Been Caught Peeking Ch. 01

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She Wears The Pants (And The Strapon) Chapter 1

It was an unusually warm night in December when Ben staggered home from the bar after a long day at the office. He worked as an editor at a large book company and while things went smoothly most days, today had not been one of those days. What really left him stressed was a phone call he had been on for most of the afternoon with an author suggesting changes that could be made to their book to help it sell better. So far, however, the author was resisting, saying that changing what Ben wanted would change the plot too much and make it hard for the readers to understand what was going on. The author had become so agitated with Ben that they had hung up the phone without resolving the problem with the book and Ben couldn’t get them to pick up the phone again. Shortly afterward, his girlfriend Samantha, or Sammy as he called her, called him and let Ben know that her friend Jessica was coming to visit and would be staying the night. He told Sammy he was alright with Jessica staying, but secretly he was furious.

In the early years of their relationship, Ben felt like he was dating both Sammy and Jessica due to them being so inseparable. Most of the time when Sammy and Ben went on dates, she tagged along with them as the third wheel. It always killed the mood for him, even though it made Sammy happy to have Jessica there so he put up with it. He was happy when Sammy and Jessica had started seeing less of each other so there could be more time for just the two of them. Jessica had always seemed like the reserved, sort of prudish type. Secretly, Ben wondered if she had ever had sex before. There was probably no chance that they would have sex while Jessica was staying over, unless Jessica was into voyeurism. The other thing that made Ben mad is the fact that Sammy just assumed he’d be alright with Jessica staying over. She was always doing things like this too! Sammy’s selfish decisions dominated their relationship and they were exactly the reason why Ben hadn’t married Sammy yet.

She did whatever she wanted so often that Ben felt like sometimes Sammy took him for granted. Did she even realize he wanted his opinion to count? Ben blamed himself for some of it: he should have said something early in their relationship to try and curb her behavior, but he hadn’t and now things were out of control. Most other days, he probably would have been fine with her behavior, but tonight Ben just wanted a night with Sammy where they could both relax and he could unwind from a long day at work. Ben tried to put the conversation out of his head and go back to work, but he didn’t get much done. By the time 5:00 came around he was more than ready to be done with work and was glad when some of his work buddies suggested he come with them for drinks at the bar.

Ben and his friends started with a round of beers, but it wasn’t very long before they were all doing shots of Jameson. Before he knew it, Ben had spent $80 and he could barely stand. When he looked at his phone again he saw it was 10:30 and he had a couple of missed calls from Sammy. He didn’t want to go home, but Ben decided it was probably best for him to do so if he wanted to make up with Sammy before they went to sleep for the night. Part of him was still made about Jessica being there, but the alcohol was helping him to feel better about that for the most part.

Back at home Sammy and Jessica were opening a bottle of wine and talking about life after college. Sammy had graduated and became a nurse and Jessica was currently enrolled in law school hoping to become a judge.

“How have you been?” asked Sammy. “It’s been three years since I’ve seen you and my job doesn’t really let me have a lot of time off. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” said Jessica. “We had a lot of fun in college and I don’t really get to do that anymore either.”

“Life is probably pretty stressful for you with all the studying you must do,” remarked Sammy.

“Yeah there’s a lot of stress and being up for long hours at night,” said Jessica. “Got to make sure I don’t let some scumbag get off on a technicality someday. I’d never forgive myself if that happened.

“You’ll be a great judge someday, don’t you worry about that,” said Sammy reassuringly. “You have great character and integrity and you’re one of the hardest working people I know.”

“Thanks girl, that means a lot,” said Jessica.

“You know, even if you screw up, that’s why they made wine,” said Sammy with a smile.

“Well geez, aren’t you such a good friend,” said Jessica sarcastically. She felt better though. It was just the kind of response she’d come to expect from Sammy and her friend never failed to help her feel better. “Sometimes I wish you were there to help me,” she said. “You always were good at making sure I didn’t lose my head and get too overwhelmed with everything.” Why did she say that? “I just mean I never Ümraniye Escort felt the pressure because I had you to lean on,” she added quickly.

Sammy understood the true meaning of the message even as she saw Jessica’s face go red, but she decided to test the waters anyway. Discussing old memories tended to bring up the feeling she had experienced with those memories. “Well, that’s because I always knew how to push all the right buttons,” she replied, resting her hand on Jessica’s arm. Sammy could feel Jessica tense up as she slid her hand down to her thigh, but that’s all the further she got.

“Looks like I hit one right now,” Sammy remarked. “Somebody’s awfully tense; have you forgotten how good this feels?”

Jessica was experience a huge internal struggle. Sober Jessica was telling her this was a bad idea, but drunk Jessica was telling her to go for it and drunk Jessica’s voice was getting louder by the minute. For now though, she decided to listen to sober Jessica.

“More wine,” Jessica shouted as she sprang up off the couch. No, she hadn’t forgotten how good that felt, but Jessica thought it was sinful to feel that way about another girl. She could feel Sammy’s eyes ogling her ass and it made her feel uneasy to have her friend staring at her like that. Jessica wasn’t sure how long she would be able to keep her friend at bay. This was exactly how things went in college, and if she was being honest, it made her uncomfortable. If she let it continue, next Sammy would be taking her over to the bed and going down on her or using their favorite toy on her. But not this time… Jessica was raised to be a devout Catholic and her parents had always told her homosexuality was a sin. Now that she was out of college, she wanted to get back in touch with her faith, and that meant repressing feelings she might have acted on before. On the other hand, it felt so good when the two of them had gotten together in college. She loved the exploration of each other’s bodies and the pleasure she got from Sammy was addicting, but after last time Jessica had decided she wouldn’t do that again with Sammy. She had decided she would commit herself to her faith. But it was so tempting… Jessica grabbed the bottle of wine and poured until her glass was full. She then tipped it back and drained half of it.

“Sammy, I’m religious now,” said Jessica, a hint of guilt in her voice. There was an uncomfortable silence as Jessica felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room.

Looking to move the conversation in a different direction, she asked, “So how are things going with Ben?” she asked, as her face flushed red.

“You know I could just take what I wanted,” said Sammy, ignoring her question. “You would like it too,” she added derisively. “I remember when that used to be part of the fun for you, when I’d turn you into my little slave.

“If that’s what you want, but that wasn’t fun for me Sammy,” said Jessica in a low voice. “That was your fantasy, and I was just being the friend and playing along with it. I was in it for those moments when we loved each other as equals-that’s why I kept coming back. We had this amazing connection and we loved each other like I’ve never experienced before.”

Jessica emptied another glass of wine and refilled her glass. Talking about that was hard and she had hoped to never mention it again, but now that she had told Sammy, maybe she could have some closure.

Sammy felt like a horrible friend. Jessica was like a sister and she had taken advantage of their bond in horrible, disgusting ways. A lot of things in college had pissed her off, and when Sammy was pissed off she often used sex as a stress reliever. At the time she hadn’t had a boyfriend, so she turned to Jessica to seek some satisfaction. Most of their sex was consensual, but there were other times where she came back to the dorm and forced herself onto Jessica. She wasn’t proud of those moments and frankly she was surprised Jessica was still friends with her after that. Until now, Sammy had always rationalized that Jessica must have enjoyed it; otherwise she wouldn’t have been friends with her still. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

“Why are you still friends with me?” Sammy asked.

“For a long time I didn’t know, but my faith has taught me that it’s better to forgive than to hold onto grudges,” Jessica answered. “Even the most horrible of sins deserve forgiveness.”Part of that was true, but part of her wanted to give Sammy a taste of her own medicine. The wine was only fueling her desires.

“I don’t deserve forgiveness for what I did to you,” said Sammy, tears forming in her eyes.

Sammy drained her own glass of wine before she finally answered her friend. “Things are going good mostly. Ben is a great guy…”

“What?” asked Jessica asked, looking confused.

“The answer to your question before,” Sammy clarified. “Things are going Ümraniye Escort Bayan good mostly. Ben is a great guy…”

“But…” said Jessica.

“But we’ve been together for seven years and we still aren’t married,” fumed Sammy. “We’ve talked about it before, but that’s all it is, just talk.”

“Sammy, Ben’s a great guy and you guys have been together forever. If he doesn’t want to get married, there’s probably something he thinks the two of you need to talk about more before he takes that step,” Jessica said.

“It sounds like you’re accusing me of something,” said Sammy. “Whose side are you on?”

“Yours, of course,” Jessica replied, placing a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. I’m not accusing you of anything; maybe it’s him with the issue. I am definitely accusing you of something, but you’re too stupid to understand it.

“But what’s the issue?” Sammy shouted.

“Maybe he has commitment issues; that’d be a little ironic, don’t you think?” said Jessica. “He commits seven years of his life to you, but he won’t commit to a lifetime with you.”

“So you are accusing me of something,” said Sammy defensively.

Jessica was getting flustered; this whole situation was spiraling out of control. She should just kiss Sammy now so she didn’t have to give her an answer. Wow, the wine was really starting to kick in. Drunk Jessica was definitely winning right now. She wanted to support her friend, but that was hard to do when Sammy didn’t want to hear that she was also part of the problem. She finished her glass of wine and took a deep breath before answering.

“Look, you’re my best friend and I love you like a sister. I’d do anything for you if you asked me to. I’m just saying that sometimes you make some decisions based on your own selfish desires and that can be a turn off to some people.”

“What decisions?” demanded Sammy.

“I think we just discussed them,” said Jessica pointedly, “but we can go over them again if you want.” That came out a little meaner than she wanted. Actually, no it didn’t.

“No thanks,” said Sammy, looking shameful again. “What about you? Are you ‘some people’?”

“No,” said Jessica in an exasperated voice. She should kiss Sammy NOW. “I love you, despite your behavior, and I told you already that I’ve made my peace with our problems. Now I’ve come to accept its part of what makes you my friend.”

“Thank you,” said Sammy in a low voice. “It’s not the nicest answer you can give me, but it’s the most honest, and that’s what I deserve now.”

“You’re welcome,” said Jessica. “Look, if this thing with Ben really bothers you, you should do something about it. Confront him. Break up with him. Not permanently, but maybe if you just separated from him for a little bit he’d realize just how special you are to him. Make him WANT you.” No going back now. With that last sentence Jessica climbed into Sammy’s lap and pulled her close and planted a long and passionate kiss on her, only breaking away only to come up for air.

“I think that’s supposed to be my move,” said Sammy in a sly voice. “Anyways, I thought you were supposed to be religious.” She gave Jessica’s ass a playful smack before resting both of her hands firmly on her backside.

“I am, and it still bothers me, but I’ve had a lot to drink so…,” said Jessica in an obvious tone of voice.

“Obviously,” agreed Sammy. So can I guess where this is going next?”

“You could, but I’d rather you just kiss me now, before I sober up and change my mind,” answered Jessica.

“Mmm, well in that case…,” and Sammy kissed Jessica

After a few minutes Sammy broke away from Jessica. “You’re right though; I should break up with him,” she mused, still bothered by her problem with Ben. “Maybe some time away from him would be a good thing. You and I could have fun with each other like we used to, you know, since you’d do anything for me.” She reached down Jessica’s pants traced her finger over Jessica’s pussy as she teased her.

“I’d like that,” said Jessica with shuddering satisfaction. I am going to hell for saying that. Sammy really knew how to get her heart racing. “Although, I only suggested you should break up with him, but I like that. Fuck men, who needs them?” Unless that man is Ben. I could treat him better than you ever have.

“Fuck men,” said Sammy with a laugh. “So tell me, have you had enough to come upstairs and let me relieve some stress on you?” asked Sammy coyly.

“What if I want to relieve some stress on you?” teased Jessica. Please let me relieve some stress on you.

“Aww, that’s cute that you think you can be in charge, but that’s never how this has gone Jessica,” Sammy said condescendingly. “I let you get away with that kiss, but that is the last thing you’ll do tonight without getting my permission.”

“What are you going to do, spank me?” Jessica retorted.

“If Escort Ümraniye there’s time,” Sammy shot back. “But for now I’m going to fuck you with our little friend. We made some good memories with that strap-on and now it’s time to make one more. When I’m through with you, you’ll be lucky if you can stand tomorrow. Who knows, you might have to stay another night to recover.”

“That would be heaven,” said Jessica, going to her bag to retrieve their toy. .I am so going to hell for saying that.

“I thought you might like that,” Sammy responded as Jessica brought her the strap-on.

Not as much as you’re going to like it when I get my chance, Jessica thought.

“You know what comes next, so get to it. I’m not giving you any lube to help you out, so make sure you get it nice and wet,” said Sammy. She rubbed her clit in excitement as she watched Jessica lube the strap-on. She felt like breaking up with Ben was the best thing that she ever did. Now she just had to tell him…

Ben staggered out of the bar and tried unsuccessfully to hail a taxi before deciding just to walk home; the fresh air would help him sober up anyway. Twenty minutes later Ben arrived back at their home and discovered that all of the lights were on, but nobody seemed to be home. He wondered whether they had also gone out before he heard a crash coming from their upstairs bedroom. The sudden noise alarmed Ben, so he went to investigate.

Ben walked quietly up the staircase and noticed the door was shut except for a small crack. Now that he was closer he could hear moaning coming from the other side. Pausing, he peeked through the crack and couldn’t believe what he saw. Sammy and Jessica were naked and Jessica was on her stomach while Sammy thrust in and out of Jessica. Ben thought Sammy looked like a goddess with her perky C-cup breasts bouncing up and down with every motion. Ben realized Sammy had to be wearing a strap on as he watched Jessica moan again in obvious pleasure. Sammy was really driving her cock into Jessica, almost like she’d done this before. Had she done this before?

Sweat was glistening off her heavenly body as she forcefully went in and out. Ben was in shock. In the seven years they had been together Sammy had never mentioned anything about owning a strap on. Watching Sammy’s perfect hourglass figure thrust into Jessica made Ben incredibly horny to his surprise. Jessica looked like she was really enjoying herself too. Her mouth formed into an ‘O’ as Sammy fucked her pussy and Ben could tell when Sammy was really making her feel good, because she would ball her hands into fists and grip the bed sheets. Maybe she wasn’t the prude that he thought she was…

Ben reached into his jeans and pulled out his cock and began stroking it in rhythm with Sammy’s thrusts. Soon his cock had grown to its full 7 inches and Ben began breathing deeply as his climax approached. Ben closed his eyes as he lost himself in the blissful feeling of his orgasm as his cum exploded from his cock and landed on the wall in front of him and also in a pool at his feet. It was the fastest he’d ever cum before. It was pretty easy to do when such a hot scene was playing out before him.

In the bedroom Jessica moaned again as Sammy thrust in her again. Just as her orgasm was approaching she opened her eyes and noticed a shadow outside the door. Someone was watching them! It seemed like such a perverted thing to do and it made Jessica uncomfortable knowing somebody was peeping through the doorway like they didn’t want to be seen. How long had they been standing there watching them? A part of Jessica wanted to be invisible to those prying eyes, but a different part of her loved the attention; it was dirty and taboo and it excited her further. A particularly hard thrust from Sammy made her push her uneasiness aside for now as her orgasm came, juices gushing and running down her legs. Her orgasm lasted a whole minute and her entire body shook in delight as she gave into those feelings of incredible satisfaction. Laying there in her post orgasm glow she remembered that they were being watched as she opened her eyes again and saw the intruder stroking himself faster now, obviously close to his own orgasm. “We’re being watched,” said Jessica, as Sammy leaned in to kiss her softly on her neck. “Somebody’s being a pervert; make them stop.” Sammy looked at the door and saw Jessica was right. “Perverts have to be punished,” she said. Even if this one is just my boyfriend Whoops, ex-boyfriend. Sammy put on her robe, pulled her blonde hair into a messy ponytail, smacked Jessica on the ass one more time, and went to the door and threw it open. There she saw Ben standing on the other side holding his cock.

Ben didn’t get to enjoy the feeling very long before the door swung open and Sammy pulled him into the room by his shirt collar. His cock was still out and semi-hard. Ben tripped and fell, still feeling quite drunk, as Sammy forced him into the room. Ben smiled up at Sammy, but his smile faded as she looked down at him with her ocean blue eyes like a predator stalking its prey. Sammy had caught him with his pants around his ankles and his hand wrapped around his cock. He wasn’t sure it this was still his greatest fantasy or his worst nightmare.

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