A Sub’s Beating

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“I’m going to beat you tonight.” You say.

I whimper in response. I know you’ve been planning on this for a while, but now that it’s actually time, I’m more fearful than excited.

“Is it going to hurt?” I asked timidly.

“It wouldn’t be a beating if it didn’t.” You reply, “But you’re going to be a good girl and take it for me, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh.” I murmur.

“Is that how you answer me?” You ask, knowing asserting more control will help relax me.

“Yes Master.” I correct myself.

“Much better.”

You leave me sitting on the bed and go through your closet, taking out your whip, one of your belts, and a few coils of rope.

“This is going to be very hard on you,” You tell me, “And you’re going to take it until I feel you’ve had enough; however, if you can’t keep still, I’ll tie you down. For now, though, I want you to try your best not to move.”

You position me face down on the bed, with my feet near the edge, running your hands over me, massaging my shoulders before moving down my back to caress my ass. I moan and thrust my ass at you, trying to distract you from your mission.

“No, baby.” You tell me, chuckling, “I’ll fuck your ass after I’ve made it nice and red.”

I whimper again, half in fear, half in anticipation, when you smack my ass sharply, making me cry out in surprise.

“Mmm, that sounds nice.” You say behind him, “Let’s start with my hand… thirty should get you warmed up.”

You begin spanking me, occasionally counting out loud to let me know how many are still to come. acıbadem escort The blows begin to fall harder as you go, and by the time you’ve reached twenty, I’m whining in discomfort.

“Oh dear,” You murmur, “I may have to tie you after all. We’re nowhere near done, sweetie.”

The final ten swaps are harder still; I can feel the heat start to radiate from my ass and I imagine my skin must be pink by now. You run your hands over me again.

“Very nice.” You observe, “But I think we can add a little more color. Would you like that, baby? Do you want your ass to look all pretty for your Master?”

You always know exactly what to say to elicit the desired response.

“Yes Master.” I reply, nodding in enthusiasm, your words increasing my arousal.

“Let’s try this.” You say. I can’t see what implement you’ve chosen, but the jingle of the metal buckle tells me it’s your belt.

You smack it against the back of my thighs a few times before increasing your pace, letting your hits fall on my ass and thighs. You’re using more force now and I begin to squirm.

You continue until I’m unable to estimate how long it’s been and my tears and cries don’t move you to stop. I can feel my skin beginning to bruise. Finally, the blows stop.

“Poor baby.” You tease, “I think it’s time I tie you down.”

You begin looping a rope around my wrist.

“Please Master.” I beg, “Please no more. I can’t do it.”

You lower your face to mine.

“Aww. You can and you will, my beautiful little slave. Your pain atalar escort is pleasing me very much. Don’t disappoint me.”

“But Master—”

You cut me off with a quick smack to my already bruised ass.

“Does my baby whore tell me no?” You inquire sternly.

I hide my face in the pillows and shake my head.

“That’s right. Now behave and let me finish, or I’ll have to punish you.”

I quiet down and you disappear behind me again, presumably picking up your whip from the floor. You’ve never used it on me before and I tense when I hear the leather whistle through the air.

It connects with the small of my back and I feel like the skin has been ripped open. You don’t continue with it for very long, but these blows are the most difficult yet, and by the time they stop falling, I’ve been reduced to a sniveling, sobbing mess.

“Now,” You say as you untie me, “I think you indicated earlier that you want me to fuck you ass?”

“Please don’t.” I plead, “I—I changed my mind.”

You grab my hair and twist it, pulling me again your chest and twisting a nipple painfully.

“What did I say about telling me no?” You growl in my ear, “I will not hesitate to punish you right now.”

“I’m sorry!” I sob, “It hurts. Please be gentle?”

“Shhh, I know, baby.” Your voice is now comforting. “But Master is going to make it feel good now.”

You position me facedown again, moving your body behind me and placing your hard cock against my ass.

“Just relax.” You tell me, easing your cock into my tight aydınlı escort ass. “Relax and let me have this.”

You moan in my ear. “Your ass feels so good, baby. You’re so tight.”

It’s exactly what I need to hear and I’m finally able to relax completely. You enter my ass fully and I groan with pleasure. You fuck me slowly at first, but quickly pick up the pace.

“Good girl.” You say, “I’m going to cum soon.”

Your hips impacting my ass further irritate the cuts and scrapes from your earlier beating and tears spring to my eyes again; you’ve been riding my ass for a while and, while you started gently, you’ve progressed to pounding me with a great deal of force. I’m almost sobbing again when you shoot your cum deep into my ass.

You roll off me and pull me to you, nuzzling the back of my neck.

“Shhh.” You murmur in my ear, “No more crying, my little whore. Master’s going to take care of you.”

You get up and go into the bathroom, where I hear you turn on the facet. You come back with a wet facecloth, lay down next to me again, and start running it carefully over my wounded back, ass, and legs.

“It stings.” I tell you, wincing.

“I know, baby.” You tell me, “But I have to clean you up.”

I catch a glimpse of the washcloth and the white material has turned pink with my blood. You cradle me in your arms as I start to cry fearfully again.

“It’s okay.” You say reassuringly, “You’re okay, I’ve got you.”

You reach down to where your cum is starting to seep out of my ass. Once you’ve collected some on your fingers, you bring your hand to my mouth.

“Open your mouth, sweetheart,” You command, “I have a treat for you.”

I obey and hold onto your wrist while I suck contently on your fingers, closing my eyes and sighing as you stroke my hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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