All Women are My Servants! Ch. 02

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Victoria, in a matter of hours, went from a sweet, kind hearted virgin to a sex starved lunatic.

“Yuna… do me again…” She moaned. Her leg twitched slightly. I scowled as I lean over, slapping her butt roughly, causing it to jiggle. She lets out an audible moan. Despite her cravings, she is too worn out to continue. I had completely wiped her out. “Go back to your apartment and get some rest.” I suggest. I was, despite how much I had enjoyed the sex, feeling a little restless. Victoria was not a particularly great conquest, and I was already thinking about where I should go next.

“Are your roommates home?” I ask her.


I nod, as I lean over and pick up the tanktop that was lying on the ground in front of me and threw it at her. “Get dressed.”

She did not even bother putting on a bra or panties. She hung onto my arm, nuzzling me as I gently lean her down the hall. People stare at us as we pass, but I do not let them intimidate me. Victoria hardly even seemed to notice that we were not in public anymore.

“Do me mooooore.”

The shocked expressions from those few in the hallway were priceless. I giggled as I placed a hand on her butt and squeezed it gently. She let out another moan. Two girls nearby stared at us as we walked past.

Victoria points us to a certain apartment and I raise my hand, knocking on the door.

“Whatever you want, we’re not buying!” A sharp voice said from the other side.

“I have your roommate here…”

The door opened.

Standing there was a short haired girl with black hair and a pouty expression. When she caught sight of Victoria, however, she gasped.


She reached her arms forward and wrapped them around her. Taking advantage of the situation, I intertwine my arms with this new girl and lead them both inside. The new girl sets Victoria on the couch in the living room. “Vic, what happened?” She asked urgently. “Is something wrong? Were you mugged, or were you-”

“I’m wonderful.” Victoria purred. “Just wonderful, Chloe.”

The girl, Chloe, shot me a horrified glance. “As she been… doing drugs?” She asked. She sounded horrified. I shook my head. “I don’t think so, no.” I said. “She was fine when she entered my apartment, but now she’s a complete slobbering mess.”

Chloe leaned in closer to her. “Vic, tell me what happened.” She said urgently. “Are you hurt at all?”

“By the way, I rather liked the cake.” I said to her, as I slide down to sit next to her. She flinches as I trail my hand across her back. “Did you make it?”

“I… helped make it.” She said, turning to face me. “You’re… Yuna, right?” I nodded. “Ummm, I don’t know how to say this, Yuna, but I think something is wrong with Victoria.”

“Nothing is wrong.” Vic said again, shaking her head. “Nothing at all…”

“Maybe you should leave.” Chloe suggested gently. “I think-”

She yelped as Vic’s hand wrapped around hers. “No!” She snapped, all too suddenly. “She stays!”

“What?” Chloe asked, looking bemused, as she stared down at her friend. “What do-”

“She means that she really likes me, Chloe.” I say gently, as I take her hand and place it in my lap. “Please, I want to help you take care of her. I don’t want to go just yet.” Chloe, despite her rather bitchy looks, seemed to be a rather kind and considerate friend.

“I…” Chloe nodded. “Okay, maybe you can help. What did she do in your apartment?”

I gave her a small smile. “Well…”

“Well?” Chloe repeated.

“I fucked her.”

Everything in the room fell silent.

“What?” Chloe asked, whispering, as she pulled her hand away instinctively. I do not pull my eyes away from hers as I continue to speak.

“That’s right, Chloe.” Anadolu Yakası Escort I say softly. “I fucked her. I threw her on top of my table, stripped her naked, and made her orgasm again and again.” I tapped my finger against the leg. “Vic and I had an interesting conversation.” I told her. “About whether or not she ever fantasied about doing something like that with her roommates.” Chloe can not pull her eyes away from mine. I know I have her. I lean in, and before long we are kissing passionately, right there on the couch in front of my last conquest.

Chloe pulled away, blushing furiously. “We-we shouldn’t be doing this.” She stammered. “If Alice and Becca come back…”

I merely smile at her.

Chloe licked her lips, as if they were dry, and then leaned in closer to me. I close my eyes, wrapping my hands around her head, and take another kiss. She is super into it. I can tell. Her breathing is ragged, and she is sweating nervously.

“But- Yuna this is-”

I ignore her protests as I take her shirt and yank it off. The girl turns bright red as her rather impressive chest is on display. “S-stop… I… barely know you…”

“You don’t want me to stop.” I tell her, as I lean my head further into her chest. I sensually bite at her skin, and she lets out another soft moan. ‘S-stop…”

I don’t stop. I touch and play with her breasts, my hands roaming over her. She lets out squeaks and moans of passion. “Y-Yuna…”

I wrap my hands around her, intent on stripping her, but then the lock on the door shifted.

Someone was coming in.

Chloe froze, her eyes wild and terrified at the unexpected sound. I do no such thing. Instead, if another, I give her a confident squeeze.


She let out a deep, passionate noise. She raised her mouth to her face, looking horrified. The door suddenly moving.

“What was that?” Someone on the other side muttered. “Who made that sound?”

A quick, quiet discussion followed. Chloe let out a breath of air, and made to stand up. I, however, stopped her. “Relax.” I tell her gently. “They will understand.”

Vic had passed out, sprawled over the other couch. I stand up, pulling my own shirt up and over my head as the door opened.

“What is this?”

Chloe moaned, burying her face in her hands, but I turn to look at the newcomers.

“O-oh!” I chirp, feigning surprise. “I… I didn’t hear you.” I giggle, as if nervous, as I assess the newcomers.

Both of the other girls were extremely attractive. The one on the right was tall, with bright red hair and freckles. I note with some delight that she is wearing heels… something I find oddly attractive. The other girl, a shorter, waify girl with blonde hair similar to my own, stared at me open mouthed.

“You… what are you doing?” The tall girl asked, frowning. “What are you doing in my apartment?”

Both Vic and Chloe were out of sight. Vic was just out of their range of sight, and Chloe had buried her head into the cushions, refusing to meet their gaze.

“Vic invited me here.” I told them brightly, as I jumped up and over the couch. I land on the ground with a soft thud, and look up at them. “That cake you made me was delicious!” I proclaim.

The girls stare at me. Or rather, my chest. “U-um… so you’re Yuna, the new girl?”

“That’s right.” I say cheerfully, with a wink. “The one and only.”

“And… why are you not wearing a shirt?”

I look between each of them, trying to decide which one to take next. I settled on the tall one, as she seemed to be in charge of the situation.

“I was hot.” I lied, flipping my air back. “I wanted to ask you guys to go swimming with me. You know, to thank you Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan for the cake. But you weren’t here, so…”

The tall girl gave a nod, smiling at me warmly. “Well, I see.” She said. “I’m glad you liked the cake… My name’s Becca, by the way.”

She outstretched her hand, and I took it. It was very soft and comforting. I could feel my blood boiling already. Out of all the girls I had met so far, this was the one I wanted to conquer the most.

The other girl, Alice, did not move. “But where is everyone else?” She asked quietly, her eyes roaming around the room. “Surely you did not let yourself in…”

“Chloe is hiding in the couch.” I chirp, ignoring the panicked sound that came from Chloe’s direction. “And Vic is passed out.”

“Passed out?” Becca repeated. “From what? Is she alright?”

She instinctively made her way over to the couch, and we followed. I smiled at the blonde girl as we did, and she smiled warmly back.


Becca jumped back in shock as Chloe leapt off the couch and started backing away. “It’s… it’s not what it looks like!” She insisted. She was holding a pillow to her chest, to block off view of her.

“W-what is going on?” Becca demanded, whirling on me. Her eyes fell on Vic, and her eyes narrowed. “What happened?”

I keep my cool, shaking my head in sorrow. “Please, Becca. Calm down. It’s not serious. Please, sit down.”

I reach out for her to touch her, but she pulled away quickly. “I will not rest until I have answer!” She demanded. I stare at her intently, wondering just what my next move will be.

“I was going to fuck her.”

Becca’s mouth dropped. The girl behind me, supposedly Alice, let out a deep breath of air. Chloe moaned.

“You were- what?”

“Chloe has been struggling with her sexuality for quite some time now.” I explain, as I walk over to her and touched her back. “We were just talking about how hard it is to be in a room full of cute girls and not… well, not being able to sleep with any of them.”

Chloe’s eyes roamed around the room fearfully. “That isn’t true!” She insisted. “That isn’t true at all!”

“Shhhhh.” I tell her quietly, as I stroke her back, trying to calm her down. “Let’s just sit in a circle and talk about this. Okay?”

Alice stepped forward, looking determined. “It’s fine, Chloe.” She said, as she wrapped her arm around her. “We’re not going to judge you or anything.” She shot a look back at Becca. “Right?”

She flipped her hair back, looking irritable. “I’ve been living with a sexual predator.” She said, shaking her head. “Honestly. imagine if this was a guy. Would you put up with that then?”

“Calm down, ladies.” I say smoothly, as I lead Chloe to the couch. She, seemingly awestruck by the sudden turn of events, followed with no argument. “Let us sit in a circle and talk about this.

We all sat down in the circle of chairs, all staring at each other. Chloe, seemingly overwhelmed by the situation, willingly allowed me to push her head onto my lap. I pat her gently as I stare at both Alice and Becca. Alice looking understanding, and Becca looking skeptical.

I was right to conquer Becca first.

“You were trying to sleep with her? In our room?”

“Because she wanted it.” I told her gently. “Because I wanted it. People fuck, get over it.”

Becca huffed. “But-”

“Perhaps you don’t have anyone who wants to fuck you.” I repeat, smirking slightly. “And that’s why you’re so bitter.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous.” Becca said. “I don’t like the idea of… of living with someone who would just… use me like that.”

She was very uncomfortable with this line of talk. It did not matter Escort Anadolu Yakası why. The only thing that mattered was getting her to be as I wanted her to be.

My slave.

“Chloe doesn’t want to use you, Becca.” I say softly, as I raise my finger and beckon her to come closer. Becca, reluctantly, but slowly, moved to come closer to me. I lean in closer to her, smiling. “She wants to make you happy.” I say, in a low voice. “She knows you very well, and thinks she could be a good partner for you. For all of you.”

“She… does?”

Becca looked reluctantly down at her. Chloe did not meet her gaze.

“But it’s just so… so weird…”

“That’s what I’m here for.” I say smoothly, as I stroke her face gently. “To make it normal.”

I lean in, and before long she is kissing me, running her lips over mine over and over again. “Wow…” She murmured, as she smiled at me. “I… liked that.”

I smiled, my eyes flickering for Alice. She smiled back. She did not even need to be bidden. She came over and kneeled next to Becca.

“Now.” I say, as I gently stroke Becca’s hair. “Perhaps you would like to kiss Alice now.”

Becca stared down at her, looking apprehensive, but Alice stared at her unmoving. And just like that, they were kissing. Running their hands up and down each other’s bodies as if they had been doing it for years. I stroke Alice’s back, feeling her body tense up under my touch.

Chloe squirmed uncomfortably under me.

I smile at the other girls as I slowly reach for Chloe’s bra. They do not immediately realize what I am doing, but they suddenly stand straight at attention when, all of a sudden, their friend’s bare back was there, right in front of them.

“I want to take you.” I tell Becca, my voice sincere. “All of you.”

She could not believe her eyes as I flipped Chloe over and revealed her chest to us. She blushed furiously as the three girls stared down at her.

“She’s… beautiful.” Becca whispered. She reached forward, unbidden, and touched her nipple. Chloe squeaked. I smile. “Two girls, two breasts.” I say. “Get to work, you two.”

The two girls, apprehensively, descended onto Chloe. Biting, kissing, and touching her chest, arms, face, and hands.I, meanwhile, shift downward, slowly playing with Chloe’s shorts.


I pulled them down, exposing her for all of us to see. Chloe moans as I eat her out, in front of everyone, thrashing and moaning and the like. The likes of three girls going at her at once was too much.

Far, far too much.

“Ah, ah… aaaaaah!”

She screamed, and then fell silent. A happy smile was on her face. I peek out from under her, smirking. “Now, which of you is next?”

Alice happily volunteered. I stripped her as well, and instructed Becca to do as I had did.

“W-what?” She stammered. “M-me…?”

“Yes, you.” I tell her, already working on her own shorts. “She’ll do me, and I’ll do you.”

Chloe watched in awe as the three of us touched and played with each other, right there in front of her, moaning all the while.

It did not take too long for Becca to reach her climax.

“Ah… Ahhhh!”

She sighed blissfully, as Alice and I shot a competitive look at one another. “I can make you go first?”

I laugh. “Never.”

Under my direct attention, despite her apparent experience, she does not last long either. She lay, moaning, across the counter, her eyes glazed over. “W-wow… That was… something else.” She breathed. “Yuna… I…”

I lay back on the couch, giggling at all of their exhausted faces. I cross my legs as I stare them down. “I know you love me.” I tell them all, looking at each and every one of them. “I know you want more. You want me to dominate you. You want me to make you feel like this again and again.”

I tap my fingers against the couch. “And I will.” I promise. “I will, whenever I feel the need to return to you, I will. But never forget this. Never forget this. There will be always be more joining us.”

I smile. “You may want to invest in a larger bed.”

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