Auntie’s Panties Ch. 04

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Brenda sat watching the house from Hailey’s car. The house that was still her home. Her home that she hadn’t lived in for more than six months since the day that Jake’s Aunt had arrived.

They had parked discreetly but made sure that they had a good view of the house very early that morning which gave some explanation for the gently sleepy wheeze escaping rhythmically from Hailey. Brenda was far from asleep. Her mind could not rest.

Jake had contacted her earlier in the week to say that his Aunt had finally left. He almost pleaded with Brenda to come back home. For four days Brenda had sat watching carefully for signs of Jake’s Aunt. Phoebe. Other than the occasional sight of Jake on an errand or the local mail man she saw no other visitors. Most importantly there had been no sign of Phoebe.

“She can’t be there ‘Babes’,” Hailey had said, but Brenda was still not convinced and so it was only with Hailey’s encouragement that Brenda was willing to even consider going to the house.

Brenda had been so fraught that Hailey had offered to accompany her this time. “It’ll be like being on a secret mission,” Hailey said. “We’ll get him back from the evil Aunt’s clutches,” she laughed. Brenda laughed nervously. But she had no wish to be faced by Aunt Phoebe once more. Every memory of Phoebe made Brenda feel intimidated.

Brenda’s thoughts were shaken as Hailey stirred. “Hey Babes. What time is it?”

“Just after nine.”

Hailey ran her left hand across her face and drank from the water bottle that was resting in her lap. “Any sign?”



“So what?”

“So what are we doing Babes? If you haven’t seen her so far I would reckon that this mysterious Aunt has packed her bags.” Brenda just continued to stare at the house. “Hey, isn’t this why I came with you so that I could use my commando training to save the day,” Hailey said in a jocular manner.

Brenda looked over at her friend. Hailey had come to her aid when she had first made up her mind to distance herself from Jake’s intimidating relative. Had she abandoned Jake? She often asked herself that question. But it was obvious that Jake had no will against his Aunt and Brenda felt nervous in the woman’s prescience. Worried that she too would be drawn into whatever it was that Phoebe had planned.

“We can’t wait here forever I suppose.”

Hailey perked up in her seat. “Precisely. Besides, I need a pee.”

Neither of the women spoke as they approached the house. Hailey had visited the house many times in what Brenda would have seen as better times and checked over the house as she approached and could see no real difference. Although Hailey was not exactly sure what changes she was expecting, but as they approached she became nervous for some reason.

Brenda lead the way heading up the path to the front door. She peered in through the front bay window but could see nothing of any definition. She moved to the door and rang its bell. The women waited for what seemed an age and then an image, undefined due to the patterned glass, approached from within.

As the door opened Brenda felt almost faint and she felt her heart skip as Jake appeared before her. They each stood looking at each other for what seemed an age. He appeared to be slightly gaunt to Brenda’s eyes but his smile seemed genuine. Jake caught sight of Hailey and appeared taken aback by her prescience. Brenda sensed a sudden nervousness in Jake’s demeanour. Time seemed to stand still for another moment, before Hailey brushed past Brenda. “Hi Babes, I’d love to wait for an invite but I really need to use your loo.” Jake watched open mouthed as the woman brushed past him.

Jake stood to the side of the now fully opened door. “I won’t bite you know.” Brenda was still watchful. Jakes’ smile seemed watery. He seemed to be acting unnaturally. Brenda told herself she was being silly but she hesitated for another moment before stepping over the threshold back into her home.

Jake closed the door behind her which made her jump. Brenda stood in the hallway watchful and nervous. “I’ve missed you,” Jake said standing beside Brenda. Brenda only looked at him. He made no move towards her and she did not feel inclined to offer any solace herself. “Shall we wait in the lounge for Hailey?” Jake asked moving past Brenda. He opened the lounge door like a doorman at an expensive hotel, awaiting her entrance.

Brenda remained motionless. “Hailey, are you OK up there?” There was a muted acknowledgement. Brenda stood for a while longer before moving slowly towards the lounge and passed Jake in the doorway. As she passed the threshold into the lounge Brenda’s eyeline picked up movement but her reactions were too slow as her arms were held firm behind her to prevent her from truly struggling. Scared now Brenda attempted to wriggle free from her captors but as she planned a fruitless escape her face was covered by a heavy scented cloth. Pressed hard to her airways Brenda had no other option Kadıköy Escort but to breathe in the vapour and in doing so lost her battle for instant freedom.

Brenda’s eyes slowly opened. Her mind was dull. She had no sense of time or place. She blinked her eyes a few times in a bid to focus her vision in the darkness of the room. She gathered that she was lying on a bed of some description. She slowly raised her groggy head from the pillow and positioned herself to sit on the edge of the bed. As she bowed her head she realised that she was wearing a necklace. Brenda was not one for jewellery and raised her hand to touch the article. The darkness made it difficult to get any definition of the article but could feel that the necklace contained some kind of jewel or pendant. She was more than aware that she had not been wearing a necklace when she had entered the house.

As she held the weight of the jewel in her hands she felt a sudden warmth building within her abdomen. Brenda immediately released the pendant from her hands and sat feeling strangely aroused and ashamed. She reached to her neck and ran her hands over the necklace, but could find no release catch.

As Brenda’s mind cleared she generally checked her naked arms and limbs for wounds. Brenda let out a despairing cry as she noticed that each of her nipples had been pierced. She slowly placed each of her hands onto her breasts and ran her fingers over what appeared to be tiny bar shapes that appeared to be driven through each of her nipples. Brenda gave a tug at one of the bars but as with the necklace there appeared to be no way of removing the object. She tugged again on one of the bars and suddenly felt herself becoming aroused again. The necklace seemed to warm against her chest and she could feel a dampness between her thighs and immediately stopped playing with her new attachments.

Brenda’s mind and body were battling with each other. Confusion and desire. She bowed her head gathering her thoughts but subconsciously her left hand moved towards her mound. Another gasp left her lips as she felt a new sensation as she ran her hand across the shaven area, withdrawing it instantly. But she returned her hand to the newly shaven skin and felt herself shudder pleasurably. Again Brenda felt revolted by her body’s reactions. Brenda’s mind was now very troubled. She was in no way comfortable for her pussy to have been shaved. She had always associated women who shaved themselves ‘there’ as porn stars or prostitutes. Who would have done such a thing to her?

Slowly Brenda stood up and walked toward the only door in the room. Her efforts to open it failed. The door was clearly locked. It was only as she moved that she felt a tightness within her vagina which strangely aroused her. Brenda’s could feel her fearful mind slowly losing a battle of wills. Subconsciously she parted her pussy lips and slowly ran her finger over her gash and located a solid lump. It felt metallic and seemed to be shaped similar to the bars that were now part of her nipples. She felt for her clit again and caused her senses to react. Another shudder passed through her and she felt more moisture on her hands. Brenda shamefully removed her fingers and rubbed them dry on her thigh. She moved back into the room and began to cry.

Brenda’s tear stained face turned towards the door as she heard it being unlocked but her heart sank as Phoebe entered the room. An outside light switch brought light into the room. Brenda instinctively covered her body with her hands and arms. Phoebe strode purposefully into the room wearing a black skirted business suit, her hair cascading over her shoulders. She set her eyes on Brenda. “Welcome my dear.”

Brenda sank back into an adjacent wall. Two other women entered the room behind Phoebe dressed in matching smart attire of white silk blouse and knee length black pencil skirt.

“I hope you rested well?” Brenda said nothing. She watched as one of the women began to cover the mattress surface with a plastic sheet. The other placed a bowl on the floor next to the bed before helping with re-dressing the mattress.

“How are you feeling my dear?” Brenda’s eyes darted around the room looking for an escape route or some way by which she could protect herself, but there was only one exit and there was also little furniture in the room to hide behind. “We thought after your nap that you might like to freshen up. It made sense that we kept you sedated whilst we enhanced your appearance. It probably would have been quite painful, don’t you agree?”

“You did this to me? ”

“Well, not me personally. My girls did all of the work. Tania seems to have a certain skill in that department. Or maybe she just likes to play with tits and clits. I’m not sure. Do you like playing with tits and clits Brenda?”

Brenda made to protest but felt a rush of warmth spread through her. She struggled against the emotion. Her nipples and clit suddenly felt Kadıköy Escort Bayan like they were on fire. Brenda began to gasp uncontrollably. Her eyes closed as she rode a building orgasm.

“I see that your new toys are having the required effect. And, by your reaction, you really do want to play with other women’s clits. Isn’t it wonderful how your lovely toys excite your mind and body. And as for your soul…….. Well, let us just say that will be mine soon enough as well. Your emotions will always give you away in future now my dear. That’s the wonder of your new toys. You will become such a wonderfully accepting person within a fairly short time I’m sure.”

“What have you done to me? I never asked for this.” Brenda whimpered. “I’ll report you to the police.”

“Oh I don’t think you will you silly girl. You might want to at the moment but once we have finished you will wonder why you ever bothered your tiny mind with such things. You will do whatever I tell you. Which will be to serve me.”

Brenda’s face took on a look of concern. “What does that mean?”

“It means that once we have finished your conditioning you will not be so keen with the trifles of life. You will be concerned with serving me or whoever I need you to serve. In fact you will be thanking me for your presents as you begin to fully experience life as one of my slaves.”

“You’re mad.”

“Am I? We shall see when you are meeting my many demands without question. You’re little friend has been very committed in her tuition. In fact I’ve even learnt a thing or two. It was very good of you to bring her along. Such a bonus.”

Brenda’s mind raced and her eyes widened. Looking straight at Phoebe she said “What the fuck have you done to Hailey?” Phoebe laughed loudly.

Brenda took her eyes from Phoebe for a moment and noticed that the women had stopped their work and they now stood head bowed at the opposite side of the bed to Phoebe. “I asked you a question!”

Phoebe did not respond directly but she returned her look to Brenda and smiled. Brenda could sense the menace in Phoebe’s eyes and drew nearer to the wall. Phoebe moved closer and Brenda could smell the woman’s musk. It pricked her senses and she began to feel herself becoming sexually excited once more. Her clit itched to be rubbed. Brenda tried to drive the thought from her mind.

“Your clit’s on fire isn’t it? I can tell. I love watching my girls convert. It’s so sweet watching as you fight the inevitable.” Brenda moaned quietly. “You see you’re defenceless. That necklace your wearing is connected in some way to your little toys. It’s something to do with sonics and nerve endings. Don’t ask me the science. I had it explained to me once but to be honest I care only that very shortly your mind and body will be mine. Won’t that be nice for you.”

Brenda just lay breathing raggedly against the wall. Tears began to roll down her face once more. Her head ached. She could feel her body pulsing uncontrollably. The harder she tried to block unnatural images of desire the more her head hurt. She knew she would not be able to keep up her resistance for long.

Phoebe crouched in front of Brenda and brushed aside her limp arms. She gently ran her right hand over Brenda’s left breast before gently tweaking at the nipple. Brenda whimpered again and her right hand instinctively fell towards her mound. Phoebe tweaked at Brenda’s left nipple again. “Leave…me……alone…… you………….bitch!”

Brenda’s right hand was restless against her opening.

Phoebe returned to an upright position. She smiled a winning smile, but Brenda was too far removed to witness it. “As I said my dear, life’s trifles will no longer bother you. Your only concerns will be dictated by me. Although I will be expecting you to do the oral work from now on.”

Phoebe turned to Tania and issued her instruction. “Position her on the bed.”

Tania and Anna took hold of Brenda’s arms. Brenda attempted to struggle free and managed to get one arm free before she once again felt her senses overcome and she fell into the arms of the two women.

Brenda was laid onto the plastic sheeting by Tania and Anna who took it in turn to firmly attach each of her ankles and wrists to the ends of the bed with ribbons of black silk. Phoebe was always conscious of not scarring her girls as she broke them and had learned long ago that silk left no mark.

Brenda began to mutter words of protest. But her words were cut as she felt her mouth invaded. Her eyes flew open but she could not close her mouth in time to prevent Phoebe placing a rubber ball gag into her mouth. Brenda shook her head but her protests proved futile as Phoebe fastened the gag firmly in place over her head.

“This will be good practice. I have many men friends who will enjoy you sucking on their cocks in the coming months.”

Brenda’s eyes welled with tears at the uncomfortable invasion of Escort Kadıköy her mouth. But Phoebe’s words had resonated with her invasion and she could feel herself building again towards orgasm. Phoebe lent over the bed and looked down upon Brenda. “It won’t be long now. If you just accept it things will be so much easier.” Brenda did not respond but shifted restlessly as her body began to ignite with desire. “However, unfortunately I must leave you for a little while my dear as I have some other business to attend to. Hailey is such a thirsty little thing. I hate to disappoint her. And you really have made me quite wet.”

Phoebe paused as she headed to the door “You may begin,” she said openly to the two unbound women.

“Yes mistress,” Anna replied.

Anna reached into the bowl and produced a sponge which quickly lathered as she gave it a gentle squeeze. She began to slowly douse Brenda’s body with the warm soapy water, ensuring that she moved the sponge over Brenda’s newly shaved mound allowing the warm water to run over the folds of Brenda’s pussy lips making her twitch. Anna returned the sponge to the bowl and repeated the process, but this time extended the sponge over the length of Brenda’s cunt applying a little pressure as she did so. Brenda writhed on the bed as Anna’s ministrations began to excite her senses. Brenda’s mind was awash with sexual images as Anna continued to run the soapy water along her abdomen and lower limbs.

Brenda began to sink slowly into her emotions when she was suddenly jolted by the touch of hands on her bare breasts. Her eyes opened sleepily and saw Tania leaning over the bed and kneading at her flesh. Brenda watched on as an orgasm continued to build within her as Tania continued to play with her breasts pulling and teasing her nipples. Tania lowered her head to flick at Brenda’s right nipple with her tongue playfully pulling at the bar in Brenda’s nipple and Brenda lost control of her will power and protest was replaced by wanting. She pulled on the ties that bound her wrists and ankles as Tania excited her senses further until she could take no more and fell into unconsciousness.

Brenda’s sleep was restless. Her mind struggled with sense and emotion. Her stable mind would have told her to pinch herself back to reality. But her bonds prevented this and her mind became more addled and subdued by her heightened sexual desire. But of a desire that Brenda found highly unnerving. Even with the ball gag in her mouth she found her desires were mostly for sex with women. And as much as she battled against the images in her mind her body betrayed her so badly. With each memory of the way that Tania and Anna had manipulated her, her body began to rage with arousal.

She eagerly wanted to run her hands over herself and especially to feel how wet she must now be between her thighs. And yet, was that true? A part of her questioned that need. She’d never played with herself like that before. It wasn’t natural. Not natural. Not. Hot. She felt hot. So hot. Brenda began to writhe again against her restraints and as she did she felt a force holding back the struggles of her legs.

Brenda froze. She could feel hands caressing along her legs. The darkness of the room prevented good vision. Was she still dreaming? The hands moved upwards again from her ankles and onto her thighs. Stroking slowly and teasingly. Soft, coaxing strokes as if to a pet. ‘Am I pet?’ she randomly thought. She bit hard into her gag as her clit bar was alerted to a light brushing by a finger nail. Just enough to heighten her sex again.

Brenda was now sure she was awake, but dreams and reality were rapidly merging as her body and mind were lost to sexual wanting. She had no way back.

Again she felt a pull on her clit bar and again she reacted by bucking and writhing against her restraints and her restrainer. Her gymnastics knew new bounds though when she felt the heat of breath on her cunt. Hands now rested on her inner thighs, spreading them and exposing her. A new sensation shot through Brenda as she felt the sudden damp feel of her attacker’s tongue against her own now very damp slit. Moans and mewlings escaped from Brenda’s mouth which surprised and excited her in equal measure and she embraced each of these new sounds and experiences as they were shaped and formed by an expert handler. Brenda pressed her cunt hard into the mouth of her attacker, wanting more. Her attacker responded by shifting hands onto Brenda’s buttocks and drinking from her cunt like a normal person would drink from a cup.

Brenda pulled hard on her restraints with her hands. Not to escape, but to enhance her positioning of this expert manipulator of her sex. And then the mouth was gone.

Brenda sighed at the sudden release before three fingers were plunged deep within her cunt and slowly began to fuck her sex. No sooner had she come to terms with this invasion than she felt the rabid mouth return kissing and licking at her abdomen which fell and rose in a ragged manner. As the fingers intensified their fucking rhythm in her cunt the mouth made its way slowly up Brenda’s rib cage, planting tender kisses onto her body. Brenda was rapidly reaching another orgasm as the mouth made its way to her left breast and began to kiss and lick at her ample mounds.

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