The Hitchhiker Ch. 16

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Amateur Cum

Author’s note – this is the final chapter of the story and I included a short epilogue at the end. I appreciate everyone who read this story and of course my new followers. Not sure whats next but comments and personal messages would surely motivate me to continue.

My alarm sounded at 6AM and Mary Ann was still snuggled in my arms. I kissed the top of her head and said, “Rise and shine little girl, time for school.”

“I don’t wanna go to school,” she said. “Can’t we just stay here?”

“We could but I like being employed so it’s time to move that sexy little ass of yours,” and I threw back the covers and smacked her ass.

She said, “OK, OK, I’m moving. You don’t have to be such a bitch about it.”

“Whoa, someone’s grumpy this morning,” I replied as she got up and I followed her into the bathroom for a quick shower. “I’m thinking impure thoughts right now but unfortunately we don’t have time for that until later.”

As we showered she said, “I don’t think I’d ever be anywhere on time if you and I were to live together.”

“That would be a nice problem to have,” I said. We finished showering and I went to her room to wait for her to finish getting ready. “If I live to be 100 I would never get tired of watching you do this.”

She smiled and said, “Flattery will get you everywhere daddy.”

When she finished we got in my car and stopped at my place so I could change and shave. She sat on my bed and said, “If I live to be 100 I would watch you every morning like this.”

I chuckled at her joke, finished my prep then we went downstairs and made coffee to go. We were cutting it close so we hopped in the car and made our way to work.

I said, “I make my own schedule but it wouldn’t be good for you to be late on your first day.”

“What does it mean to make your own schedule?”

“Well, I’m salaried so I’m expected to work as much as needed but I have flexibility as to when I start and finish my day.”

“Wow, that’s nice. I never knew that’s what happened in the real world.”

I said, “Every company’s different and it varies here from job to job but I have the ability to manage who I work with and make it fit for me.”

We arrived at work and I pulled up in front of the building to drop her off. She kissed me and said, “Wish me luck. I’m kind of nervous.”

I said, “Good luck but you will be fine, trust me.” She smiled at me and I watched her make her way in to the building and marveled again at her sexy body.

I pulled into my spot in the ramp and lost myself in my work until lunch time. She had texted me and said she was assigned to 1230 lunch so I met her in the cafeteria. They gave her a free lunch card for her first day so I grabbed a coffee and we sat at a table in the crowded cafeteria.

I asked, “So how’s everything going? Do you know where you’ll be working?”

“Everyone’s been super nice but I spent the morning filling out paperwork and listening to all kinds of stuff about benefits and things like that. I think they said I’d be working with a department called business procedures management or something but I haven’t met anyone from there yet.”

I smiled at her and said, “It’s business process management and you have met someone from there already.”

“Really who? I only know a couple people who work here besides you.”

I sat there in silence waiting for her to figure it out and her face brightened as she said, “Oh my God are you telling me I was assigned to your team?”

I said, “I’m not only telling you that but I got myself assigned to be your mentor.”

She leaned over the table and whispered, “No fucking way,” and I just smiled and nodded my head.

Just then one of the girls from my team walked by my table and said, “Hey TK, is this the chick you’ve been telling us about?”

“It is. Steph Traynor, this is Mary Ann Adams.”

Mary Ann shook her hand and said, “It’s really nice to meet you.”

Steph’s eyes kept moving from me to Mary Ann as she said, “And I’m glad to meet you too. Tony here has been talking you up all morning and if you’re as talented as you are beautiful we’ll be lucky to have you.”

Mary Ann blushed and said, “I feel so lucky to be here. Thank you.”

“See you after lunch TK and it was nice meeting you,” Steph said as she headed back to her desk.

She leaned over again and asked, “What’s with the TK stuff and did she call me a chick?”

“We all have nicknames on the team and that’s mine by default. FYI, hers is Stoney. The chick thing is my influence on the team as it’s a term of endearment I use on occasion.”

“OK now I’m intrigued. How did she get a name like that?”

I said, “It’s not what you’re thinking. We were putting a plan together and assigning work to people. She started typing her name but it was my task so she entered Stony in the system by mistake. I cracked up and told her that was her new name forever and I guess that’s how the whole thing started.”

“It sounds like you have a good group but just between you and me, Stony seriously wants to fuck you.”

I said, “I’m Avrupa yakası escort not sure if that’s true or not but I wouldn’t touch that with a 40 foot penis. She has a house full of young daughters and I am way too old for that shit.”

Mary Ann laughed and said, “40 foot penis, that’s rich.”

Lunch was over and I was scheduled to bring her to the department and introduce her to everyone so we made the rounds and I showed her to her cubicle which was right next to mine.

She sat in my cube, looked over my desk and said, “Your desk is so clean compared to everyone else. What’s the deal there?”

“First off I’m largely paperless and second I’m not a slob,” I said.

“And I’m sitting next to you,” she verified.

“You sure are.”

She asked, “So what’s up with that Tricia chick?”

“What do you mean?”

“Does she always stare at your crotch every time she talks to you?”

I said, “I don’t know. I hadn’t really noticed.”

“God you are either really clueless or really comfortable with who you are.”

“It’s probably a little of both Mary Ann,” I said. “Now let’s get you started on some things.”

I spent the rest of the day explaining what we do, various tools and applications and the afternoon flew by. We made our way to my car, I opened her door for her and she said, “Why thank you Mr. Mentor. You have very good manners.”

As we made our way back I said, “So this could be the last time I get to spend extended time with you for a while so what do you want to do? Do you want to grab something to eat or head back to the apartment.”

She said, “Honestly I’m feeling a little sad about that so lets stop at the Boro Bar before I take you back to my place and fuck your brains out.”

“OK, food before fucking it is!”

I parked at her apartment and we walked to the bar and grabbed the same table we had with the girls. After a few minutes Beth came over and said, “Hey you two, so glad to see you. You’re looking absolutely radiant today Mary Ann, what’s up?”

She explained about her first day and Beth said, “So let me get this straight, Tony gets you an internship, gets you assigned to his team, he’s your mentor and you sit next to him all day?”

Mary Ann said, “Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

“Well fuck me, you hit the jackpot and I’m really glad for you. What can I get you to drink?” I ordered a double vodka and soda, Mary Ann did the same and she said, “I’ll be back in a sec.”

“So Mary Ann I have to ask, what was it about Steph and Tricia today that made you make the assumption you did? I want to be clear that I have absolutely no desire to fuck either one of them but I’m usually pretty good at reading people.”

She said, “Well first off, Steph kept licking her lips as she talked and she touched you four different times in the minute she talked to us. If it was just the lip thing I could have dismissed it but combined with the touching it was pretty obvious. Oh and I almost forgot, she kept pushing her hair behind her back and that was obvious preening, kinda like animals do in the wild when they try to attract a mate. As for Tricia, I already told you that she was blatantly staring at your dick plus she crossed and uncrossed her legs five times. The fact that she has pretty awesome looking legs tells me she’s trying to get you to notice them. It’s like she uses them as a for sale sign or something.”

I asked, “So every time a woman touches my arm or crosses her legs that means she wants to fuck me?”

“No, no you lunkhead, there has to be multiple signals not just one. Jesus Tony for such a smart guy you can be such a dork sometimes!”

We both were laughing when Beth was back with our drinks. “What’s the joke you two?”

“Mary Ann has been educating me on the subtle art of female body language used to attract a mate.”

She asked, “And how did you get on that particular subject?”

Mary Ann said, “It’s obvious to me that at least two of the women on Tony’s team want to fuck him based on my observation.”

Beth asked, “And how did you come to that conclusion?”

Mary Ann shared her observations and Beth said, “Oh yeah, they definitely want you stud. I’d be really careful around those bitches if I were you, unless you actually want to fuck them that is.”

“He told me he wouldn’t touch them with a 40 foot penis,” and we all cracked up again.

Beth asked, “Are we eating tonite?” Mary Ann ordered a salad and I got a meatball sub and Beth left to put our order in.

Mary Ann was staring at me when her eyes started to fill with tears. I said, “Oh no Mary Ann, don’t cry. What’s wrong?”

She said, “It’s just that knowing you have to go back to your regular life tomorrow and we won’t be able to be together like this makes me really sad. I feel like I’ve been in a fairy tale this last week but it’s really like a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.”

“I know it’s hard and believe me it is for me too but let’s not let it ruin our last night together. We’ll see each other at work, enjoy Ataköy escort bayan each others company and I’m sure we’ll figure out how to get together.”

“I know all that but I picture myself living in that beautiful house of yours, taking care of you every day and knowing I can’t have that is tough.”

I said, “I know it is but all I can say is let’s live in the moment for now, be patient and see how things work out OK? One thing I always told my boys is that things happen for a reason and it’s all about how you deal with it that matters.”

She leaned over, kissed me and said, “Of course, you’re right. You always know exactly what to say to make me feel better and that’s one of the reasons I love you.”

“And I love you too Mary Ann. Now dry your eyes, here comes Beth with our food.”

“Here you go kids, one salad and one meatball sub.” She looked at Mary Ann and asked, “Are you ok?”

She said, “Please don’t ask me that or I’ll start crying again but I’m perfectly fine thanks to this wonderful man.”

Beth leaned in close and said, “OK but you know I’m here for you if you need anything right?”

Mary Ann smiled at her with fresh tears in her eyes and said, “Yes lovely, I know that and thank you,” then kissed her on the lips.

“I’ll just go grab you a couple more drinks.”

I hadn’t eaten anything all day so I wolfed down my sub but Mary Ann just picked at her salad.

“I wish you would eat Mary Ann, I’m feeling guilty enough already.”

“I’m sorry daddy but I don’t want you to feel bad,” she said. “I had a big lunch and I’m just not that hungry.

Beth was back with our drinks and asked, “Is this going to be it Tony?”

I said, “Yeah Beth thanks.” She handed me the check and I paid her in cash and I pulled Mary Ann’s chair closer to me as we finished our drinks.

“That’s better. I love having you close to me so I can stare at your beautiful face and those amazing eyes. You make me ache all over with your beauty.”

She kissed me and said, “Thank you Tony, I love when you say those things but my face is probably a mess right now.”

“You’ve never looked more beautiful to me than you do at this moment.”

She kissed me again and said, “Let’s get the fuck outta here. I need to be alone with you.”

We finished our drinks and held hands as we walked back to her apartment.

We walked in to the apartment and Jessica was at the kitchen table studying and Char was in her room. Jessica asked, “How are you two doing today?”

Mary Ann said, “We’re OK but it’s been a long day and I need some alone time with Tony right now.”

Jessica looked at her face and said, “I understand, have a good night sweet girl.”

We went into her room, closed the door and lay down in bed. I took her in my arms and the tears really started to flow. “I’m so sad right now Tony,” she said between sobs. “You haven’t done anything wrong and it’s not your fault but I’m still so sad. Please just hold me tight for a while.”

My heart ached as I held her in my arms and said to her in a soothing voice, “There, there Mary Ann, it’s OK. Let it all out, I’m here for you so take your time.” She cried for a long time and as she settled down she looked up at me and we kissed. It was a long, loving, sensual kiss that felt so good and so right I wasn’t even thinking about sex at that point.

She continued kissing me as her breathing increased and she said, “God this feels so good right now.” Our hands explored our bodies through our clothes and her passion finally took over. She said, “Just lay there and don’t say or do a thing.”

She slowly removed her clothes and then undressed me just as slowly. It was extremely sensual and my cock was instantly hard. She caressed the length of my body and teased my cock before she slowly took it in her mouth. She took inch by inch into her mouth and then pulled back even slower but gripped her lips extremely tight. Honestly it was the most amazing blow job I had ever experienced.

She said, “All I want to do tonight is pleasure you. Honestly you’ve given me enough pleasure to last a lifetime and I need to give something back to you.”

She went back to sucking my cock very slowly and ran her hand along the shaft every time she pulled out. Amazingly, after all the fucking I’d done over so many hours without cumming I started to feel the beginnings of an orgasm.

I said, “Mary Ann, I need to tell you that what you’re doing to me right now is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had in my life and I don’t know how long I can hold off cumming.”

“I don’t want you worrying about any of that. All week long you put your needs last and this is all about you.”

She continued to take the length of my hard cock slowly in her mouth and jack me off as she pulled out and my orgasm slowly started to build. “My God Mary Ann that feels so fucking good, I can feel my orgasm slowly building each time you do that.”

She moaned as she took my cock in her mouth again and stroked the shaft as she pulled away. Once again she Escort Şirinevler ever so slowly took my cock in her mouth and pulled out and it felt like my cum was sitting at the base of my cock. Once more she took me in her mouth and this time when she pulled out I started to cum and I cried out, “Fuck Mary Ann I’m cumming right now. Oh please take my cock in your mouth for me. MMMMMM!”

She slowly slid her mouth back down the length of my cock as I started spewing my cum. I had to grab her head and push down harder as my cock spasmed and wave after wave of cum shot down her throat.

When my orgasm ended she continued to suck my cock with those long slow strokes until I couldn’t take it anymore and said,”OK Mary Ann, I can’t take it anymore, it’s too sensitive after what you just did. That was the most amazing sexual experience of my entire life.”

She wiped her mouth, curled into my arms and said, “You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say that. To be able to give that kind of pleasure to a man who seems to have done everything makes me feel really wonderful and I so wanted to give you something special on our last night together.”

I said, “Little girl, this is definitely not our last night together.”

“Ok, daddy, Ok,” she said as we embraced and kissed for a very long time.

– The End


Writing these stories allows me to live out fantasies vicariously that I never had a chance to experience in the real world. Although they are 90% fantasy there are elements of real life intertwined throughout starting with how this particular story begins. I do, on occasion jack off in my SUV after doing grocery runs and I usually have to take a roundabout way home because at times it does take a while to get myself off. Car orgasms are very hot and always make me cry out loud in pleasure. If you’ve never done it I suggest giving it a try but be careful.

I also had a couple close encounters with hitchhikers. The first was in the middle of winter and I was at a stop sign and this poor girl was waiting for the bus in the freezing cold. I had already been jacking off so when she ran and got in my car and asked me for a ride I came all over myself with excitement. I did take her where she was going but it was anti-climactic(no pun intended). The second time I picked up an actual hitchhiker and after she got in I pulled out my cock and asked her if she would jack me off. She was less than impressed and made a quick exit from my car. There was one more time when I picked up a girl who had a really nice set of tits and I tried to be a little more tactful and talk her into fucking me. She was very nice about it and we had a nice chat but it wasn’t meant to be.

So this story started out as a way to live out my hitchhiker fantasy but as I got into it and the roommates got involved it became an obsession. When I write I really don’t come up with any kind of outline or anything like that. Rather it just goes where my imagination takes me. I did feel like the story should end after the wife came home for a couple reasons. First there’s probably an entirely new story centered around how Tony and Mary Ann find ways to have secret encounters and how the rest of the girls make their way in and out of them and then what kind of relationship they would continue to have when Mary Ann found a guy her age who swept her off her feet. The primary reason I stopped here though was that it was taking over my life and I really need to focus on other things. Now, if I was making a living at this it would be an entirely different deal. I’d be much more careful about proofreading and there would be a lot more detail but I have no aspirations that will ever happen.

I suppose some might say that Jessica is a gratuitous ego boost but it’s my story and my fantasy and if something like this were to ever happen in real life I’m sure it could cause friction between the girls. There would be fallout in Tony’s personal life from that as well but I didn’t want that kind of drama in my fantasy. There was almost a point where Tony’s interest shifted away from Mary Ann to Jessica but Mary Ann’s substance and beauty prevented that from happening. I’ve always found blue eyed brunettes to be particularly attractive and that’s why I wrote the scenes where he watched her dress or just stared at her face. I could see myself doing that if I ever happened upon a drop dead gorgeous 20 something.

Beth is also one of my favorite characters in the story. I love the first scene when Tony checks out her ass and gets an elbow from Jessica and then when Beth catches him the second time. I love how she eases into the harem and always has Mary Ann’s best interests at heart. As you might have guessed I have a serious ass fetish and Beth’s body is the perfect kind for me as I do love the feeling of grinding my cock between women’s ass cheeks.

Char is kind of a throw in as she’s halfway between Beth and Jessica and always seems to end up being the last to get fucked but I made sure she was well taken care of.

The scene at the restaurant with the MILF waitress is pure fantasy but there is a great restaurant a couple exits away from me that has great food and sells quarts of soup. There’s also a brewery an hour down the road. I’ve had an awful lot of smoking hot bartenders take care of me in my life and the idea of Mary Ann recruiting Melissa was irresistible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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