A Feminine Touch

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Judy was a 30 y.o. Happily married woman. 12 years to her husband Jim and a beautiful 11 year old daughter, Kaitlin. Her husband was a successful engineer and Judy worked as an accountant in a large law firm. She started right out of college and was very good at her job. She stood 5’5″, long auburn hair. her breasts were about a 36b-c and her ass, with that delicious arch which made it seem to stick out even more, was just… perky. It did get a lot of attention but none that she was ever aware of. Her dress was always smart, not to form fitting. Just enough to show off her features without it looking as though she was trying to “advertise.”

She was very pleasant and non assuming to those she worked with. her smile always seemed to light up the room. Everyone enjoyed her presence. There were about 8 other co- workers in her section, she was the team leader, and four of them were lesbians. There was Nora, Kim, Beth and Amber. Now others may have surmised this but they did not want to go out of their way to declare it to those they worked with. Knowing that some people felt uneasy around said people, they decided to just keep it that way. But to say that Judy’s beauty was lost on them would be a mistake.

The four were out to a restaurant one evening after work. Having had their meal, they were having a drink and talking about the other girls at work. “Of all the girls at work, who turns you on the most?” Said Nora. She seemed to be the leader of the group, if we could use such defining observations,

The girls, looking at each other almost said in unison, “Judy.”

“That girls ass just makes my mouth water” said Amber. “I would never dream of hitting on her but wow! Does that ass make me wet.”

“You know” said Kim, It would be a thrill to… turn her.”

“I agree with that, but she is married, and has a child. I wouldn’t feel right breaking up that marriage. To lust is one thing but to destroy a marriage? I… I wouldn’t feel right.” said Beth, looking a little sad.

“Girls, Beth is right. As much as I would like too, I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt her family, especially her daughter.” Nora in thought, “But, just maybe, if we showed her… a feminine side of life, where she could have both worlds.” The girls all nodded in agreement as Nora spoke. ” I heard Judy saying her husband was leaving tomorrow for a week long business trip and her daughter was staying the week with her grandparents. Let’s do this. I will invite her to go bowling with us tomorrow night, some drinks and we will invite her over to my house and we will take it from there. What do you think? No pressure, just some girl time.”

The girls all agreed and Nora sat about the task of what she would do. Upon getting home she called Judy.

“Hey girl, Nora here. Say, a few of us from the office were going bowling tomorrow night and I remember you saying you were going to be alone this week. Would you want to join us, maybe have a drink afterwards? Would love to have you come? (a pun here?)

“Well… you know Nora, maybe that would be a good idea. It seems like Jim just never has time to go out much… Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Oh Judy, we would just love to have you. (another pun?) Meet us at around 8:30, and this is my treat. See you there.”

“Hey hun, who was that?” Jim said

“Oh… just Nora. Said they were going bowling and wanted to know if I wanted to go.”

“Honey, that is great. You haven’t been out in quite a while. I am sorry I don’t take you out much, with the job in all. You deserve some time out.” Hugging his wife, Judy was getting a little turned on. Then Jim dropped the bomb. “Well, I have a ton of paperwork to get ready for tomorrow’s presentation when we arrive. Love you… will miss you.”

“Oh… I know… me too.” They kissed and off he went. Judy sat on the bed, frustrated. She loved her husband very much. He did please her sexually, for the most part anyway. She just wished there was… more. When he leaves she will have to take matters into her own hands. She chuckled to herself at that thought she just had.

Jim was up and off early that morning. Judy just lay in bed, thinking, hand under the covers, slowly diddling her pussy. Wishing they could have had a good fuck, to tie her over before she left. There was a knock on her door.

“Mom? You up? Can I come in?” Her daughter was the light of her life. So compliant and giving. As she walked into the room she noticed her mom looked a little down. She walked to the bed, Judy opened the covers, hoping she could not smell her aroused pussy. Kaitlin smelled something but didn’t know what it was. She climbed in and hugged her mom. Her soft body felt nice to Judy. Not sexual… just nice and soft.

“Mom, you look kind of sad.”

“Oh… no honey… just in thought. I could never feel sad with you around, you make my day.”

“Oooh mom. I love you soooo much.” She hugged her more. “Mom, you are going to be here all by yourself next week. I could ask grandma if I could stay here at night with you, that way you wouldn’t be so bursa escort lonely.”

“Kaitlin, that is so sweet of you. But no. I will be all right. Grandma and grandpa have things planned to do with you and I wouldn’t want to spoil that. Just call me in the evening, maybe we can Skype. That would be enough.”

“Ok mom, if you say so. But if you get lonely, you tell me. Kay?”

Hugging her tightly. “What did I do to get such a wonderful daughter as you?”

“You and Dad have good genes maybe?”

“Yah… that’s it. You are the best of us both. Well, let’s get you ready, your grandparents are expecting you this morning.” She dropped her off and returned home. Getting into her chores to help her forget her aloneness.


The day did pass quickly. She dressed, a button up blouse and a pair of knee shorts. Not to tight, but it was hard not to display that ass of hers. Before long she was bowling and having the time of her life. The girls were laughing and drinking. After about three games. “Hey girls, let’s go over to my house. We can have a few more drinks and every one could crash if we get to drunk.” Nora was hoping Judy would agree. She did and ended up following them to Norah’s house.

Getting out of her car, Judy spoke. “Wow Nora, this is a nice place. Do you live alone here?”

“Oh yes. I didn’t want the apartment life. Thought if I ever settled down, I would have a nice place.” They walked into her living room. All the girls sat down. No one really near each other. They didn’t want Judy to feel… out of place. “Hey let me get some drinks” Nora went into the kitchen and brought out some wine and poured everyone a drink.

They all sat around talking about work, family and such. None giving an hint of their sexuality. They had been drinking for a while. Judy was beginning to feel the effects as Kim asked her a question. “Judy, you seem to be a happily married woman.”

Hesitating a little. “Well Jim… is a wonderful husband. And my daughter is just… the best.”

“I’ll bet he is good in bed.”

“Amber? Honestly, that is not something we talk about.” Nora said, slightly scolding her.

“No… that’s ok Nora. We are girls here. Jim is… good to me… that way. But sometimes I think there must be… more. I hear others talking about their… you know… sex life. And I must say, I think I am missing something. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jim but sometimes I wish he was more… “

“Feminine maybe?” said Beth

“Well… yes. I guess that is a way of putting it. I mean, sometimes I wish he was more… I don’t know… in touch with me… softer maybe.” Nora poured her some more wine and she drank most of it.

“Judy, maybe you need to add something to your life.” Said Amber.

“Oh… I would never cheat on my husband… never.” She was almost in tears. Nora went to the sofa and took her hand.

“Judy. We would never suggest that. To make a point. May I ask you a very personal, sexual question?”

Feeling a little embarrassed she said, “Well… I suppose.”

“Judy, you play with yourself to make yourself cumm, do you not?” This took her by surprise. If she had not been a little inebriated, she probably would have walked out. But she felt a sense of caring, comfort, and this held her there.

Looking down, feeling very conscious, “Well yes. Especially when Jim is away and when I haven’t felt… “

“Satisfied? Judy it is alright to admit this. I think a lot of marriages experience this sort of thing. But I think you can do something about it.”

Looking up at Nora. “Really? But how? I mean I would never cheat on him.”

“Ok, When you are playing with yourself and having an orgasm, without him, isn’t that in a way… cheating?” Judy just looked at her, really thinking that through.

“You know, I have never thought of it that way but… I suppose you are right.”

“Judy, how open minded are you about sexuality?”

“I… don’t know. I guess I am open to any point of view. I mean I know mine is not the only one.”

“Judy would you say we here are all friends?”

“Oh, why yes. I think of all of you as my friends, not just co-workers.”

Nora looked at the rest. They nodded their heads, knowing what she was going to say. “Judy I am going to tell you something that I don’t think you know. I hope it will not ruin our friendship.”

“Oh Nora, I don’t know what you could possible say that would make me think that.”

“Judy? All four of us… are lesbians.”

Her eyes got really big, her mouth opened. The girls thought they had totally ruined their relationship with her.

“Oooh… ok. Didn’t see that coming.” Still holding Nora’s hand.

“Judy, does that make you feel any different toward us?” She sat there, trying to take this all in, especially in her state of mind. She finally said and to everyone’s surprise.

“Uhh… no. You know, If you hadn’t of told me, I would never have guessed. I mean you girls never flaunt yourself, I have never seen you… hitting on any one. No, bursa escort bayan I don’t think any worse of you for who you are. Soooo what did you mean by… adding something to my… life?”

“Judy, we would never want to come between you and your family, believe me, we would die if we did. We respect you too much for that. But… you said you were looking for something more… softer, to add to what you already have. Judy, if you would permit, we could offer you that softness, you so crave. No strings or commitment. Not trying to turn you.(was that a lie?) We would never come on to you, only if you were willing.”

Thinking for some time. “What would I… have to do?”

“Nothing Judy. We could show you the softness of a woman. Let you in on a world you know nothing of. We would do nothing you would not want to do. Can leave or quit any time, and we will still be your friends. You can have both, if you want to.”

She thought long and hard on this. She really did want… something and this did seem like what she was looking for. She did trust Nora and the others. Why not. What does she have to lose. “Oh… ok, what do I have to do?”

Nora, holding her hand, standing said “Just come with us.” and she led her upstairs to her bedroom. The other girls were wet with the anticipation of what might transpire. They would let Nora lead the way. She took her into her bedroom. It was plush. carpet, lighting, mirrors everywhere. a king size bed. It was beautiful. “Judy, stand there as we get ready.”

Judy stood there, hands folded across her chest. She was awe struck as the girls all began removing their clothes. Laying them neatly on a chair. They were stunning. Beautiful bodies. Perky titts and all also had shaved pussie’s, and she couldn’t help to notice they were wet. Nora came over to her. “Are you still ok with this?” Judy nodded yes, feeling a bit scared. Not knowing what was going to happen.

“Judy, we want to disrobe you. OK?” Judy just nodded her head. Nora walked up to her and began unbuttoning her blouse. No hurry. The girls unsnapped her shorts and removed them and her panties. Noticing they were a little damp. Beth, behind her, brought them to her nose and sniffed. A big smile coming to her face. The girls looked at her with a little envy. Removing her shoes and socks, she now stood there, completely naked. Feeling a little embarrassed.

Nora took her hands, holding her arms out, like you would a child, admiring them. “Judy, you are so… beautiful. Your body is fantastic. Would never know you had a child. Now, does our nakedness make you feel… awkward?”

“Well… no. And I could say the same of all of you, your bodies are just perfect.”

“And soft.” said Nora. I see you also shave your pussy. That makes you look so lovely. Now how do you feel about seeing our nakedness. Does it do anything for you?”

“To be honest? I don’t know. Tingly maybe?”

“Judy, may I touch your body?’

“Well… I guess so… yes.” She was very apprehensive. A little scared as this was something totally new to her and yet… arousing?” her feelings were confusing.

“Judy, would you kneel on the carpet with me, your hands at your side.” She slowly sank to her knees staying upright. Nora got down behind her. Judy opened her legs some and her feet more so Nora could kneel behind her. Nora placed her hands on her shoulders and the girls stood close to her. One in front and one on each side, their hands on their bellies.

“Judy, unlike men, a woman, no matter who she is, I think they enjoy the female body, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes” She said softly.

” Our parts are so soft and need to be treated that way.” She ran her hands down her arms and back up again. “A woman’s touch is so soft and unhurried.” The girls in unison began slowly rubbing their hands on their body. Touching themselves everywhere. Judy was so enraptured with this as Nora kept stroking her arms. Judy was beginning to relax. Enjoying Nora’s hands on her. Her hands went to her neck and over her shoulders, around and down her back. “Judy, may I go… farther?”

“Yessss. Nora it does feel… wonderful.” Nora’s hands went over her shoulders and down her arms. Going across her belly and cumming up to her titties, she held them underneath. Judy took in a breath. Never having a woman’s hands on her breasts before. Nora brought her hands out, fingers opened around the base of her titts. She began softly swirling her fingers, bringing them up toward her nipples stopping at her areolas.

“Mmm.” Said Judy, her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations.

“Watch how softly the girls are on their own titties. No hurry.” The girls were caressing their titties and nipples, making them hard. Judy, looking up, stared at them, feeling her own nipples come to life as Nora began swirling her fingers around the nipples. “Look at their pussies Judy, as they open like a flower.”

Judy watched as the girls brought their hands down to their pussies, caressing their lips and eventually rubbing bursa sınırsız escort their clits as they were all protruding out. They were getting wetter and you could smell the aroma from each pussy as it was stroked.

“Look at their pussies Judy. Fingers slowly bringing each one to life. Only the way a woman can do it. Soft and slow.” Nora ran her hands down the side of Judy’s legs, running her fingers to the inside and slowly bringing them up, closer to Judy’s pussy, when she got to the edge, her hands came out and up her side to her titties and then back down again. Softly caressing her body. Judy could feel the arousal. Never knowing it would or could be like this.

“Can you smell the aroma of their aroused pussies Judy? Lean in and see how each one smells a little different. go ahead, don’t be afraid, just sniff the aroma.” Judy did lean close to each one and sniffed. As she did so, each girl raised their hand up and leaned their pussy toward Judy, almost touching her nose to their pussy. All knew they wanted to so badly. Nora thought she would take it to another level.

“Judy, have you ever tasted your own pussy?”

“Mm… yes”

“Would you like to taste another girl? Your call, no one is forcing you. Just to see what it would be like? Amber, open your pussy some for Judy.” Amber opened her pussy, just enough to see her hole. Placing her pussy a fraction of an inch from Judy’s lips. Nora was still caressing Judy but not touching her pussy. Her fingers would come almost to her lips and then pull away. Her arousal was climbing, and having a pussy so close. Could she do such a thing?

“If you want Judy, just stick out your tongue some and taste Amber’s pussy. You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.” Judy slowly stuck out her tongue, Amber backed away some till she got it out then she leaned forward and Judy’s tongue went to her hole.

Judy brought her tongue back but not without Ambers juice on it. Amber almost came right there. It was all she could do to hold it. To feel Judy’s tongue on her pussy. Something she had fantasized about before, but never thought in her wildest dreams would it actually happen. Judy brought her tongue into her mouth and tasted Amber. Not reproached at all of her taste.

“Well Judy, what did you think, was it that bad?”

“Uhh… no… not really.”

Still caressing her, rubbing her legs, next to her pussy lips, but not touching was getting Judy worked up. “Girls, turn around and show Judy what else we have to offer.” The girls turned around, opened their legs, reached back and opened their ass so Judy could see their pucker.

“Judy, you may not believe me but this is another part of a woman that is so wonderfully soft. and amazing when treated properly. Has your husband ever done anything with your… ass?”

“Uhh nooo. I think he thinks it’s… not something to bother with.”

“And how do you feel. Have you ever played with yours?”

“Well… yes… sometimes… it does feel… I don’t know… nice?”

“Judy do you like the aroma of your ass?”

“Yah.I guess I do, now that you mention it. Is that bad Nora?”

“Oh my word no Judy, just the opposite. Just look at those puckers, aren’t they beautiful? So pink and soft looking. Judy, if you want now, lean in a sniff each one. Tell me what you think.”

Judy couldn’t believe she doing this. Smelling another girls ass but it also just seemed… right. She smelled each one going around to each one a few times. The girls could feel her nose lightly touch their hole. It would cause them to wink it. The girls were so turned on by this.

“Judy? Again, would you like to see what one would taste like?” she waited for her answer.

“I… I guess I could try. Is it very offensive?”

“Oh no, just stick your tongue out and try it. poke it in a little and go around the hole. Again, your choice.”

Judy decided to try it, after all she had come this far, and she had always hoped that maybe Jim would have done it to her so she could see what it was like. As soon as her tongue touched Beth’s ass, she backed up some as Judy pressed her tongue into her ass and then rimmed it before taking it back into her mouth.

Just then Beth grabbed her pussy, squeezing her legs together and she came. Moaning and clutching her pussy. “Why Judy. Congratulations, you just made Beth cumm. How do you feel about that?”

Judy was beside herself. Never in her life did she ever think she would make another cumm. “Uhh gee Nora… I don’t know… hard to describe. I mean I am glad for her but coming from me… I don’t know.”

“Judy, you have just given pleasure to someone. Never feel guilty about that. If they didn’t like it they would have told you. Beth? How did it feel?”

Beth looking at Judy. “Ohh Judy it was… wonderful. I mean your tongue… in there… back there, I hope I don’t scare you but it felt… wow!”

Judy didn’t expect that. Now it was time for the next step for Judy.


Nora stood and Judy stood with her. The girls were all standing around her. “Judy are you ready to feel how soft a woman can be?”

“Yes… I guess… yes ok” All the girls came in and rubbed their bodies against Judy, slowly and softly running their hands all over her. Judy closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. Her arousal is so high now. Her pussy is leaking. Nora placed her knee between Judy’s legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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