My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 3

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Big Tits

This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it.

If this is illegal where ever you are reading this stop now.

* * * * *

Well the tone was pretty much set after two days of fucking Jennifer. I was enjoying myself more than you could imagine and I know she was too. I was positive I could do just about anything to my cute redheaded secretary.

The next day, Tuesday, before I went to the office I picked up a few things at the store. Once we reached lunch time I told Jennifer to come into my office while the other girls were out to lunch. She had on the sexiest short skirt with black mesh stockings. She sure looked hot today. “Pull your skirt up,” I ordered her. When she did I pulled her panties and stockings down to her ankles.

“Squat down,” I commanded. Jennifer obeyed wondering what I had in store for her this time. I had a banana which I peeled into front of her. Then I reached between her legs and positioned it on her slit. Then I began inserting the long piece of fruit into her cunt. I pushed very slowly so it wouldn’t break and I would get the maximun penetration into her hole. Jenn closed her eyes while I filled her lovely twat with the banana. Only a little was left sticking from her hole, so using my thumb I gently pushed the rest in.

“You can stand up now,” I replied when finished. “You’ll work the rest of the afternoon with it inside you. See me at the end of the day.”

With that Jennifer pulled her panties and stockings back on, fixed her skirt and returned to her desk. On a number of occasions throughout the day I could see how uncomfortable she was but not once did she go to the ladies room.

At the end of the day Jennifer hurried into my office after every one had gone. “”I’m so horny you just got to fuck me,” she begged.

“Take your clothes off,” I ordered.

Jennifer stripped immediately. When she slipped her panties down those gorgeous legs I noticed how stained they were from the banana. There was a slimy mess stuck in the crotch of her delicate underwear. I grabbed them showing her the glob of slime in her panties. “You’ve been a naughty girl. You made a mess in you panties.”

I leaned to her, kissed her, then whispered, “open your mouth.” She obeyed, but reluctantly. I took her dirty panties and wiped the stained mess onto her tongue. “Eat it.” I ordered. ” Jennifer swallowed it down.

“Now lay down on the desk,” I requested next. She laid back on my desk spreading her legs open for me. I pushed a finger in her cunt and I could feel the gooey banana. I knew it would be pretty well mashed up after being inside her all day. My cock was rock hard anticipating fucking her stuffed cunthole. So I grabbed my cock and shoved it into her. What a mesy fuck it was. As I penetrated her hole, a thick slime oozed from her as I pushed in deeper and deeper. Then I started fucking her. Her cunt was slippery yet sticky and the banana was seeping out all over her crotch. After five minutes of fucking, Jennifer went into an orgasm. Seeing her cum made me lose control, so I quickly pulled out, crawled up on the desk and kneeled over her face shoving my cock in her mouth. Like a hungry whore she sucked off the banana coating from my cock while I came in her mouth.

Then once she finished eating my cum I climbed off her. Holding her cunt open with one hand and probing with my fingers of my other hand I started scouping out the remains of the banana from inside her hole. She was so excited from having the banana jammed up her twat most of the day she went into another orgasm almost immediately. As her body convulsed, out oozed some of messy remains of the piece of fruit. It was a warm, slimy and gooey mess mixed with Jennifer’s cunt juices. With a big glob of it on my fingers, I reached to her mouth smearing it across her lips, feeding it to her. What a horny bitch she was becoming. She lapped from my hand and swallowed it right down.

I returned to her cunt shoving two fingers all the way in. Then I worked in a third and fourth finger and began jamming her hot sloppy hole over and over while she was still cumming. She screamed out in pleasure as most of my hand slid in and out of her gooey messy hole easily.

“Ohhhhhh! God…Yessss…”

“It feels so good…”

She clutched my hand between her legs as another climax built within her body and yet again Jennifer had an orgasm. As she held my wrist I backed out of her slightly and then began pushing into her again. Only this time I began inserting my whole hand into her. Slowly I pushed as she felt me penetrating her body. She was letting me do it. She was going to let me do it, fistfuck her tiny little twat.

“Your’re a nasty little whore Jenn,” I remarked as I shoved deeper.

“That’s it, take it up your tiny cunt.”

I pushed hard and her soft cunt spread open and gobbled up my hand as it disappeared Bahçelievler escort bayan inside of her hole. “Ooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…” Jenn let out a long moan as my fist passed through her tiny opening.

I had fisted her. Beautiful Jennifer in the midst of a tremendous orgasm had my entire fist inside her body.

“You’re a nasty slut, Jenn.” I pushed in deeper.

“Take it way up in your fuckin’ little cunt.”

I jammed her deeper feeling the depths of her hole. I was making her squirm as I felt around inside her lovely body as I continued to speak nasty to my darling Jennifer.

“I’m gonna make you cum again, you fistfuckin’ whore.”

I started fucking her hole, enjoying the feel of her hot little cunt. She was so hot. The inside of her body was on fire. She squirmed and moaned continuously as I fist fucked her cunt over and over and over.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ouuuuuuuu! Ouuuuuuuu!”

“Ouuuuuuuu! Ouuuuuuuuuuu!”

My fingers probed and explored deep inside her, feeling the soft warm flesh of her inner body. After five minutes of ravishing her tiny fuckhole I sunk my fist deep up into her body. Then I leaned down to lick her throbbing clit and cunt to get a taste of her. I sucked on her hard clit and she went into a violent orgasm, her whole body shaking and shuddering endlessly. Once her orgasm subsided I gently eased my hand from her throbbing hole.

Jennifer was pretty exhausted, afterall she had been carrying around a banana inside her cunt all afternoon and now had been fist fucked for the first time and I lost track of how times she came. Yet once she dressed, she kissed me deeply as we embraced each other and she literally smothered me with her love. Jennifer was one horny hot bitch.

What an obedient slave I’ve made her into. I was totally convinced I could get her to do anything. I’d actually turned her into my personal whore.

On Wednesday the other two girls were off for the day. I planned on having another fun filled day with Jennifer since we’d be in the office alone all day. Before heading to the office I stopped off again at the supermarket and picked up two of the largest cucumbers I could find. They were at least ten inches long and a good three inches thick maybe more. I thought what lovely dildos they would make for Jennifer’s tight little cunt. Jennifer was already in the office when I arrived. I went right into my office and prepared for another stimulating day with Jenn. I laid the cucumbers out on the desk then called Jennifer into the office.

“Well Jenn,” is my hot little slut ready for some more fun today.” She smiled and began removing her clothes anxiously. Once she stood there naked she noticed the cucumbers on the desk.

“What are those for me,” she asked.

“They’re for you, my dear.”

I grabbed a cucumber from the table and ran it up between Jennifer’s legs. “Ten inches,” I commented as I wiped it across her slit. “And look how big.” She knew what I was about to do and she was eager for it. She bent over and leaned on my desk offering her body for what I had in mind . “Spread your legs apart more,” I ordered. When she moved them apart I placed the cucumber at the entrance to her cunt and began pushing it around her slit picking up some of her juices on it. Then I began pushing. She closed her eyes as the hard cylindrical object began entering her body. It spread her pussy lips apart wider and wider to make room for the thickness to pass through. I pushed more making Jennifer’s cunt expand wider than ever before as the cucumber slowly fucked into her cunt hole. Once the thickness stretched her hole wide enough, I pushed about three inches in. “Ooooooooouuuuu!” She moaned out loud as I twisted and wiggled it in. Then I pushed it more penetrating her hole deeper.

Jennifer grunted softly from the discomfort of having such a big object open her tender vagina. Five inches in and I kept going. “Easy,” she whispered. “Please go easy.” I pushed on it until at eight inches I encountered a little resistance. The cucumber was about as far in as it would comfortably go. “Only two more inches, baby.” I remarked. “I want you to take it all.” Then I pushed harder and I could see the discomfort growing on her face. But that didn’t stop me and Jennifer wasn’t stopping me from forcing it inside her either. Again I pushed and the cucumber began to disappear between her legs, up into her body. Only a tiny piece of green was visible within the soft folds of her pussy. With two fingers I pushed on it and forced the remaining end up into her cunt and her sweet young fuckhole closed up around it.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck. It’s so big.” She cried out.

“My God Jenn, you took it all.”

She moaned and moaned while placing her fingers on her cunt feeling that the entire thing was inside her. “You’re so nasty letting me do that to you, Jenn”

“Stand up,” I ordered. Jennifer obeyed, Escort Bahçeşehir but I could see how uncomfortable she was trying to straighten up with the hard cuke inside of her.

“Slut,” I called her. “Yes,” she answered. “Keep it inside of you until I say you can take it out. Is that understood? Yes, Yes, I understand.” She answered in a trembling voice becoming more uncomfortable.

“You like having things stuffed in your cunt, don’t you? Yes, oh yes,” she answered. “Maybe you’d like something in your ass too?”

Let’s see if you like both holes filled at once. Now kneel down so I can fuck you in the ass.”

She was so obedient. Immediately, she inched her way down on her knees, holding the cuke inside her with one hand. I knelt down behind her and fingered her anus. It was incredibly tight. She was so tensed up trying to hold in the cucumber. It was going to be tough getting my cock in her asshole while her cunt was so stuffed. So I reached under her to her cunt and told her, “relax. Let it come out. Let me get my cock in your ass first, then we’ll stuff your cunt again.

With that the cucumber started to appear and I pulled it out of her hole. It was wet and shiny coated with all her cunt juices. I handed it to her and returned to her ass. I placed my hard cock at her anal entrance and shoved hard cock in penetrating her asshole. She gave a quick little grunt from my abrupt penetration. Once inside her ass I pushed and buried my cock all the way up inside her rectum.

“Okay, slut. Shove the cuke back in and fuck yourself with it.”

She reached underneath herself putting the cuke at her cunt and pushed it in. As she shoved it in deeper I could feel the hard cuke penetrating as it pushed on my cock on the other side of the membrane separating her cunt and rectum.

“Okay, now fuck yourself with it. Fuck youself like a horny little slut, Jenn.”

And she did. She completely let herself go. She fucked the cuke in and out as I started fucking her asshole at the same time. She began crying out in pleasure as her self cunt fucking became faster and faster.

“Oh, God… Fuck me.. Fuck me….”

I didn’t know what she liked more, shoving the hard cucumber up her cunt or my hard cock in her ass. In any case she was masturbating herself vigorously sliding the ten inch cucumber in and out of her little cunt. If she kept this up she certainly would be on the verge of cumming soon and I was getting close myself.

“Harder… Fuck me harder…” she cried out.

Well, I didn’t want to cum yet. I was having too much fun. I pulled from Jennifer’s ass and grabbed the other ten inch cucumber. I placed it on her asshole and started twisting it, slowly working it around her just fucked bunghole. The cucumber was gigantic. I squeezed it between her asscheeks at the entrance to her tiny little puckered hole. She knew what I was going to do. I almost couldn’t believe I was going to shove this huge vegetable inside her ass. And Jennifer made no effort to stop me either.

I pushed and twisted it and her asshole began opening up ever so slightly for the giant veggie. She let out a little whimper. “Oooouuuuuu” I pushed harder and harder knowing the pain must be growing. “Ooooouuuuuuuuu Ouuuuuuuuu” Finally I pushed a little harder stretching her asshole open enough to penetrate her ass with the big cuke. She let out a long loud grunt while sucking in a lot of air trying to cope with the pain of her asshole being pryed open so wide and the cunt fucking she was giving herself with the other cucumber. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh Huuuuhhhh Uhhhhhhh Huuuuhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhh Huuuuuuhhh”

Slowly I pushed the cucumber through her asshole into her gorgeous rectum, three inches, four, five, six. Another long moan and grunt began as I continued stuffing her ass. “Uhhhhhhhh Huuuuhhhhh Ohhhhh God… “Seven inches, eight, ….”Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Huuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Nine inches, ten, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! my God!”

Only a little tip remained visible protruding from her asshole. She was nearly delirious. Her reactions were partially from the pain inside her ass and the nearness of her orgasm from stuffing herself up the cunt. Irregardless I was consumed in a lust myself from what I was doing and seeing.

“How’s that my sweet darling slut? Like big things in your ass?” I remarked.

She didn’t answer and I didn’t expect her too. Her moaning had become not that of discomfort but now of pure pleasure from having both of her holes stuffed with such large objects.

She was jamming that cuke nearly its full length in and out of her hot cunt now, while I held the other deep in her ass. And she was begging for her precious ass to be fucked with it and hard. “Ohhh! Ohhh! Fuck Fuck me.” It was more than I could handle seeing this gorgeous young woman doing such a nasty fucking to herself. I began pulling the cucumber out of her Bakırköy escort ass and started fucking her asshole with it. She screeched in pleasure each time I jammed it deep up her ass. “Ouuhh! Ouhhhhhhhhh! OUHHHHHHHH!”

“Like having your tight ass fucked, don’t you, you little whore?” I swore at her.


“C’mon Jenn, CUM. I want you to CUM.”

I rammed it up her ass.


“I’m gonna make you cum, you horny bitch.”

“I’ll make your asshole cum like a fucking slut.” Again I pulled it out of her bunghole and shoved it back deep in her ass.

“Ouhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ouhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ouhhhhhhhh!” Her moans and screams were out of control. There was no stopping her. She was going to cum real soon.

After about ten minutes of furiously fucking her anal hole, I pulled it out and quickly shoved my cock back up her ass. The quick change in her ass set her over the edge. Her asshole gripped my cock as her whole body convulsed in a tremendous orgasm. She screamed for more as I buttfucked Jenn while she came. “Fuck me. Fuck me up my ass. Oh, God Fuck my asshole.” She was nearly in tears as her tight ass made me ready to burst. I was ready to explode with cum and I wanted to feed it to her again and I knew she would eagerly eat it up.

In my frenzy, I called to her, “I’m going to cum.” I quickly pulled out and she knew what to do. With the cucumber still in her twat she spun around as I just said, “take me.” She took me in her mouth again without question. Even though she was so hot and horny and cumming herself I know she knew what she was doing. She liked doing nasty things like sucking my cock after I assfucked her. And it really aroused both of us. She sucked me in her mouth. Then I held her beautiful head in my hands and fucked my hard cock right down her throat burying her face in my crotch. I looked down and saw her lips plastered against my groin while she shoved the cuke all the way in her cunt again. She began moaning with my cock down her throat. She was cumming again. Another orgasm rocked through her body. Beautiful Jennifer masturbated herself to another orgasm while I held my cock in her throat waiting to cum.

Suddenly, she let go of the cucumber and it slowly slid out to the floor. She grabbed my buttocks and tried forcing more cock down her throat. My cock started throbbing flooding her gullet with sperm. She pulled off as I kept cumming, shooting thick gobs all over her beautiful face. She coughed up the sperm from her throat. What a sight. I could see all the white creamy sperm in her mouth. She was panting heavily trying to catch her breath, but begged for more. “Cum, more cum”… “Mmmmmmmmm”… Gorgeous Jennifer with my cum running down her face was sucking up my cum like it was candy. “Eat it up. Jenn, swallow it, ” I coaxed her on. But she hardly needed encouragement to eat from my ejaculating cock. She had no plans of wasting any. I had turned my secretary Jennifer into a cum hungry whore. Another blast of jizz from my cock went right into her open mouth. She swallowed it and began smearing my cock around her face as more cum dribbled from me. Jenn then licked me clean sucking my cock in and out of her sweet mouth making sure she got every drop of my sperm.

Ten minutes later we finally recovered after laying there on the floor. “You’re such a nasty little cunt,” I whispered to her. She smiled at me in a way I knew she enjoyed every second we’re together. Jennifer got dressed and gave me a kiss goodbye. Already I’m thinking of what I’ll do to her tomorrow.

It’s been almost a month now since that first Saturday when I caught Jennifer masturbating. It’s hard to believe what we’ve done since that day. Jennifer has actually become my personal whore. She’s does anything I tell her to. I have yet to reach her total fulfillment sexually.

One day when the other girls were out to lunch, Jennifer wanted to give me a blowjob. She said she needed to taste my cum again. She was particularly horny that day. So instead of making it easy for her and just letting her suck me off, with her still fully dressed in her nice skirt and jacket top, I stripped down, sat on the sofa and first let her suck me hard. Then I made her lick my balls and suck them into her mouth. Afterwards, I told her if she wanted my cum she had to lick my ass and slide her tongue in my crack. I told her I expected her to lick and suck on my asshole. She did it and did it happily. First she licked my entire asscrack giving me a thorough cleaning.

Then she buried her face between asscheeks and her tongue worked on my asshole like I’ll never forget. Somehow she managed to get her lips on my anus and sucked on my asshole. What a feeling. I called her an asslicking whore when she did that. That turned her on more and she forced her tongue through my pucker. I could feel it sliding in and out of my ass as she tongue fucked my anal hole. That made me cum, so she quickly had to stop to eat my sperm. She never passes up getting a mouthful of my hot jizz. What a fucking whore she was that day.

Well that’s my secretary Jennifer. I often wonder how long this will last. I wonder what she does at home with her husband. How could she have any energy left for him after our daily escapades.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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