Night Time is the Right Time

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Big Tits

It had been an uneventful day until I got home. I switched on my laptop and was busy in a chat room when I clicked on the profile of a woman in America. Like me, she described herself as an exhibitionist. Feeling that I’d be chatting to a kindred spirit I started chatting to her. Mind you, her answers didn’t reveal too much about her but like me she liked driving naked and seeing if anyone saw her.

Our chat lasted a while and it had clearly turned me on. So, despite it being a cold March evening I had told her that I really wanted to go for a naked drive. The more I thought about it the more the idea turned me on. Yes I know I’ve done it before but this time I was going to go almost nude from the start.

Switching off the laptop I went to my bedroom and stripped off. In my bedside drawer is probably one of the most exquisite items I own. A clear glass dildo. Oh its not huge, measuring no more than about 6 inches in length with half of it being shaped and ridged and the other half being bent at a slight angle with a nice smooth tip. I slipped it into my mouth and gave it a suck. It felt cold and almost clinical but it was one of my favourite toys and was coming out with me.

Having got the dildo I walked down the stairs and grabbed my car keys. Before heading out of the door I put on a coat and a pair of trainers. Opening the front door the cold night air made me gasp but also made me more determined to enjoy the moment.

I walked to the car and got in. Switching on the engine I headed off. I hadn’t gone far when I drove along a dual carriageway where I stopped in a layby. It was unlit, as was the road but it was busy enough for there to be an almost constant stream of cars going by. I sat and waited for a break in the traffic. When there wasn’t a car in sight I got out of the car and stood in my coat and trainers. This is it I thought as I took my coat off and opened the car door to put it inside.

Now I could feel the col air Başakşehir escort on my body. It made my nipples perk up and I was now even more turned on knowing that I’d be driving completely naked and not knowing if other drivers would see me or not. No sooner had I driven off than I came up to a roundabout that was lit with a number of street lights. It didn’t matter what I did now as I was on full view clearly naked in my car. Another car came from my right and drove past, the male driver not even looking in my direction. I drove on along another unlit road, the only things illuminating me were the headlights of cars coming in the opposite direction.

I didn’t know whether they could see me or not. I thought they could and that made the trip just that bit more exciting. I could feel my cock twitching as I drove. Seeing a turning on the left I took it and found myself on an almost single track country lane. This was looking ideal for me to stop and have some fun. After all, I hadn’t come out just to drive around.

Mind you, it wasn’t that easy and there didn’t seem to be anywhere to stop. I saw what looked like a nice lane off until I realised it was the driveway to a farm house. I carried on and could feel the excitement grow as I looked for somewhere to park up.

Then, there it was a small, entrance to a wood. Parking up I turned off my car headlights and then got out and walked round. Not one sound, no other cars and just me, naked in the cold, still night air.

I pulled at my cock, feeling it grow in my hand as I rolled the foreskin backwards and forwards, feeling just how good it felt.

Knowing that the glass dildo was still inside the car I went and sat back inside. No sooner had I got inside than a car went past. It didn’t slow and as my car was in darkness I doubt the driver or passengers saw me.

I slipped off my trainers and raised my legs up before I put my right index finger Bayrampaşa escort bayan in my mouth, wetting it with my saliva. It wasn’t long before I was running the tip of the finger round my arse hole. Puckered as it was, it felt good to touch it and to tease it. Placing it in my mouth again I sucked my finger and made it wetter and then returned it to my arse hole where I started to gently push it in. As I did so I could feel my cock twitch and stiffen.

My finger was now inside my tight arse hole and I started to push it in and out. Gently and slowly, making my tight ring loosen for what was to come.

Minutes passed as I teased myself. Seizing the moment I picked up the glass dido and the slightly bent end was placed inside my mouth. The cold glass touching my tongue as I sucked and licked it. Teasing it with my tongue and covering it in saliva.

I stopped as I thought I heard a car, my heart raced as I sat in the seat, legs spread and a glass dildo in my mouth. A car went passed, again without stopping.

Taking the dildo out of my mouth I took it in my left hand and slightly lifted my arse cheeks off of the seat so that I would have an easier entry to my arse hole. The dildo felt cold against my skin as I started to push it in. I could feel resistance so tried to relax. After a few moments of manoeuvring I could feel the dildo start to enter my arse and my cock seemed to swell even more.

It felt good, I’m not going to lie to you it felt good. My arse muscles seemed to grip it as I pushed it in and out. Feeling the tightness of my arse but the excitement of having it deep inside me.

My cock throbbed and I started to play with it as I used my left hand to push the dildo in and out in a rhythmic motion. Pulling at my cock I stroked my hard shaft, feeling its width been my fingers and taking my time. Rubbing it too fast would bring me to a climax in no time, I knew that and Escort Beşiktaş I wanted to enjoy the experience. After all I was there, in the countryside naked and enjoying myself and nothing was going to stop me.

I took the dildo out and sucked it again so that it was wet before inserting it back up my arse hole. This time it went in with no problem and I continued to masturbate, rubbing my balls and stroking my thick cock.

The more I pushed the dildo in and out the more I slowly wanked my cock. Teasing it, feeling the pre-cum on the tip. At one point I rubbed my cock hard and fast, feeling the nerve end in my cock tingling as I teased it to almost a point of climax before slowing down and feeling in control again.

In the distance I could hear an owl and the rustle of the trees as the cold evening wind blew through them.

I stopped masturbating and concentrated on fucking my own arse. It felt so good shoving the dildo in and out. I can’t put into words how good it felt.

Once I’d had enough of teasing my arse I went back to my cock. Teasing my balls between my fingers then cupping them. I placed my hand round my cock and then started to rub myself again. Thinking of what some of the women I knew would think about it.

Slowly I started to tease my cock harder and harder knowing that I just wanted to cum and that I wanted to feel it jet onto my stomach. My hand got faster as I could feel the nerve tingling and twitching there is no better feeling. Sheer ecstacy as I tugged at my hard cock.

Then I could feel my cum rising from my balls and in the blink of an eye I had shot streams of hot cum onto my stomach. Some of it started to drip down into my pubic hair. Coating the hairs in the hot, sticky cum. It felt amazing. I started to rub the cum into my skin, feeling its thickness between my fingers.

Having rubbed it in I sat for a while and then took the dildo out before wrapping it in tissue.

Starting the car up I turned my headlights back on and headed for home. Minus the coat of course. Once I was home I got out of the car, still naked wondering if any of my neighbours had seen me. Locking the car I walked to my front door and stood there naked thinking about just how good it had been. Until next time of course!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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