Produce Urges

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The Woman checked her hair in the mirror before she shooed the kids out the door. She dropped them off at the sitters and off she went to the grocery store for the week’s supplies. It was an ordinary start to an ordinary day.

The Woman had on a pair of new jeans and they fit tight. Her ass was plump and filled them out with little room to spare. The crotch seam was thick and the way she sitting in her car, the seam was rubbing just right on her clit, making The Woman feel The Urge.

The Urge would creep up on The Woman any time, there was no advanced notice! The Woman tried to ignore it and walked into the grocery store and picked a cart. She leaned on it slightly with her elbows which the way her back bended helped pull her pants to keep rubbing her in just the right spot. She knew she wouldn’t be able to ignore The Urge for long, there was no escaping it until she has The Release.

The Woman started to get a little shaky in the knees so she stood up straight and just by chance she was stopped near the zucchinis. She examined a long, thick, heavy zucchini. She imagined it in her ass. She felt her panties were wet now. Then she walked down the aisle browsing the fruits Escort Beylikdüzü and vegetables. She picked up a bunch of bananas and thought, “Would it be horrible to feed my kids bananas that were once in my ass?” The Woman giggled. A young man working at the store looked up and The Woman realized that she had actually giggled out loud. She placed the bananas in the cart and winked at the stock boy.

The Urge was taking over. The Woman knew she wouldn’t make it out of the store. “But I’m in public!”, she thought. Then she imagined the stock boy sticking his fingers up inside her while she shoved a zucchini in her ass. While she was passionately faithful to her husband, The Woman did enjoy a good fantasy.

The Woman walked behind a display and slipped her hands into her tight pants. “Damn it, this won’t work!” The Woman’s pants were too tight; she couldn’t get her hand in enough to stroke her pussy.

The store’s bathroom was nearby; maybe she could go in and sneak one off. So the woman parked her cart near the door. As she walked back she noticed that the stock room was pretty empty and there was a little cove made out of boxes. The Beyoğlu escort Woman snuck through the doors and ducked behind the stacks of boxes. She sat on top a box and unbuttoned her tight jeans. She pulled them down to her ankles and with her undies at her knees she thrust two fingers into her hot wet pussy.

She worked her fingers and started to moan. She realized she had kept the zucchini in her other hand this whole time. Her excitement of this public release was almost too much. She took the wetness from her fuck hand and rubbed it onto the zucchini. Then she pushed the wide tip into herself. “OH GOD!” She yelped. “Yes!” Then The Woman slipped a finger from her other hand into her ass. She imagined the stock boy fucking her and then she imagined her husband walking in. Instead of being angry he just fucked her in the ass as “punishment”. The Woman moaned. She pushed the zucchini in deep until it hurt. She felt her pussy stretch to take it all. She took it out and shoved it in her ass. She shoved her fist into her own pussy.

The she cried out. “OH God YES!”

The Release. She came and her legs shook. She looked around and noticed in Bomonti escort bayan the corner there was a camera.

“FUCK! Shit. No, no, no!” The Woman said and scrambled up and rapidly pulled her pants up.

The Woman ran out to her cart. She realized she left the zucchini behind in the wet spot she left on the box.

“Oops. That’ll be a nice puzzling surprise for my stock boy!” The Woman giggled to herself.

Later that night when all the excitement faded and the kids were in bed, The Woman’s phone rang. It was her husband. He said he heard she had been a very naughty girl today.

“What!? Ummm, what do you mean?” The Woman panicked.

The Man replied, “I guess you forgot I’m friends with the manager at the grocery store. He said he was watching the surveillance and saw a woman fuck herself raw with some produce in the stock room. He said he also captured a nice still of her looking into the camera when she realized it was there, all while her pants were at her ankles.”

The Woman was silent. She was excited! This whole idea of being caught really turned her on.

The Man said, “Now don’t worry, I’m not mad. Just don’t get too used to the Green Man, I’ll be home tomorrow and maybe we three can try something new.”

The Woman laughed and said, “Only if I don’t wear myself out tonight.”

“Oh, yeah? And why would that be, hmm?” The Man teased.

“Mr. Yellow is here and he brought a bunch of friends.” Replied the woman with a giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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