The Angry Wife

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The Angry Wife

by yfnsp

“Marci, do you have anything on this next client?”

“Yes, Doctor. The folder’s in your inbox. Connie Cushing is her name, I think. Neglected Spouse syndrome. I’m finishing up the computer scan now: I found a ton of hot wife and cuckold porn. You know, lots of cumslut and creampie stuff. Oh, and also some pretty decent lesbian porn.”

“Good, good. .that’s the husband, obviously. Anything on her?”

“Yes, I hacked hers too. It’s pretty clean – she looks at a lot of shoes… There’s also Romance novels on Amazon – she downloads a lot of those, you know, basically soft porn.”

“What kind of shoes?”

Typical of him, Marci mused. Dr. Samenschlag never missed an opportunity to gain insights. “High end stuff. Strapless pumps. 3-inch heels. Nice stuff. Also boots. Some pretty sexy boots.”

“Okay, thanks. Good job. You can show her straight in when she comes. And stick around – I might need you.”


Dr. Samenschlag had a process that he rarely deviated from. He stepped around his desk to greet his new client and took her hand. Physical contact was important.

“Please, Ms Cushing, make yourself comfortable.” He gestured to the plush armchair opposite his desk. “May I call you “Connie?”

“Yes, sure,” she nodded a little stiffly. The middle-aged woman moved smoothly, settling her big, round ass into the chair and crossing her thick legs. Samenschlag noted how her skirt rode up, exposing a soft creamy thigh that oozed a bit, like ripe brie. Below the bleached, wavy hair, she was well made-up, but she looked careworn and just a bit haggard for her age.

“Thank you,” the doctor nodded. “Now, before we get started we’ll take a moment to get relaxed so that our bodies and our minds are in a calm and integrated state.”

Sigmund Samenschlag has an unusually deep and sonorous voice that he employs effectively at all times, but never more purposefully than in his professional work. His lucrative practice was built on techniques he had developed years ago that relied on his voice to produce a calm and receptive state in his clients. Coaching Connie through several rounds of deep breathing exercises using a precise sequence of repeated phrases, the doctor brought her to the first level of his unique 3-phase trance system. An observer would have been amazed at how quickly Connie’s countenance was transformed. Within three or four minutes, all that stiffness and tension drained, leaving her quite pretty. Completely relaxed now, her inhibitions suppressed, she listened with rapt attention, absorbing every word spoken by the master hypnotist.

“There, how do you feel now, dear?” He knew he could manipulate her affections now that she was in a receptive and trusting state.

“I feel really good, Doctor.” She sounded surprised. “Wonderful!” she smiled prettily.

“I’m, so glad, Connie, dear,” Samenschlag purred. “Now, why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind?”

“Well, it’s my husband… I really don’t know what to do… you see I’m so angry all the time and that makes it so much worse… I thought maybe marriage counseling might be the answer. A friend of mine said you were very good, but I’m worried about how to get my husband to go along with it. He thinks everything is fine.” She paused and took a deep breath. Her big brown eyes turned to search the doctor’s face. “And I’m worried about how much it will cost.”

“Ah… well,” Samenschlag spoke soothingly, “let me put your concerns to rest. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, Connie.” He beamed her his most reassuring smile. “First of all, there is absolutely no need to bring your husband into this. What we’re going to do here, you and I,” he smiled softly with a hint of conspiracy, “is to give you the tools and empower you with the knowledge and insight you need to make your marriage stronger and happier than it’s ever been.” He paused to gauge her reaction: a deep sigh of relief. “And,” he continued, giving her his confident professional smile, “I’m certain that we can accomplish this in just one session. So, including the registration fee you paid on-line, the total is only $350.” He sat back and folded his hands.

“Really?” she spoke incredulously, “You can do it in ONE session?”

“Well, I think so. That’s usually the case. But I don’t know all of the particulars of your case yet, so let’s Escort Şişli continue. I want you to take another deep breath, let it out slowly, and tell me all about your husband, your marriage, and what makes you so angry. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yes, Doctor. Thank you.” She shifted in the chair, uncrossed her legs, and sat up straight. This was what she was yearning to do. There had been no one she could talk to about the things that so troubled her. “My husband – Bill is his name – is a really good guy… he was a good father – we have three grown kids – and he has a good job that he likes – he’s in IT – and it pays well and all…” She paused, gathering herself before continuing. “Well, you see, it’s just that we don’t seem to have anything in common anymore. I thought it would be better when the kids were grown… We used to have so much fun together when we were first married…” She paused again, uncertain how to proceed.

“Do you still have sex?”

“Well, yes…” she replied with a note of frustration. “Yes, we have sex. Probably once a week on average, sometimes more… I know it’s not as much as he wants, and that’s part of the problem… But it’s hard for me to get in the mood. And he always acts like I’m a bitch for not putting out, but honestly, that’s the only time I get any attention from him at all – when he wants to… well, to fuck.” She blushed slightly at the F word, but it seemed right to be direct. “I try and try to engage him in other activities… we don’t have real conversations anymore. And I can’t get him to help out with any projects around the house, either. It just gets me so mad sometimes… well, most of the time. He just goes to work and watches sports on TV and expects me to be receptive whenever he wants sex.” She searched the doctor’s face and then quietly added, “And it really isn’t good sex, either. Not for me, anyway… and, honestly, I don’t think he enjoys it much either. Not like when we were young.”

“Yes, I see… I know exactly how you feel, dear.” The doctor nodded gravely, and employing his most sympathetic smile said sadly, “I don’t suppose it would surprise you to know that this is a very, very common problem. So naturally, it is one that we are very familiar with and have had a great deal of success with.” He smiled at her again, kindly and encouragingly. “A few more questions, to help me fully understand, and then we’ll start working on the solution. All right?” He smiled brightly.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good, good. You’re doing very well, Connie. I’m so glad you came to see us. Well, let’s continue.” He paused and composed his demeanor to project a professional yet kindly detachment. “How long has it been since you had an orgasm with your husband?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed, “a long time. I honestly don’t remember. He doesn’t even try any more, and I’ve stopped faking it. He fucks like he doesn’t care that there’s another person involved. Lord knows what he’s thinking about… probably someone else.” Her eyes welled up. “It’s so humiliating.” She stifled a quiet sob. “Then he cums in me and just rolls over and goes to sleep. And I’m lying there all sticky with his mess inside me…” She looked at the doctor’s face. “That used to be kind of exciting, feeling his semen in me… but now it just makes me sick. I cant stand the way it smells either. I usually get out of bed and clean myself up. He doesn’t know – he’s sound asleep by then.”

“That does sound pretty awful, Connie.” A sympathetic smile. “But we know exactly how to fix it.”

Connie looked considerably relieved.

Samenschlag went on, “Just a couple more questions, okay?” She nodded “Now, have you had sex with anyone besides your husband?”

“No, doctor.” She shook her head solemnly. “Not since a long time before we got married.”

“Good… And how often do you masturbate?”

Coloring slightly, but with no hesitation, she answered, “About once or twice a week. Sometimes in the bath – when I have time for one – mostly when I’m reading… I like romance novels.” Her color deepened. “Some of them are pretty exciting.”

“And do you have orgasms?”

“Oh, yes, doctor. Almost every time.” She closed he eyes, smiling.

“That’s wonderful, Connie!” She opened her eyes to look at him. “You see, that makes the process much simpler and almost guarantees an excellent Sultangazi escort outcome.”

She brightened perceptibly.

“Well, let’s begin the treatment, shall we?” The doctor’s voice now became even more soothing as it dropped in both volume and pitch. “Now close your eyes and let your head sink back into the headrest.” He turned a switch that started a barely perceptible vibration, an almost audible hum, in the seat and back areas of Connie’s chair. “You are relaxing, now, becoming more relaxed than you’ve ever been before… Listen to my voice and relax…”

In about three-and-a-half minutes, Connie had reached what Dr. Samenschlag calls “Interactive Dream State,” a semi-sleeping state, similar to sleep-walking, where the therapist can communicate directly with the patient’s subconscious mind, directing her thoughts and actions in a manner that afterwards will remain beneath the awareness of the patient, like a dream. In fact, no conscious memory of this interaction lingers at all, except in that fragmentary and elusive way that dreams have.

“Can you hear my voice, Connie?”

“Yes, doctor,” she murmured dreamily.

“Very good, Connie. Tell me about your fantasies; what do you think about when you masturbate?”

“Mmmm… I like to think about the men in the stories…”

“What kind of men, Connie? Can you tell me about them? And why they’re in your fantasy?”

“Ohh… they’re big, strong men with big cocks… they’re kind of rough, but very gentle when they pick you up… mmm, when they lay you down… and they make love to you passionately with kissing and undressing you – undressing me… and then he’s on top of me and we’re both naked and he puts his hard cock into my pussy, I’m so wet and ready… and he fucks me… he…” Her vice trailed off as she started to wriggle restlessly in the chair.

“Connie, would you like to take off your panties so you can touch yourself?”

“Yes, please. Can I?”

“Of course you can, Connie. Why don’t you take off all your clothes and get completely comfortable?”

“Okay.” She stood, kicked off her shoes, and began to unbutton her blouse.

The doctor prompted her further, “You like undressing for me, don’t you?”

“Hmm, yes,” she purred softly, turning to look at him while she slipped her blouse and bra-straps off her soft, pale shoulders.

“In fact you like to be naked and have men look at you, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded as she freed her soft, full, sagging breasts and dropped her top and her bra on the floor beside her. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it down along with her light-blue cotton panties, the crotch of which was dark with wetness.

“Please hand me your panties,” he said firmly, holding out his hand. “Tell me, Connie, are your fantasies always about the same man?”

She stepped out of her skirt, handed him the panties, and stood before him – she was completely naked now. “No, doctor, there are so many books… they all have different men.”

“Lots of different men, Connie?” He held her panties up to his face and breathed in deeply. “You’re a slut, aren’t you?”

“A slut?” She sounded mildly surprised but not a bit offended.

“Well, yes. You have sex with a whole parade of different men, you enjoy showing your naked body to strangers, and you masturbate all the time.” He gave her a stern look. “What would you call a woman who behaves that way?”

“A slut.” She giggled a little. “I never thought about it like that.” She nodded decisively. “Yes, I’m a slut!” She smiled, satisfied.

“Very good, Connie! A lot of people are sluts, just like you! But most of them are afraid to admit it, and that’s not healthy, is it? Good for you, darling! “

He stood up and stepped closer to the naked woman. “You like cocks, too, don’t you?” he continued, “Sluts LOVE cocks, don’t they?”

“Oh, yes!” she enthused.

“I have a cock, Connie… Its right here in my pants.”

“Ooh! Can I see?” She clapped her hands gleefully.

“Yes, Connie. Go ahead, dear.”

Connie quickly got on her knees before him and reached for his zipper. Samenschlag’s cock was, with the sole exception of his voice, the single most effective instrument in his toolbox. Long, thick, and veiny, with a bulbous head his foreskin could barely contain, it had mesmerized many a woman (and as many men) even Taksim escort bayan without the use of hypnosis.

“Ooh, it’s a big one! Can I kiss it?”

“You may. Use your tongue. Touch yourself while you do it.”

Connie soon had the entire head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, and sucking avidly, swallowing the pre-cum that began to flow.

“Rub your clit, slut,” he commanded. “I want to see you cum. Cum NOW!”

“Ohhhh…. uh, uh, uh, uuummm!” Letting his cock slip from her lips, Connie convulsed and shuddered several times, then sighed deeply, satisfied.

“Good slut! Now, smell your fingers.” Connie put her hand to her nose a inhaled. “You like that, don’t you? Suck it clean.”

“Mmmmm,” she slurped. “Yes, it’s delicious!”

“So, you eat cock and pussy,” he stated. “To be expected of a slut like you. Should I call Marci in to sit on your face?”

“Oh, yes! She looks yummy!”

“Ah, but we don’t have time. We need to get on to the next phase. Some other time, perhaps?” He helped her to her feet and back into the chair.

Over the next several minutes Samenschlag took her deeper still, inducing a deep hypnotic trance in his patient. She was now totally susceptible to the post-hypnotic programming the doctor had planned for her. He began, “Connie. Do you hear my voice?”

“Yes,” she answered in a far-away voice.

“You will listen and obey all that I say.”


“You are a slut, Connie. You have always been a slut. Being a slut, acting like a slut, knowing that everyone knows you’re a slut – this is what you cherish most. It’s the only way you can be happy.” He paused, then asked, “What are you, Connie?”

“I’m a slut.”

“Yes, Connie, a big old slut. It doesn’t matter to you what anyone thinks; you’re a slut and you like it. You don’t even care what your husband thinks. You’re a slut. Whether he likes it or not, you’re a slut. Why should he decide when you have sex? He’s not even good at it, is he?”


“You will fuck whomever you like, whenever you like, wherever you like. Your husband’s got nothing to do with it. If he wants to fuck you, he can stand in line with the rest of them, right, Connie?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“If you want to go out and screw around with other men, that’s your business. He can wait at home like a good husband. If you feel like it, you might let him fuck your sloppy cum-filled cunt when you get home. Totally up to you. Or maybe you just want him to clean up your sloppy cum-filled cunt. He can lick it clean for you. If that’s what you want, just tell him that’s his job.” He paused, giving those ideas a moment to sink in.

“Connie, when you awake, you will remember all these things and you will know them to be true. I’m going to waken you soon. When I do, you will not become fully aware of where you are until you leave this office. When I count to three, you will be awake, but you will believe you’re at a restaurant – you know the one, the nice one near your home. You will see me, but it will not be me – you will see me as a complete stranger, one who reminds you of the hero in your latest romance. You will approach me, seduce me, and we will have sex right then and there. We will fuck until I cum in your pussy. You will then put on your panties, finish dressing, and leave. You will go straight home. Only when you enter your home will you remember having sex with the stranger in the restaurant. You will believe that you stopped there after you left this office. Remembering our fuck and your pussy full of cum, you will be very pleased with yourself. You will want to tell your husband all about it as soon as you can. You will not remove your panties until you are in his presence. Then you will tell him every detail of our torrid fuck while you slip out of your cum-filled panties and hand them to him as a gift and proof of your sluttiness. Ready?… 1… 2… 3.”



“Yes, Marci?”

“I thought you’d like to see the online review that just came in. It’s from Connie Cushing – she saw you four or five weeks ago?”

“Yes, I remember her. I’m not online right now… What did she say?”

Rating: ?????

“‘Dr. Samenschlag is amazing! I went to him for help with my marriage and had only one session. It was a complete success. My marriage is wonderful, now. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and best of all, my husband is so good to me. He’s more attentive than he ever was before, even when we were first dating. Before my session with Dr. Samenschlaag, my husband hardly paid any attention to me, but now he dotes on me hand and foot!'”

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