And Megan Makes Three Ch. 2

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Here was Megan, in our bed. The cute 20-year old, the wannabe lesbian, a les virgin until this evening, totally naked in our bed. The sexy little babe, who had only read about things girls did to other girls, had just experienced her first time with another woman, and she loved it. Yes, here was sweet little Megan, in our bed.

The three of us were totally naked, Linda and Megan on their backs, with little old me sandwiched between them, on my tummy. The silence in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I wondered what Megan would say about all the evening’s activities. I feigned sleep, but opened my eyelids just wide enough to study her pert breasts, almost conically shaped, her nipples now more awake than they had ever been, pointing skyward, pink and hard, just waiting there to be laved or sucked.

Megan was the first to break the eerie silence. She giggled. “BethAnne, you little stinker, you made me cum!”

I laughed. Before I could reply, Linda chimed in. “That makes two of us. She obviously has no morals, Miss Megan.”

I quickly retorted, “Well, isn’t it nice of you two goody-twoshoes to get on my case. I didn’t hear either of you begging for me to stop.”

Our laughter filled the room. The three of us were so happy together. I was so glad we had invited Megan over.

Behind me, Linda rolled over on her side, her right elbow pressed into the pillow, her head resting on her hand. From her vantage point, she had a nice view of my upturned buns and the front of Megan’s naked body. Nonchalantly, she ran her left hand over my ass, scratching it lightly with her fingernails, raising goose- bumps wherever she touched.

Megan’s eyes were closed in reverie. She was half-smiling, like a cat who had just stolen the cream. “It was even more than I expected,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Really?” I asked.

She sighed. “I came three times, BethAnne. In waves. Two big ones and a little one. Then lots of tingles. It was wonderful!”

“She’s multi-orgasmic!” Linda giggled.

“Every lesbian’s dream,” I quipped.

Megan’s face turned a bright red. “That never happened before. Honestly. I was so turned on! BethAnne seemed to know just where all my special love-spots were. It was just amazing!”

I reached over her body and let my left hand drop languidly to her abdomen, then lightly soothed the baby-soft skin just above the dark forest of curls with my fingertips. “Mmm. That feels good,” she cooed.

I leaned in close to her ear. “I thought you were a little hottie from the first day I met you. I liked the way you looked in those short skirts. More than once I tried to see what was up there, like when you crossed your legs, but you were always too careful, you stinker.”

Linda’s fingertips found my ass crease and moved back and forth just inside the crevice, just as mine lightly brushed across the top of Megan’s curls. I knew Linda was watching what I was doing, the little voyeur.

Megan laughed. “I didn’t know girls looked up other girls’ skirts. Shame on you!”

“Well, I only tried to look up yours. Unfortunately, I was singularly unsuccessful in my mission.”

“Now that I know where your interests lie, I may have to give you a show now and then. I mean you’ve already seen everything there is to see, so there is no reason to hide anything from you now.”

It was my turn to laugh. “You better not turn me on at work, young lady, or I just might throw you over a desk and have my way with you.”

I slowly twirled my middle and index fingers inside the forest of Megan’s pussy hairs, gathering the hair between the two fingers and straightening the curls out before letting them return to their normal shape.

“Are you trying to turn me on again?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I replied, blowing warm air into her ear. “Would that upset you?”

“Never answer a question with a question,” she quipped.

“Do you have time to stay and get turned on again?” I asked, ignoring her suggestion regarding the answering of a question with a question.

“I think she should stay the night,” interrupted Linda.

Megan’s eyes opened wide. She obviously liked the suggestion. “What should I tell my husband?” she asked.

Linda thought for a brief second. “Tell him you are too tipsy to drive.”

Megan laughed. “And too horny to leave either of you.”

Linda turned and grabbed the cordless phone from its cradle, then handed it to Megan. The keypads lit up automatically when she turned it on, and Megan dialed the number. “Hi Gregg, it’s me. I’m still over BethAnne and Linda’s house. Would you mind if I stayed the night here? A few glasses of wine did me in.”

I blew more warm air into Megan’s ear and she turned her head toward me long enough to give me one of those exasperated if-you-keep-doing-that-I’m-going-to- knock-your-lights-out looks. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hold back the smile that followed. Emboldened by her smile, I grasped a whole handful of her pussy hair and squeezed Kadıköy Escort it.

“Omigod!” she gasped.

It was obvious that Gregg had asked her what in the world was going on. “Oh, nothing,” she replied, “we were just watching a scary movie and I thought I saw a ghost.”

Smart girl, this Megan. Quick on her feet. I liked that.

Gregg gave her permission to stay and she ended the call with a soft, “I love you, sweetie.” She handed the phone back to Linda and said, “Now he can jerk off for the rest of the evening.”

We all laughed. She was so cute I could hardly believe it. “And you, you little shit,” she said, turning her head toward me, “I was trying to concentrate on talking to Gregg and you…”

I squeezed the hairs again, interrupting her. “Who, me?”

Her eyes closed once more and she cocked her head to the side, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. “You better not do that,” she whispered huskily.

“No?” I asked.

She took a deep breath, then let it out slowly. “You might awaken a sleeping tigress,” she said.

“Then I’ll just have to suffer the consequences,” I said as my hand moved between her slightly opened legs. My middle finger searched the already moistened folds of her pussy for the source of the wetness.

Simultaneously, one of Linda’s fingers found my rosebud, circled it, then entered my rectum easily. I gasped loudly into Megan’s ear, scaring her.

“Are you okay?” she asked excitedly.

I half-chuckled to myself. “Well, about as okay as anyone can be with someone’s finger in their butt.”

Megan’s eyes opened wide, a look a pure astonishment on her face. She raised her head up just far enough to see Linda’s busy hand at the base of my buns. “Omigod, you’re serious!” she blurted. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It only hurts when I laugh,” I said. Then I started laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

Megan couldn’t believe it. “I read about that kind of thing in one of those books, but I never knew it really happened,” she said.

Linda’s finger wormed its way more deeply into me. She leaned hard into me, her breasts pressing into my back. My laughter suddenly turned to moans of pleasure, and Megan knew I was really enjoying what was happening. When Linda started moving her finger in and out, I couldn’t suppress my pleasure. I let out a long, happy sigh.

I decided to get brave. “Would you like to try it?” I asked.

She shot a quick you’re-really-serious, aren’t-you glance in my direction. I could see her mind racing behind her cute little puppy-dog eyes. “Maybe,” she replied sexily.

I looked at her face, now flushed with embarrassment. “Maybe yes, or maybe no?”

There was a long, pregnant pause. She took a deep breath, then let it out. “Maybe yes, but be gentle,” she whispered.

I didn’t want to wait for her to change her mind. “Roll over on your tummy,” I said in a firm voice.

Still red-faced, she turned over, presenting Linda and I with a view of the most delectable pair of buns one could ever imagine. As Linda took her finger from its warm sheath, I moved over Megan’s body, settling in to her left side. Linda took my place on her right side. It was Megan’s turn to be the inside of a three-woman sandwich.

We both moved lower along Megan’s body until our heads were just above the pretty girl’s hips. I looked into Linda’s eyes and smiled. “She wants to try it,” I said.

“We shouldn’t deny her,” said Linda, grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

Our hands moved simultaneously to Megan’s sweet derriere. We staked our claims to our respective territories immediately, each of us kneading the soft flesh of the split pumpkin nearest us. Megan moaned in delight. “She seems to like it so far,” I said.

A thin bead of sweat formed on Linda’s brow. She was really getting worked up for this. “Must be beginner’s luck,” she replied.

We each grabbed a handful of ass flesh as we listened to Megan’s sighs and groans. It was music to our ears, goading us on. “Let’s check the target area,” I suggested. We each moved our hands to the lower part of Megan’s bum. As if on cue, we each pried the two halves apart, immediately exposing the cute, puckered circle of her anus.

“Nice,” I whispered, staring at the crinkled opening.

“Very nice,” husked Linda, enjoying the same view.

“Omigod!” cried Megan, realizing exactly what was happening. “I’ve never felt so exposed!”

“No use being shy now,” I said in a soft, soothing voice. “Just relax and enjoy.”

“I’m so nervous…” she gasped, her voice trailing into the void of the semi- darkened room.

“We can stop, if you don’t want us to do this,” I said.

“If you stop now,” said the young cutie, “the police will be questioning me tomorrow about the two dead people in this room!” She folded her arms on top of the pillow and rested her head on her forearm.

She was putty in our hands. I had the feeling she would do anything we wanted her Kadıköy Escort Bayan to do. “Relax and enjoy,” I whispered. “Open your legs a bit more.”

Megan opened her legs just wide enough for me to insinuate my hand between them. Her pussy, at least the outside of it, was warm and wet. My finger, sliding easily between the folds, into the slit, quickly discovered a veritable lake of creamy moisture. I quickly gathered copious amounts of her juices on my middle finger, then slowly brought the glistening finger to her tiny anus. Megan gasped when my moisture-laden finger coated her nether opening with a sufficient amount of lubrication to prepare her for the coming invasion. Linda sat back and watched as I circled the rosebud, teasing it. Megan’s whole body shivered at the touch. Her hands grasped the pillow tightly at my first, tentative entrance into her virgin asshole.

She suddenly tightened. “Easy,” I whispered. “Just let it happen, babe.”

I felt Megan relax. Her body slumped into the bed as I eased just the tip of my middle finger into her anus. She gasped out loud. I pressed a bit harder against the pliable entrance, then felt the portal give way. I held my finger there, barely inside her, letting her grow accustomed to this new feeling.

“Oh, yes! I like that!” she exclaimed.

Emboldened by her obvious excitement, I wiggled my finger ever so slightly. She gasped again, more loudly. I pushed in more, feeling her anus grip my invading finger as it moved further inside. I held the position again, waiting for her to relax. The next slow movement brought the invasion to the first knuckle. I wiggled it gently. Megan grunted, then sighed softly. I felt her relax completely, and used the opportunity to gain more ground. When I reached my second knuckle, I stopped again, savoring the tight feeling around my finger.

“She’s a natural,” I said to Linda in a thick, lust-filled voice.

“I want a turn,” she replied.

Begrudgingly, I removed my finger to give Linda her opportunity to feel the no longer virgin entrance. I watched her hand disappear between Megan’s legs just as I moved further up the young girl’s body, pressing my breasts into her back and gently kissing the nape of her neck. At her first loud moan, I knew that Linda had entered her, and I squeezed her shoulder with my hand to comfort her. She was breathing heavier now, growing more excited by the minute with this new, wonderful feeling.

Megan gasped one more time, the loudest yet. “In the to the hilt!” exclaimed Linda.

“WOW!” cried Megan. I kissed Megan’s face, all over it, from her chin to her forehead, as Linda began a slow in and out finger movement that drew unintelligible guttural sounds from deep in Megan’s throat. “What a beautiful feeling!” she continued. “Oh, that is soooooooooo nice!”

Linda did Megan’s ass for the better part of ten minutes, leaving the poor girl in a sinking, silent heap on the soft mattress.

I turned my head toward Linda. “Should we teach her some more?” I asked.

Before Linda was able to reply, Megan gasped, “There’s more?”

“Even nicer feelings,” I whispered into her ear.

“Show her,” said Linda.

I didn’t need a lot of coaxing. Megan was as hot as firecracker, and I wanted to be the first watch her explode. I trailed a sea of kisses along the length of her spine, stopping only long enough on my journey plant two long, sweet, passionate kisses on each delightful bun. Linda removed her finger from Megan’s asshole and leaned back, watching my mouth disappear between the cheeks. At the first touch of the tip of my tongue to already beleaguered target, Megan’s hips rose from the bed and she let out a long “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

“Must have struck a nerve,” quipped Linda.

I was too involved in my endeavor to reply. I circled the nubbin with the tip of my tongue, over and over, as Megan bucked her hips and groaned more loudly with each exquisite touch. It was the first rimming of her young life, but I had the feeling it would not be her last. Reflexively, she moved her right hand underneath her body, between her legs, and started tweaking her own clit. Her breaths were coming in short gasps now, interspersed with more unintelligible sounds. Suddenly I split the tight portal in half, forcing my tongue inside as far as I could get it. It wasn’t inside her more than twenty seconds when it happened—she didn’t just come, she literally exploded. Grunts and groans. Loud gasps. Long, labored breaths. Her whole body twitching. Her hand tightly gripping the pillow. It had to have been the most intense orgasms of her young life.

I withdrew my tongue slowly, letting her savor the feeling. She came down slowly, wordlessly, almost breathlessly. Linda scratched her back lightly while I adorned each side of her split pumpkin with soft, tender kisses. Finally, she turned over, her face totally flushed, with a wide smile on face.

“Unfuckingbelievable,” she sighed. Her smile lit up the room.

Linda Escort Kadıköy and I slithered up either side of Megan’s naked body. Each of our bodies meshed as one. Linda and I held hands as we kissed Megan’s face. As if on cue, when she closed her eyes in delightful ecstasy, we each planted a tiny kiss on her eyelids.

“I hope that was it, cause my heart can’t take too much more,” she said with a bright laugh.

“Oh, there’s more,” I said.

“Lots more,” added Linda.

Megan had an astonished I-can’t-believe-it look on her face. “I mean, what else can you do with my buns?” she asked.

Linda and I looked at each other, half-laughing. “Well, cute little derrieres like yours were just made to be spanked,” I said.

“And paddled,” added Linda.

Megan looked at me quickly, then shifted her gaze to Linda, trying to read our faces for any signs of laughter. “You’re serious?” she asked.

“Very,” I replied. “But in fairness, I think you should watch Linda wail into me a bit before you take the plunge.”

“Will it hurt?”

“A bit,” I replied. “But it’s a nice hurt.” I had the feeling this girl would do anything asked of her. Perhaps I was right. “Would you like to watch?”

“I’d like nothing better,” she replied with a cute smile. I immediately fell in love with her dimpled cheeks.

Linda got up and moved to our toy chest, bent over, showing the both of us her delicious ass in the process. She rummaged for a few seconds, then straightened back up. In her right hand was a two-inch wide black leather strap with a ribbed handle and small “D” ring. She smiled, then slapped the stinger part of the paddle into her palm with a loud crack.

“Get your ass over the corner of the bed,” she ordered, looking straight into my eyes with her famous look of disdain.

Megan gulped, then watched me arise from the bed and position myself as Linda had commanded, my legs straddling the corner of the mattress, my pussy pressed tightly into the satin sheet. Like Megan had recently done, I folded my arms in front of me and rested my head on the upper arm. It was a comfortable position, but one that left me totally exposed between my legs and my ass in a perfect position for a good wailing.

Megan sat up on her haunches, her breasts hanging nicely from her chest, her legs folded beneath her. Her “initiation” into our world was about to take a whole new turn.

Linda moved behind me, slightly to my left, where she could wield her right- handed power more easily on my proffered buns. I braced myself as best I could for the coming onslaught. Of all the toys we had in our little chest, the paddle Linda was about to use had one of the sharpest stings. The unforgiving leather had little give to it when it met flesh. Its loud crack might have been worse than its bite, but the “stinger”, as I called it, left a impression on its victim that would often last well into the following day, sometimes even the following week.

Linda’s strokes were impossible to gauge. Just when I thought she was about to let loose with the first lash, she gently caressed my ass with the paddle, in tiny circles. When she snapped her hand back, a prelude to the paddle’s kiss, I braced myself again, only to feel the leather barely touching my skin once more. The position I was in was embarrassing, and the affect of her false starts was maddening. I raised my head up far enough to see Megan, her legs still crossed beneath her, staring almost wide-eyed at the scene before her. I could only imagine what was going through her mind.

When Linda held the stinger behind me for several agonizing seconds, I knew the paddling was soon to begin. I had steeled myself to take each stroke stoically, to show Megan how well I could take the pain that was about to be heaped upon me. So when the first one landed, with a loud CRACK that echoed throughout the room, I hardly winced. I was extremely proud of the high threshold of pain that I had developed over the past year. Sometimes it made Linda mad that I didn’t give in to her, especially when she was in one of her prima-domme moods. Once she realized I was accepting her strokes with nary a whimper, she became bolder in her delivery of whatever instrument she was using. Sometimes I won, taking it all without a peep. Sometimes she won, drawing out squeals of pain. Though I would never tell her, most of the time I let her win. And never, not once, did I use the safe-word “mercy” that we had agreed would end any session that I could not handle.

The next three deliveries of the wicked paddle were in quick succession, all hitting the same spot with unbelievable precision. I opened my eyes long enough, once more, to see Megan cringe at the sight. When I winked at her and gave her a half smile, as if to say I was feeling nothing from Linda’s onslaught, she seemed to ease back a bit. Unfortunately, the next stroke, the hardest one yet, made me wince from the pain and grunt from deep inside my throat. When I thanked Linda for that last hard one, Megan couldn’t believe it.

With Megan looking on, I didn’t expect Linda to give one of her better performances on my poor derriere, and I was right. I counted a dozen of them, only one or two of her “best,” before she placed the paddle next to me on the bed and moved her hand between my splayed legs.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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