The Liquid Dog Walker

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I was sitting on my porch in North Denver enjoying a cup of coffee when I saw her again. A new neighbor with a small dog she walked around the block.

She looked to be in her mid-50s, maybe early 60’s. She had a petite but attractive body, pretty face and short, nearly all white hair.

As she passed by, I spoke up and said, “Hi.”

She answered with her own “Hello,” so I approached her and introduced myself.

She told me her name was Patty and that the dog’s name was Flower.

We made small talk and I told her that if she needed any help moving in to just ask. She thanked me and said she looked forward to seeing me again soon.

Over time Patty and I got to be friends. I learned she was single, retired from government work and into hobbies ranging from golf to good books to cooking and many more things in between. Almost by accident we started spending time together. I was really surprised she was single.

We weren’t dating exactly, but we’d share dinners or go out for drinks. Once she got tickets to Red Rocks and we saw one of Tom Petty’s performances just before his unexpected death. It was a fun date, but afterwards we kissed goodnight and it ended.

The more time I spent with Patty, the more attracted I was to her. But having screwed up too many relationships in the past, I simply satisfied myself with her wonderful Sarıyer escort company. But that was getting harder to do. In spite of myself, Patty would make me hard whenever she was around. And I would get hard thinking about her when she wasn’t. I started thinking Patty was getting me excited on purpose, but then I decided that I was wishful thinking.

One day she called me and said, “I want to go have some drinks.”

I replied, “Sounds good. Where do you want to go?”

Her response floored me as she said, “Your house. It isn’t safe to be in public after drinking, so I should plan on spending the night.”

I must have sounded like a an idiot because all I could say was “okay.”

About an hour later my doorbell rang. I answered the door and Patty came in looking like a schoolboys dream. She was dressed in a long red t-shirt like dress that hung off her tanned shoulders. Her white hair was cut shorter than I had seen. Under her dress, I imagined she was naked.

I must have been staring because Patty said, “Are you going to stop drooling and invite me in?” As she was saying this she laughed and walked in.

I filled two glasses from the pitcher of Margaritas I had mixed up. I delivered one to Patty. As we enjoyed our drinks, I had music softly playing.

Patty suddenly took the drink from my Escort Silivri hand, set it down along with hers and asked me, “Why haven’t you tried to fuck me?”

Before I could answer, she pulled the straps holding up her dress and it fell to the floor. I had guessed correctly, she was naked under her dress. Her nipples were already hard with excitement. I watched as she had removed a small bit of cloth that acted as her underwear, revealing a smooth, shaven pussy. I pulled her in close and, as she wrapped her arms around my neck, we deeply kissed. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as my hands felt up her fit body.

Her hands fumbled with my belt, unfastened my jeans and pulled them down along with my boxers freeing my hardened cock. She dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock and licked the helmet, tasting my pre-cum. She licked the length of my cock for a few minutes, then sucked me into her mouth until I was buried to the hilt with her nose touching my stomach. I could feel a deep tingling, so I knew I wouldn’t last before exploding in her mouth. I face fucked her for only a few moment before I stood her up and pushed her onto my couch.

I dropped to my knees, spread her legs apart, and started caressing her feet by kissing her toes and sucking on each one. As I licked and sucked her toes, Patty squirmed and Topkapı escort bayan moaned. I kissed my way up the inside of her thights and started making out with her labia lips as though they were her mouth. I found her clit and when I gently bit it, Patty erupted into another orgasm. Suddenly my face was drenched as Patty squirted and sprayed me with her warm liquid. I had heard of “squirters” but had never experienced this before. Patty was nearly in tears as she apologized to me. I reached for my shirt, wiped my face and leaned up and kissed her. I had been surprised, but not turned off by her reaction to my eating her.

I immediately pushed my tongue into her wet pussy. She was still ooozing wetness and as I found and sucked on her clit, Patty started screaming, “Don’t stop, don’t stop! Oh fuck I’m cumminnnnnng!!!”

My face and mouth were flooded by the liquid from her orgasm as I continued to eat her. After a few minutes, Patty stopped me by pushing me away and ordered, “I want you to fuck!”

I stood up, lined my cock to the entrance of her love canal and in one stroke, buried myself to the hilt into her. I knew I would not last long, so I pistoned in and out of her as hard as I could. She was screaming at me to not stop and suddenly I blew my entire pend up load of my cum into her. She asked me to pull out of her and as I did the eruption of her squirting liquid sprayed out again and this time it soaked me. It was amazing, I was being given a warm shower from her pussy.

As we layed in the puddle of liquid, I eased the tension I could feel she had by saying, “Next time we get some beach towels.” And then I kissed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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