Best Friends Turn Homosexual

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For the longest time, I have wanted to write about how I became a lesbian. I’d love to inspire like-minded women to stop fantasizing and holding back their true nature and just go for it.

My name is Michelle, I am 33 now and this story began 10 years ago, when I was just out of college and lazily searching for work, while living at home. I had dated boys in high school and men in college and never enjoyed the experience. I particularly disliked having a man fuck me. I had vibrators I played with in private and always enjoyed those more, especially holding them against my clit to make me cum.

Also, while men wanted me to suck their cocks, they never seemed very interested in giving me head, which annoyed me to no end. Finally, what kept me from dating much was that I seemed to take a more dominant role the times I had sex. This did not work for the boys and I dated.

As my dissatisfaction with men grew, I began to have increasing amounts of fantasies of sex with another woman but did not think anything would ever come of them.

My best friend Susan was ultimately the one who would accompany me on the journey that would lead us to discover men were never for us. To describe ourselves: I am 5’8, 120 32a, shoulder length blonde, green eyes. Susan is dark haired brunette, 5’2, 135, 34c, brown eyes. We are very much a study in contrasts physically, something I learn even about more the first time I saw her naked, which was that summer.

My parents went away for Memorial Day weekend. As day turned to twilight, Sue and I had a few margaritas. I noticed how full her bikini was with her bush, there was even pubic hair popping through the sides. It intrigued me, I had very little body hair and always trimmed the light blonde pubes around my slit into a tight strip.

When I asked her why she didn’t trim, Sue looked very embarrassed and told me that she had “big lips” and didn’t like them jutting out so much, so she let her hair grow out.

I told her that I’m sure her lips weren’t that big and that she must be exaggerating. She offered to go inside the cabana and prove it to me…. Drunkenly, we went inside and Sue surprised me by first removing her top. It was then I started feeling horny and my fantasies of sex with a woman surged from the back of my mind. Her tits were magnificent–so different from my own. While I am flat chested and go braless most of the time, that would never work for her. She really filled out her ‘C’ cups and her nipples were positively huge. While I had seen women naked before by playing on sports teams, I had not seen such tits like Sue’s so close.

As I sat on the bench before her, she laughed nervously as she peeled out of her bikini bottom. Her big, black bush was very full at the top of her waist and then below…her labia. They were not as big as she’d suggested but were thick. I gaped as I looked her up and down.

Sue caught my reaction and turned away “See,” she said in almost a whisper. “I told you…” I stammered back “No, no, I think you have a gorgeous body, it’s so different from mine.” As I said this, I unconsciously pulled off my top to show my flat chest. Trying to comfort my friend I said “Men don’t exactly love these either.”

Sue relaxed and said. ” I think your chest is sexy”. I explained that while I was in middle school, I shot up like a beanpole and my breasts never got big and I never got labia like hers. She told me that at that age, her pussy was like mine, then it started to grow “When I get horny, it gets even bigger,” she Anadolu Yakası Escort sighed. “I’m self conscious about it…Can I see yours?”

I slowly pulled down my bottom and it was Sue’s turn to gaze in wonder. I have hardly any labia and just the small strip of trim hair at the top. She blurted out “Wow…um…if it wasn’t for that little bit of hair, it would look like a little girl’s pussy.” I nodded and feeling even more sexy now that I was nude, pointed to can of shaving cream and a razor on the shelf, “why don’t you bring those over here?”

Sue got a weird look on her face but obliged, and stood in front of me. I reached up to her shoulders and pushed down, instantly landing on her knees. She started to fumble with her words saying..”I, I don’t know…um…” I quickly put her at ease when I responded. “Just shave me silly, so we can both see what it looks like.”

Sue took to the task and didn’t say much as she nervously giggled and in a minute, I was hairless. I was starting to boil over with lust at that point and one look at my good friend told me she was too. She was staring at my bare slit. I asked “what do you think?” Sue replied, “It looks even prettier now” I said “I’m sorry if it’s a little wet, this is making me very horny.”

She then backed away and said “Um Michelle, I shaved you but I can’t do any more…I’m not like that….” But she didn’t sound convincing at all. I reached down with my hands very firmly and took both sides of her head and pulled it between my legs, she put up no resistance. All those times I wanted my boyfriends to lick me and they weren’t into it but I thought Susan might be different and was worked up enough to guide her.

“Kiss it Susan….I said, stirring up all my own courage fueled by lust “It won’t choke you like a dick….” She couldn’t quite bring herself to follow through. I thought that it was a ‘now or never’ moment and with more force, pushed her head so that her mouth touched my vagina.

Finally, she gave my pussy a full fledged kiss and sighed loudly. In seconds, I felt my friend’s tongue start to slide up my slit. My head was spinning. Suddenly, the sexual moment I had fantasized about was happening. Not only that, but it seemed incredibly natural. Sue was licking up and down and my pussy seemed to be on fire and getting very wet.

As I looked down to see my friend in the throes of lust, decided to tease her again, calling her by her first full name. “Like having your face in another girl’s twat Susan?” I asked. Sue responded by moaning loudly into my vagina.

She alternated between thrusting her tongue into my opening and licking up and down repeatedly. I wanted her to give me that attention I’d never had from a man and reaching down to push her head in closer, heard myself say in a guttural tone “suck my clit.”

Sue quickly got the idea and placed her mouth over my clitoris and sucked gently. It made me SO wet and I felt a tingling in my belly. I was somewhat self conscious, as I didn’t know what it would feel like to have an orgasm like this. Yet Sue’s sucking was driving me quickly to the brink.

I groaned and looked down. I could see her wet face against my crotch and got a whiff of my pussy, which was soaking and the scent sweet but stronger than I’d ever smelled it before. I instinctively clamped my thighs on her head and the wav crashed over me and I exploded in orgasm, shaking and gasping. It was much more of an orgasm than I’d ever known.

When I’d caught my breath, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I looked down. Sue was panting and her face…was drenched in pussy juice. I managed to blurt out…”I came” She quickly replied…”that….was…INCREDIBLE”. We spent the next few minutes chatting about what we’d just done and that it was the most wild, beautiful sexual thing we could imagine. Soon she had to go and I had a restless night of sleep thinking that I’d just had sex with a woman.

Apparently Sue had a restless night too. Knowing my parents were away, she arrived my house and 9 a.m. the next day. I invited her in and teased her by asking if she wanted more. “GOD yes!” she answered.

We agreed that I would see about licking her too and she climbed onto my couch face up. I straddled her face and lowered my slit to her mouth, which was kissing all over in a second. I lowered my own head and got my first taste of pussy. It was much different than giving a guy head. I liked the softness of her vagina but couldn’t quite get into eating it. I stuck a finger inside her. “Wow”, I thought….now THIS is fun!”

With one hand I stuck a finger deep in her pussy and the other I started to rub her big clit in circles…This turned her on big time by the moans I heard from the other end of the couch. Sue became more fervent in licking my pussy, even putting her hands on my ass, inadvertently parting my cheeks from time to time.

I realized that my best friend was looking at my asshole, my most intimate spot, as she licked me. I became more depraved and lustful and sat my ass back, pushing her nose tightly against my anus. She moaned as she felt my ass cover her face and I sped up my fingering, remembering how my calling her names drove her wild the previous night.

“Is that what you like you slut? Your face in a girl’s ass…eating her cunt!” I screeched. I heard a solid “mmhmmm” from between my legs and let go…grinding down harder. I felt Susan start to shudder beneath me and her vagina spasmed around my fingers.

Her hips pumped back and forth as she came. When she was done, we made out for a while. We had found our groove.

Susan and I would play in either of our bedrooms for the next couple weeks, always conscious to keep the noise down when others were home. The more sex we had, the more I enjoyed our relationship. When we got a little bored, we paid a visit to a sex shop as we described it “for girl toys.”

Looking around the closest sex shop was an experience in itself. We were a little overwhelmed at first, there were so many things to look at. I soon fixated on strap ons. Susan came to the display by my side and asked “Who’s going to wear it?”

We both burst out laughing on the spot, drawing the attention of the clerk. We both KNEW I’d be the one wearing it and she’d be the one getting fucked, at least the first time.

We had some disagreement in the store as to which strap on to take home. I was advocating a very thick, pink dildo, while Susan kept saying it was “too big, too thick” and that she’d never even done a boy with a cock that big. I deliberately picked a dildo that was not cock shaped, so as not to remind ourselves of men but this was thick and she had cause for concern.

Remembering how my rough talk excited her in the bedroom, I decided to see if it would work in persuasion in this situation, finally going up to her ear and whispered. “Look you fucking slut, you have a big pussy. You can take it. After I fuck you Escort Anadolu Yakası with this big thing, it’s going to stretch you out so that your lips hang even lower in your panties and you’ll know it’s me who made them that way.”

Her face turned pale….but Susan just nodded and I got my way with the purchase choice.

Within an hour, we were both naked and I was figuring out how to strap the harness to my waist while Susan fidgeted naked on the bed.

When I looked down the first time, to see a dildo jutting from my crotch, I did a double take. It was starting to hit home that we were about to take our homosexuality to a new level. Even though I didn’t know much about lesbianism then, this just seemed more serious than the oral sex we’d be having.

I moved the tip up to Susan’s labia and got it to her opening. She instinctively pulled her legs back and I gulped, I swear I almost came on the spot from seeing her do that. It confirmed to me that we were about to have intercourse.

I started slowly moving my hips forward and I thought she would fight it more. Susan did grip at the sheets a bit in the next couple of minutes but what I remember most as I slowly opened my first pussy with a dildo, was how quiet we both were. Completely lost in concentration.

When I finally felt that I had ‘bottomed out’ in Susan’s vagina, I caught my breath and looking down at what was happening blurted out “God, I am SO gay!”

Her face just a few inches from mine, Susan enthusiastically cried back “Holy shit! SO am I!” and we locked in a magical kiss. Our relationship was clearly entering another level. I whispered in her ear “We’re both a couple of lesbians Sue and am going to fuck you now for real.” She nodded and I slowly pulled the dildo back, loving the sight of her thick lips contorting around it as I did, then sinking in as her face gave off a look of wonder and pleasure.

As I began moving dildo in and out of her pussy, I thought about how much better this experience was for me than when men had fucked me. My mind was reeling. After a minute Susan began to moan and give high pitched yips in a very feminine voice that really turned me on.

I gradually figured out how to fuck….a woman. I got my hips moving back and forth and I could tell I was doing it right when I looked to see Sue rolling her head back on occasion. I also got a much stronger whiff of her pussy and knew she was probably lubricating much more than when I fingered her cunt. We were also both starting to visibly perspire a little.

I soon recognized the sounds she makes when she was about to orgasm and it spurred me on to really bang her. I was truly experiencing an animal passion by two females of the species and didn’t want to stop.

The heat of the moment moved Sue verbally and she literally yelped out “I’m a dyke” so loud when she climaxed, I thought my neighbors would hear her.

It truly felt as if we consummated our transition to lesbianism. As we lay there afterward, I wanted to run throughout town shouting “I AM A LESBIAN,” as the sexual feelings of lust I had made me think I would now never, go back to a man.

In the days that followed I knew I had to be “out,” literally and figuratively. I cut my hair very short and moved out of my parents house because I knew my father would never accept this.

I got an apartment and luckily, a few weeks later, landed a good job. Sue would turn out to be my first girlfriend for a few years. She came over regularly and her parents were much more accepting when she told them she was homosexual. She decided to keep her hair long since it was a good compliment to my more butch look.

All of these events are completely true. Please let me know if you enjoyed reading. I may be motivated to write another story on the other, more kinky things I discovered in my early years of lesbianism.

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