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Jennifer had gotten off of work late and headed to her apartment, only to find it empty. Her best friend since high school, Tamara, was visiting for a week and she couldn’t wait to see her. A quick check of her phone signaled that the visiting blonde had already taken off toward the bar, but her car was still in the parking lot. Jennifer figured she should drive, and she shouldn’t drink much, because Erica was probably already drinking.

She checked her make up in the mirror before shutting her visor and fluffing her hair one last time. She grabbed her keys from the ignition and got out of the car. Before shutting and locking her door, she patted her chest, just to triple check that her card, cash, and I.D. were tucked safely inside of her bra.

Flashing her I.D. to the guy beside the door and made her way inside. The bass was making the walls shake and she couldn’t help the nodding of her head in time with the rock song. Scanning the crowd, she found the white-blonde head of Tamara at the bar, surrounded by a group of guys. Rolling her eyes, she made her way over.

Tamara felt a presence at her back. Turning around, she threw her hands up in the air. “Move over, assholes! My best friend is here!”

Jennifer immediately leaned forward, hugging the smaller blonde. She smiled as she pulled away, her eyes travelling down Tamara’s body at the hip-hugging mini-dress. Her tanned legs were crossed at the knee, almost begging for her hands to slide them open…

Jennifer’s eyes snapped back to the brown eyes as Tamara talked animatedly. She smiled, trying to clamp down the attraction that she’d had for her best friend for years. She immediately sat down in the suddenly vacated bar stool beside Tamara and ordered a drink. She leaned over and rested her hand on Jennifer’s leg, an ample amount of cleavage now in Jennifer’s line of view. She gulped audibly.

“Let’s do shots!” Tamara said, her eyes getting bigger.

It was going to be a long night.


Hours later, Jennifer managed to drag Tamara drunk into the house. She managed to get her into the guest room and onto the bed, and when Tamara started stripping, she excused herself out of the room and went to hers.

She stripped out of her own clothes and took her make up off before plugging in her phone and climbing into bed. She lay there for a few minutes, imagining Erica there with her. It wasn’t long before her vibrator was in her hand, snaking its way down her body. Her free hand roamed over her ample breasts, making her nipples rise to peaks. She gasped as she pinched one, moaning slightly. Rolling it between her thumb and forefinger, she began to writhe on the bed, feeling the pulsing on her stomach and going lower.

She ran it over her clit, emitting a sharp gasp at the exposed bundle of nerves being hit with the sensations. Her legs subconsciously spread wider and her grip on her nipple became almost painful. Her hips lifted off of the bed, begging for more of the sensation.

“Fuck, Tamara,” she whispered, feeling her vibrator begin to slide with ease with her now slick folds.


Her entire body jumped as she quickly fumbled with the end of her vibrator, her entire body red with embarrassment. She was able to shut it off quickly. Sitting up, she saw Tamara standing in her doorway in only a tank top and a flimsy pair of underwear. Quickly, she tried to move her vibrator to the side.


“Can…can I sleep in here?”

“Um,” Jennifer thought for a second. “Sure…I mean, I guess so. I’m…”

She meant to tell her naked, but Tamara moved quickly, almost falling once, to the opposite side of the bed. She landed on her back on the bed and within a few minutes was breathing deeply. Slowly, she slid out of bed.

Unfortunately, her foot got caught on the sheet, and she ended up falling with a loud thunk. Quickly, she sat up and looked back at the bed, but Tamara was still sleeping. She shifted slightly, her leg hiking up.

Biting her lip, Jennifer Anadolu Yakası Escort tried not to stare at her friend, but she couldn’t help it. Tamara’s nipples were straining through the thin fabric, making her breasts more round and perkier. Suddenly Jennifer’s mouth went dry and her hand went directly to her pussy. Shaking her head, she pulled her hand away, but she couldn’t drag her eyes from Tamara’s body.

Was she actually considering…?

Before she could talk herself out of it, she moved back across the bed, running her hands along Tamara’s arms. The other girl didn’t stir, so she continued her hands up her arms, across her collarbone and down around the sides of her breasts. Tamara’s nipples stood at attention again and Jennifer bit her lip. Slowly, she drew the straps of the tank top down her arms, exposing the tanned globes and dark brown nipples begging for her touch.

Very willing to oblige, she lowered her head, her eyes on Tamara’s face the entire time. Her tongue teased the erect nub, before her entire mouth covered the nipple, engulfing it. Her eyes flicked to Tamara’s face again but the girl still slept. She rolled the other nipple in her fingers, her mouth working on the right one. Soon, she switched, keeping her eyes on Tamara’s face.

She felt her own pussy tingle and began to move down. Tamara moved when Jennifer shifted, and her leg lifted higher, pulling her small underwear tighter across her. One lip was now visible and Jennifer fairly drooled. Slowly, she pulled the satin to the side and stared at her prize for a second before taking a long lick. Tamara tasted like a sweet fruit, just ripe for picking. Jennifer moaned lowly, and her eyes closed. She stuck her tongue back between the folds again, sliding right up to Tamara’s clit.

Tamara groaned in her sleep and Jennifer hesitated. When Tamara didn’t stir again, she continued to lick, up and down, before focusing on Tamara’s clit. Sucking the bundle of nerves into her mouth, she slowly lifted her hand to slide a finger inside. Tamara may have been asleep, but her body was fully awake; her pussy was drenched. Jennifer wasn’t sure if it was because of what she was doing or not, but she didn’t care. She wanted to see if she could make Tamara come in her sleep. Slowly, she added a second finger, pumping them in and out. Small gasps emerged from Tamara’s mouth and her nipples remained hardened points.

Using her left hand, she spread Tamara’s lips, her own focused on her clit, while she pumped two of her fingers on her right hand in and out. Juices began to leak around either side of her fingers, and she knew that even in sleep, Tamara was completely turned on. She sucked harder at Tamara’s clit, running the tip of her tongue over it at the same time.

Suddenly, Tamara’s hands were in Jennifer’s hair. Freezing, Jennifer’s eyes went back to Tamara’s face but her eyes were still closed. Her hips began to grind against Jennifer’s fingers, drawing them in and out, and slowly Jennifer continued. Tamara’s hands pushed Jennifer’s mouth back down to her clit, shoving her mouth almost forcefully onto her mound.

“Please, don’t stop,” Tamara whispered furiously.

“Don’t intend to,” Jennifer said, dragging her mouth away from Tamara’s nectar.

She slowly began to work her way up Tamara’s body, trailing kisses the entire way, until she had situated herself beside Tamara, her fingers still working in and out of her pussy, Tamara’s body below her. When she got to her chin, Tamara grabbed Jennifer’s face and pulled her in for a kiss, not caring where her mouth had been.

“God I’ve been wanting this for so long,” Tamara moaned, lifting her hips to match Jennifer’s hand movements.

Jennifer pulled her mouth away from Tamara’s and looked down at her pumping fingers. She spread Tamara’s legs more and began to press down on her lower stomach, forcing her fingers to thrust faster and harder. Quickly, she added a third finger and began to curve them. She could tell Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan from Tamara’s fingers frantically pulling at her own nipples that she was closer. Her body kept rising off of the bed with each thrust.

One of her hands left her nipples and found its’ way to Jennifer’s soaked pussy, but it was barely there a few seconds before her entire body seized up and then immediately relaxed in her orgasm. Her juice forced Jennifer’s hands out and shot a stream, soaking the bedsheets. Her body writhed and she cried out, almost screaming at the intensity of her orgasm.

Shaking her hand of the excess liquid, Jennifer chuckled as Tamara continued to squirm post-orgasm. Leaning down, she pressed a kiss to Tamara’s lips, and to her surprise, Tamara opened her mouth, almost forcefully shoving her own tongue in Jennifer’s mouth. Suddenly, Jennifer was caught off guard as she was rolled over onto her back. Tamara was kneeling between her legs, using her hands to lift them back and higher so her hips were off the bed. Now, Jennifer’s ass was pressed against Tamara’s stomach. Her entire pussy was spread wide, exposed to Tamara.

“If I had known all it was gonna take was for me to show up half-naked in your bed ‘drunk’ for you to fuck me, I would have done it years ago.”

“Wait…You’re a lesbian?” Jennifer asked, shocked. “And you’re sober?”

“Faked the whole thing,” Tamara said, feeling proud of herself. “I’ve wanted to kiss you and eat your pussy, see those perfect tits and have you do the same for almost a year now, but you were determined to keep yourself in the closet with me. It wasn’t until tonight when I saw you couldn’t help but to look at me that I decided to make my move. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of my tits or my legs, could you?”

“N…No,” Jennifer ground out, but her mind was almost mush because Tamara had started moving her hands down Jennifer’s body during her speech.

She ran her hands over the backs of Jennifer’s thighs and leaned forward to kiss Jennifer deeply. When she pulled back, Jennifer saw her vibrator in Tamara’s hands. Damn. She’d forgotten to move it. Keeping eye contact, Tamara turned the knob at the bottom, starting the vibration. Jennifer groaned in anticipation.

Slowly, almost too slowly for Jennifer to bear, Tamara let the vibrator roam around each breast, across both nipples and then down. Her body was in agony, needing to release her pent up frustration. From being cut off while masturbating, to seeing Tamara’s body writhing in orgasm, she felt as if all Tamara had to do was blow on her clit and she’d come hard.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, feeling the vibrator just above her clit. Her orgasm was building, rapidly, and she reached down to push Tamara closer.

“Nope,” Tamara said and pulled the vibrator away completely. Jennifer groaned. “Put your hands above your head. You got to tease me all night, now it’s my turn.”

Jennifer groaned again but did as she was told. She shoved her hands under her pillow, pushing her breasts higher up in the air, her nipples hard as diamonds.

“Mmm, such a lovely picture,” Tamara said, putting the vibrator between Jennifer’s breasts.

Her breathing was heavy, her chest rising and falling with the need to be touched. She was not above begging, either. “Tam, please…”

Tamara’s right hand came down to spread her pussy lips and Jennifer bit her bottom lip.

“Please what?” Tamara asked, sliding the vibrator down and over Jennifer’s clit. She screamed. “Please this?”

“Yes!” Jennifer cried, loving the feeling of her aching clit finally being touched. “Please!”

Tamara slid the vibrator up and down Jennifer’s slit, coating it with her juices, making sure she focused completely on Jennifer’s clit. Each time she ran over it, Jennifer moaned and her body shuddered. Finally, Tamara used the tip of the vibrator to open Jennifer up. She was panting in anticipation now, knowing she wasn’t going to last much longer. That’s Escort Anadolu Yakası when Tamara pulled away from her, letting her fall down to the bed.

“What the fuck, Tam?”

The blonde just chuckled, before climbing on top of her friend, her pussy right over Jennifer’s face. “Pull your legs back like I had them.”

Jennifer did and Tamara used her elbows to anchor them down as she slowly drew circled around Jennifer’s pussy before inserting the vibrator in. Jennifer’s head fell back and a moan of appreciation escaped her lips. Tamara pushed it in to the hilt, and pulled it back out, slowly torturing Jennifer.

Realizing that two could play at that game, Jennifer leaned up, immediately wrapping her lips around Tamara’s erect clit. She felt the other girl jump, heard her moan, and smiled to herself. If she was being tortured, Tamara would suffer, too.

Running her nails up Tamara’s thighs, she felt her shudder, and used both hands to lightly smack her ass. Tamara moaned, and used a fingertip to lightly tease Jennifer’s clit. She gasped and momentarily paused. Groaning, she tried to see through the pleasure to give Tamara more. She was supposed to be the lesbian and here she was acting as if this was her first time!

She wasted no time, shoving two fingers into Tamara’s expecting pussy. Immediately, her fingers were clenched in a vice-like grip and Tamara moaned into her thigh. Jennifer attacked Tamara’s clit with fervor, sucking, licking, and nipping the entire time. Her legs were shaking in pre-orgasm before Jennifer’s were. Then, Tamara used her other hand to circle around Jennifer’s ass.

Gasping, Jennifer almost saw stars as Tamara slowly inserted her pinky into her ass. Her fingers ceased all movement as she enjoyed the feeling of her pussy full, her ass being played with, and then Tamara leaned down and flicked her clit with her tongue. She nearly came off the bed. Her body jerked and writhed with the need to come. She was shocked she’d lasted this long. Groaning, she lifted her hips higher, allowing Tamara more access.

Tamara knew she had Jennifer right where she wanted her when she lifted her hips. She turned the speed all the way up on the vibrator, shoving it almost forcefully in and out of Jennifer’s sopping pussy. As her tongue flicked across the bud of nerves, she alternated the toy and her pinky, smiling as Jennifer’s moans got louder and louder until they turned into screams of pleasure and she started jerking in orgasm. She wasn’t a squirter like Tamara, but her orgasm was just as intense. Her nails dug into Tamara’s ass cheeks and her pussy clenched, making it almost impossible for Tamara to continue fucking her with the toy.

Unfortunately, watching Jennifer orgasm was turning her on to the point that she had to do something about it. Pulling her mouth from Jennifer’s clit, and her hand from her ass, she reached down between them to start rubbing her clit. She continued to jack-hammer the toy into Jennifer’s pussy, feeling her own orgasm building.

Jennifer finally opened her eyes to see Tamara’s fingers flying over her clit and knew she was close. She took three fingers and slipped them quickly into her eager cunt. Tamara’s movements became stuttered and she groaned, loving the feeling of being full.

“After this… I’m going to get my strap-on, and I’m going to make you beg,” Jennifer said, panting, as she used her free hand to apply light smacks on Tamara’s ass.

“Harder!” Tamara commanded the image of her bent over with Jennifer pumping in and out of her pussy. She clenched once, twice and then exploded.

Her fingers fell from her clit where Jennifer took over, rubbing across it fast and hard, making her squirt harder and more. Her arms gave out and she fell, her ass still in the air, leaking juice.

“Holy shit!” she cried, panting as Jennifer put more fingers inside of her again.

She could feel the urge building back up and it didn’t take but a few seconds for her to begin screaming again, her pussy squirting more than she had before, her hands gripping the sheets. Finally spent, her entire body fell to the bed. Jennifer slid from underneath her.

“You better get some sleep now,” she said, grabbing two dry pillows and putting them at the other end of the bed. She pulled Tamara in close. “I’m gonna wear your ass out tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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