Amber Butterfly Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 – Amber’s Life in Shreds, Diana to the Rescue

Diana lifted up her legs as Paul slipped her panties down her thighs and over her knees. With a little kick of her foot, she flung them across the room and giggled as she nearly kicked Paul in the face in the process.

She loved watching him crawl up between her outstretched legs, his stiff cock jutting out from between his legs, his balls dangling. Paul crawled up and aimed his rock hard cock for her pussy as he bent over to kiss her on the lips. He paused for a moment to lick his fingers and wet the tip of his prick, and then feel her pussy to make sure she was wet enough. That’s one thing she always loved about Paul–he was always a considerate lover. She moaned into his mouth as he penetrated into her, and wrapped her legs around him, undulating her hips as he started pumping. Into her.

She moaned with pleasure as he pulled her legs up over his shoulders, pushing her body almost in half as he started pumping hard into her. The closet doors behind him were mirrored, and she loved watching his ass pumping away even as she felt his hard dick inside of her.

After a few minutes, he pulled out of her, and laid down beside her, pulling her over on top of him. Diana crawled up between his legs, straddling his hard on, and then reaching under her, she guided him back inside her wet tunnel and settled down slowly.

Paul was thrilled as he watched his beautiful dark girlfriend’s face contorted with passion as she rode his cock. He grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and reveled in the feel of them flexing under his hands as she rocked back and forth as well as up and down. Above his head, her tits swayed just out of reach of his lips.

He started caressing her back and pulled her down closer so that he could latch his lips around one of her nipples. She topped forward and he started sucking on her nipples, switching back and forth between them as she continued sliding up and down on his cock.

Hearing her moan with pleasure was really turning him on, and he tried not to cum too soon. He held her hips and helped her move up and down, she was moaning loudly now, grinding her clit against his cock each time she moved down.

She was breathing as hard as he was–her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open as she whimpered and moaned. Up and down she moved, partly supporting herself on her hands as she leaned forward to allow him to suck on her nipples again. She was grinding harder and harder on him. He could tell she was close.

She cried out, and he felt a warm liquid sensation in her pussy, which was quickly augmented by his hot sperm as he came with her. He held her hard as she thrashed against him a few more times before finally going limp.

After a few minutes of laying their languidly together, she sighed and looked at his blue eyes. Paul was such a gorgeous hunk, she thought to herself. He reminded Diana so much of an actor she had seen on TV when she was a little girl. “Streets of Fire”. It had actually been made before she was born, but she had seen it on video. What was the guy’s name? Michael Pare’. Paul looked a lot like Michael Pare’, and had a deep voice also. She could look forever into his blue eyes, she sighed to herself.

Diana got up and put on a robe. She was covered with sweat and although she loved it when Paul came inside her, or on her, she was instinctively a very hygienic person and wanted to take at least a quick shower. She hoped they hadn’t been too loud to wake Amber, but then again Amber might still be awake anyway. The poor girl was having trouble sleeping at night.

She, looked outside into the living room to make sure the lights were out. A peek under motioned for Paul to follow her. She wanted him to take a shower too, and it was more economical for them to shower together. That way if Amber needed a shower in the morning there would be enough hot water.

The apartment her and Paul shared was technically a two-bedroom unit, but the second “bedroom” was pretty small. They had thought to make it a study room, so that if either of them needed to be shut away and left alone to study for a test or finish a paper, it would be easy to concentrate without the distraction. Things didn’t work out that way. But when Amber showed up on Diana’s doorstep three months ago, her arms laden with suitcases and tears in her eyes, Diana didn’t hesitate to let her in without question.

As she shut the bathroom door behind her, pulled off her robe and turned on the bathwater, she thought back to that day. Diana had been shocked, but not surprised. The first night they were up all night–Diana holding Amber on the sofa, stroking her hair and cheeks, getting her slowly, between sobs, to tell her what had happened.

The past three months had been truly terrible for Amber. First there was the discovery that Johnson had been lying and had filmed her in secret, and turned her into porn star without her knowledge or consent. Her subsequent break-up. Then Johnson started calling Ataşehir Escort Amber’s cell phone, and she ignored him. Then he started texting Amber.

“Amber, come back 2 me”

“Amber-new beginning we can work it out.”

Then the messages started getting nastier.

“Amber ur porno career awaits you!”

“Amber don’t miss this opp”

And then ominously: “ur family will learn.”

The last part was almost enough to make her go back to Johnson and do whatever he wanted. She had talked it over with Diana, who urged her to resist–otherwise she would be open to perpetual blackmail. Then Johnson, following through with his threats, had emailed clips of her giving a blowjob to all her friends and family members, even to the minister of her foster family’s church. Her uncle and aunt had disowned her and none of her foster family would talk to her. Most of her former friends wouldn’t speak to her. Then she had been forced to withdraw from the university.

The pressure continued. More text messages, cajoling, making promises of vast sums of money, and then more threats.

“U wont B able 2 work anywhere!”

Then she got fired from her job.

Diana shuddered, even under the hot shower water and with Paul scrubbing her back. She thought back to that horrible day when Amber had been fired from her job.

She had dropped Amber off at work, since the bus took so much longer for her to get to the Dahlia Lounge. Diana had gone into the restaurant with her to use the bathroom. As they entered the restaurant, one of the waitresses told Amber that the boss wanted to see her right away as soon as she came in. Amber looked at her and shrugged as Diana went into the bathroom, which was down a hall right by the office.

As Diana came out of the bathroom, she heard Amber’s distressed cry. She had peered into the office just in time to hear Teddy, the manager at the Dahlia Lounge.

“This is a family restaurant. I can’t employ porn stars here,” he said coldly, handing Amber an envelope with her last check.

Amber had snatched the envelope with a sob and had run out of the restaurant, Diana following quick on her heels after snarling to Teddy to go fuck himself.

Diana rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. Paul had already stepped out of the shower and was drying off.

The only good thing about Johnson’s repugnant behavior was that he had shot his last bolt. There was no one else Johnson could turn against Amber. She’d pretty much lost everything. Amber had barely moved from her room in weeks, and Diana was worried. When she and Paul were in classes during the day, Amber apparently came out of her room to scrub the whole house down on a regular basis, and she had offered to give Diana her last check to pay for her room and board, but Diana had refused it.

Meanwhile, the porn DVDs were being released one each month. A few weeks after her debut DVD, “Amber Butterfly Comes Out” was released, “Amber Butterfly Spreads her Wings” was released. Then came “The Not-So-Private Life of Amber Butterfly.” The latest to be released was “Amber Butterfly Does ’em all,” which contained all the scenes that had been shot at the party where Amber had been gangbanged. To make it worse, Amber had been credited with her real name–Amber Wood–on all the movies, although she popularly known now as “Amber Butterfly”. Johnson had actually succeeded in changing her completely–even her name for all practical purposes.

Diana knew all this because she had covertly Googled Amber Butterfly and read all the reviews, viewed all the stills, and also many of the clips that could be found on many of the porn sites. What she didn’t realize is that her boyfriend Paul, was secretly doing the same thing.

Clearly Amber was in a deep state of depression. As Diana toweled off, she wondered how she could bring her friend out of it. As they went back to the room and dressed, Diana voiced some of her concern to Paul. He stood for a minute in silence and regarded her with his sleepy Michael Pare’ eyes.

“You know,” he finally said, “I’ve been thinking about it. Has she talked to the police? It’s illegal to film someone without their knowledge or consent like this. She might be able to have that jerk prosecuted.”

That got Diana’s attention.

“Should she just call the cops?”

Paul thought some more. “Let me talk to one of my professors. I want to be sensitive about this. I don’t want to traumatize Amber any more.”

Diana was thrilled at the idea of prosecution of Johnson and his slimy business partners. Paul was a first year law student, and she was excited that he might be able to help get that sleazy asshole in deep shit. Still, that was not enough. She had to help draw Amber out more.

In spite of her deep love and passion for Paul, Diana still harbored a secret passion for Amber as well, and she would do anything for her. Amber needed her as a friend now, but Diana still wished to touch Amber in ways that went beyond friendship. Ataşehir Escort Bayan

One day Paul walked in, having gotten out of class early, while she still had a clip of one of Amber’s sex scenes showing on one of the free porn websites. She couldn’t click it away fast enough. She was busted! She looked at Paul, her face scarlet.

“I’m, s-sorry Paul, I was just curious,” she stammered.

Paul sat down on the bed just behind the desk.

“It’s okay, he said carefully. “To be honest with you, I’ve watched a few her video clips myself for the same reason.”

Diana couldn’t very well be angry with Paul for doing what she herself had just been caught doing. Still, it was a revelation. Somehow she didn’t even feel inclined to be angry. She noticed that Paul was watching the monitor intently, and she turned her attention back herself. When that clip was over, they watched another. After a few more minutes, she was done.

She turned toward Paul, stood up from the desk chair, and straddled his lap. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and started kissing him. She broke off just long enough to whisper in his ear.

“Honey, let’s do what she’s doing there,” she nodded toward the monitor, and there was no more talking for a while. Diana kept watching the monitor as she rode Paul’s cock, her ass cheeks flexing in Paul’s hands as he gripped them, lifting her up and down. Her breasts bounced in front of his face as he tried to grasp her nipples with his lips. Their sex was urgent, frantic, and both experienced intense orgasms.

After that, the couple started watching clips of Amber’s porn flicks openly with each other, although they were careful to keep it secret from Amber, and the two were quickly able to reconcile their mutual love and lust for Amber with the same feelings they had for each other.

“Paul, I have a confession.”

After she saw that she had his full attention, she continued.

“I’ve always had a thing for Amber. A sexual thing.”

“You’re bisexual?” he asked in surprise.

“Yes, I guess I am, but I’ve only felt this way toward Amber,” she admitted. “Does it make you feel jealous–that I want to make love to my girlfriend?”

“No. Actually, it’s a turn on. I don’t feel jealous at all, not as long as I can still have you as well.”

“Oh, you’ll always have me! For as long as you want me,” she gushed back.

With that she crawled up on top of him and kissed him tenderly. Then she kissed him on his chest, and his belly, moving down to his groin.

By this time he was hard again, and she took him in her mouth and started blowing him.

Paul moaned in delight. This was the best blowjob Diana had ever given him. She was moaning with lust as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him hard, stroking his cock and mouthing his shaft when she paused to take a breath. Then she would lick her way back to the tip of the head and take it back deep into her mouth, her lips wrapped tight around his saliva-slickened shaft.

She seemed almost feverish as she blew him, and straddled his leg. He felt her soaking wet cunt slide along his calf. She moaned around his cock, her eyes closed in concentration.

He pulled her and urged her around, and she paused in her blowjob so that she could straddle his head and lowered her pussy where he could reach it with his tongue. Paul’s cock curved slightly upward, and at this angle, she could actually take him deeper.

Paul wrapped his arms around her hips and held her ass cheeks as he ate her out. Her thighs closed in on the side of his head. He could feel Diana’s mouth sucking his cock harder, bobbing her head up and down furiously. He sucked on her clit, trying to make her cum before he did.

Diana moaned and could control her hips anymore. They were humping down on Paul’s mouth as if on autopilot, the same with her head on his cock. Her breath came faster and faster as she felt an orgasm welling up inside of her. She started moaning around his cock and she slid her lips up and down the shaft.

Paul gasped as he struggled to keep his lips on his girlfriend’s clit. He felt his balls tighten up, and convulsions start in his prostate as he started shooting his cum into Diana’s mouth. He heard cry out around his cock as she started cumming at the same time, and then he felt warm fluids come out of her cunt. She was rubbing her cunt all over his face by this time, her juices soaking his face.

Diana was in a state of delirium. As she sucked Paul’s cock, not only was her pussy spasming and an orgasm bursting in her, and not only was she having Paul’s cock shoved down her throat and tasting his cum, but she was still watching the screen of her laptop as Amber was taking a load on her face. The combination of the three stimulants gave her the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

Afterwards, the two lovers curled up against each other in an utter state of relaxation.


“Hmmm?” he answered, relaxed Escort Ataşehir as he felt Diana stroking his chest.

“The same goes for me,” she replied.

“What?” he asked, confused at her non-sequitur.

“You know how you told me you wouldn’t be jealous if I were to make love to Amber?”


“Well, the same with me. If you happen to make love with Amber, I won’t be jealous, as long as you stay my boyfriend. As long as I’m number one.”

“You’re all I need,” he replied, kissing her deeply.

They kissed some more.

The following morning, after Diana and Paul had left for school, Amber came out of her room. The interior walls in this tiny apartment were pretty thin, and she always heard them when they had sex. It was hard, because she had gotten so used to having sex so regularly with Johnson. Over time, she had come to take it for granted. The days she had gone without sex before the party had opened her eyes a little bit, but she had been fucked so much at the party, that it had sated her appetite for a while, and then the discovery that she had been made into a porn star also had put a temporary damper on her appetite.

But Amber was a young, healthy, horny, hot-blooded woman. Her body was used to frequent sex. It was driving her crazy hearing Diana and Paul fucking all the time whenever they were home. To aggravate matters, she had gotten curious, and Googled her nom de guerre and like Diana, had watched all the clips of herself she could find, and read up on what was happening with her movies. She found she enjoyed reading reviews written about her DVDs and persona–it actually helped that the overwhelming number of them were positive, and even flattering.

So after she cleaned up the apartment, she went back into her room to watch clips of herself. She pulled off her overlarge t-shirt she wore as a nightie and shucked off her panties. Amber always felt sexy when she wore lingerie, so she dug around in her suitcase and pulled out a pair of fishnet stockings and slid them slowly up her legs. She always loved the feeling of stockings on her legs, and reveled in the feeling. Then she pulled on a garter belt and clipped the straps to her stockings. She opened up her laptop and started a clip of herself giving Johnson a blowjob, and then laid back on her small bed, squirming her ass on the covers, and kicking her legs in the air.

She got up and rummaged through her suitcase and found a sheer teddy and pulled that on as well, tying it in front. She moved around the room, swaying, imagining there was a camera man taking shots of her. She was getting hornier and hornier.

She felt her heavy breasts. They seemed to pulse in her hands, and her nipples were stiff. She gently rubbed and caressed them.

With a moan she fell back on the bed. Suddenly she remembered the dildo Kathleen had given her months ago. When she had left Johnson she had just scooped everything out of the drawers of her dresser and crammed it all into her two suitcases. She jumped up and rummaged through them, and gave a squeal of delight when she found it.

She sat back on the bed, with her legs kicked far apart. Other than a single bed that Paul and Diana had bought for her, the only thing in the room other than Amber’s meager possessions was an old-fashioned vanity with a mirror. It was an antique that had been passed down to Diana, and it was cheaper to put it in the study room and use it for a desk than it was for Diana and Paul to buy a new desk. Now Amber’s laptop sat on it, so she had a view of the sex on the laptop, and a view of herself as well in the mirror.

She was amazed that the sight of herself like this could turn her on so much. Her cunt was dripping wet, her legs spread far apart, stockings stretched over them. She looked in the mirror and rubbed her pussy lips slowly and sensuously as she squirmed her ass on the bed.

Then she took the dildo in hand, imagining it was a stiff cock. Maybe, Paul’s cock, she decided. Not as good as the real thing, but the best available for the time-being. She licked at the tip of it, slowly inserted it into her mouth, mimicking her actions on the laptop as she sucked Johnson’s cock. After a few minutes, she couldn’t stand it any longer and started rubbing the dildo on her labia and clit. She moaned and bucked her hips, then slowly inserted the plastic dick into her pussy.

She breathed a sigh of relief and passion and slowly worked the dildo further and further up her cunt, until it was almost all the way in. Then she slowly pulled it out again until it was almost completely out, then slid it back in again. Slowly she repeated this action, then more quickly, she plunged the dildo in and out, faster and faster.

Amber moaned in ecstasy. She grabbed the dildo with both hands, rubbing it hard on her clit. She cried aloud, cumming hard as she watched herself in the mirror.

Relief flooded over her and she started relaxing in the warm afterglow of her orgasm. The dildo was still stuffed to the hilt in her pussy. She pulled it out and was shocked to see in the mirror a small splattering of pussy juices fly out and she pulled it out.

Later on after classes, Diana and Paul broached the idea of trying to have Johnson prosecuted. Amber was hesitant, but agreed to meet with Detective Roberts the following morning.

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