and panted,

“oh yes, yes… I’m cumming… yes.”

Dave responded, grabbing her knees and lifting them so he could get in deeper. As he did she cried in orgasm, his balls slapped against her ass as he did. He could feel her clenching around him but held out, it wouldn’t be long before he was going to cum. He always thought condoms were a waste and battled with himself.

Before he could decide for himself, Amy spoke with confidence,

“Oh baby, don’t deny her your hot cum.”

Lauren’s eyes snapped open and her head flew up in shock. she gasped and struggled for air,

” Argh! I… I… shit, what?” she protested.

Her body moved and pulled off Dave’s thick, hard length. He was very close to his own orgasm as Amy confidently waltzed across the room seductively. Starring Lauren straight in the eyes, she had fallen silent as Amy entered the light a little more.

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