Book 03: A Match Made – Ch. 01

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All The

Azure blue waves rolled up on the shore in their endless procession as a cool breeze washed over my sun kissed body. We had been on the beach all day. Blondie can’t get enough and who am I to argue? Not to mention, it makes my beautiful wife frisky. I know; what doesn’t make her frisky?

The sun was slowly disappearing over the horizon as I squinted, watching Kara put the finishing touches on her sand castle. I love seeing her like this: carefree. After all she’s been through the last couple of years it’s hard to believe it’s the same woman. Every day I wake up next to her I’m thankful. Yes, it’s been a long road but the payoff has been… well, incredible.

She looks up and blushes under my gaze. Isn’t she adorable? I wiggle my fingers at her and she blows me a kiss. It makes my heart skip more than a few beats. She goes back to packing sand around her moat as the tide threatens to overtake it at any moment. I lay back down on my towel and soak in the remaining sunlight.

I must have dozed off because I’m startled by giggling and a voice that says, “Mommy, Mommy, look, I found a starfish. Can I keep it? Please Mommy?” Talk about my heart skipping… it may be in my throat. This is my ‘happily ever after.’

Kara and I look at each other. There are tears. She looks at me; I look at her. She nods; I nod and smile.

“Of course you can, Mick. We can take it home and you can make something special with it for your bedroom. And soon you’ll be able to take it to show and tell.”

Brown eyes lit up.

“Thank you, Mommy Lissy.”

He threw the starfish on the sand at my feet and hurried back toward the water.

Kara looked at me and said, “It’s the first time he’s called either of us Mommy.”

I smiled, kissed my wife and say, “I know, lover. His Mommy has gone to heaven and it seems he’s finally accepted you… well, I guess us, as his Mommy. It kind of seems fitting on our honeymoon don’t you think?”

She giggled and said, “So how are we going to celebrate this special moment?” Um, you may have guessed. My slut wife was rubbing herself against my thigh. How do you not love a woman who…

“Stop that you! We’re on a public beach on these here islands.”

Her damn hands were all over me… le sigh. Giggle.

“Two words wife of mine… honey… moon.” The kiss that followed would have made Mt. Vesuvius seem like… never mind.


Hi everybody!!! Yeah, you know it’s me, Lissy. How y’all doin? I bet you’re wondering what we’ve been up to. Sheesh, let’s start by telling everyone Kara and I are married. And we have a kid. A boy actually. His name is Mick. Well no, his name is Michael Joseph Thornton-Stone. Umm… so how did this all happen? Okay, okay, it seems I have a LOT of splainin’ to do. I think I’m going to skip around some… not focus on any one thing in any particular kind of order. Is that okay with you? I have a feeling that blondie may jump in from time to time too.

Let’s start with my first visit to see Kara.

** February 1st, 2014**


Technically it wasn’t a month but the way the weeks fell today’s the day. I didn’t sleep very well Friday evening. Of course I was anxious to see my honey. Anxious for a lot of reasons, not to mention nervous. I hadn’t heard from Kara since that miserable Saturday. I’ll get to that another time. I wondered how she was doing. Since the crisis passed things had gotten back to normal – after a fashion. I’d been at work every day. Destiny had called me once to ask if I’d heard anything from Kara. I hadn’t of course, but I thought it was very sweet of her to touch base with me.

“Truth is, Lissy, I’ve felt terrible about taking you away from Kara to get something to eat. I know that’s not the trigger for all that happened. Kara was way more a mess than just that. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if she had hurt herself even more or…” An awkward, icky silence hung heavy on the phone line. We both knew what she meant.

“You know that’s being silly… but I do understand. I’m going to see her early next month. I’m anxious to see how she’s doing, how she feels about things. Us, to be specific. Although I try not to make that the sole focus.”

“Yup, I think I understand. Kara has to get well first. That’s goal one.” I felt myself nod.

And so it went. We met for lunch a couple times. Shade and I did as well. As you’d imagine, that was interesting!

“What, if anything, do you want me to do about the other two?” Her face was blank, her voice soft and serene. The question had come in a lull of our conversation and was completely out of the blue. Totally Shade.

When I’d picked my chin out of my lap I answered. “That plausible denial thing you mentioned a while back sounds pretty good don’t you think?” There was a small upturn at the corners of her mouth. It was accompanied by a nearly imperceptible nod.

“I believe I do.” I almost laughed.

I smiled as I drove. I’d fussed and fumed all morning in anxious anticipation. Being in the car was Maltepe Escort at least progress. Kitty doesn’t understand rehab. She just knows it’s been a dry desert of sexual desolation since… geezuz, how long has it been since we had been intimate? It’s probably not a good thing I don’t remember.

“Girlfriend, there’s no guarantee you and hers will get any face time today. We don’t know if they have conjugal visits. We’ll find out when we’re there. You’re going to have to keep the faith. We went through a dry patch when blondie was gone. We can do 90 days on our heads.” I laughed at myself. And squirmed in the seat. Shit… she’s not buyin’ it.

Early February sun isn’t hot at 11am but it is bright. My shades did the job. I had my Rand McNally directions on the seat next to me. I’d printed them last month and kept them. It was a drive I’d be making several times. The only variable would be the weather… I hope.

Shut up and get on with the story, you!

You again? I thought you’d asked to be reassigned.

They said I’d been bad and had to stay with you. Deal with it, princess.

I shook my head.

The miles ran on and on. You don’t care. You want to know how it went. Me – nodding.

I had my coat off and had checked my compact mirror. My eyes told the story – scared shitless. I fought back tears.

Until she came through the door. I completely lost it. I stood with my arms out and tears running down my face. The woman of my dreams had a smile on her face. She was thinner but her eyes were clear and her smile looked fabulous.

“How ya doin’ baby? It’s fantastic to see ya. I’ve missed you something awful.” I nodded. “Can I get a kiss?”

I pulled her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers. They were warm and yielding. It was just a kiss for a few years and then her tongue pushed against my lips. My heart soared and I opened my mouth. I pulled her even closer. My girl loves me!!! Angels sang. Clouds fled. Stormy oceans calmed. Tornadoes slunk into dark skies. Lava crept back up scorched hills into their home. Yeah, I know. Sowwy. It was just a kiss. So NOT!!

Dancing blues looked at me after she’d pulled away and said, “We don’t have that long, baby. We could spend it all kissing but I suppose we better talk for a while.” I stuck my tongue out. She shook her head. “Same old dorkface.”

“Your dorkface, dorkface.” She laughed, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. Yeah… that kiss!!! Yayyy.

“You’re thinner.”

“I’m fine. I’m healthy, I’m clean, and I’m getting better. How about you?”

“I love you.” I got a snort.

“If you doubt I love you you’re an idjit.” She reached into the back pocket of the pants she was wearing, pulled something out and put it in my hand. I didn’t take my eyes off of hers. “It’s the letters I’ve written you every day for the last month.” The faucets opened again.

“I’m such a piker. I think I’ve written like 5 or 6 times. And mostly I wanted to know how you were. There wasn’t much about me. I can’t believe you’ve written every day.” Kara shrugged.

“It’s sort of like journaling except it’s just you and me, Lissy. I could put my thoughts and feelings on paper for you. For me too.” Her shoulders did the shrugging thing again. “It felt right to write you with it all.”

“Can I ask how you are? How it’s been for you so far? Are you doing okay? Do they give you any feedback?”

More shrugs. “The first week wasn’t much fun but it was only a week. The hard stuff is still to come. There’s lots of way deeper digging to do. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve kept to myself for a real long time.” Kara shook her head. “Oh, I wanted to tell you. I’m not all that happy about it but they want me to go to N.A. meetings when I get outta here.” I wasn’t surprised. It had been something Shade and I talked about at our lunches.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I may find a Nar-Anon meeting. I’ve interviewed a couple of psychologists and have to pick one to work with. I need to support you in whatever comes after and I have to take care of myself.”

“Um, they don’t want us to live together or even date for a while after I’m done, baby. I don’t like it but I’ve got to trust them and their system.” Shade had given me a heads up about this too. I nodded.

“How do you feel about it? I know you said you don’t like it but… anything more?”

Blue eyes looked at me coolly. We had found chairs and were sitting knee to knee, hands in hands.

“I’m in recovery. Not just from the drugs they made me take but from all the other stuff.” She smiled that smile. “You were something new for me, ya know.” I sorta, kinda did… but I just nodded. “I’d kept everyone at arms length… except for sex of course. You were different. I wanted you… so much more than sex. I wanted everything with you.” Her eyes lowered. “Things I’d never let myself dream of… family, home, a life. Things I’d never known even as a kid.” Her mouth tightened. She looked up at me again. “I hope it’s okay that I tell you about Maltepe Escort Bayan this stuff. It’s not easy.”

“Kara, we’ll do what we have to. There’s no expiration date on love. It’s fragile. And it’s worth fighting for… working for. You’re worth it. What about the rest of it… what lies ahead for you?”

“Lots and lots of hard stuff, I guess. I’ll have to find out as the days go by.” A smile brightened her face. “I’m looking forward to it, Lissy. I want to do the work. What Alexis and Becky did to me can’t be erased. But I can be more than that me and I will. I have to be… for me!!”

“I think that’s the healthiest thing I’ve heard you say in a long time, lover. You need to get better for you first and foremost. I’ll be here for you. But you’ve got to do this for you.”

Kara nodded. “They want me to focus on me. Being me. Creating a me that’s just mine. Not a your me.” Her eyebrows scrunched. “Does that make sense?”

I smiled. “Absolutely. You have to be you before we can be us. Speaking of us… kitty wants me to tell you she’s excited to be here but… um.” Kara’s laugh was full bodied and loud.

“I do my best not to think of us between the sheets. It’s been tough for you too, huh?”

I pulled her onto my lap. I wasn’t sure how much we could do in this fishbowl of sorts. But I ran my hands under her top and cupped her breasts. Her eyes glazed and her head lolled.

“Evil, Lissy; that is really, really evil.” I kissed her quiet.

“It wasn’t me; it was kitty.” She giggled.

“You’re a sorry excuse for a girlfriend, girlfriend.”

“There’s my delicate feelings to consider, you bitch.”

“You dare call someone in recovery a bitch, bitch.”

“What do we do going forward? Can I come whenever I want?”

“Not without me you won’t, pet.”

“I so totally hate you.”

“You want to jump my bones so bad your teeth are shaking.”

“You too huh?”

The ride home was torture. I finally gave in and pulled into a rest area to give kitty some relief. It didn’t do me all that much good. But the fucking I gave myself when I got home was a game changer. Trust me on that! Eyebrows wiggling.


There were a bunch more visits over the next 2 months. It was early March when Kara told me that we could leave the grounds. I was surprised but pleased. So for several Fridays I drove down on Friday after work, stayed in a motel nearby, headed to the facility Saturday morning, picked up Kara, and spent the day together. The lovemaking was vigorous, wonderful, and pleasing to body and soul. We giggled one afternoon when I said, “Sore is way good, and way sore is way, way gooder.” We laughed for quite some time. And then we were quiet for quite some time.

** April 5th, 2014**


Kara was packed and ready to roll early. She’d called me.

“I am so ready to go. When are you coming?” I smirked.

“Hopefully about ten minutes after I pick you up.” Silence followed.

“I can’t believe I said it that way and let you get me. You stayed overnight right?” Blondie… really?

“You bet I did. Do you want to come back here before we head home?”

“Will you find a McDonald’s and get me a Big Mac, fries and a shake? I can eat it on the way to the motel and then I can have my way with you.” I shook my head.

“We can talk while you eat.”

“There will be no talking while I eat you, only moaning. Maybe some screaming.”

“I can’t believe I said it that way and let you get me like that.”

“See you soon?”

“You bet; after I quell this raging fire between my legs.”

“Don’t you dare touch yourself until we’re together, pet.” She spat that last word. I giggled.

“Yes, miss.

I dressed dangerously – no panties and no bra. I sprayed a cloud of my perfume and walked through it. Kara absolutely loved that I did that for her. What I wore was very sedate. I couldn’t calm my nerves. The rest of my life, our lives, was starting today. I wanted it to go well. Most of all – I wanted it to go well for Kara. I had my stuff to worry about but she was who had been most at risk. I worried about how she’d do when she got back to living. I worried about what she’d do when things got bad in her life. Would the demons call to her? Would she be able to resist? Did she need me to be well? What if… what if we weren’t good together any more? My god how I wanted us to be okay – but what if we couldn’t be?

Her eyes were clear and bright, her smile was fabulous as always, her hair was clean and brushed, and her kiss was soft and… oh my god! Kara hugged Janny and Janny hugged Kara. I knew there were things whispered and they kissed. It was a ‘friends’ kiss… think Kara and Destiny.

“You take good care of my girl, Lissy.” She winked as she spoke. I knew what she meant and loved her for it.

“Thank you so much, Janny. I promise you that I will. There’s work to be done and I’ll be there to help. Please thank all the others who helped so much.” I smiled and Escort Maltepe looked at Kara. “I have breakfast waiting in the car and I think Kara wants to have some.” Janny laughed.

We walked hand in hand out the door and to a bright, warmish sunlit April Saturday. I’m going with the birds singing to welcome Kara back to the world. She looked at me as she sucked on the straw of her shake and rolled the blues.

“You’re retarded,” was said with a mouthful of fries. Bitch didn’t offer me any.

“I have three children. What’s your point?”

Kara had finished the food before we had gotten to the motel. She was very proud of herself for burping long and loud as we walked from the car to the room.

As I fished for the room key in my purse I asked, “Don’t you have to go to a meeting today?” Kara nodded.

“It’s early. We’ll be here till we’re done and a two hour drive to get to my place.” She looked at me. “Is my car there?”

“Yeah, I went Thursday and cleaned like we talked about. I bought some food too… stuff I figured you’d like. Just about all of what was there had to be thrown out.”

“Yeah, okay. Anyway, I’ll have time to get a meeting in today. Are you going home after you drop me off.” I frowned.

“Please don’t say it like that. It brings back very bad memories.”

“Yeah sorry. Can we please be done talking?”

It was just like every other time we made love and oh my god so different!!

“Please take your time and love every last inch of me till I tell you to stop. And don’t you dare stop.”

** Kara **

Mmm, we’re back again, aren’t we? Have you missed me? I’ve missed you. I want to feel your naked skin against mine. Me, leaning down to embrace your kiss, sucking on your tongue, grinding my pussy onto yours. I can feel how wet you are for me. That is so fucking sexy! I love knowing how excited you get for me.

My fingers travel down your beautiful stomach, finally moving to your mound. Brushing my fingers along you, slowly, teasing you, hearing your soft moans, pleading, until I slip a single finger between your folds. You’re wet, warm, silky and so hungry for my touch that you buck up. I comply and quickly begin to finger fuck you with my middle finger. Thrusting fast and hard, you grind against my touch. Mmm, feel so good, doesn’t it?

Our lips still moving together, kissing one another as I fuck you. Your fingers dig into my back, pulling me closer, wanting me, needing me. Trust me, I need you all the more. Can’t you tell by now?

** Lissy **

The next few minutes were quiet as we kissed. Our hands were busy with pieces parts. Legs were entwined, kitties were kissing, in rapture being together again after so long apart… a whole week.

“Will you love me till we die?”

“Blondie, the rest of our days won’t be spent with both of us naked under our clothes.” She pulled up an inch and stared.

“Why not?” It was said with a bubble of a giggle underneath. “No, I know. You’ll go home and we’ll see about tomorrow. I have to get into the swing of things… a meeting today is just the first step. I can go to one in the morning and another later. I need to meet people like me.”

I fought back tears as we kissed. I was overjoyed to hear Kara talk like this. There was determination in her voice and it thrilled me. I’m sorry for spending so much time on this – but it was the first Saturday and I thought you’d want to know.

We showered after we woke up from our nap and headed home. Kara napped again for some of the drive. She fiddled with the radio for much of the rest. In between we talked some.

“What else do you have to do in the next few days?”

“Well, I need to get to as many meetings as I can. I’ll call Allen… Mr. Leland… and let him know I’ve completed my 90 days and wait to hear what he has to say.” She looked at me. “You’ve been taking care of my bills?” I nodded.

“Everything is up to date. Your funds are running low so I’m paying the mortgage.” I shrugged. “You should have enough money to take care of the rest till… whenever.” I smiled and glanced at blondie. “Let’s hope ‘whenever’ doesn’t last too, too long.”


I’d left a couple windows open a little bit to keep the condo from being too stale. We spent some time unpacking – most everything Kara had brought to rehab would go in the laundry. We spent about 30 minutes sitting out on the balcony with ice tea we’d made, talking. It was… I struggled to find the right words. Easy. Heavenly. You get the drift.

Kara walked me to my car after the not-quite-quick trip in the elevator.

“I’ll call you after my meeting when I’m home tonight.”

“Sounds perfect to me.”

“Miss me?” I spun her against my car and kissed her dizzy. She is blonde after all. Wink!

“I’ve missed you every minute of my life I haven’t spent with you.”

The woman of my dreams had the NERVE to laugh in my face.

“You’re so cute and so full of crap. I love you and love that you are.” She kissed me. Angels wept. Kitty begged.

“Kitty’s not happy we’re not spending the night together, lover.” Kara giggled.

The words were spoken in muffled tones through our kiss. “I know; they’ll get over it.”

“Fine! You have fun dealing with yours. I’ll try to keep the barbarian from storming your gate.”

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