PF Gym 2nd Hookup in 30 Days

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** The second installment of my honey and me hustling sex at the purple gym at a ripe old age, after our sex lives slowed down in our late 50’s. We simply made the decision to do something completely out of character and live like we were back in our college days, by attempting to pick up sex partners at the gym. This installment is told by the wife **

I stepped off the treadmill, out of breath with a bit of sweat showing through my sports bra on my tightfitting shirt. I walked over the the dumbbell area and there he was. The young college bro that I picked up about 10 days ago in my first purple gym conquest.

Matt was a good looking college guy, with a great body. He was lean and not bulked up, but our impromptu sex session at our house did not end well. I suppose it was performance anxiety or the fact that he was banging a woman older than his mother, but in any case I was willing to give him another chance, unless I could garner some quick attention from someone else in the gym.

He came over to me, gave me a nice little hug, and said hello. I told him that he was looking as hot as usual. He turned to walk back to his weights when he asked if I was ready for some redemption.

“With you,” I teased?

He simply smiled and I felt bad. “I’m always ready.” I looked right into his eyes and smiled.

I spent the next 40 minutes flaunting my tight ass and big boobs around the gym, but really couldn’t get anything going with the guys today. I know when I laid on the bench with my legs spread I was getting some looks from the guys, but no one talking with me.

As I was wrapping up and getting ready to leave I caught Matt alone and told him I was ready for a do over right now, and that my husband was at home. I told him that he wanted to be tied up while I had sex with a dude from the gym.

Matt said he would follow me home, though he’d been there once before so he knew the way. I called my honey and told him to get the rope ready.

As I drove I thought about the last time I fucked Matt. It was so much fun rolling around naked in my living room with a hard young body, even if he had performance issues. I loved the whole cougar thing and using my tits and ass to get what I wanted.

When I arrived home I told Matt to hang out in his car until I had my hubby tied up. I went in and tied up my honey telling him that Matt was getting a sex mulligan. Hubby told me how hot I was and couldn’t wait to see what happened today with Matt.

Hubs wanted me to tell him what I was about to do while I disabled him. He was calling me a fucking cougar slut and it was making me horny. Well, hornier than I already was thinking about having sex with my honey watching all the action.

I texted Matt that we were ready and instantly he was walking through the back door. I kissed him hard, grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to our master suite, where hubs was tied to the chair and ottoman, waiting in anticipation for the live porn show that was about to begin.

I walked over and stood in front of my naked, motionless honey. I winked at Matt, blew him a kiss, and he knew what to do.

Matt walked over to me, stepped behind me, grabbed my ample hips, and pulled my body into his grip.  I could feel his power and I felt it the most behind my leopard print thong.

He slowly ran his hands down my black, synthetic yoga pants that was showing off my tight ass.

I was smiling at my helpless honey as his cock started to leap to attention, though at this point it was about half-mast.

Matt’s iron hands worked their way across my abdomen,  and found my large 36DD mounds of flesh imprisoned by my sports bra and a tight-fitting peach colored tech shirt, gripping my tits.

He began gently gripping them both, and then realized he needed more pressure.  My tits loved the hard pressure.

“You are desperate to fuck my milf?” John’s comment pierced the silence.

Matt simply squeezed harder to my delight.

John tried again.  “You are desperate to fuck your boy toy aren’t you hon?”

I bit my lip and smiled.

Matt continued to knead my mounds and I could see John’s cock engorging.  As if I needed a subtle reminder, Matt eased his hips against my ass and reminded me what was coming.

Umm, I’m cumming soon enough,  I thought to myself.

Matt’s  right hand released my mound and I felt it on my ass.  He grabbed my ass with his right hand and I’m sure a wet spot appeared on my thong.

His hand moved down and I could feel it right between my legs, as he rubbed hard against the yoga pants, his fingers moving back and forth while applying pressure to my vagina.

As I stood there enjoying the pressure,  I eased my legs a bit wider to give him more room. Matt seized on it and took the entire palm of his hand and pressed upward against my moistening lips. I cooed and pressed back.

“Your love doll should remove all that fabric, don’t you think?  John asked us both and neither of us knew who the love doll was in John’s mind.

“You istanbul escort want to see him fill me up,  don’t you perv?”  I gave it right back to John.

I turned around facing Matt with my ass facing my honey.  I grabbed Matt’s hands and placed them on my ass.  He knew what to do.

He was squeezing my ass as he pressed his loins against me.  The lump of hardness got my attention. I kissed him hard, swirling my tongue around his lips.  I was so ready to go.

“You have to take my gym pants off right now,” I whispered into and licked Matt’s ear.

He was a smart young man.  He dropped to his knees as his thumbs caught the tops of my pants. He rolled them right over my hips and ass.  I caught my thong so it would remain.   

The yoga pants hit the floor and I stepped both legs out of the fabric.

There I stood with my naked ass facing my husband and my leopard print thong, wet spot and all, facing Matt’s eager face.

Matt had the deer in the headlight look. So I bent over and showed my husband my almost naked ass and he demanded that the young stud remove the thong.

That was the direction the young cub needed. Matt told me to stand up and he slowly removed the leopard from my hairy pussy. I was soaking wet and everyone could smell my sexed up pussy. I grabbed the thong and tossed it over my honey’s shoulder.

I may have silver streaks in my hair, but Matt was staring at the jet black patch of pubic hair. I haven’t shaved since my tryst with Matt, about ten days ago, but I’m guessing that didn’t bother the young man. I could almost feel the juices leaking down my leg.

“Lick her bro. Lick her fucking pussy,” John demanded.

“What is the rush John,” I wanted to know.

Matt whispered that he would love to insert his tongue in my gorgeous lips.

I sat down between my husbands legs on the ottoman, knowing he couldn’t move them or touch me. I leaned back placing my back in his chest. I spread my legs wide for Matt.

John whispered in my ear, “you’re all sexed up aren’t you horny lady. Who doesn’t want to fuck a MILF?”

He was right of course on both points. I could feel his thick shaft against my back and it was fully erect and hard, all 7 plus inches of him. But my attention was directed at the 22 year old college student that was about to wreck my late 50’s pussy and I couldn’t wait.

Matt probed my dark pubes with a single digit and as wet as I was his index finger easily found it’s way past my thick lips.

I reached for his head and pulled his face close to my wet opening. OMG, there it was. Matt’s hot tongue going slowly up and down my wet slit. He moved from the bottom near my ass right up to my clit. He gave it a nice swirl and then right down the lips to my ass. Over and over he went.

“Ohhhh that is so nice Matty, don’t stop. Ummm, yeah Matt, lick me baby.

“You love to have a strange tongue on your pussy don’t you horny Cougar?” John accused me.

“Yes Matt, just like that.” I ignored my smart ass husband.

I reached down, spread my pussy lips wider with both hands, and got my legs as far apart as they would go. Matt slid a second finger into my hot box and continued licking my lips, periodically plunging his tongue in as deep as he could get it.

I was right on the edge of exploding when John started begging to have his hands untied so he could remove the sports bra and top and fondle my tits.

There I was naked from the waist down, leaning into my husband as a young college stud licked my pussy. I could care less about my tits at the moment.

Matt was now focused on my enlarged clit with his glorious tongue. He swirled left and then right and then plunged his fingers softly into my deepness.

It was more than I could take and I let out a loud scream as the waves of pleasure resonated from my pussy. The pleasure engulfed me from my fingers to my toes and I was bucking my hips like a rodeo bronc on a Saturday night arena ride.

“Ok, ok Matt, I cooed. It’s so sensitive give me a minute,” I pleaded.

Matt backed away with a big smile on his face and a bigger bulge in his pants. I could still feel the large bulge that was my hubby’s penis pressing against my back.

Matt looked at me like a conquering hero as I Iay there, legs still spread wide, with juices flowing from my joyous pussy.

“Well we have quite a problem,” I said as I stood up from the ottoman and reached for my tight fitting top.

“Matt, honey, can you help me with this top please. It’s really tight.”

He stepped right over and pulled the top off and allowing me to show him my tits trapped in the white sports bra.

“Are you going to fuck me?” my husband blurted out still tied to the chair.

“That is the problem we have honey,” I suggested. “We have two hard cocks here and a happy pussy,” I teased them both.

Matt interrupted and asked if he could lick my nipples. “Of course you can Matt, but you have to help me with the sports bra.”

Matt wasted istanbul escort bayan no time grabbing the front of the bra with both hands and slowly lifting up and over my 36DD’s. They spilled out, nipples hard as hell, and the tits losing their battle with gravity. My large brown areola’s stared at Matt and he simply leaned in and clamped on a nipple with his mouth. Umm, I liked it.

Matt grabbed both boobs with his hands and his mouth delivered equal pleasure to both nipples, leading to more tingling in my pussy.

I allowed the sucking to continue until hubs interrupted again, begging for me to sit on his erection.

How rude I thought as I reached over to Matt’s t-shirt, stripping it away to show a hard chest and stomach. He was lithe, rather than bulging, well except in his shorts where I was seeking the bulge.

Matt kicked off his running shoes and I grabbed his sweats, taking them to the carpet.

I went down with him and as he stepped out of them I grabbed his iron rod with both hands, directing it right into my mouth.

It was as though we choreographed it and practiced it a hundred times. Matt was caught off guard, but didn’t complain as my lips gripped his flesh. I could practice this daily.

John took it all in as he was still imprisoned on the chair and ottoman.

“Make him cum, babe,” John cheered me on.

I was using both hands and they were going up and down his shaft, first with my hands and followed by my mouth. Matt started moaning in pleasure.

“I can’t hold it much longer,” Matt whined.

“Blow your load on her tits,” I heard my husband demanding of the young man.

Matt was moaning and grunting in pleasure. Finally, I cupped his balls with my right hand and took his 7 inches deep into my throat. I could feel the throbbing of his gorgeous cock in my mouth, and I could taste the saltiness of his leaking cum.

“I can’t hold it,” Matt moaned. He pulled out of my mouth and I gripped his dick as hard as I could. I knew that would hold him back for a couple seconds giving me time to point his red flesh toward my large tits that were bouncing in front of him.

With his weapon aimed at the target, I released the pressure and a huge amount of cum exploded onto both of my tits. Matt screamed and his dick throbbed as I pulled hard releasing a second explosion of warmth onto my nipples.

Matt continued to moan as I coaxed all of the liquid from his balls. My tits were a mess with the sticky goo, and I grabbed his fading rod, placed it in my mouth, and swallowed what was left, as I cleaned up his very pretty dick with my mouth.

He started to laugh and I knew his manhood was too sensitive at the moment for my tongue. I released it and rubbed the sticky cum all over my boobs, turning to show my hubby.

The interruption came again. “When are you going to fuck me you slutty little cougar?” John messed up the moment, but it gave me a chance to jump up off my knees and head to the bathroom to clean up my pretty little breasts.

“If you are lucky I might get to you after Matt makes me cum five more times,” I teased as I walked away. I could feel both men’s eyes staring at my naked body, and that gave me such a feeling of power at the moment. Men will do anything if they think they might get fucked, I thought as I used a warm towel to clean up Matt’s sex juices.

That entire scenario was so erotic I thought as I stepped back into the bedroom. Matt was sitting on my bed and John was still tied to the chair, but his hardon had still not given up hopes of getting banged.

I walked straight over to him, climbed up on the ottoman, and straddled his dick. I slowly eased myself down with my ass facing him and my tits pointing at Matt on the bed.

I pressed my pussy against his shaft and started to ease up and down on it teasing him. He was moving his hips trying to plunge inside the wetness, but I navigated my ass away from him every time I felt him getting close. I love to fuck my honey, but I really wanted to fuck our young house guest first.

I continued to rub against his manhood getting it completely soaked with my juices. Twice John almost slid in, and as I negotiated away from the rod the second time I heard Matt praise my red-hot painted toe nails.

My legs were barking in that position so it seemed like a good time to go back to the young cub who was sitting on the edge of my king sized bed. I eased away from John as he complained about not going deep inside my lubricated love channel.

I slowly walked toward Matt and smiled at him as I grabbed my tits and pushed them up a bit. Matt slid off the edge of the bed, placed his cell phone on the night stand, and promised to fuck my brains out. I was ready, but I wasn’t sure what was happening with his phone.

“You texting your buddies,” I laughed at Matt.

“Oh no, just taking a few pics while you teased your husband.” For some reason at this moment it didn’t bother me at all. I hope he got some good ones. escort istanbul I felt so sexy.

Matt grabbed my shoulders, twirled me toward the bed and wanted me to bend over on the bed so he could take me from behind.

“Who is fucking who over there,” John wanted to know. I eased my legs apart, reached back to grabbed Matt’s re-energized prick, and guided it right into my well-lubes lips. It felt thicker than it looked as he pushed hard, but met some resistance from my wet box.

I thought he would slide right in. I knew he was thick, but didn’t know he was this big. By the fifth thrust he stretched me wide enough to go all the way in, deep inside me. OMG it felt so good as he stretched my tight pussy.

It felt fantastic. “Fuck me Matty, fuck me hard baby. Come on Matt, deeper,” I commanded as I moaned through the words. Damn is he filling me up I thought.

Matt grabbed my hips and pushed harder and faster. He picked up speed and my clit was smiling. “Fuck me harder Matt,” I scolded him. “Fuck me harder!”

And he obeyed. His cock and abs slammed into my ass, driving his thickness deep into me. I could hear skin slapping as he hammered me hard. It felt so good and this was great sex. As he slammed into me I pushed hard back into the pressure with my ass.

This was completely different from our last session and I was happy I gave him another shot.

I was quickly building to a release and so was Matty-boy. He was moaning and whining that he was about to cum. “Just cum in me,” I nearly screamed.

And there it was. I could feel his hot liquid splash against the inside of my pussy and as I felt the hot liquid I lost it too. We were both screaming out loud, the sounds and noise of good sex filling the house, and it was even more erotic to cum together with this young man.

Surprisingly, his cock remained hard enough to slowly penetrate me and I liked the feeling of it. He continued to slowly penetrate me as hubby was cheering us on from his prison. I could feel both of our juices leaking down my leg. Oh fuck was this fun.

I was still so horny, but didn’t want to move with Matt still poking around inside my delighted sex box. He released my hips, reached around to my tits and fondled them as he slowly moved in and out of my juicy pussy.

Finally, after about two minutes Matt slid out of me and I demanded that he go show John his large cock covered in my juices. He blushed, turned toward John, and John asked him how he enjoyed banging a horny cougar. Matt answered that it was the best sex he’d ever had in his life and he has been having sex for 6 years.

6 Years I thought. Damn, I’ve been fucking men for about 42 years and this was about as good as it gets. I wouldn’t ask for a refund if I was paying for it that’s for sure, but maybe I needed more 22 year old guys to ride.

I climbed into bed and cuddled into the pillows. I demanded that Matt join me on the bed.

“You want me to fuck you in your husbands bed,” Matt asked.

John was quick to beg Matt to get on with it as he wasn’t getting any relief until the young buck was spent.

Matt climbed into the bed, but his member was still pretty solid. He leaned into me and started kissing me and caressing my tits. He reached down to my black bush, but it was too sensitive for him to touch it. I kissed him and allowed him to suck my tits.

He finally threw the switch with his sucking and fondling and I thought I’d coax one more orgasm out of the young man.

I sat up, pushed him down on my bed, and scrambled to my knees. I turned and faced him and I felt the power of the pussy again. I pushed him down again and my hands went from his loins, all the way up to his chest, across his pecs and back to his loans.

I hadn’t noticed before, but his pubs were well-trimmed and more under control than those decorating my dampness. I felt that was so erotic. I kept going over his chest and abs until his gorgeous rod started to harden.

At that pointed I grabbed it with my hands and brought it back to life as he cooed. I wasn’t sure I could get it again, but the 36DD’s work their magic most of the time.

I stepped across his hips with my left leg, straddled him perfectly with his cock rubbing on the outer edge of my pussy. I leaned over and allowed my nipples to brush his face. He locked on and started to gently bite them. I felt that down in my clit. Ummmmm.

Like my hubby did earlier, Matt tried to slide into the wet spot as he sucked my tits. I just enjoyed the moment as he soaked both nipples and the mass that attached to them.

I whispered to Matt that I was going to fuck him nice and slow and he was in for a slow ride in my king size bed. “Bring it,” was his response.

I sat up, lifted my hips about 8 inches off the bed, and slowly impaled myself on the iron rod. Despite all the action, it still felt great.

I slowly grinded my pussy into the hard flesh, up and down I went. He was moaning instantly. I grabbed both of his hands and slowly rocked back and forth with my hips in a nice, slow, steady action. It was so erotic to hold his hands and he couldn’t take his eyes off my large tits, and erect nipples, that were still wet from his mouth.

Slowly I moved, feeling his thick, seven inch dick going deep inside of me, filling me completely up inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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