Our University Babysitter

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About two years ago I met Emily. She was a breath of fresh air. “Your dog is so cute.” She announced to me as she hopped off a park bench and knelt down in front of my spaniel. Her bare knee stuck out from under her loose skirt as she looked up at me with her light blue eyes and radiating smile.

She was a very pretty 20 year old, studying biology at the near by University. She stood up and shook my hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” She exclaimed enthusiastically; “and you have such a cute dog!”

“He can be a handful at times,” I replied; “but we are keeping him.”

Emily looked lovely; long blond hair, blue eyes, she stood about 5’4″ with a small frame, and what looked like lovely 32C breasts. For this meeting, she dressed with a short brown skirt, and a button down white blouse.

We were meeting because my family; wife Sarah, three young children, and I were going away for the upcoming labour day weekend. My oldest son, had a year end baseball tournament and we needed someone to look after our dog. I found Emily’s name in an online site advertising people who walk and look after dogs. She lived close by and had some good references so I connected with her to meet our dog. As a bonus, she had a very pretty profile picture.

Emily took the dog leash from my hand and led our small dog, Hobbes, along the side walk. I couldn’t help but notice her small bum protruding from her skirt slightly as she walked a little ahead of me.

Emily was a natural with Hobbes and I hired her to look after him for the weekend. Hobbes seemed to gravitate to Emily and he stayed at her small house she rented with three housemates near the University.

When I picked Hobbes up after the weekend we decided to keep in touch if we needed her again. I definitely wanted to keep in touch with this lovely sweet girl.

Over the next few months we did find a need to call her. Sarah’s at home business was starting to pull her out of the house more often so Emily would bike down to our house to give Hobbes a walk now and again. Emily was a really good girl and my wife really liked her. Soon my children met her and also liked her. Really there was nothing not to like; she was smart, friendly and very personable. She was fun with the kids, good with Hobbes and friendly to my wife and I. She was a well rounded good girl. She had even offered to babysit our children and we started to regularly take her up on that offer. Emily quickly became a bit of a fixture around our home showing up to walk the dog or look after the kids, she even started to come by unannounced to get away from her roommates.

One of those occasions she came by when only my wife was home and asked if she take Hobbes for a walk. Emily was visibly upset and confided to my wife that her and her boyfriend just broke up. It turned out her boyfriend started dating another girl and was probably cheating on her.

A short time later was Christmas break for her. She bought small presents for our kids and dog, and offered to look after them one evening so Sarah and I could go out for a nice dinner. Of course we also got her a present but we were very surprised at how thoughtful and helpful Emily was becoming for our family.

The evening we exchanged presents, after the dinner with Sarah, I drove Emily back to her house. The next day Emily was going back home for the Christmas break to spend a couple weeks with her family who lived about a 6 hour drive away.

As I pulled up to her house she turned to me and said; “Michael, I’m going to really miss you and your family. You have all been really good to me through this tough semester, and I have really felt comfort in visiting you and your family.”

“Emily, we are going to miss you.” I replied; “You have been so good to our children. It has been great we met.”

She then looked at me and reached her hand across the front seat. “Are you going to miss me?” She stared right into my eyes with her big blue eyes and leaned in towards me.

I was a little surprised by this. We had gotten along very well. We had some nice chats, usually when I drove her home after babysitting the kids. After her breakup with her boyfriend I noticed some minor flirtations from her, but I just took them as wishful thinking on my part. I also figured she needed some reinforcement that she was attractive after her breakup.

I looked down at her hand and took a hold of it with my two hands. “You are a very pretty and smart young lady.” I told her; “I know you were really hurt with your breakup, he was crazy to let a girl like you go. I will miss you while you are back home, but I am a married man and more than twice your age. I’m positive there are lots of boys your age who would love to go out with you.”

“That’s the problem, Michael. I’m tired of boys my age.” She replied; “I want a man. I like being with you. I like seeing how well you treat your kids. Your fun with them but you also keep them in line. You are such a good dad and you’re the type of man I want to be Escort Yeşilköy with. You’re the man I want to be with.”

She squeezed my hand tightly and tried to pull me close as she leaned in to kiss me. I would of liked nothing more than to kiss her, hold in my arms, and feel her tight body next to mine but I had to refrain. It took all of my will power to hold back but I did.

“Emily you are in a very vulnerable state. Believe me there isn’t man alive my age who wouldn’t love to be with you, but you have to go inside now.”

She looked at me stunned. I’m betting she had never been rejected like this before. She looked at me with her big blue eyes and shook her head. “I can’t believe I just did that.” She pushed the door open, grabbed the present bag Sarah and I gave her, and briskly stepped out my car and quickly walked into her house without turning around.

I pulled my car out of her driveway and as I drove home I couldn’t help but think; “Cool, this hot, 20 year old university student has the hots for me!” Of course I did feel bad for her. She would be going through lots of mixed emotions right now, and I really did not like seeing her upset, but I mostly felt a strong ego rush.

I have to admit my cock started to rage hard when Emily reached out her hand to me. I had fantasized about her constantly since we met on that warm summer day in late August.

I sped home hoping Sarah would be up for some fun sex. Sex between Sarah and I had become nearly non existent. I had even started having an affair with a friend from many years ago named Grace. Grace and I got together every once and a while, but that was becoming more and more difficult and that affair seemed to be coming to an end. It would be wonderful if I could somehow arrange something with Emily.

When I got home, Sarah was already in bed with the light off but she was still awake. “It was so nice of Emily to look after the kids tonight.” Sarah said; “It was a nice evening out.”

I pulled my clothes off and slid in behind her. Spooning her my raging hard cock pressed against her ass and I reached around and squeezed one of her ample D-cup breasts and kissed the back of her neck. “It was a very nice evening.”

“Oh Michael, the kids are right across the hall.”

“Then we’ll have to be quiet.” I said and I rolled on her back kissed her deep on her lips. She kissed me back, but then pulled away.

“You know I can’t feel comfortable with the kids so close. Maybe over the holidays, your parents can look after the kids. I’m sorry.”

Once again I was rejected by my wife. I never thought the I’d have such a hard time getting my wife to have sex with me. The funny thing was that I could feel her nipples getting hard. I could feel the warmth of her vagina as I rolled on top of her, kissing her. She seemed all set, but still said no.


I found myself driving Emily home late at night and we arrived in front of her house. Emily turned and faced me. “I know you think this is a bad idea, but I just want you to see what your missing.”

She looked straight into me with her big blue eyes. Her full lips glistened as her tongue ran over them and she pulled her jacket off revealing her skin tight top. Quickly she pulled that over her head. She came prepared by not wearing a bra and showing off her firm solid c-cup breasts, her nipples pointing out. Her breasts defied any gravity as they sat firmly on her chest. I was dumbfounded, just staring at her. I felt her hand reach across to my crotch, feeling my now suddenly solid hard cock through my pants.

“Emily…you…wow… we shouldn’t…” Was all I could muster.

She just continued to stare right through me as she popped open my pants button and slid down my zipper. “SHHHHHHH…” She just said; “We don’t need to talk about this.”

“Oh fuck.” Was the only reply I could make as I pulled my hips up allowing her to pull my pants and boxers down to below my hips.

She lay across the front seat, her head nestled in my crotch with one hand on my cock that was standing straight up at attention. “Oh wow… it’s so thick and long.” Emily purred; “More than I imagined.” She rubbed the large mushroom head, spreading my precum around it, making it glisten in the darkness of the car. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth tickling the base of my cock and flicking over my balls. Despite her young age she knew what she was doing. She was driving me crazy with desire for her.

Holding my cock, Emily looked up at me and smiled, knowing I was helpless to her every whim. Her tongue slid out of her mouth and licked her lips. She them turned her head down and took my hard throbbing cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck yes.” I called out and my wife rolled on top of me, waking me from my erotic dream.

“You better be dreaming about me.” She said smiling at me. I felt her heavy breasts on my chest and her vagina rubbing against my cock. “You really are horny tonight. I guess I am Yeşilyurt escort too. Just be quiet.” Sarah kissed me deeply on my lips.

She completely surprised me as I was jarred awake from my deep sleep. The visual of Emily going down on me seemed so real. The feel of her lips wrapping over my cock felt so real.

Sara spread her legs, opening herself to me. The warmth of her already wet canal encompassed my throbbing hard cock. “Ooohhh” Sara whispered in my ear. “Hearing you dreaming put me over the edge. I found myself rubbing my clit. Taste it.” She said as she put her fingers in my mouth. “I had to feel you in me.”

Her wetness was lathered all over her fingers and tasted so nice. Her brown hair fell on my face as she grinded very slowly on me. “Tell me you were dreaming of me. Tell me how much you wanted me on you.”

“I needed you so bad.” I whispered to her as thoughts of Emily sucking my cock engrossed my mind.

“I nearly came rubbing myself as you were dreaming but I…I…needed you in……. in….me.” She continued to whisper. “I..I…I…was….am..I….I’m already….already to cum!”

She bit down on the pillow beside my head. “Uuggg” Her muffled sounds as her vagina shook and spasmed around my throbbing hard cock.

The thoughts of Emily slurping on my cock rushed to my head as I shoot a large warm load of cum inside Sara. “Eeee” Sara screeched into the pillow as my cock convulsed in her and she shook with her orgasm. “Ahhhhhh.”

She then kissed me deep again as our juices flowed together inside her. My cock continued to pulse as she drained every last drop of cum out of me and into her shaking vagina. “You came so fast.” She whispered.

“So did you.” I smiled back to her.

“I guess I really needed it to.” She stated and she kissed me once more then rolled off me.

I rolled in behind her, putting my arm around and feeling the warmth of her large breasts. We both fell to sleep with a glow of each others bodies held tightly together.

The holiday season came and went quick as it always does. It also passed without anymore love making between Sarah and I. I did think that after the night we silently made love it would start a new more consistent habit, but once again I found our love life became non-existent despite my attempts to recharge it.

I also thought about Emily a lot. I was concerned about her return and how our seeing each other will go. I was definitely hoping we will start something but I will have to be very careful. When she left my car that that night, I specifically didn’t tell her “no”. In fact I told her “any man would be crazy to not want her”. I was definitely trying to keep my options open with her.

Emily had been back from her Christmas break for about a week when Sarah called her to see how she was and if she was able to babysit. Sarah had another meeting and Emily said she could look after the children until either one of us got home from work. I made sure I would be home first.

I took a deep breath as I stood outside the door to our home in the cold January night. I opened the door and was greeted immediately by our excited dog who always is first to meet me. Then my daughter came to me happy to announce that Emily was over. My two boys were playing video games in the basement.

“Hi Michael.” Emily called out as she walked to the foyer of our home. “How was your Christmas? The kids have been showing me their presents.”

“It was a nice Christmas, but very busy.” I replied. “We missed having you around. Did you enjoy your Christmas?”

“It was good to get home, but I’m happy to be back at school with my friends. I was glad Sarah called to have me come over.”

“So was I.” I told her; “The kids really took a shining to you and of course Sarah and I like having you here.”

“You’re still okay with having me around?” Emily asked as she shyly looked away.

“Yes Emily I am.” I quietly added; “I enjoy your company. Of course its great to see you with the kids and you’ve been a great help to Sarah and I.”

Just then Sarah walked in the front door. The dog ran over, barking, and greeting her. It was quickly decided I would give Emily a drive home.

On the drive to Emily’s house we mostly chatted about Christmas, New Years and her new semester at school, clearly avoided the real conversation. As we pulled up at her house I turned to the lovely looking 20 year old. “You know Emily, I was very flattered by what happened before Christmas.”

“Please stop.” Emily cut me off; “I really don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say I was confused, and Brendan and I just broke up, and I was homesick, and you just have been really nice to me.”

“Okay Emily. I just will say, its ‘okay’. You were confused. If you need to talk or need anyone to be around you can always call.”

“Thank you.” Emily looked relieved and reached across the seats to hug me. I held

her tight for a second, making sure my arms wrapped Zeytinburnu escort bayan around her tightly. I felt the warmth of her body against mine. I could feel her breasts against my chest even through our winter coats. I loosened my arms but she kept her grip on me for a second longer and then she broke free.

“Thank you Michael. Its good to know you are close by. There are times I might just need advice or a talk with a man. It’s different having that perspective. Thank you.” With that Emily hopped out of the car waved and quickly walked to her house.

As I drove home, I thought to myself that this is going to be interesting over the next little while. I was defiantly going to pursue an affair with Emily, but I had to make sure she will keep it quiet. The mild flirtations we had were going to slowly grow.

Things progressed very slowly between Emily and I but over the next couple of months our filtrations did grow. Emily would look after the kids once or twice a week leaving me to drive her home. That’s when we had privacy to chat and our flirting grew. Our chats in her driveway became longer and would linger before she would hop out. I began to notice her roommates would often peek out the large window from their living room to see the idling car out front. Emily told me they were starting to tease her that we were making out in the car.

She did start dating a guy from school for a short time, but she lost interest in him fast. She admitted she was just looking for a guy to hang out with once and awhile. This guy turned out to be too immature for her. After a little prying on my part she told me they did sleep together a couple times, but she said he seemed inexperienced and she never fully enjoyed it with him.

“You know Emily, if your looking for a man to just hang out with I’d be happy to.” I then added; “but of course we’d have to be very discreet. Obviously Sarah would be uncomfortable with that, even if nothing was going on between us.”

“Why would she think something was going on between us Michael? Are you afraid she might notice your quick gazes at my tits and ass?”

“Oh come on. You must know how difficult it is not too steal the odd gaze.”

“I can control myself.” Emily added; “I wonder if you can do the same?”

“Really? You even question. that? I thought I’ve done a phenomenal job of controlling myself. Now you better get inside.” I said as I lightly slapped her thigh creating a sharp slap sound on her tight jeans.

“Oh.” Emily exclaimed; “Okay, I’ll go inside. I am a good girl and do as I’m told.” She hopped out of the car but this time waited for a second on the other side of the closed door so I rolled down the window.

Quickly she leaned inside, peering at me with her bright blue eyes. Smiling she asked; “Why don’t I join you on your morning mountain bike rides? I know the trails you take are close to here.”

“That would be really good. It will motivate me to keep exercising and plus we’d be able to see each other.”

“Great.” She said smiling; “Let me know when.” And skipped away and into her house.

“This is perfect.” I said to myself. I couldn’t help but think how nice her ass will look in a pair of tight shorts, pumping her peddles at a close distance in front of me. I also figured that despite being 25 years older than Emily, I could handle myself on the mountain bike trails. I had my regular 20km ride through some highly difficult trails that conveniently went close to her house.

It was a week later when the stars seemed to align on a perfect day to meet for a bike ride. It was a Saturday and Sarah took the kids out of town to see her parents. I used the excuse of having to work to not join them. Sarah just laughed and told me it was okay that I didn’t want to spend the day with her parents. Another good thing was Emily’s three housemates all went home for the weekend, leaving her with the unusual advantage of having an empty house.

As I rode up to her house I found myself getting hard in anticipation. I really didn’t know if this was just going to be an innocent bike ride or something much more. Emily was waiting outside, beside her bike when I arrived. She was wearing skin tight, black, biking shorts, showing off her athletic legs; black running shoes with white ankle socks, and a tight, pink, tank top which showed off just enough cleavage to catch my attention. It was either the cool spring air or her own arousal that made her nipples hard and protrude through her black athletic bra that was slightly visible under her shirt.

“Morning Michael.” She called out with a big smile and a wave. She turned and leaned over her bike to pick up her helmet, showing off her beautiful ass with just the right amount of plumpness in her tight shorts. “Good to see you. I’ve been looking forward to our ride.”

“Let’s get moving.” I said to her; “Once I start my ride I usually don’t like to stop. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course.” She responded and hopped on her bike.

It turned into a good ride. I did slow down and stop for her to catch up a couple times, and also to warn her about some steep hills and tight turns. I was also happy to let her take the lead a few times. This gave me a nice view of her beautiful ass especially when she stood up to climb a hill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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