M Club Ch. 14

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Angela White

The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.

* * *

Lisa parked her car along the curb beside the now-familiar park where M Club had met on several occasions in the secret clearing deep in the woods. She felt a little nervous, all alone, and carefully surveyed up and down the street. An old man was walking a toy dog about a block away, but otherwise there was no one to be seen. She hurried down the main walking trail, footsteps almost silent on the chipped bark, until reaching the nearly invisible side trail.

With one last look in each direction to be sure she was unseen, she slipped into the undergrowth. She checked the time on her phone and saw she was just a couple minutes ahead of the four o’clock rendezvous Denby had arranged. Lisa didn’t know exactly what her friend hand in mind, since this was supposed to be Den and Sean’s private “date” afternoon – some quality one on one time after all the M Club activities – but she was eager to find out.

After a couple minutes hiking deep into the thick woods, she saw the cracks in the trees that indicated the clearing just ahead. She slowed and watched her step carefully, not wanting to startle them. Denby might be expecting her, but she was almost certain Sean had no idea.

Rounding the last bend, she caught her first glimpse of her friends. On a blanket in the middle of the lush grass, Sean was sprawled out on his back. He wore nothing but his boxers and Lisa happily took in that long, lean figure she’d explored in detail last weekend. Denby was similarly stripped down to nothing but her panties – a thong that scarcely even counted – and was straddling his waist while bent over in a lip-locked embrace. Their bodies moved in time, clearly dry humping.

Lisa felt a tingle in her pussy at the sight. Yes, she had very fond memories of doing just that with him not long ago. There was something extra special about watching this private and very intimate moment between her friends. She could read their passion in every undulation, kiss, and moan.

She briefly wondered if anyone else had ever stumbled upon their club activities here. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to sneak up close and watch without being seen. Even now, if one of them looked her way, she might not be seen through the brush. As the voyeur, a small part of her hoped someone had – and cherished the experience. Assuming they hadn’t recorded it, of course.

She watched in silence a little longer, fondling a breast outside her shirt and rubbing her legs together, before finally deciding to make her presence known. She wouldn’t be able to take much more watching, knowing Denby most likely intended for her to join.

Just as Lisa entered the clearing, Sean snapped his head in her direction and a moment of panic crossed his face before he groaned and dropped his head back on the ground. Denby looked up and grinned, unperturbed by the interruption.

“Hi Lisa,” Sean said.

“Hi guys,” Lisa said, stepping forward until she was near the edge of the blanket. All that nearly naked flesh further fueling her arousal. “Fancy bumping into you two here.”

“You just happened along?” Sean looked from Lisa to his girlfriend.

Denby shrugged innocently, sitting upright. “I might have invited her to join us.”

“Oh really?”

“Was that okay?”

Sean looked between them again and Lisa saw the glint in his eye. “I guess we’ll manage.”

“There’s a good sport,” Denby said, running her hands across his chest.

“Is anyone else invited? Andy?”

Denby shook her head no. “Just the three of us. This isn’t an officially sanctioned club activity.”

“Oh, so we can talk about it then?” Lisa grinned.

Denby rolled her eyes and Sean said, “Actually, that might not be the best idea. Not sure how Andy would take it.”

Lisa nodded. She already felt a bit guilt about this, playing behind Andy’s back, despite their not-exactly-a-couple dating status. It did feel somewhat like club activity, with him being excluded. On the other hand, they were having an official M Club gathering tomorrow with everyone, and she’d tentatively agreed to go out with him over the weekend – just the two of them.

“Yeah, best to just keep this to ourselves,” Denby said. “And, I was thinking there might be a bit more…contact involved.”

Lisa purred. “Now that sounds like fun. Only, I feel a bit overdressed.”

Denby gave her a come-hither gesture with her finger, which Lisa heeded by kneeling on the edge of the blanket. Denby dismounted from Sean, revealing the heavily tented boxers which were significantly dampened by Den’s arousal. Sean sat up and soon both were kneeling, one on either side of her.

Denby leaned forward and kissed Lisa full on the lips. Lisa happily accepted and returned the kiss, her Akbatı escort lips parting to accept her friend’s probing tongue. In their previous “experimenting,” Denby had been tentative initially. Today, she already very turned on.

Denby broke off the kiss and looked to Sean. With a subtle bob of the head, she gave her boyfriend permission to take over. Sean leaned forward, grinning, and kissed her. It was cautious at first, but soon grew to be as heated as Denby’s. Lisa wondered what her friend was thinking, seeing the two of them kiss for the first time.

“God, that’s so hot,” Denby said, answering the unspoken question.

At Denby’s comment, Sean leaned back and looked a little embarrassed. “You really wanted this?”

Denby said, “You have no idea. It’s been all I could think about all week.”

“Well, I’d hate to disappoint you.”

Lisa said, “And apparently I’m just a convenient prop for my best friend’s sexual fantasies.”

“Is that a problem?” Denby raised a challenging eyebrow.

“Nope. Not one bit.” Lisa leaned forward and gave her friend another quick, fierce kiss.

“Good. Now away with these clothes.”

Denby lifted Lisa’s shirt up and off, leaving Sean to make quick work of her bra. Lisa found it amusing how self-conscious she’d felt fully clothed in front of these two. Having the girls free and breathing in the cool spring air made a world of difference in putting her at ease.

Den and Sean, in tandem, each took one of her breasts in hand. They massaged and tweaked her nipples and she just leaned back on her heels and enjoyed the novelty of watching two people fondling her simultaneously.

“Good thing I have enough to share,” she said, giggling.

Denby gave her a wink and then leaned forward, wrapping her lips around one hard nipple and suckling gently. Sean was only moments behind her, and soon they were bumping heads as they worked over her nipples. The sensation was heavenly and she absently ran her fingers through their hair.

After stimulating her enough to get painfully aroused, Denby broke off and instructed Lisa to lay on her back. Before she was even settled, Denby was unzipping her shorts and pulling them down. Sean just watched on in amusement. To Lisa’s surprise, Denby didn’t stop at the shorts – removing Lisa’s panties as well and making her the only naked one among the three. She had no problem with that arrangement.

Sean fondled one of Lisa’s breasts while Denby boldly ran a hand up her inner thigh until tracing it across the folds of her pussy. Her friend clearly had every intention of taking this further than they’d previously done in Sean’s presence.

“Not that I mind, but am I the only one getting naked today?”

Denby sighed. “I’d love to, but I don’t think I could without breaking my promise to mom. Sean, on the other hand, should definitely lose those boxers.”

Sean raised a curious eyebrow. “Yeah?”

“Unless Lisa objects, of course,” Denby added.

Lisa looked at the bulge in Sean’s shorts and licked her lips. “No objections here. And this time you’ll be naked before you make a mess.”

Sean’s cheeks reddened slightly, but he wasted no time in losing his boxers. His long cock popped free and pointed almost straight at Lisa’s face. The tip glistened and Lisa desperately wanted a taste. That, however, remained out of bounds.

“Alright,” Lisa said. “The big boy has been released. Now what, pray tell, did you have planned for us?”

Denby gave them a sly grin. “I’m glad you asked. Now, since Sean here has been such a sweetheart in helping me keep my promise, while I’ve been fooling around with you and getting some wonderful…relief…I only figured it was fair that to make it up to him. And, for that, I need a volunteer stand in.”

Lisa laughed. “So I’m, what, your stunt double?”

Denby reached out and grabbed both of Lisa’s tits. “Yeah, only your tits are too big. But for lack of any other volunteers, you’ll have to do.”

“I’m sure Sean is heartbroken,” Lisa said.

Denby looked down at Sean’s bobbing erection. “Yeah, sure he is.”

Denby crawled across the blanket, giving both of the others a fine view of her thong-clad ass. She dug into her backpack and rooted around for a minute before finally producing a life-size and realistically colored rubber cock. Lisa chuckled, now beginning to realize what her friend had bought that particular toy for.

“New toy?” Sean said.

Denby nodded. “Picked it up this weekend when I took Lisa shopping.”

“Oh really?” Sean looked between the two and Lisa gave him her best innocent expression. “I don’t recall you mentioning that.”

“No?” Denby looked equally innocent. “Must have slipped my mind. Just a quick stop after our sleepover.”

“Uh huh.” Sean turned to Lisa. “And did you buy anything?”

Lisa gave him a wide grin. “Yes, but I didn’t bring it along. Guess you’ll have to wait until next time.”

Those terms seemed to have met with his approval. He turned back to Denby. “So, toy Aksaray escort bayan and stunt double?”

Denby scooted back over so she was kneeling beside Lisa, opposite Sean. “Here’s how this is going to work,” she said. “Junior here is a stand in for your cock.” She gave it a couple playful strokes, which Sean mirrored with his own hand.

“Okay,” he said.

“You’ve got the idea already, I see,” Denby said. “Whatever I do to Junior, though, it’ll be Lisa’s job to do it to you.”

Lisa felt her body quiver in eager anticipation at that idea. Finally, she would be able to have direct contact with Sean’s cock. But what did Den have in mind? Handjob? Blowjob? Sex? She was more than okay with the first two. And, while she would love for Sean to take her virginity, she knew it would be awkward for her to get to go all the way with him before Denby. He was Den’s boyfriend, after all.

“I think I’m going to like being a stunt double,” Lisa said, propping herself up on her elbows.

“I’d ask if you were sure about this,” Sean said to Denby, “but that seems like a pointless question.”

“Pointless, indeed,” she said. “Now, Sean, lay on your back. Lisa, between his legs.”

Lisa quickly got up while ceding the middle of the blanket to Sean. She enjoyed the quick look at his cute butt as it flexed, followed by the playful bobbing of his erection as he laid down. He wrapped his hands behind his head and watched on in eager anticipation.

Once Lisa was comfortably situated on her knees between Sean’s legs, Denby joined her just to Sean’s side. Junior, as she’d affectionately named her new dildo, did look remarkably like Sean’s cock. Den had spent considerably effort in picking out one that best matched her boyfriend in size, length, and general appearance. Its base was wide and stiff, vaguely shaped like a scrotum, and this she planted firmly into the blanket.

“It’s time I gave my loving boyfriend some much needed attention,” Denby said.

Lisa looked down at Sean’s cock, taking in each bulging vein from the short-trimmed hair at his balls up to the bulbous head. Denby, on Junior, used her free hand and ran the back of her fingertips up the length of the stand in cock. Lisa reached forward and mirrored the action on Sean, savoring the thrill of first contact. Sean’s cock twitched in response and he sighed heavily.

After Den’s fingers reached the tip, she dragged them back down the length. Lisa continued to mirror the action, her attention flitting back and forth between her friend and Sean. Despite everything they’d done together, she still felt like she needed to pinch herself. She was touching a real, live cock. Her best friend’s boyfriend’s cock, no less.

“Touch his balls,” Denby said, doing so on Junior but with less realistic results.

Lisa tentatively cupped Sean’s scrotum and rolled her fingers around until she made out his balls. They were bigger and firmer than she’d expected and she was very gentle for fear of causing him pain.

“What do they feel like?”

“Heavy,” Lisa told her friend. “Firm. No wonder he can shoot such loads.”

“That feel nice?” Denby asked Sean.

“Very,” he said, grinning.

“I’m not being too rough?”

Sean shook his head at Lisa. “Nope, not remotely. I’ll let you know.”

Relieved, Lisa became a bit more assertive in rolling them between her fingers. She wondered how stimulating that was to a guy compared with stroking his cock. Sean frequently played with his balls while jerking off, but Andy rarely seemed to touch his. Maybe it varied from guy to guy.

Denby wrapped a hand around Junior’s shaft and began to slowly slide it up and down. Lisa used one hand to hold Sean’s cock vertical at the base and then copied Den’s action with her other. His cock was hard, yet there was still a softness to the surface. His skin moved to some degree along with her hand and she experimented with varying amounts of pressure – sometimes so light that her hand slid along the skin without hardly moving it and then with a firm grip that dragged the skin along with it. Sean seemed to enjoy it all.

“How hard is it?” Denby asked as she continued to stroke Junior.

Lisa paused enough to try to bend it ever so slightly. It didn’t flex at all and Sean merely smiled.

“Very,” she said. “It’s kinda what I expected, but still a little different. I can see why guys play with them all the time. If I had one, I know I would.”

“And you should feel it from this side,” Sean said.

“Are you close?” Denby said.

“Nothing imminent, but if Lisa really went at it, I wouldn’t last long.”

Denby nodded and continued stroking, now at a slightly faster pace. “Good. I don’t want you to cum yet. Tell me if you get too close.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Lisa was perfectly content to keep rubbing Sean’s cock. While there was a certain thrill in masturbating, taking direct responsibility for another’s pleasure was a whole different animal. She’d enjoyed pleasing Denby and she was more than happy to Escort Ankara be involved in getting Sean off.

“Let’s try something a little different,” Denby said, laying Junior down on the blanket, the head facing away from her. Lisa let go of Sean, letting his cock slap against his stomach.

Denby leaned forward until her breasts contacted the dildo. Lisa grinned as she scooted back just enough to give her space to do the same. She had already teased Sean’s cock with her tits in her bedroom, but on that occasion he’s still been in boxers. This was going to be so much better.

“I’m thinking my stunt double might be a little better equipped for this one,” Denby said, not with any regret.

Lisa let her dangling breasts drag along the length of Sean’s cock. The stimulation to her breasts paled in comparison with having her nipples pinched or sucked, but the sight of his cock vanishing into that valley was more than worth it. She felt Sean thrust his hips up into her, increasing the contact between them. She imagined she was the one on her back, with him straddling her and fucking her cleavage while she held her breasts together. Yes, this was one area where she had a distinct advantage over Den, and perhaps she’d get to try it.

Denby was watching intently, but had shifted from rubbing the dildo between her breasts to running one of her hard nipples along its length. Lisa gave Sean a couple more “strokes” through the valley before holding one of her breasts in place and dragging her nipple along his cock. Sean shuddered at the contact and as she reached the head of his cock a new drop of pre-cum emerged.

“Someone’s leaking,” she teased.

“Let me see!” Denby leaned in close and licked her lips. “Mmmm.”

“Want a taste?” Lisa said. “I could get a little on my tit and let you take it from there.”

Denby shook her head no. “How about this?”

Denby gently nudged Lisa back and reached out with Junior. The tip of the dildo contacted the head of Sean’s cock, dipping into the drop just as it grew large enough to begin running. She rubbed it around the tip for a moment and then pulled it back, creating a long string between the two that finally snapped back between both cocks.

“This is gonna taste so good,” Denby said with a wicked glint in her eye.

Lisa was elated. She knew exactly where this was going and couldn’t wait. She lifted Sean’s cock back to vertical by the base and leaned in close. Denby lifted Junior to her mouth and paused just an inch away. Lisa matched her, now able to smell the pungent musk of Sean’s semen. Den then extended her tongue, just short of its goal, and wiggled it playfully. Lisa did the same and marveled at Sean’s self-restraint, as he would only have to move his hips a fraction of an inch to make contact.

Finally, Denby flicked her tongue across the tip of the dildo, lapping up some of the shared pre-cum. Lisa did likewise and soaked in every aspect of the moment of first contact between her mouth and a cock – the now-familiar taste, the heat, the soft and firm texture against her tongue. She was in heaven.

“Licking my boyfriend’s cock.” Denby purred, then licked again, slowly and with considerably more tongue. Lisa mirrored, collecting the last of the leakage.

Before long, Denby was taking more of the dildo’s length into her mouth. Lisa opened wide and wrapped her lips around the entirety of Sean’s cock head. With it nearly filling her mouth, she rubbed it with her tongue and teased at the hole on the tip. He pressed into her and she allowed more of his shaft inside, careful to avoid scraping him with her teeth.

A glance at Denby found her friend enthusiastically fellating Junior, bobbing up and down on at least half of the length. Den’s eyes were entirely on Lisa and Sean, though, brimming with lust. Lisa broke with the blow-for-blow imitation of her friend and alternated between base-to-tip licking and full on sucking, doing her best to put on a good show. Denby now started to mirror what she was doing.

“That feels sooo good,” Sean said between heavy breaths. “I’m not gonna last much longer, though.”

Lisa paused to seek guidance from Denby, who said, “Better finish him off, then.”

Dropping all pretense at trying to mimic Denby’s actions, Lisa took in as much of Sean’s cock as she could without hitting her gag reflex. She sucked firmly, then began bobbing up and down, using her saliva to keep a firm yet slippery seal. Her tongue slid along the underside of his cock and he thrust gently in time with her bobbing. His hands snaked through her hair, further helping direct the pace of their action.

“Almost, almost,” he said, his voice hoarse.

Lisa increased her speed while stroking his cock near the base, right up until she felt him give one strong thrust that almost went too deep. A moment later, she felt his cum fill what little space was left in her mouth. Even knowing it was imminent, it came as a shock and took all her concentration to keep her mouth in place and relaxed enough to take all he could give her.

After a couple follow-up twitches, Lisa slowly slid up his cock until he fell out with a soft plop. She closed her lips, savored the salty taste, and swallowed dramatically for her audience. She then licked her lips and licked clean his softening member, finishing with a dainty kiss on the tip.

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