A Roommate With Benefits

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Erica’s part-time job at the Toy Shoppe included a six-till-closing Saturday shift. Today, she and Lisa were working together. Vickie had told Erica to come dressed to impress the clientele, as she did all the employees. Today, Erica wore a white, snug fitting, see-thru button up shirt. As was her habit, she wore no bra under the shirt, virtually exposing her succulent c-cup breasts. Her skirt was pale blue, tastefully short, with a zipper in the front from the hem to the snap. Her working partner, Lisa, was attired just as sexily, in a white, form-fitting, see-thru body suit and microskirt to match. She had on hose that matched the color of her bodysuit perfectly. Together, they made an eye-popping sight to any and all customers entering the store.

Business was slow, with customers coming in spurts – one or two, then a half-hour with no one, then one, then none. Finally around nine o’clock, Lisa suggested Erica go and get them some food. Erica walked to a nearby hotdog stand and ordered two chili dogs and sodas. The cool night air felt good and she took her time getting back to the store. When she came in the door, Lisa was coming out of the office, with a huge grin on her face. “I was just watching the tape of your job interview. That was hot!” she exclaimed. Erica, slightly embarrassed, said, “Well a girl’s gotta do what it takes,” and let the matter drop. They enjoyed their dinner, and with business slow, they closed the store around 11.

“Where do you live?” asked Lisa.

“Lakeview apartments,” replied Erica.

“Really? So do I! I live in building C.”

“How about that. I live in D. They’re back-to-back!” exclaimed Erica. “I’ll follow you home and maybe we can hang out for a little while. I’m not all that tired.”

“Me either, especially after watching that tape of your interview,” said Lisa, as she licked her lips suggestively. “We can get to know each other better.”

On the way to the apartment complex, Erica had wonderfully erotic thoughts of what she hoped was about to happen. Visions of Lisa’s gigantic tits filled her mind, and she wondered how those hose were exactly the same color as the bodysuit. Hoping she would soon find out, she parked beside Lisa and got out of her car. Lisa was already at the door and when she bent over to insert her key, Erica thought she saw a glimpse of butt cheek under Lisa’s skirt. Lisa entered the apartment and turned in the door to welcome Erica. What a welcome! Just as Erica stepped across the threshold and closed the door, Lisa wrapped herself Göztepe Escort around her coworker and planted a tremendously sexy, tongue-searching kiss on Erica’s lips. The difference in their size became evident, so Erica simply picked up the pixie-like sexpot and carried her into the apartment. The kiss was getting hotter when Erica found the sofa and gently laid Lisa down, never breaking the kiss. Hands roaming, the two hot bodies explored every curve, every nook until finally they had to part for air. “Wow!” exclaimed Lisa. “You are a great kisser!”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” replied Erica, as she looked around the apartment. Basically the same as her own, she saw that they liked the same style of furniture; it was even arranged like hers. While Erica examined her surroundings, Lisa had been taking care of business. She had removed her skirt, to reveal the answer to Erica’s question about the color of Lisa’s hose matching the color of her bodysuit perfectly – it was all one piece of very erotic clothing, with cutouts for Lisa’s ass and pussy. Sexy indeed! As she got up from the couch, Lisa made sure Erica got a full view of her shaved pussy.

“You like my kitty?’ she asked Erica. Erica dumbly nodded. “Then you’ll probably like my ass, too,” she said as she turned around and put her ass on display, inches from Erica’s face. Lisa was blessed with an ass that seemed to have a life of its own. Firm, high, and full, it seemed to project from her body at a ninety degree angle. Not too big, but generously ample, it was the most beautiful ass Erica had ever seen. Eric reached out to caress the perfect twin globes, not in an erotic way, but to worship their excellence. It was as if they were an artist’s rendition of flawless precision. As she gently rubbed each globe in turn, she felt herself getting hot. Lisa looked over her shoulder coyly, and said, “If you keep that up, you’ll have to do more very quickly.” Taking the hint, Erica stood up and unbuttoned her shirt all the way, but not taking it off. Her skirt was next, followed by her sopping panties. As Erica was taking off her clothes, Lisa pulled the top of her bodysuit down to her navel, and slithered out of the sexy garment. Lisa turned and they embraced again. This time though, things were easier to get to. Nipples became targets of tongue assaults, fingers probed crevices, and skin inflamed skin as the two horny girls really got to know each other. Finally breaking the kiss, Lisa took Erica by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Göztepe Escort Bayan Not turning on the light, she allowed the light from the living room to cast enticing shadows in the bedroom. As they approached the bed, Erica took charge, and giving Lisa a gentle push, followed her onto the bed. Lisa lay on her back and Erica climbed over her body as a snake approaching its prey. Kissing Lisa’s thighs, then her navel and flat stomach, Erica slowly but surely moved upwards toward those magnificent titties. Lisa had begun rubbing them and pushing them together in anticipation, gently pulling the nipples to make them stand up.

Erica finally moved her mouth over Lisa’s left nipple, and gently blew. At the same time, her hand touched Lisa’s puffy lips, and before she could insert a finger, Lisa began bucking in orgasm. Her pussy seemed to seek out Erica’s finger and suddenly Erica plunged it into Lisa’s sodden pussy without warning. This only heightened Lisa’s climax, and as she continued to writhe wildly on the bed, Erica latched onto her nipple and hung on for dear life. The added stimulation seemed to renew Lisa’s energy and she rode another wave of exquisite pleasure for at least a full minute. Erica had inserted a second, then a third finger into Lisa’s clenching pussy, and stroking in excited rhythm with Lisa’s bucking. Finally, Lisa began to slow her eager body down. Her breathing began to return to normal, and she lazily rolled her eyes to meet Erica’s. Erica was resting her chin between Lisa’s tits, and smiling the smile of a triumphant seductress.

“I think we may be onto something here,” said Erica.

Erica slid herself off Lisa and lay on her back. Stretching luxuriously, she looked at her sexy coworker and asked. “Well, do I get the tour of the apartment now?”

“As if you need it. You only live about a hundred feet away. Anyway, I can’t walk yet,” answered Lisa. Small, exciting waves of pleasure were still rolling through her pussy.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, and we have hardly started. I hope you’re up for more action, because I intend to return the favor.” Having said that, Lisa rolled over and took Erica’s left nipple in her hand. Not aware of the sensitivity of Erica’s nipples, Lisa gave it a gentle tug. Erica’s groan was all Lisa needed to hear, and she dove onto Erica’s chest with a vengeance. Pulling one nipple and sucking the other, she was almost thrown off the bed when Erica arched her back and screamed out her pleasure. Escort Göztepe

“Yes! Yes! Suck them hard! Don’t stop till I cum!” yelled Erica. Such excitement only aroused Lisa more and she kept up her attack. Erica’s musky aroma reached Lisa’s nostrils and she realized that Erica’s pussy had not been touched. Reaching down between Erica’s legs, Lisa was delighted to find a very wet and welcoming pussy waiting for her. She continued sucking Erica’s nipple and began stroking her pussy in a determined fashion, while Erica’s hands found Lisa’s swinging breasts. As Erica began to pull on her nipples, Lisa worked her fingers feverishly in and out of Erica’s cunt.

The excitement both girls felt and gave was beyond belief. They came explosively and rode the wave of dual orgasms. Lisa collapsed on top of Erica and they drifted off to sleep.

Sunshine awoke Erica and she realized she had slept the night through in Lisa’s bed. Lisa was curled up on the other side, naked as the day she was born. Admiring Lisa’s bubble butt, Erica felt a stirring in her loins. “Pee first'” she thought. As Erica got up to go to the bathroom, Lisa began to stir and was awake by the time Erica returned. “Hey Sexy” mumbled Lisa as she passed Erica in the doorway of the bathroom. Erica couldn’t help but feel up Lisa’s butt as she entered the bathroom.

“Keep that up and we’ll have to pick up where we left off last night,” said Lisa as she sat down.

“Not necessarily a bad idea,” replied Erica as she put on her shirt and went into the kitchen. Remembering there was a second bedroom in her apartment, Erica wondered if Lisa had a roommate.

Lisa entered the kitchen wearing a seriously too small t-shirt as if to tease Erica into another romp in the bedroom. Reading Erica’s mind, Lisa said, “Nope. Nobody here but little old me and my titties!”

Erica knew how much the rent was and immediately saw that she and Lisa could save a good bit of money if they roomed together. “So what do you do besides work at the Toy Shoppe?” asked Erica.

“I’m in school at Tech. Why?”

“Well, I’m a student at Valley State, and had to get the job in the Toy Shoppe to offset my expenses. I’m living alone and so are you – why don’t we rent one apartment and share the costs?”

Lisa gave the matter a minute’s thought and replied, “We could try it and see how it goes. I’m not seeing anyone right now and the company would be welcome.”

“Great!” squealed Erica, and got up to hug her new roommate. The hug turned sexy quickly, and a long, lingering kiss ensued. Tearing herself away momentarily, Erica said, “Look. I’m very serious about my education. Maybe we should limit our sexplay to weekends at first.”

“Oh, me too, and I couldn’t agree more,” said Lisa. “Wow! Sex on a schedule – what will you think of next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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