Alexa Moves In

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Saturday morning was when she did laundry, and Mary Stevenson should have been folding her husband’s clothes. Instead she stood staring down from their bedroom at the goddess sunbathing by the pool. As soon as she had noticed Alexa lying there, she had haphazardly dumped the clean clothes onto the bed and positioned herself by the window, unable to tear her eyes from the girl, who was clad in a brilliant white bikini, the straps of which had been untied so as to leave no tan lines on her perfect smooth skin. Her body glistened in the late morning light, thanks to a healthy coating of suntan lotion, and her long blonde hair splayed out around her head like a halo. Three weeks ago, Mary didn’t even know Alexa and now, it was all she could do not to throw herself at the blonde beauty’s feet.

Alexandra Jackson had just completed her sophomore year at the nearby state university and had been an exemplary student in one of Prof. Allen Stevenson’s advance finance seminars. She had stood out not just because of her drop-dead gorgeous looks, but her keen intellect, dedicated work ethic and quick wit. So when she had told him that she might not be able to attend summer classes because of a housing issue, he had taken it upon himself to solve her problem. That night, he had come home and set about convincing Mary, his wife of twelve years, to lease one of his best students their guest house.

“Her roommates bailed on her. They were all going to get an apartment together, but then the other two weren’t able to take summer classes after all,” he told his wife, pleading Alexa’s case just a little too hard for Mary’s comfort. “She can’t afford the three-bedroom apartment and needs someplace immediately.”

They had talked about renting out the small guest house ever since Mary’s mother, its previous occupant, had moved to Arizona. Mary reluctantly agreed to meet Alexa, but had her doubts. She had hoped for a nice, quiet graduate student, or even a visiting lecturer. And when she saw Alexa, clad in a form-hugging tank top, skin-tight shorts, and sunglasses, come confidently marching up their walk, she gave her husband a slow, definitive shake of her head. No way was she letting a girl who looked like that move into her guest house. Clearly, Allen must be having some sort of mid-life crisis to even suggest such a thing.

What did he think, that he could bring some coed tramp into her house and fuck her while his wife’s back was turned? That was not happening. And then the doorbell rang and Mary, pushing her husband out of the way, pulled open the front door.

“Hi, you must be Mary,” the girl said, confidently stepping forward and extending her hand like a seasoned politician. “I’m Alexa.”

Mary smiled and held out her hand, noting Alexa’s firm grip and soft skin. And when Alexa took off her sunglasses, Mary couldn’t help but be mesmerized a little by the most dazzling, sapphire blue eyes she’d ever seen. They were almost hypnotic and Mary stared into them for several seconds, still clasping Alexa’s hand. Then, realizing what she was doing, she blushed, looked down and mumbled “It’s nice to meet you.”

It wasn’t just the eyes, of course. There was her sultry voice, her perfectly proportioned body, and her full, pouty lips. All of these details registered with Mary on an unconscious level. But what quickly overwhelmed her was the girl’s personality. Alexa had the confidence that comes from knowing you are both beautiful and intelligent, and recognizing that other people also see you that way. She walked into the house as if she’d been a regular visitor for years, giving Prof. Stevenson a quick wave like they were old and dear friends.

“Wow,” Alexa said, turning around and taking in the Stevenson’s front room. “Nice house. I guess being a professor pays more than I thought.”

“We do okay,” Mary said, smiling at her. “Please come on in.”

She led the young coed into the living room, inviting her to sit in one of two matching armchairs while she took the other. “Well, Allen’s told me a lot about you. He thinks you’re one of the brightest students he’s ever worked with,” Mary said, smiling warmly at the girl.

“Well, your husband’s both a great teacher and a very sweet man. I was so happy when he mentioned you were looking to rent out the guest house. I’m anxious to see it, but I’d really like to get to know you first. I certainly want us all to get along.”

And get along they did. Within minutes, Alexa had told Mary about her schooling, her favorite classes, roommates, where she came from and where she wanted to go. Mary in turn told stories of her time in college, shared how she and Allen had met, and described her job as a senior vice president at a regional bank. Mary was immediately drawn to the vivacious young coed. Alexa had the confidence, charm and intelligence she’d always coveted, but could never quite achieve. Usually, she felt jealous and threatened when encountering a woman like that, but not with Alexa.

Mary was also flattered by Alexa’s interest in her. The girl had Kartal Escort the knack of really focusing on whomever she was speaking with and truly listening to them. Mary found her to be a warm and engaging young woman and soon all her concerns had been tossed aside.

She also could not deny the raw sexual energy Alexa radiated, or the long-dormant feelings it had ignited in her. She couldn’t seem to stop her gaze from sliding down to the coed’s large, firm breasts or the slight gap that occasionally opened up between her shirt and shorts. The young woman had an amazing body, and Mary found herself wanting to see more of it.

Mary had had a couple of brief lesbian flings in college. She’d been easily seduced by the senior residence hall assistant in her freshman dorm and later became the casual lover of a married English professor. But that had been a long time ago, and she was happily married, if maybe a little bored at times. So she was both a little confused and frightened that these feelings had flared up almost as soon as Alexa walked through the door.

Allen Stevenson was also a little surprised at how quickly his wife and his student had hit it off. Within minutes of her arrival, Alexa had suggested that he should leave them alone so that, as she put it, “us girls can get to know each other.” He had protested, and was a little miffed when his wife had backed Alexa, giving him a look he knew all too well. So he had retreated to his basement office while Mary and Alexa stayed in the living room.

“Venture capital,” Alexa said to Mary, munching on a cracker coated in salmon dip from the snack tray Mary had laid out once Allen had left. “That’s my goal, with a focus on supporting women-owned tech firms.”

Mary nodded as Alexa talked about her plans, agreeing with her on the need to do more to support female entrepreneurs. “We have to do a better job of identifying and supporting exceptional young businesswomen,” Alexa said, sipping at her glass of chilled white wine. At 20 years old, she was technically too young to be served alcohol, but Mary had offered it to her without a second thought.

The young woman’s passion and her keen grasp of the realities of the business world impressed Mary. She wondered if perhaps she could offer to be the girl’s mentor. She did work in the financial sector, and it would be nice, she thought, to have a hand in helping such a promising young student achieve her dreams.

“So Alexa,” she found herself asking almost without realizing it, and without consulting Allen at all, “When can you move in?”

Alexa smiled at her, and Mary felt a flush of heat begin to rise from between her legs. She had a sudden vision of leaning over and kissing Alexa’s succulent lips and then working her way down her body. She briefly wondered whether, like so many young women at her gym, Alexa waxed her pubic hair and what going down on a bare pussy would be like.

“In the next day or so, if that’s okay,” Alexa responded, pulling Mary back from her erotic musings into the here and now. “Is the house already furnished, or will I need to hit the garage sales this weekend?” she asked laughing.

“Oh don’t worry about that. It’s fully furnished and if you do need something else, I’m sure we can provide it. We’ve got too much in this house as it is.”

And within 48 hours, Alexa was firmly ensconced in the Stevenson’s guest house. Mary was thrilled, perhaps too much so, she realized. She found that she kept making excuses to visit Alexa, checking if she needed laundry done, if she had any trouble with the appliances – the air conditioner had always given her mother problems – or inviting her to dine with them. She was happy to find that the initial warmth between them had not diminished, and Alexa remained as friendly to and interested in Mary’s life as she had that first night.

Alexa wasn’t just living in the guest house, though. She had taken up nightly residence in Mary’s dreams, the most erotic dreams she’d ever experienced. One recurring theme had Mary serving as successful executive Alexa’s personal aide, repeatedly called into the younger woman’s office to perform various sex acts, kneeling between Alexa’s muscular legs while she talked business on the phone, or sitting in her lap kissing her boss and playing with her breasts during meetings while other underlings watched with envy. One particularly impressive dream had Alexa fucking Mary with a strap-while she was bent over a very large desk. This dream was the only one in which her husband appeared, seated naked on a couch in Alexa’s office, masturbating while he watched his student fuck his wife.

When the dreams had first begun, Mary had woken Allen seeking relief from her raging sexual desire. But most nights, he either finished well before her, or couldn’t perform at all, and she would end up retreating to the bathroom to masturbate. Eventually, she cut out the middleman and took care of business without bothering to wake her husband.

And now, standing at the Kartal Escort Bayan window, she was fighting the urge to go down and ask Alexa if there was anything Mary could get her, even though she had any number of household chores to complete. What Mary hoped was that the young student would ask her to spread more sun block all over her flawless body. The 36-year-old housewife gently pushed her hand into her panties. Her pussy was soaked, and she began to slowly rub her aching sex as she stared down at the object of her desire.

Behind her sunglasses, Alexa stared back up at her landlady in the window. Mary, who didn’t realize she too was being watched, was supposed to be gone this morning, attending some sort of church social function, but clearly she’d skipped it. And that meant Alexa was now alone with Mary, whom she knew was ripe for the taking, like so many other men and women had been before her.

Well, it had been a while since she’d added a new pet to her collection, and she found Mrs. Stevenson to be far more attractive than Mrs. Stevenson found herself to be. A little work and her professor’s wife would be another hot older woman providing her with unquestioned obedience and sexual slavery.

So Alexa decided to move with the seduction she’d been planning since meeting Mrs. Stevenson that fateful night. The first step would be to get Mary to come down to the pool, ideally before she could finish masturbating, for it was clear to Alexa what Mary was doing. She could see the older woman playing with her breasts with one hand while the other disappeared below the edge of the window, and noted the look of longing and need on Mary’s face as she stared down at her tenant. Alexa on principle approved of self-pleasuring, but she wanted Mary horny, so a climax was out of the question. And she knew how to get her down quickly.

The blonde reached into the small bag she’d brought out to the pool and extracted from a clear plastic baggie a thick, brown cigarillo and a lighter. Mary had been adamant that there were to be no drugs or smoking on the premises. So Alexa put the joint to her lips, lit it and took a long drag. She held it in and then slowly exhaled, watching the smoke dissipate as it drifted across the yard. She looked up to see Mary staring down at her, clearly no longer masturbating and a few seconds later, she had disappeared entirely from the window. Alexa took another hit, enjoying the sensation as the drug took hold, and then, licking her fingers, extinguished the joint and put it away.

Mary had been shocked to see Alexa light the joint. She had promised that she was neither a smoker nor a drug user, and Mary had taken her word for it, given how dedicated a student she was. But what should she do? She didn’t want to anger Alexa, which was now unthinkable to the obsessed wife. Yet she had to do something, and the obvious step was to offer Alexa something better. Mary pulled her hand out of her shorts and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Ten minutes later, she emerged from the rear door holding two wine glasses and a clear glass pitcher filled with ice, chunks of fruit and a deep crimson-colored liquid.

“Hey Alexa,” she called out in a cheerful voice. “I saw you here and thought I would bring out something cold to drink.”

Alexa smiled to herself as she watched Mary approach. “Hi. I didn’t know you were home. I thought you had some church function this morning.”

“Well, I did, but it was cancelled at the last minute,” she said, now standing over Alexa. “I just whipped up this pitcher of sangria. Have you ever had it? It’s wonderful.”

“Oh, I love sangria,” Alexa gushed. “Thank you so very much. Why don’t you pull up a seat and join me?”

“I don’t mind if I do,” Mary said, stooping to put down the pitcher and wine glasses, and then pulling another lounge chair over. She poured each of them a glass and handed one to Alexa. She decided not to mention the joint, since the girl had already put it out by the time she’d gotten to the pool, and she didn’t want to upset her guest if she didn’t have to.

“Thanks so much,” Alexa said, then raised her glass in a toast. “Here’s to the best landlady I could have hoped for.”

Mary blushed and tapped her glass to Alexa’s before taking a large sip. She wasn’t a big drinker, but had learned to make Sangria for a party they’d thrown a few years ago and liked it so much that every now and then, she’d make a pitcher just for the hell of it.

The two women reclined on their chairs for a few minutes, sipping their drinks and making small talk. Alexa asked about the cancelled church activity, and Mary explained that there was a congregation-wide garage sale coming up that served as a church fundraiser. Mary had been roped into being on the planning committee, which was to have met this morning, but Mrs. Baker, its chair, had come down with a cold.

The beautiful blonde took another long drink, watching the older woman out of the corner of her eye. She decided it was time to take Escort Kartal the next step, so she put down her glass and, pulling a tube of sunscreen from her bag, rolled over on her stomach, careful not to lose her bikini top in the maneuver.

“Would you do me a favor and spread some lotion on my back? I don’t want to burn.”

Mary’s breath caught in her throat, and it felt like a million cocoons had just released a million butterflies in her stomach. It was as if Alexa had read her mind, but now that the opportunity had arose, her nerves almost got the best of her. “Um, okay, yeah, happy too,” she managed to say, and then silently cursed herself for sounding like some love-struck teenage boy.

Alexa gave her a smile and held out the tube. Mary reached for it, conscious that her hand was shaking slightly. She squeezed a generous portion of the thick, white cream onto one of her palms and some more on Alexa. She then began to slowly spread it all along the girl’s back, feeling the firmness of her muscles beneath her smooth skin.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Alexa purred, arching her back up slightly to meet Mary’s hands. “And don’t be afraid to rub it a little under my bikini bottom. I don’t want a strip of burned skin down there.”

“Of course not,” Mary said, her voice sounding hoarse and unnatural in her ears. She felt flushed all over and her pussy was throbbing. Her heart was pounding and it took all her concentration to keep her hands from shaking like a junkie going cold turkey. The lower her hands crept, the worse her symptoms became and when her fingers brushed up against the top hem of Alexa’s white bikini briefs, she forced herself to stop and take a deep breath. Then she delicately slid the tips of three fingers beneath the waist band, smearing lotion along the top of Alexa’s heavenly ass.

Lying with head turned away from Mary, Alexa wore a devilish grin. This is just too easy, she thought. Within a half-hour, Dr. Stevenson’s wife will be eating me out. She wondered what Mary would do if she simply flipped over, pulled down her bottoms and order the older woman to begin servicing her. She figured the odds were good that her landlady would do as she was told. But no, she told herself, be patient, best to do this in Mary’s bedroom, where she wouldn’t be worried about neighbors seeing them.

Alexa raised herself up on her elbows when she felt Mary’s hands pull away and she looked over her shoulder at the clearly flustered older woman.

“I was going to offer to do you, but then I realized, you’re not wearing your bathing suit,” she said. “Why don’t you go change into a bikini and we’ll both get some sun.”

“Oh no, no one wants to see that,” Mary said. “In fact, I don’t think I even have a suit that fits anymore.”

She really hoped Alexa wouldn’t push the issue. She did have an old bikini, but she no longer saw herself as someone who could wear it, and the one piece she usually donned to swim would not have looked out too much of place on the beach a hundred years ago.

“Don’t be silly. You’re a beautiful woman and I for one would love to see you in a bikini,” Alexa said in a firm voice. “Come on, let’s get you changed.”

With that, she quickly secured her bikini top, stood up and grabbed her wine glass. “You bring the pitcher. We’ll go up to your room and have a fashion show.”

Mary gulped. She was awed by Alexa calling her beautiful, but scared that when the coed got a closer look, she would change her mind and see her for the aging, frumpy housewife she believed herself to be. She tried to come up with a way out of it, but Alexa was already almost to the door, so she picked up the sangria and followed, her eyes glued to Alexa’s sexy rear end the whole time.

Once upstairs, Alexa directed Mary to pull out her bathing suits and lay them out on the bed. She casually leaned against the wall while Mary dug through her bottom drawer and pulled out an old dark blue bikini, a well-worn yellow one piece and the newer black one piece she swam in. She laid them on the bed and stepped back, looking at Alexa in embarrassment.

“Well, you’re right. Those don’t look like they’d be flattering at all,” Alexa said. “But I have an idea.”

She grasped Mary by the shoulders and gently shoved her before the free-standing full-length mirror in the corner.

“Okay, let’s get this shirt off,” she said, tugging the bottom of Mary’s t-shirt up. Mary, knowing she should resist, instead just held up her arms and allowed the aggressive blonde to remove her garment. “And now the bra,” she said, unceremoniously removing it and tossing it aside.

Alexa now moved directly behind Mary, her hands lightly running up and down the older woman’s arms. Mary’s nipples stood out from her smaller breasts, small, stiff buds of pink flesh betraying her arousal. At least, Mary thought, she hadn’t taken off her shorts. Her panties were soaked and any minute now, her juices would begin running down her leg.

Alexa gazed at the older woman, pleased to see that her body was actually quite nice for someone her age. Yes, her stomach was a little soft and had just the beginnings of a middle-aged swelling, but her breasts were nice and firm with almost no sagging. Overall, she found her landlady to be very attractive and had to resist the urge to tweak one of her nipples.

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