Another Visit!

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Back in Glasgow I was kept busy between working different hours at the restaurant and my school work. What time I had off I spent studying and still managed to keep up a correspondence with Emma. I could go dancing on the weekends, so getting dates was not a problem, keeping them was because of my busy schedule.

In her letters Emma was still telling me about her supposed dreams, in which she would be explicit, and pressing me to tell her what excited me. “Did I love her Soosi more than her Robbie?” “What more could she do to please me” and so on. She even asked my opinion on what I liked her to wear. I had a good idea from the pictures she had shown me what excited her, so I told her I liked the more sensuous materials like silks and satins, nice nylons and underwear that accentuated her figure.

My replies were obviously what she wanted to hear. Reading between the lines I could sense she was excited. For me it was so much easier to say those things in a letter than to her face.

She asked me when she could come to the city for another visit. I finally agreed and gave her a date for a weekend in the beginning of November.

A few days later I got her reply, telling me she had managed to book the cabin for that weekend, and as before would come up on that Friday evening and meet me at the restaurant.

Now I had no steady boyfriend, so the only thing to worry about was my landlady. I told her I was spending the weekend staying with a friend in residence to study. She didn’t have a phone, not many people did in those days, so it wasn’t like mother or my aunt might phone. I felt a little more secure as a result and was looking forward to Emma’s visit.

I fantasized about how I could please her, how we could please one another. I was getting bolder as I recalled what we had done before and liking it. Even Jennifer’s love making had been tame compared to hers. I got so much more pleasure from the encouragement Emma gave me by wanting me to take the initiative. These thoughts would excite me; I was masturbating daily, thinking of her and I together. My orgasms were strong and powerful, and I’d wonder how many other women did what we had done.

Occasionally I would have my doubts again. The fear of being found out, being caught in a lie, how could I talk my way out of it? If Emma was to accuse me of something what could she say? I raped her, took advantage of her friendship and forced myself on her, was I sick? Did other people do these things? From the pictures and magazines she’d showed me it certainly seemed like a Anadolu Yakası Escort lot of people engaged in these kinds of activities, still in a way it didn’t seem possible.

At the dances it was almost always men dancing with women, although occasionally women would get up and dance with another, but they would be friends. There was also an occasional dance called a ‘ladies choice’, where women could ask a man to dance, but I never saw a woman ask another woman.

Of course I knew about lesbians, I thought you could always tell them as they would have short hair like a man’s and they wore a man’s clothes. At least that was my thinking at the time. It never dawned on me that lesbians could also be normal, that you couldn’t tell them from straight women.

On the Friday she arrived I had to work till 8 o’clock, and she arrived just a few minutes before my shift ended. We greeted each other casually, the way any Aunt and Niece would. My cover story to others was that she was to take me to visit relatives in a nearby town for a family function.

I got my coat and we left and walked to her car, then she drove to the same bar as before to have a drink. We found seats at a table along a wall where we had a good view of the room and the people there. As it was Friday evening it was quite crowded, someone was playing the piano and there was the usual hubbub from the crowd. It was very smoky and dim which was to be expected, that gave the place a kind of seductive atmosphere.

We had taken our coats off. I was surprised at Emma as under hers she was wearing a black peasant or Gypsy style blouse with the wide collar and small sleeves, just enough to hold it on her shoulders, a red wide flared skirt, black stockings and boots with about 3 inch heels.

My mind was on what was to happen later. I was getting aroused thinking about it, and the way she was dressed added to my excitement.

She told me I looked good, and how glad she was we could have the weekend together. She got up to go to the bathroom and as she walked away from me I saw the seams on the back of her nylons were perfectly straight, disappearing up under the hem of her skirt towards the delights to be had there. By her normal dress habits, this was particularly erotic for her

I didn’t want to appear anxious. I tried to be nonchalant about it enjoying my drinks and the atmosphere. Time just seemed to creep by; till finally it was closing time and we had to leave.

I had quite a buzz on and walking to her car took her Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan arm. She unlocked the door for me to get in, then went round and let herself in behind the wheel.

I whispered to her, “Glad you came.”

Oh Rosalyn do you mean that,” she relied, “I do love you and want to please you so much.” There was much emotion in her voice as she said it.

Once inside the cabin we hung up our coats and turned to look at each other. She looked frightened or lost for a moment, standing there waiting for me to say or do something. What she was wearing made her look slimmer I thought, the pale of her skin broken up by the gold chain resting on her boobs. She was smiling at me with her eyes, waiting for me to say or do something.

I reached out and placed my hands on her tits, they were so soft and curvaceous, just the look of them excited me, never mind touching them. I wanted to see what else she was wearing, what it was that made her look so good. Taking her blouse off, I saw the skimpiest bra housing her big breasts, the aureoles of her nipples showing with the nipple themselves just visible under the thin lace of the cups.

Now I undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. It took my breath away for a moment. Standing there I saw she had on a waist cincher, sexy French knickers, stockings and shoes all in black. I was feeling good; her weeks of brainwashing me through her letters as well as the drinks no doubt helped me lose some of my inhibitions.

I wasn’t sure what to do next other than to feel her tits, she had a strange look on her face standing there waiting for me to take over. I pulled her knickers down and told her to take them off. I saw the look of surprise on her face as she liked me to rub her through them first.

I pushed her back till her legs hit the bed and she sat down hard, I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her and placing a hand on each knee pusher her legs wide apart. I sank back on my heels and just looked at her pussy; it was so dark and hairy. She went to close her legs and I pushed them open again, I knew my staring at it like that was embarrassing for her.

She leaned back and I watched her pussy start to open up like a flower as her excitement grew, and slippery fluid began to ooze out of her body. If the visual wasn’t enough I could smell it, the scent of her arousal erased all doubt she was finding this very sexy and erotic.

My excitement began to boil over; I dipped my finger into her juices and rimmed Escort Anadolu Yakası her pussy lips before bringing it to my mouth and tasting it. Smiling up at her I saw the excitement on her face, her lips tight as first a whimper then a moan escaped them. Leaning back on the bed she brought her arse closer to the edge, I now inserted a finger deep into her pussy, then two more to feel the slipperiness of the folds of flesh. I raised my fingers to her mouth, she closed her eyes and tasted herself and moaned in ecstasy.

I inserted my fingers inside her again then followed it with my thumb; her juices were thick and flowing now. I brought the tip of my thumb to the tips of my fingers to insert in her vagina. It took some pressure but finally my knuckle slid past her pubic bone to bury my hand deep inside her pussy.

She laid flat on her back now, gasping and moaning as I rotated my hand and wiggled my fingers inside her, bringing her to climax easily and quickly. Gripping her own tits hard she was almost screaming as she convulsed from the adrenalin surging through her body.

I was almost creaming myself by now, I removed my hand with a plop and quickly removed my own knickers, got up on the bed and turning straddled her face. In a few minutes we had positioned ourselves into a 69, each enjoying the giving and receiving of oral pleasure. It was an amazing erotic experience.

After we lay side by side calming down I put my hand on her head to bring her face round to look at me and asked her, “Do you love me?”

“Yes” she whispered looking into my eyes.

“And you want to please me?”

“Oh yes so much.”

Suddenly a thought had popped into my head for no reason, in school female teachers were always addressed as Miss, yes Miss, no Miss, three bags full Miss. “From now on you must call me Miss” I said.

She was looking up at me with a look of bewilderment on her face; her eyes appeared to be watery. “Yes Miss” she whispered.

She had often said she would please me any way I wanted, now was the time to find out if she meant it. The adrenalin was high in me but I felt in no rush, she was mine now.

We continued to make love well into the night before falling asleep in each others arms. I awoke amazingly refreshed considering what I had to drink the night before, Emma was waking up too. I was still in my garter and stockings and she in her waist cincher and stockings. We kissed and got into the 69 position for some more licking. We were both smelly but we didn’t care, it still tasted good.

Nature was calling so we had to break it off and go for a pee. The relief itself felt so good. Emma ran the water for a bath and we got in and soaked for a while, we must have been in the tub for over half an hour. Finally Emma got on her knees and bathed me first, then herself, before we got out and dried off ready to spend the day together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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