Morning Maintenance

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He called to wish her a good morning and found her half-asleep and half-aroused. She reported that she was just laying there thinking of him and wishing that he were home. They chatted about the small details of life for a few minutes, until her soft sighs and whispers distracted him completely. She was a very sensual woman and he found her morning passion hot and inviting.

She heard a wisp of passion in his voice and deliberately lengthened her next sigh and stretchy yawn. Then she bubbled with laughter and scolded her cat for opening the drapes and exposing her naked body to the world at large. He felt a rush of blood heat the length of his cock and felt it stir as memories of her body, naked and dappled in sunlight, burst across his sight. He loosened his clothing and sat back resigned, feeling an erection slowly start.

He closed his eyes and let the vision of her moving languidly, stretching and softly touching herself simmer in his mind. He wished briefly for a phone with video and then decided that his memory was of higher quality. Shifting to accommodate his burgeoning cock, he smiled and softly asked her if there were anyone in sight out her window. She noted the maintenance man unloading supplies into the maintenance building across the lawn from her window. She laughed and confessed to draping the damp towel from her shower over her body, letting the slopes of her breasts spill over the sides of the towel. She felt his passion fire hers and spoke of the warmth of the morning sunshine on her skin and the flirtatious whisper of wind that stirred both the hair of her pussy and the longing within.

She asked him to tell her how his cock felt and asked him to touch it for her, to slowly run his fingers up and down the shaft of his cock, to lightly squeeze the head. She told him how she wanted to feel the broad head of his shaft spreading her pussy lips, how she wanted his precum to mix with her wetness to ease his way deeper inside her body. She told him how she longed to feel his cock flexing and straining within her cunt. She whimpered and told him that her cunt was hungry for his cock, longed for his pounding body, longed for the soft, hot spray of his cum deep inside her walls. Then she sighed and asked him about his plans for the day.

He allowed the change of conversation and waited for her passion to simmer for a few moments. He knew that she would Arnavutköy escort bayan start to fidget and squirm as her wetness seeped slowly down the length of her cunt. She always got so wet for him. Her juices always ran down between her lips to her asshole, nicely coating it for play. And when they fucked, her juices would spurt around his cock and down her thighs. And, she did love to fuck, loved the feel of heat and friction, loved the movement and sweat, loved to flex her muscles around his cock, loved to lose herself in spasms around him, and loved to milk his spent member as they would rest in the aftermath. Knowing her, he waited for that passion to burn. And he did not have long to wait, as shortly she sighed and murmured that she was getting so wet for him. He laughed lightly and said that it was only fair, since his cock was rock-hard for her.

He told her to nudge the towel down and look at her nipples for him. She told him that her soft white breasts were swelling and ripening for his mouth, that her nipples were becoming a darker pink and puckering as they hardened. He had her softly touch her nipples, had her bend them over and flexed his hips upwards as he heard the catch in her voice as she did what he instructed. He liked her in this hot and docile mood. He wondered how long it would take for her to remember that he curtains were open and that the maintenance man could potentially see her laying there. He knew that eventually that would only make her hotter and bolder. He wished that he were a janitor at least for today…

He spoke of the drop of precum that needed to be licked from the head of his cock and at her bidding, he touched it to his finger and painted it on his lips and then tasted it for her. And that led to her legs getting spread to fetch some of her wetness, wetness to be spread across the tips of her breasts. Her cries of passion made another spurt of precum coat the tip of his cock. He squeezed his cock firmly and in his mind felt her wet cunt accept his cock. Taking a deep breath, he told her to taste her fingers. She moaned and obediently sucked her fingers into her mouth and slurpily savored her wetness. She moaned and sighed and told him that she needed his cock. He told her to get her favorite vibrator and as she shifted to the bedside table, she noticed the open window and yelped. He laughed Escort Avcılar and told her how the possibilities only made him harder. She paused in her motion to close the window and asked if that meant she should leave it open. He only asked if she wanted it open and smiled slightly when he heard the squeaky drawer open and heard no motion of the blinds fluttering closed.

As she reached to close the drawer, he suggested that she might want a second toy. She made no comment, but her breathing deepened and it took a moment for her to return to the bed. She settled back down on the bed and laughed a little nervously and asked what she should do. He chuckled and replied that it was time to put on a little show. She giggled a bit and then moaned softly and asked what type of show. He moaned as he wrapped his hand around his dick and softly said that he needed her to fill her cunt for him, that he needed to be inside her, needed to hear her moans as her cunt was filled.

She closed her eyes and told him how she was running the tip of his cock up and down between the lips of her pussy, making it wet and slippery. She told him how her legs were spread and that she could feel her cunt widening to receive his hard cock, how it was starting to quiver as his cock got closer. She then begged him for his cock as he teased her for a few minutes. She told him how her hips were moving and her feet pushing her hips up off the bed. Finally, he told her to fill her hot, hungry cunt with his heat. She screamed as she filled herself and grunted as she squeezed her cunt around him, forcing the head of his cock to flatten against his shaft. He groaned with her and panted lightly and waited. He savored the memory of her cunt quivering and squirming around his dick, savored the memory of her heat and wetness and the coiled energy of her body. And he knew that she could not stay like this for long, that she needed release as much or perhaps more than he did. He was a little relaxed, knowing that she would have 2 or 3 orgasms before his and he was content to wait for the moment for his release.

She moaned his name a few times and he listened to her passion before asking her what she wanted. She groaned and laughed and said that she wanted to fuck him hard and fast. He teased her for a moment, asked if she was sure that she wanted him. She moaned and laughed and told Bağcılar escort him that she needed to feel his cock moving inside her, that she needed to move and pound her mound against him. He told her to fuck him hard and fast and closed his eyes as he heard her cunt wetly accept her vibrator. From the sound of it she was very hot, so he told her that she could fuck her ass next if she came soon, which quickly threw her into a deep and long orgasm. She moaned softly as she recovered a bit and he looked at his cock, noted the deepening color and smoothed the precum over the head.

As she softly murmured his name, he told her to slip her second toy into her cunt, to get it nice and wet. She groaned as her cunt flexed around this smaller vibrator. She started panting slightly and breathily asked if she could press it against her asshole. He teased her for a moment, marveling that she loved this play almost as much as regular fucking. Her asshole was so nicely sensitive that she went a bit wild with something in her ass. He felt more precum dripping from his cock as he remembered the strong feel or her asshole gripping his shaft. He urged her to put the vibrator against her asshole and he dribbled lubricant on his cock as he asked her if she was wet. She moaned and thrashed a bit and shifted to fuck her cunt for a moment so that he could hear her wetness. He groaned and froze, waiting a moment for the surge of orgasm to pass, wanting to wait until the small vibrator was deep in her ass humming and the other vibrator was once more deep in her cunt.

As he urged her on, she slowly pushed the vibrator into her ass. She rubbed her breasts against the bed and moaned and panted. Once it was deep inside, she flipped onto her back and angled her hips to force the small vibrator deeper in her ass. Then she begged him to fuck her, to fuck her now. He wanted to tease her for a moment, but his cock was as hard as it ever had been and he felt the burning start to spread and he knew that he needed to be in her cunt now. So, he told her to take his cock now and deep. She screamed and he arched his hips and he rode her hard and deep, until neither of them could take a moment more and her first spasm of orgasm started his and they road the storm together.

As they both recovered, he asked her if the maintenance man was still around. She laughed and squealed and covered her body. He laughed about barn doors and horses and she said better late than never. And she noted that the boxes were still by the front door of the maintenance building and that the maintenance cart was there, but that, for the moment at least, the maintenance man was not in ready view, seemingly occupied with something else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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