A Legal Affair

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Amy and Lisa met at work about six months ago when Amy joined Lisa’s law firm. Lisa was sitting behind the reception desk when Amy arrived on her first day. Lisa was amazed by the simple, natural beauty of her. Amy had a bright red mop of curls to her shoulders, big brown eyes and creamy white skin with a heavy helping of freckles along her nose and cheeks. She wore no makeup and a nicely tailored charcoal coloured suit with a rose satin and lace blouse. Her legs were bare and she wore shoes with only the slightest of heels. When Amy asked her for directions to the office she was to be working in, Lisa didn’t notice. Amy had to snap her fingers in front of her face before she responded.

Lisa was wearing a black wrap dress, beige thigh high stockings and black pumps with a four inch heel. Her hair was tied back in a French braid due to its incredible length. It was dirty blonde and at least waist length. The top was lighter than it was underneath as if she had spent much time in the sun and if her tawny skin was any indication that was exactly the case. She wore only mascara on her bright green eyes and a tinted gloss on her full lips.

When she finally responded, they laughed at the moment. They were fast friends and took to each other immediately. Since then, they have gone to the movies and the park with their children, gone to dinner together, the mall. On this night, they had rented a movie and ordered pizza because the kids wanted a sleep over. The children had fallen asleep upstairs while watching their movie and Amy and Lisa were now quietly enjoying a glass of wine while watching theirs. Lisa noticed something in Amy’s silence.

She couldn’t quite determine what it was, so she said “What’s wrong Amy?”

Amy replied “I was just wondering if I’ll ever find a man. Sometimes I just feel like they don’t even see me.”

“That’s ridiculous! Of course they see you!”

“Well something must be wrong with me. I haven’t been on a date in months!”

Amy looked at the glass in her lap and realizing it was empty, filled it again. She took a long sip, placed it back in her lap and continued to stare at it.

“There is ABSOLUETLY nothing wrong with you!” Lisa said.

Then she reached up and brushed a soft red curl from Amy’s face and cupped her chin in her hand. She raised Amy’s head, but her eyes stayed lowered. “I happen to think you’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.”

Lisa’s touch on her skin sent an unexpected wave of heat surging through her body. She looked up, suddenly embarrassed by her feelings. What she saw in Lisa’s face was so tender and honest that there was only one thing for her to do when their eyes met. She leaned forward and kissed Lisa slowly and cautiously. Lisa flinched at the sudden move, but then melted into it and kissed back. Their lips parted and they let their tongues gently dance and explore. Lisa savoured the taste of the wine on their lips. When Amy finally pulled back and opened her eyes, she immediately began to stammer her apologies.

“I’m sorry…I never…That wasn’t supposed…WOW!”

The colour rose in her cheeks and it was Lisa’s turn to speak. She was a little more composed.

“It’s okay. Please stop apologizing. I think that was the greatest kiss I’ve ever had! It had all the storybook signs, surprise, Üsküdar Escort passion, tenderness and just a hint of naughty.”

“I think I’ve had too much wine. I should get ready for bed.”

“Maybe you’re right. I’ll get ready for bed too. You know where the bathroom is.”

Amy went and brushed her teeth and put on her pink flannel PJ’s. Lisa on the other hand went to her room and got the sexiest silk and lace negligee she had. The one she usually reserved for the rare occasions she had a man over for the night. It was red with black lace and had matching thong panties. She put on a black garter belt and black lace top stockings. Then she pulled on her plush towel robe and went back out to the living room.

Amy was on the couch and the light from the TV flickered on her silhouette. She was sipping the rest of her wine. Lisa waited until Amy sensed her presence and turned to her before making her move. As soon as she was looking, Lisa strolled over to Amy like a runway model in Paris. When she was directly in front of her, she pulled at the sash on the robe and playfully let it slide off her shoulder and pulled it back up. She opened one side of the robe and then the other revealing what she had on underneath. She saw something new in Amy’s eyes… Longing? Desire? Admiration?

Amy had never been seduced like this. Never had someone want to tease and play with her. It was always just sex. This was different. This was slow and sensual and strictly for her enjoyment. The robe slipped from her shoulders, down her lean arms, past her narrow waist and to the floor. The short slip ended at her hips and the panties peeked out from under right in front of Amy’s eyes. She was close enough to smell the scent of Lisa’s perfume…and her excitement. Then Lisa took the wine glass from her hands, placed it on the table next to them and straddled Amy on the couch. Sitting in her lap, she gently massaged her temples. She saw Amy close her eyes and felt her relax under her.

Lisa then massaged her shoulders and neck. She paused for a moment and kissed her forehead. Then her cheeks, on her neck, she started at the collarbone and slowly dragged her lips up to Amy’s earlobes. These she licked and nibbled gently. A small sigh encouraged Lisa to continue and as she travelled back down Amy’s neck, she moaned in response. She could feel the tension building in Amy as she tried to hold herself back. Lisa could feel her squirming under her already.

Amy moved her head so Lisa’s lips found hers. They kissed again. There was no caution this time, only hunger, need, desire and desperation. Amy’s hands moved from her sides to Lisa’s hips, up her ribs relishing the feel of the silk gown. Finally her hands came to rest on the black lace covering Lisa’s C sized breasts. There they stayed for a long while. Not moving, just feeling the weight of them in her hands. As she got up the nerve, her fingers moved lightly over the lace surrounding her nipple. They tightened with the gentle attention. She squeezed them a little and got an excited yelp in reply. With that, she moved her hands to tug at the skimpy straps on her shoulders. Amy pulled the straps off her shoulders and Lisa was eager to help. Now she got to see Lisa’s breasts in all their glory. Hanging exposed in front of her. The firm mounds Üsküdar Escort Bayan with the tight dark nipples contrasting the lightly tanned skin around them. Now Amy leaned in, cupping one in each hand and sucked hungrily. She pulled away and let the cool air rush over them. Then moved forward again and licked them slowly. Tracing circles around them, then grasping the hard buds between her teeth. Lisa was grinding hard in Amy’s lap. A frantic rhythmic movement accompanied by heavy panting and several loud moans.

Lisa couldn’t take it anymore. She had to know what Amy tasted like. She pushed herself away from Amy’s hungry swollen lips and knelt in front of her. One by one, she undid the buttons on the front of Amy’s pink shirt. The small milky B cup breasts were begging to be touched and licked and sucked to a hard tight nub. With her hand, she reached up and held them, rubbing her thumbs over the rosy nipples. She worked them until they were small hard peaks. Only then did she allow herself to explore them with her mouth. As Lisa ravenously licked and sucked at Amy’s breasts, she tugged gently on the waist of her pants. Soon Amy was lifting herself to allow Lisa to easily remove them.

Now Amy was fully naked in front of her on the couch. Lisa watched Amy’s face as she slowly spread her legs. It took some persuasion as there was resistance at first. She saw the fear and scepticism in her expression, as she reluctantly gave in and now Lisa was looking at the tousle of red curls and the rosy fleshy folds of her lips. She looked up at Amy as if asking permission and she nodded, almost imperceptively her acceptance of what she knew Lisa wanted to do next. Lisa took a deep breath of the scent of her. Then she pulled her hips closer to the edge of the couch.

Lisa’s lips met with the inside of Amy’s thigh at the knee and moved first up one leg and then up the other. Only her breath touched the center. The hot air hit Amy and sent a shockwave of heat through the rest of her body. She moaned and grabbed Lisa’s hair, pulling her toward her, toward the aching bud of pleasure at her centre. But Lisa would not give in so easily. She moved her mouth along the outer lips. Then she let her tongue explore the soft pink flesh. She traced the outline deliberately avoiding her hot spot. Amy was writhing with the anticipation and desire. She pulled hard on Lisa’s hair, trying to convince her to finish what she was so torturously building. The more Amy tried to make her touch what she so desperately needed touched, the more Lisa avoided it.

In her frustration she let go of her hair, and tried to relax into the couch. Finally Lisa took a long lick up the centre of the folds. Her tongue moved lightly and tentatively. Amy heaved a huge sigh of relief and moaned her satisfaction. Lisa licked again, applying more pressure this time, more sure of the stroke. She felt a rush of dampness on her chin and licked again. She watched for a response after each pass. At last she stopped at the top and circled the tender swollen clit. Swirling her tongue in random circles she picked up the pace. Amy began moving her pelvis in a steady up and down motion against Lisa’s mouth. Lisa wrapped her lips around the nub and suckled gently while continuing the dance with her tongue. A soft cry escaped Amy’s lips Escort Üsküdar and Lisa moaned deeply in the heart of her pussy. With the fantastic assault on her clit, this was the last straw. Amy bucked hard against her and she held her hips firmly to continue the attack. Amy grabbed her hair again and shook with the force of the orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure soaked Lisa’s face and chin. The thick sweet cream flowed and only urged her on. Amy was so tender now that she was trying to pull away. She had had enough for now. Lisa’s tongue slowed and became gentle again. Now she played lightly with it and Amy giggled.

She moved back up Amy’s body, kissing her pelvis, her belly button, her chest. She made sure to catch each nipple in her teeth and tweak them back to firm buds before continuing up her neck, to her ear and then to her lips. They kissed long and hard, sharing the sweetness of Amy between them. Lisa struggled to slide out of her panties while they kissed. Amy pulled back and let her stand to get out of them.

Then Lisa lay back against one end of the couch and Amy climbed over her to pick up where they had left off. They kissed for a long while, but Amy’s hand had crept up Lisa’s leg and to her core. There she found her hot and already wet with anticipation. She ran her fingers gently up the crevice till her fingers were slick with juice. Then she rubbed in circles massaging the heart of her. Lisa groaned with pleasure and Amy headed south with her lips. She nibbled her lobes and ran her tongue along the length of her neck. Her fingers moved lower and she slipped one deep inside the fleshy mound. She pulled back out and added a second this time as she plunged in again. She continued down her body with her mouth and was now sucking hard on Lisa’s nipples. She delved in again with her fingers. Tracing her tongue down her belly, she dipped it into her belly button. Her fingers were gaining speed. She was rapidly plunging in and out, brutally assaulting her soft flesh. Her lips were now there too. Her mouth was a sudden but welcome hot wet touch on the centre of pussy. Lisa was bucking hard and thrusting in a tempo to match the hard, fast pace of Amy’s fingers.

Amy focused on her clit and sucked it deep in her mouth. She flicked it against her teeth with her tongue. She was greedy to feel the rush of excitement Lisa had to offer as this was a first for Amy. She had never thought about women in this way and had never expected to enjoy it so much. Eager to please, she continued with an urgency that surprised her. Then she felt Lisa tighten around her fingers and knew what came next. The heat built and then the wetness exploded in her hand. The hot sticky juice flowed and Amy greedily lapped at it, catching the milky fluid in her mouth and savouring the flavour. When Lisa had stopped shaking and her breathing had slowed, Amy removed her fingers and licked her fingers one by one.

Temporarily satisfied, they collected their things and went to clean up together. They ran the shower and climbed in. The hot water splashing on their bodies did nothing to diminish the heat they now felt racing through their bodies when they looked at each other. They took turns lathering each other and cherished the feel of the scented suds as they ran over their skin. As they turned off the shower and got out to dry each other, they made plans for another sleep over. They dried and then applied lotion to each other, taking their time on the most intimate places before dressing for bed again. They went to Lisa’s bed, side by side and kissed one last time before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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