A Special Treat Ch. 06

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Ana Foxxx

*Please read chapters 1-5 to get up to speed… or not, it’s your call. ;D


Upon entering the sales floor once again, Denise noticed Amanda and Jen had taken her whimsical advice and were intently browsing the Bra-Gain Center’s vast selection of brassieres. The two busty Theatre gals were nabbing bras off of the racks and dangling them in front of each other to see what the reaction would be. Most of them were positive remarks from what Denise could tell. It even amazed her how both of them were checking out their line of sheer bras that left almost nothing to the imagination.

“Sorry about the wait, but Margie’s double checking the invoice and your order form to make sure we got everything,” Denise approached the two ladies. Then, she opened the lid to the Tupperware pan filled with fudge and held it out to the pale busty women. “Would you two like some fudge? Margie made it last night and brought it in today.”

The older black-haired hottie took a piece along with Amanda. Jen downed her piece in two bites and snatched another from the pan before Denise slowly closed the plastic lid. Jen nodded in approval. “Thanks…”

“Denise,” the raven-haired salesgirl informed Jen.

“Thank you, Denise,” Jen smiled with her mouth filled with fudge.

Sensing the salesgirl was going to trot off again to the back room, Amanda snatched a sheer pink bra from the rack and held it up.

“Hey Denise, could you see if you carry this bra in a 40F?”

Knowing it was store policy to measure every customer in order not to sell the wrong product, Denise hesitated before answering. Then, she allowed her learned instinctual behavior from the store policy to subside in light of what was going on in one of the store’s grandiose fitting rooms.

“Sure,” Denise warmly complied.

“So, you really are going to do some shopping,” Jen laughed to her assistant costume designer.

“Might as well while we’re waiting,” Amanda shrugged, handing the garment over to the salesgirl.

“Is there anything else I can see about while I’m in the stock room,” Denise asked while giving Jen a coaxing look as she tried her hardest to keep her eyes away from both women’s well endowed breasts, daintily covered by their formfitting spaghetti strap tops.

“Oh, nothing for me. Thanks,” the black haired director blushed a tiny bit as if she were receiving a flattering compliment from a very important person. Her smile to Denise was somewhat uncomfortable, but the salesgirl new Jen really wanted to try something on no matter how much she tried to hide it. “Besides, I’ve only got the school’s credit card,” Jen added.

“Don’t worry about that. Get something and you can pay me back later,” Amanda overlapped Jen’s words. Jen’s want for a new undergarment was evident the busty redhead.

“You’re sure?” Jen’s eyes brightened up at Amanda’s charitable offer. Jen’s assistant simply flipped her hand as if her money wasn’t entirely an issue. Immediately, Jen turned around and picked out a sheer, floral-patterned bra and handed it to the raven-haired salesgirl. Noticing Denise wasn’t moving, it only took Jen a couple of seconds to realize what information she needed. “Oh, I’m sorry. 38DDD.”

“40F and 38DDD,” Denise repeated and pointed to both women when she uttered their corresponding bra sizes. “Gotcha!” With that, the salesgirl sauntered back down the hallway with both big bras in her hands. Instead of going for the stock room, Denise headed for the fitting room where the big tit orgy still commenced.

The salesgirl opened the door and panned over all the other sexy, voluptuous women to find her boss. Margie was in the middle of something Denise had never witnessed or even thought of. The older redhead laid flat on her back while Darcie was on all fours with her head between Margie’s huge 42L cupped mams. While Darcie worshipped those pale knockers, her body was turned above Margie’s head where the saleswoman had unencumbered access to Darcie’s 38J cupped boobs. Both women hungrily sucked and licked at the other’s nipples in what Denise thought of as a Titty 69.

“Ahem,” Denise hacked out to Margie in a painfully obvious manner. “Did you double check the invoice when we got the corsets?”

The busty saleswoman gently pushed up on Darcie’s body to signal an end to their fun and looked up at Denise. “Of course I did. Why?”

“Good, I’ll just usher both of them into their fitting rooms, sell them the corsets and their bras, and send them on their way,” Denise said confidently. Margie only laid one the floor as Darcie circled the older redhead’s pale nipples with her delicate fingers. The saleswoman looked up at her employee with disbelief at what she was conspiring. “I’ll just tell Jen you’re too busy to talk,” Denise answered Margie’s scrutiny.

“Good thinking,” Margie lightened up and brought her hand back behind Darcie’s head and pushed her towards her giant breast. The Anadolu Yakası Escort busty brunette opened her mouth and looked at Margie with her big, pretty eyes as she took the big, hard nipple into her mouth and suckled like a newborn. Margie brought her other hand up to her free nipples and twisted it, feeling all the delightful stinging pleasures from her sensitive flesh. Denise turned to exit from the fitting room before the scene before her made her pussy wetter than it was already.

As Denise walked to the door she noticed Dr. Smothers was now sitting next to Nelly, both women had their leg intertwined and were masturbating each other and playing with their own tits. The sight was almost a carbon copy out of a lesbian porno movie.

Right as the raven-haired salesgirl reached the door, she caught a much more exaggerated composition of sexual play. Right next to the door, the fat-titted Carmen had her legs straddled over Heather’s face along with the very slim-n-stacked Kerry eating her pussy like a homeless man gorging himself on a birthday cake. Denise couldn’t stand it anymore and felt the need to participate in the so-called celebration of big tit worship and lesbian lust.

Remember she was still holding the Tupperware pan of fudge; Denise took a piece out of the pan and popped it into her mouth. The raven-haired salesgirl rolled the chocolaty goodness around inside of her mouth. Carmen looked up at the woman who opened up her new passion and took her own tits into her hands and kneaded them vigorously in an attempt to get the girl’s attention. Denise looked down at Carmen’s wide pale blue eyes and leaned in for a kiss with the fudge still in her mouth. Her lips passed the gooey chocolate on into Carmen’s watering mouth as their tongues snaked around each other seductively. The salesgirl pulled away to the sight of Carmen looking up at her wantonly and breathing heavily. She brought her nubile fingers up and stroked the bigger girl’s 42J cup boulders and paid extra attention to her fat nipples. Carmen’s pink bee stung lips involuntarily puckered from the exciting stimulations her nipples were being subjected to. Denise leaned down and pecked Carmen’s sweet lips with her own. Then, she took another piece of fudge and crammed it into her mouth, leaving the pan on the floor in the fitting room and exiting through the door.

Once she reached the sales floor, Denise noticed how close Jen and Amanda really were from the way they were giddily showing each other different types of bras and giving their own opinions to each other on how one another would look in such sexy things.

“Oh, this is so adorable,” Jen exclaimed while Amanda held out a lacy black bra over her chest.

The closer the salesgirl got to the two pale, busty women; she could tell the fudge they had eaten was beginning to take effect. Both women’s nipples were rock hard and poking through the fabric of their spaghetti strapped tops.

“Here you both are,” Denise interrupted their conversation, handing them the bras for their corresponding sizes she fished out of the stock room before setting foot on the sales floor. “You can go behind the curtain and use the first two dressing rooms on your left,” the raven-haired cutie added.

The two busty women took their bras without hesitation and walked through the curtain. Once they entered the hall, both busty hotties noticed an obvious array of moaning coming from down the hallway. They exchanged strange looks to see if one another noticed the erotic vocals. Jen turned her head to allow her ear a better shot of where the noises were coming from.

“You hear that,” the girl with the cinnamon, red locks asked Jen.

“Yeah…” There was a twinge of confusion in Jen’s voice. The older woman took a few steps further down the hall, passing the dressing rooms Denise had advised them to use for trying on their bras. Jen kept her hearing keen of the origin of the erotic sounds as she tiptoed down the hall. Amanda silently followed her halfway. Then, Jen turned to her assistant designer with a look of astonishment on her face.

“I think someone’s having sex in that dressing room,” Jen pointed to the door where she determined the noise was coming from. Amanda’s nerves gave her an enjoyable jolt she gasped at in response upon hearing Jen’s hypothesis. The redhead stifled out a giggle that was almost a whisper to cover up the sensation she gave herself.

“No way,” Amanda exclaimed in almost a whisper. Part of her was in disbelief, but wanted the idea of people having sex in the fitting room to actually be true. She couldn’t quite understand why she had such a feeling, but didn’t bother to question herself. The redhead tiptoed closer to Jen; almost leaning on her as Jen bent closer to the door to listen. Jen looked back up to register Amanda’s amazed reaction. Their eyes met and they both knew they were about to laugh out loud from the Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan truth.

In an attempt to keep her mind off of any joviality, Amanda’s eyes wandered down to Jen’s tits. The redhead normally didn’t look at other girl’s breasts to get her straighten her mind out, but it was the first thing she instinctually thought of to keep her from laughing. She soon found that Jen’s breasts weren’t the thing to get her mind off of sex.

“Oh my god, Jen! Your boobs,” Amanda said aloud.

The redhead was in shock to see Jen’s large breasts were now stretching out her top. The spaghetti strapped shirt was looking more like a swimsuit top that was way too small to contain her huge, pale melons. The older woman’s knockers had gotten so voluptuous that they hung below the bottom hem. The weakening fabric was failing to cover the bottoms of her heavy, pendulous breasts and even left a just sliver of her growing areolas exposed. Jen back away a couple of steps and gasped as she laid eyes on her newly grown jugs for the first time. Amanda braced herself against the wall as she marveled at how much bustier her attractive teacher had become almost instantaneously. Both women stood with their mouths agape at the sight of the giant, white breasts straining to break free from their cloth prison.

“Holy shit,” Jen blurted. Then, the black-haired goddess realized how loud she was and didn’t want to be discovered. “What the fuck’s happening to me,” she hissed at Amanda.

Jen looked down at the redheaded student’s chest and instantly was horrorstruck. Then, both women heard a seam pop and Amanda felt her right strap on her top flop down and brush her clothed breast. Both women looked down at Amanda’s big tits. Thoughts of how their breasts had grown to about the same size flooded Amanda and Jen’s minds. Then, both women watched each other as small tears began to appear at the top parts of the other’s shirt fabric. The holes grew more and more from the weight of their big hooters, exposing more of their creamy, white titflesh.

Panic sank into Jen. Her heart beat faster and faster from the astonishment she experienced as she watched her own pale breasts growing, fighting to break out of their cloth prison. Her instincts forced her to run out of the hallway and back onto the sales floor. Her vision registered as nothing but blurs as she looked in almost every direction of the store. Once she had come to the conclusion that Denise was not around, Jen ran to the front door. Her giant tits bounced around wildly and were on the verge of popping out of her now flimsy top with every pounding step she took.

Suddenly, Jen’s escape was halted as she bumped into Denise as she came around the corner of the check out counter. Jen couldn’t help but look down at the raven-haired salesgirl’s tits in horror. It seemed as if the almost flat-chested cutie had grown a bit more in her hooters.

“Is there something wrong,” Denise calmly asked Jen who looked as if she were in complete hysteria and on the verge of a break down.

“My… um… and Amanda…” Jen sank down, tears welling in her eyes. “Oh god, what’s happening to us?”

“I don’t know, but I can tell you’re no longer in the market for a 38DDD bra,” Denise quickly replied in a sarcastic tone to try to lift Jen’s spirits. Noticing her style of humor wasn’t having its desired effect; Denise took the older woman by the wrist and lead up back to the hallway. Upon brushing past the curtains, both women stopped in their tracks at the sight of Amanda still in awe of her growing tits. The redhead’s big nipples were pulling the fabric of her top even more taught as she rubbed her hands all over her milky white mams. Her light pink areolas were visible above the top hem of her shredding top and her juicy side breast flesh spilled out more and more from the holes that had formed near her armpits. The whiteness bulged out of the growing holes more and more as Amanda’s shirt nearly ceased to exist.

Jen’s own tits gave one more thunderous jiggle, when she and Denise stopped to just in front of Amanda, and bounced out from the bottom hem of her shirt. Amanda and Denise sensed what had happened. Their eyes were automatically glued to the sight of Jen’s newly grown heavies springing free from her small top. As the cooler air hit Jen’s sensitive breasts, her hysteria subsided and was immediately taken over by an insatiable feeling of lust.

Amanda’s hands worshipped more and more of her huge hangers. She watched Jen as her arms spread away from her growing tits and she looked down at how much bigger her boulders were still growing. Then, the redhead noticed how much bustier Denise had become. Her pussy became wetter at the sight of Jen’s huge knockers dangling out of her shirt and how tingly her own growing breasts were feeling. Amanda had never felt so horny in all her life.

“My titties are getting Escort Anadolu Yakası so much fatter. This is unreal,” Amanda whispered to Jen and Denise out loudly.

Denise smiled warmly at Amanda’s growing breasts. The salesgirl then remembered tingling sensations she felt in her own bosom. Her eyes traveled away from Jen’s newly aroused state and Amanda’s amorous fascination with her own tits to look at her growing chest. Denise’s boobs had become much more proportionate over the small period of time that had elapsed. In fact, she could tell her growing jugs were stretching out her pullover blouse to its seam’s end. A feeling of insurmountable happiness hit Denise’s conscious like a ton of bricks. She brought her hands up and massaged her swelling braless funbags through her blouse.

“This is wonderful,” Denise exclaimed breathlessly.

The salesgirl’s eyes wandered over to Jen who seemed to have settled down. It was obvious Jen had accepted the fact that her breasts were growing and was rubbing her large mams along with Amanda and Denise. Amanda was bracing her back against the wall and still worshipping her growing milk jugs. The busty redhead brought her nubile fingers up to pinch and pull her big nipples poking through what remained of her shirt.

Jen’s libido couldn’t take much more of being stoic while such lascivious activities were being played out in front of her. The sexual fire inside of her began to grow more and more just like her big titties. The brunette teacher couldn’t stand it anymore and lunged at Amanda. Jen’s hands tore apart what was left of her hot redheaded student’s top, setting her huge pale tits free. Amanda’s jaw sagged open with her inability to show Jen her true appreciation for the excitement that had run through her.

“Fuck yeah, Jen. Please play with my big tits. God, your tits are so fucking hot,” Amanda growled at her teacher. Jen’s face reddened a bit and her hands pulled away, but she quickly brought them back up and latched her fingers onto Amanda’s swelling titflesh. The redheaded student moaned louder and louder from the sensations Jen’s fingertips shot through her nipples and areolas.

With a visceral groan, Amanda clutched Jen’s back and pulled her teacher’s pale mammoth jugs into her own. Both pale busty women moaned more and more as they both squashed their giant titties into one another. Denise took a step closer to the action. She knew her pussy was getting wetter by the minute and bit her lip as a sign of her wantonness. The raven-haired beauty lifted her blouse up and unveiled her braless tatas to Jen and Amanda.

Jen turned to see the younger salesgirl baring her tits for approval it seemed. The brunette teacher cooed at the sexy sight of the newly huge proportioned breasts and reached her hand out to fondle the supple breast flesh while her other hand toyed with Amanda’s large hooters.

The ever-growing busty redhead enjoyed her sexy teacher playing with her big tits. She puffed her chest more to allow Jen’s fingers and palms more reign over her pale hooters. Amanda could feel her pussy clenching more and more from the beautiful sensations that originated from her nipples. She brought her salivating mouth down to suckle on Jen’s bigger erect nipples. The brunette teacher moaned out in almost a squeal from the pleasures her student bequeathed to her. Amanda’s sucking was almost like a very wet French kiss with Jen’s erect nipple.

Jen was overcome with pleasure and stopped playing with Amanda’s huge pale knockers and pressed her head more into her chest. The redheaded girl moaned into her teacher’s chest, her lips reverberating on Jen’s bumpy areolas. In response, the brunette teacher threw her head back, her throat letting out a very sexy groan.

Denise knew she wanted to suck those big, sexy titties of Jen and thought there was no time like the present. While she kept pinching and twiddling with her own very sensitive nipples, the raven-haired hottie bent over and covered Jen’s free nipple with her lips. Her tongue wrestled with the growing nubbin that jutted out from the brunette teacher’s areola. The more she lapped at Jen’s sensitive flesh along with Amanda, the more Jen reacted to the stimuli dominating her boulders.

“I… don’t… know how much… more… of this I… can take.” Jen forced the words out of her mouth like a square peg being shoved through a round hole.

Denise brought her nubile fingers up and stroked Jen’s tingling breasts. Jen as caught slightly off guard when the sexy salesgirl rose up to kiss her, but allowed the younger woman to do so. Their tongues slowly slithered out from between their lips and tangled for a moment. Amanda pulled back from Jen’s huge titty. Her jaw dropped as she beheld the illustrious sight between her teacher and the fine salesgirl.

Pulling back for the stimulating kiss, Denise smirked at Jen whose eyes were still closed and mouth was kissing at the sexually charged air.

“I think we should take this to one of the fitting rooms, don’t you,” Denise questioned both pale women. Jen’s eyes popped back open to see the raven-haired seductress sauntering down the hall to the last fitting room. Amanda and Jen slowly followed the hot salesgirl to the door as she slowly pulled it open.

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