A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 08

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Sunday morning. This time it was Annie who awoke first. She checked the clock which read 7:00 am; then she checked Chris. It was highly unusual for him to sleep past 6:30 (even on the weekends,) but this day was different. She hadn’t counted how many times he came last night; but lying there thinking about it, it had to have been at least three. She grinned and conceded, “Poor guy, he must be exhausted!”

Down in the kitchen she started a pot of coffee and leaned against the stove-top while waiting for it to brew. Most of her thoughts were about how much fun it was, but there was a new one emerging that she had never thought before, “Oh my God, Annie,” she said to herself, “you’re a fucking slut! And the thing is…YOU LOVE IT, you fucking dirty girl!” The fact that she could accept this identity was making her shiver; it was also scaring her just a bit! The coffee-maker’s loud beep made her jump and brought her back to reality.

She sat down at the kitchen table, sipped her drink, and thought; “Yes, I guess I understand what Joyce was saying when admitting she was a hedonist.” Annie smiled and then said out loud, “Hedonist…that’s a fancy word for SLUT!” One of the things she realized right then was that she really LOVED watching Chris fuck these other women! That was scaring her also; and yet what she loved about it even more was the idea that after his cock had been in another woman’s cunt, he would then shove it into her! “God, I must be crazy!”

Yes! One of her favorite moments last night was when he was fucking Melanie the second time. She was kneeling on the floor with her knees splayed and her face buried in the sofa. Chris was on one knee, his big cock driving into her. Annie had worked her way under them both and was tonguing Mel’s clit; and as she was doing that, Joyce was fucking HER with a gel-cock vibrator! “Yes!” Annie laughed at the thought, “that MUST have been a ‘hedonistic’ moment for sure!”

The only question now was “What next?” Chris had the reins and for that, Annie was glad. He still needed to know about Cassie, and Annie was determined to tell him today. All of a sudden she realized she was hungry; and after popping an english muffin into the toaster, she turned to pour herself a second cup… and there was Chris, standing right in the archway!

“Oh! Wow! There you are! How are you feeling, Honey!”

He smiled and put a palm up to his forehead, “I think I’ll be okay, but I need some coffee…right now!”

Annie laughed at his tone! “You’re a survivor! That was quite an adventure last night!”

After pulling out a chair, he sort of settled down onto it before replying, “Adventure? You’re funny! That was some weird shit last night!”

“You mean Melanie, right?”

One of his eyebrows went up, “Uhh…yes! Don’t you think it’s weird for us both to be fucking our daughter’s best friend?”

Annie lowered her eyes and said, “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Chris sat silently for a while sipping his coffee. He had definitely enjoyed the group sex; but in the cold light of day he would have to look his daughter in the eye. Eventually he said, “I can only imagine what it will look like if Melanie lets it slip to Cassie what happened.” Annie didn’t answer him; she just looked at him with a somewhat crooked expression. Chris finally noticed, “What? What’s that look for?”

A faint smile played at the corners of her mouth, “Honestly, I don’t think she’ll care, Chris.”

“Huh? She won’t care?”

“Umm…no, I don’t think she will.”

Chris’ mind was racing now; he wanted to say, “Why the hell not?” but the exact words wouldn’t form. And then, suddenly, the realization hit him! “Holy SHIT, Annie! Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Annie pursed her lips and nodded. “Are you saying that Cassie and Melanie…” His sentence trailed away into nothing when Annie nodded again. “Oh myyyy Goddd!” he exclaimed, “This family is going to hell!”

“I wouldn’t go THAT far,” Annie replied, “but I will say that Cassie seems to be getting a much earlier start than us!”

Chris smiled, “Yeah, you COULD put it that way. Goddd…I can’t even visualize that!”

“What’s so difficult? Two days ago you probably wouldn’t have visualized Melanie joining us, and a month ago, we weren’t even discussing threesomes!” Chris couldn’t disagree so Annie continued, “Did you enjoy watching Mel and me together?”

“Oh my God!”

“That’s what I thought!” she giggled. “So, to be totally transparent, Sweetheart …I have watched Mel and Cass together; it was unbelievable!”

Chris just sat there for quite a while shaking his head; and then…another thought seemed to hit him and his head snapped up, “Okay, I’m putting all the pieces together, and it seems there’s one more piece that needs to placed…Has Cass been with Joyce as well?” Annie didn’t say a word; she didn’t have to. He slumped back in the chair and his chin dropped toward his chest, “Ohh Godddd!”

Annie watched him for a minute allowing him time to process. Then she picked up his cup from Şerifali Escort the table, “Do you need something stronger than coffee, Hon?”

He sat up straighter and looked her right in the eye, “It would be hypocritical of me to get angry about all of this, seeing that I did the same fuckin’ thing as she did…right?”

Her eyes softened; Annie got up and poured him another cup. She set it down and then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek, “Yes, it would…and we’re old enough to know better!”

“You, me, Cass, Joyce, Melanie…one big happy family!”

Annie giggled, “That sounds funny when you say it like that!”

“What other way is there to say it?”

“Well, you could add the girls’ boyfriends into the mix too!”

“Fuckin’ what? Are you trying to make this worse than it is?”

Annie took a sip of coffee, “No, just realistic…and honestly, looking back at this whole thing; would you change anything?”

Clearly Chris had not considered that question before. The sex had been incredible and he couldn’t deny how much fun it had been. “Uhh, perhaps you’re right; maybe I wouldn’t change anything.”

“Exactly! Do you think Cassie would change anything if we asked her?”

“I don’t know…No?”

Annie nodded, “I don’t think she would either, so you tell me…my big hunky sex machine, what do you want to do now cuz at the moment, I’m REALLY enjoying this!”

He didn’t say a word for several minutes. He sat there lost in thought so Annie finished her english muffin and waited. Chris finally said, “So now you’ve watched Cassie with her boyfriend and with Melanie.”


“Do you think Melanie is corrupting our daughter or what?”

“Umm, at the moment, Cass is not any more corrupt than we are!”

“Hmm, and you watched her with Mel, huh? How was that?”

Annie grinned, “Hot! Scorching!”

Chris smiled, “Yeah, that Melanie…she’s almost as sexy as YOU!” His wife smacked him on the arm for the compliment. “Hey! What was that for?”

“For insinuating that there might be someone as sexy as me!”

He laughed and got up from the table, “Okay, we’re good for now; let’s see what happens. Do I need to have a talk with Cassie?”

“That’s entirely up to you.”

“Maybe I will.”

As he got up to go get dressed, Annie said, “I do have one more question for you, my Love!”

“What’s that?”

“When are we going to have sex again?”


That afternoon Joyce texted her, “Everything okay?”

Annie tapped back, “For now it is.”

Joyce responded with, “So glad! I’m going out with Max tomorrow night!”

“Call me Tuesday?”

“For sure!”

So on Tuesday morning her cell phone rang early. She had just dropped the kids off and Joyce called, “Nice timing, I can talk now for a while!”

“Actually I saw you in the car line, so I’m just observant!”

“Want to stop for some breakfast and chat?”

“Can’t. I have a meeting at 8:00, but we could do lunch again, wanna?”

“Great! How about Mexican?”

“Okay, I’ll meet you at ‘Mexi-Fresh’ at noon.”

Annie smiled to herself, “Sharp?”

There was a short hesitation on the other end of the line, “Smart-Ass!”

This time Joyce was waiting for her! She looked at her watch and gave Annie a smirky, “12:01?”

Annie leaned over and spanked her hand, “Okay…you got me! Have you checked the menu?” They ordered their drinks; Joyce ordered an enchilada while Annie decided on a chimichanga. “How was your date?”

“Easy peasy; something came up so Max only had time for dinner. Just as well cuz I was still recovering from Saturday night!”

“You should have seen Chris on Sunday morning! He looked VERY wobbly!”

Joyce raised an eyebrow, “And how did you look?”

“My sexual muscles are still developing, I think!”

Her friend smiled at that, “I’ve been to a few swing parties. You’re so cute! You would do fine there, Ann!”

Annie grinned, “That’s the nicest thing you ever said to me, Joyce!” Both women burst out laughing! They chatted briefly about Joyce’s experiences at swing parties; but when the food arrived, they got down to the subject at hand. “So who started the discussion of Max’s girl/girl fantasy last night? You or him?”

“I did; this is not just a fun romp, you know. Max loves the business end of this. I can’t emphasize enough how enamored he is with breaking down a woman’s resistance. He LOVES the role-playing aspect to these things. So you need to believe you can put on a good act!”

“How many of these role-plays have you done with Max, Sweetie?”

“Three or four; Max is really good at eating pussy, so when we play certain roles I try to steer the action toward that! Fortunately he likes giving better than receiving!”

“What was the most fun role-play you did?”

“Umm, well, our age difference makes certain things seem possible. I not Şerifali Escort Bayan only played the wife of a business partner, I also another time played the daughter of that same partner! That was REALLY fun! And if you don’t mind me saying it, this is how Melanie and I came up with the idea of playing with you and Cassie!”

Annie’s mouth dropped open, and she pushed it shut with her hand! “Shuuut up! You did not just say that!”

Joyce giggled behind both of her hands. “C’mon…you’re well-aware of how naughty we can be! You wouldn’t be sitting here now if you didn’t think this whole thing has been nothing but fun!”

“You and Melanie are such schemers; it’s pretty amazing!”

Joyce placed her palms on the table and leaned toward her friend, “Speaking of ‘scheming,’ I have a scheme in place right now!”

“You do? What is it?”

“Max knows we’re having lunch. I told him I would take your picture and send it to him. Any objections?”

“Oh my God, Joyce!”

“Hon, the role-play has already started…think about it; Max knows a picture is coming, but he thinks you DON’T know. Again, think about this…think what it’s doing to him! I can tell you he’s sky-high in anticipation right now! I need to take your picture because I went through my files and couldn’t find a good one.”

“God, I don’t even look my best right now!”

Joyce rolled her eyes in a teasing sort of way, “Annie…listen to ME! The role-play has started! Max thinks you’re just another girlfriend of mine. He would want you to look natural, not made up at all!”

Annie thought for a moment and then said, “Okay, I gotcha! Go ahead and take it.”

Joyce picked up her cell phone and pulled up the camera app. “Pretend your making a point in our conversation, Ann; then I’ll take it.”

Annie leaned her elbows on the table and with a faint smile playing at the corners of her mouth she said, “You are SO fucking naughty!”

“I got it!” Joyce pulled up the pic and started giggling again. “Oh, my God! it’s perfect!” She handed the phone to Annie and added, “You don’t even look like you’re posing!”

Annie looked at the photo and said, “Yes, Wow…you’re right! And you’re going to send this to him right now?”

Taking her phone back, Joyce downloaded the attachment and sent the text off to Max. “He’s gonna love that, trust me! I give it less than a minute and he’ll reply!” She handed the phone back to Annie so she could read the text. “Okay Max, this is the girl I want to corrupt!”

Looking up at her, Annie said, “It’s kind of ‘after-the-fact,’ you’ve already corrupted me!”

Joyce laughed, “That’s somewhat true, but a person has to be corruptible to be corrupted, dontcha know!” She reached for the phone and just as she did, it ‘binged’ a notification. “Told ya! He’s answering already!” She read the message from Max, and started giggling, “Oh my Goddd!”

Annie grinned at her and said, “C’mon…what did he say?”

“He said, ‘Fuck YES! Perfect! She’s really cute, Joyce! She looks like a soccer-mom!” At that point both women couldn’t stop giggling!

Ten minutes later Joyce had to get back to the office, so Annie said, “Okay then, do you have a day you want to do this?”

“I was thinking this Saturday if that works for you.”

“Does it have to be at night?”

“Not at all; in fact, if you and I were sitting there having morning coffee, it might play better. Max could show up and join us, I think it will look very natural.”

“Okay! That sounds pretty good, what time?”

“Let’s go for 9:00 and we’ll adjust it if we need to; I’ll have Max show up around 9:30.”

“What do you think I should wear?”

Joyce grinned, “Just wear what any ‘soccer-mom’ would wear at 9:00 am on a Saturday!”

That night Annie gave Chris all the details of her conversation. It was going to work out quite well because he had a golf outing with three of his business associates and they were going to do lunch afterward. Chris grilled her again regarding Max’s intentions for the encounter. “So you don’t think it will escalate past him just watching?”

“Joyce says no, but…you know how guys are! You have my word though; I won’t touch him at all. Trust me on THAT!”

“I certainly trust you, Babe; I’m not 100% sure about Joyce though. That thing with Melanie on Saturday caught me by surprise. I’m not going to say I regret it; but if she had asked my permission ahead of time, I would have said ‘No!’ You do realize that don’t you?”

“I totally get it, Honey; we’re dealing with some unknowns here.”

Annie started giggling, and Chris asked, “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?”

“I just had a visual about when this Max guy tries to bribe me. Do you think I need an auctioneer?”

That made Chris laugh too, “Yeah, I would mind being there for that part of it. How much you gonna hold out for?”

“I’ve been thinking about that and I don’t know. It might depend on my acting skills; if I’m not very believable, he might catch Escort Şerifali on…then what?”

“He’s a guy, it’s his fantasy…I bet he won’t catch on!”

“You men…I swear!”

It was a very busy week. Annie and Chris were able to have sex on Thursday night, but that was it. Not that she was complaining; They made out for like twenty minutes before stripping their clothes off. And then not even a minute after that, Annie rode his face for her first orgasm. She was in heat and as his tongue was catching her clit perfectly, she urged him on with dirty talk. “Yeah, oh YESSS! Mmm… Unhhhh…Goddd…lick me! Eat me Babyyy! God YES! Make me cum! Make me CUM all over your fuckin’ face, Yesss!”

Then when she suggested that they duplicate the position that Melanie tried on him (where she sat on his erection and slid her slit up and down on it,) Chris was all for that! He hadn’t had an orgasm since Saturday, his dick was super-hard, and when Annie got it situated in the gash of her wet twat, she only slid up and down on it for maybe a couple minutes and Chris shot a huge load all over their tummies! She let him rest for maybe ten minutes, then they kissed some more; and she sucked his cock to get him hard again. He fucked her to one orgasm; then he turned her over doggie and fucked her ass to another. By this time, Annie was loving anal! Chris knew to go medium speed and she fingered her clit in a kind of rhythm to his thrusting. That orgasm was massive, and thirty seconds later he came again in her ass! Oh my God!

On Friday morning Joyce called to confirm. “You ready, Ann? My place at 9:00 am okay?”

“I guess I’m ready; God, this is such new territory for me.”

“Don’t even worry about it; I thought the same thing the first few times I tried role-playing. But it really is easy, and it’s better that you don’t try to play out a scenario in your head. Just play like you’re a strictly straight girl and go with the flow. Max is a very fun guy, so we’re going to enjoy this! Oh my God, I’m so turned on thinking about how this is going to go!”

So the next day Joyce greeted Annie warmly, with a hug and a cup of coffee. “Would you like some danish with that? I have a great pecan ring from Panera Bread in the kitchen?”

“That sounds lovely; I haven’t had any breakfast yet!” They sat down together and Joyce cut them both a slice. Annie said, “So where is Melanie this morning?”

“Oh yes! I bet you would love to hear that the encounter with Jill and Phil is supposed to happen tomorrow night! Didn’t Chris tell you?”

“Uh, no…and considering our communication lately, he would have told me; so I’m thinking he’s not aware of it.”

Joyce was a bit surprised but said, “No matter, you can ask him about it when you get home. Jimmy picked up Mel early this morning. They were leaving to give us some room to play. I know they were getting breakfast, but after that I’m not sure. I just told them not to come back before noon.” Joyce changed the subject, “So what is Chris doing today?”

“Oh, remember I said he had a golf and lunch outing planned with some people from work. I have no idea when they’ll be back. Not before 3:00 I imagine.” Annie leaned forward and said, “So, Joyce, how is this going to start? You could at least tell me that, right?”

Her friend smiled, “Oh, Max is gonna show up any minute now. You need to act like you didn’t know he was coming. We’ll take it from there, okay?”

“I have to tell you,” Annie admitted, “I’m feeling a little anxiety about this whole thing.”

“Changing your mind?”

“No, not that, but having sex in front of a perfect stranger is quite a stretch, isn’t it?”

“I think it’s really hot, myself! As long as we’re safe that is.”

Annie looked at Joyce sideways, “Have you had sex in front of strangers before?”

“Yes, several times; I told you I’ve been to swing clubs with some of my men friends.”

“Like with Max?”

“One time with Max, and twice with another man that you don’t know.”

Annie shook her head, “I’m not sure I could do that; Chris and I were joking around about it the other day, but when push comes to shove, I don’t think it will happen.”

Joyce was about to respond, but just then the doorbell rang. She quickly said, “We can discuss this later; Max is here…ready?” Annie smiled and Joyce continued, “C’mon, let’s sit in the living room.”

When Max walked in, Annie checked him out: perhaps 6’1, salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, a physique that indicated regular workouts, and nice-looking…not great, but nice. He and Joyce hugged warmly, and she took him by the elbow and led him toward Annie. “Wow, what a surprise! I didn’t expect to see you until next week! Annie, this is my friend, Max!”

Annie smiled at Joyce’s play-acting, “Hello, Max; nice to meet you!”

Max reached out his hand and said, “You too! Joyce says you’re just about her best friend, after ME that is!” and he playfully elbowed Joyce in the shoulder.

“Be nice, or I’ll move you down my list,” Joyce responded with a laugh. “So why are you here? Do you want some coffee or something?”

Max said, “Yeah, that would be nice, if you don’t mind me crashing with you ladies for a few minutes. I had to pick up some stuff for a colleague and happened to be in the neighborhood. Just stopped by to say hi!”

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