Breakups Aren’t So Bad

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I am just about to head to bed when I hear my doorbell ringing. I look at the clock and wonder who it can be at this hour. Good thing I have on my pajamas. When I open the door, I see my best friend standing there in a long coat with tears in her eyes.

“What’s going on Kimberly?” I ask.

“I went over to Colin’s house hoping to do something special for him.” She opens up the coat to reveal a rather skimpy Basque and V-string. “And he dumped me. Just straight up dumped me.”

“Come on,” I say putting my hand over her shoulder.

“Do you mind if I stay the night?” she asks. “I can take the couch.”

“Don’t be silly,” I say smiling. “You can take the bed with me. We are both girls after all.”

I guide her to my bedroom and we climb into the bed together. Kimberly cuddles next to me and I put my arm around her and drape it down her back. As we lay together she sniffles and I can clearly tell that she is really upset. She had been with Colin for over a year now and said she thought he was going to be the one. I guess he wasn’t the one after all.

Kimberly’s face and nose press very close to my nipple and she starts crying so hard that I gently stroke her back to try to calm her. I quietly try to reassure her that it isn’t the end of the world and there are plenty more men out there for her. I give her a reassuring hug and she puts her arm across my chest with her hand ending up on my other breast.

Eventually, her tears subside and she starts to talk quietly about Colin and their time together. The more she talks the more her mouth or nose moves against my nipple and without any control, my nipples get hard. I become so distracted by it that I don’t even notice she is stroking my other breast with her hand.

I am finding it extremely difficult not to be turned on by her attention to my breasts. By now my nipples are very hard and erect. Surely, she must be able to tell as one of them is practically in her mouth and I can feel her hot breath on it as she talks. I can feel my own pussy seeping juices and becoming wetter and wetter. I keep trying to tighten my thigh muscles in a fruitless attempt to calm my pussy.

I notice that she is actually caressing my breasts. Her hand is stroking one breast through the silky fabric of my nightie while pinching my already aching nipples and the other is being kissed and licked through the fabric. I try to close my eyes and close out the feelings coursing through my body, but I cannot. I am so turned on I cannot stand it. Without a second thought, I am stroking the soft skin Ümraniye Escort of her back.

Her hand stops stroking my breast and drifts down toward my belly button, skimming over the silky fabric until her hand lies on my mound. She strokes my lips underneath the fabric and runs a finger down my slit. I can’t help but open my legs to allow her further access. I am completely turned on by the entire thing. She slides a hand between my legs and rubs my clit through the material and I’m sure she notices the large wet spot in my pajamas.

Her hand comes back up to the waistband of my pajamas and slides underneath. Her touch against my skin sends shivers down my spine as her hand strokes my naked pussy lips. With a light pressure she pushes her fingers in and opens my lips and starts stroking my clit.

At this point, I figure I may as well join in. So I unbutton my top and push it open to expose my breasts to her. She looks up at me and then starts to lick my nipple. She draws it into her mouth, rolling it between her teeth and tongue. She starts to rub my clit back and forth quickly and I soon realize that I will not be able to stop the orgasm ready to wash over me. Her hand moves vigorously underneath my pajamas as she rubs my clit faster and faster. I tilt my hips up to make her rub me harder. My legs tense and I feel the first wave sweep through me. She continues to massage my clit softly as my orgasm subsides and my breathing slows.

She sits up on the bed and peels her Basque off to reveal her tiny breasts. I reach up and touch their little hard buds and pinch each one between my fingers. She sighs softly and arches her back, trying to push her little breasts forward. She reaches out and starts to pull my pajama pants off and I help her to remove them. As I kneel on the bed, she puts her hand between my legs and rubs some of my juices onto her fingers and then she brings them up to her breasts and smears my juices over both of her breasts.

“Care to lick them off of me?” she asks.

I don’t hesitate one moment to take the opportunity to lick another woman’s breasts and taste my own juices. I lick her breasts hungrily, licking up my juices. When I can no longer taste anymore of my juices, I start to kiss and suck her breasts and she gently holds my head and looks down to watch me sucking her. I feel around with my hands and find her mound. I rub my hand between her legs against the fabric of her V-string and find out just how very wet she is. I grasp the front of her V-string and pull them between Ümraniye Escort Bayan her legs, tightening the material against her lips and pulling them aside. She moans through a mouthful of nipple and bites down hard on it.

I lay down on the bed and say, “Take off your panties and sit on my face.”

She complies and slips them off before scrambling up the bed to kneel with her legs on either side of my head. She lowers her pussy down to my lips and I am excited to see a tiny pair of naked lips and entrance covered in her glistening juices.

She kneels wider and opens herself more to me as I stick out my tongue and lick a glob of juice from her. She tastes wonderful and I proceed to lick her open pussy back and forward, greedily licking all her juices up. She holds on to the bed frame and watches me intently. I start to tongue her clit, rubbing back and forth, gripping it between my teeth and biting on it gently. She grinds her pussy into my face, moaning about and wanting me to make her cum.

“Why don’t you lie down on your back and spread those sexy legs for me,” I say, motioning for her to move.

Once she is in position, I slip between her legs and start to lick her again. She moans, “Finger me.”

I slide a finger into her pussy and gently push it in. She is so small and tight, but very wet. I bury it in to the knuckle and start to massage her pussy walls, trying to push further in while rubbing her clit with thumb. Her moans increase.

“Give me more!”

So I stick two and then three fingers in her pussy, ramming them in and out. My hand and fingers soaked in her juices, slap against her. She starts to moan louder so I clamp my mouth on her clit and chew on it as fast as I can as she starts to cum. Her body curls up toward me as she tries to press her pussy further down on my hand. Her orgasm comes with such force that I can see her stomach muscles spasming as her pussy walls clamp on my pumping fingers. I withdraw my soaking wet fingers and bring them to her mouth and she hungrily licks her juices from my hand.

I kiss her small breasts and rub my aching pussy against her thigh as I want to cum again. She moves slightly on the bed so that we sit with our pussies touching and start to slowly grind against each other’s clits. We are both so wet and as we move faster against one another, we can hear out pussies slapping against each other. We grasp each other until we cum in a shuddering mess, continuing to rub each other.

Kimberly moves away and kneels in front of me and Escort Ümraniye starts to lick both our juices off my pussy. She then asks, “Have you ever squirted before?”

“No,” I answer.

“Then why don’t we see if I can get you to?”

I nod and she slides off the bed and over to my dresser. Pulling the top drawer out, she rummages around and comes back to the bed with my medium sized vibrator. I almost forget how she knows about them, but I quickly remember telling her about them in a casual conversation we had once about sex toys.

She slowly inserts it inside me and turns the vibration on and twists the bottom to increase the force of the vibrations. Once it is at full, she proceeds to nibble on my clit while she twists and pulled the vibrator in and out of my pussy. I start to feel my body tense as my orgasm builds.

When it hits me, I tilt my hips up further toward her mouth, pushing my clit deeper into her face. She slows down the pumping of the vibrator and allows my orgasm to partially subside. No sooner has my spasms stop she starts on my clit again, increasing the vibrator. To my surprise I start to tense up again and this time as I cum, I feel myself dribble some juices out which Kimberly sucks up greedily.

“You’ve squirted a little,” she says smiling as she continues to try and make me cum again.

My pussy and clit start to ache and as I cum again, I watch myself squirt all over Kimberly’s face. With one squirt it comes out and she catches some of it in her mouth. As I squirt again, she catches it all and holds it in her mouth. She brings her face up to mine and transfers the juices into my mouth. It tastes sweet and feels so good that she has just done that to me.

I sit up at the top of the bed and beckon her into my arms. She sits with her back to me in my lap and I hold her close, nuzzling my mouth in her neck and shoulders. I stroke her breasts and her stomach as my hands drift down between her open legs. I cannot stop myself from touching her. She lies in my arms with my huge breasts draping toward her mouth as she takes one of my nipples in her mouth.

I can reach her pussy better and start to stroke her pussy lips, pushing them apart. I rub my thumb on her clit and finger her with two fingers. She is still very wet and my fingers slurp noisily in and out of her pussy as I finger fuck her. I pull out and quickly grab the vibrator left abandoned on the bed and turn it on. I press it to her clit and she starts to moan and I slip it down into her pussy as deep as I can and her body starts to spasm. I slow down with fucking her with the vibrator and gently massage her clit with my juice covered toy until her panting subsides.

I bring the sticky vibrator up to mouth and lick her juices clean from it. She lay in my arms, exhausted and happy. We cuddle together until we both fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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