Let Me See It

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“I’ve heard so much about this cock. Take it out and let me see it.”

Terri was the wife of a good friend, but despite this I started undoing my pants so she could see my dick.

Sorry, I’m getting way ahead of myself. If I’m going to tell the story right, I need to do a bit of setup first.

Throughout my life there had been clues I had a big dick – comments from various girlfriends, mostly – but I didn’t know it for sure until I was in the military. That probably sounds weird, but as those of you who have served will know, military guys are coarser than men in the civilian world, and get accustomed to talking about stuff that would be considered weird in a regular job.

Which is how I wound up in a mildly drunken discussion among 5 or so of my friends about how we liked to arrange ourselves in our pants. You know, your dick – do you let it hang straight down, or down and to the right, or down and to the left? I hadn’t thought through the repercussions of my answer when I said, “Up and to the right.”

My buddies looked at me dumbfounded. Up? I explained that if I let my dick hang down it was constantly getting caught in the crease of my jeans as it snaked its way down whichever pant leg, so I’d discovered that if I pointed it up and just to the right of my fly, it would sit comfortably against the front of my pants without getting in the way of anything. So, up and to the right.

What I didn’t realize was none of the others could do this, because, apparently, their dicks weren’t long enough. If they tried to make them go up the way I did, their dicks would just fall back down without hitting the front of their pants.

(When I said, “You mean if you tried to do what I do your dick would just go back down of its own accord without hitting the front of your jeans?” there was a meaningful pause in the conversation before my friend Rob said, “Fuck you, man” to gales of laughter.)

So it became a running joke among my friends about my huge cock and how I kept it “up and to the right,” and it was furthered at a party when my wife (who’d had a few drinks) got wind of the story and loudly confirmed it, causing much laughter among my friends, and spreading the word to their wives and girlfriends. Soon enough, my entire social group had heard about my big dick.

Fast forward a few years.

My wife and I had gotten divorced, and a little while later I got out of the military. I’d taken a job with a defense contractor in Washington, Escort Sefaköy DC, and while searching for an apartment there, I was living with my military buddy Dave and his wife Terri in their spare room.

One evening while Dave was working an overnight at the Pentagon, Terri and her friend Mary had gone out for a girls’ night. At about 12:15am, my cell phone rang, and it was Terri on the other end.

“Hey,” she said, drunk but not wasted, “Me and Mary are drunk! Come get us, cuz we can’t drive!”

“Get a taxi,” I said.

“They’re all taken, and they say it’ll take an hour to get one to us.”

“All the taxis in Washington are taken?”

“Just come get us! What are you doing? Watching porn? Have you got a girl in my house?” she laughed.

“No, sadly, there are no girls here,” I said.

“No girls? Too bad,” she replied, and in the background I thought I heard Mary say, “From what I hear that’s a waste of good meat!”

“What did she say?” I asked Terri.

“Nothing, she’s drunk. Look, it’s late, there are no cabs, so come get us.”

“Ok, where are you?”

After getting the address of the bar, I headed out.

When they got in the car, the girls immediately insisted they needed to go to Krispy Kreme to get doughnuts, because the best doughnuts are the fresh ones you get in the middle of the night. I like doughnuts, and I’m not about to get into an argument with two drunk girls, so off we went.

The Krispy Kreme doesn’t have seating, so after getting our doughnuts we went back out to the parking lot and ate them in the car. It was shortly after finishing hers that Terri looked meaningfully at the bulge in my pants and said, “I’ve heard so much about this cock. Take it out and let me see it.”

“Ha. Ha,” I said.

“Seriously, I want to see it.”

“Terri,” I began to try to dissuade her from this plan.

“No,” Terri replied, “I’m married, so I’m not going to touch anything. I just heard over and over again about this huge cock when we were all stationed in California, so I want to see what all the fuss was about.”

“Well, there’s not that much fuss, really,” I said. “It’s not like I’ve got a huge porn dick. I think it’s just a bit bigger than average.”

“Whatever, quit stalling and get it out,” Terri insisted. “I want to see it, and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“All right,” I said. “You promise you’re not going to try anything? Yenibosna escort bayan Your husband is my friend and I’m staying in your house for free, so that wouldn’t be cool.”

“I promise I won’t touch,” she assured me.

So I undid my jeans, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear, and pulled them down a bit until my cock was fully exposed, pointing up and to the right as always, resting against my stomach.

“Nice,” Terri said.

“Nice?” I said. “I’m exposing myself to you in the Krispy Kreme parking lot, and all you can say is ‘nice’?”

“Well,” she replied, “It’s a pretty good size for not being hard, but it’s hard to just imagine how big it might actually be when – you know. It’d be better if it was hard.”

“Well I’m terribly sorry about that,” I said, smiling, “But what can you do? This isn’t exactly the sexiest location on earth.”

Terri thought for a moment.

“Mary, do you have any hand lotion in your purse?”

Mary, who’d been staring at my cock from the back seat, seemed startled for a moment before answering.


“Get it.”

“Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second,” I said, seeing where this was going. Involuntarily, my cock twitched.

“I’m not going to touch you,” Terri said, having noticed my slowly-hardening dick, “But I want to see how big that thing actually gets, and nobody said Mary couldn’t touch you…” she trailed off.

“Here?” I said, wondering if we were really going to do this.

“Why not here? It’s almost 2am, there’s nobody around, and you like Mary, don’t you?”

That was true, I did like Mary. She’d been a cheerleader and the Homecoming Queen, and had all-American blond hair, blue eyes, and big tits, which this evening were straining to get out of a low-cut, girls’-night top. To make it even better, she was separated from her husband, so in essence, Terri was proposing her married friend jerk me off. My dick had now grown considerably.

Before I could answer, Mary cut me off, “I’m cool, and I want to see it hard, too,” she said with a devilish smile. And with that, she squirted some lotion onto her hand, reached around the seat, took hold of my cock, and began to slowly stroke me.

“Ohhhhhh,” I said.

“Am I doing it right?” Mary asked, “How you like it?”

“Yes,” I replied, “You’re doing great.”

“How does it feel, Mary?” Terri asked.

“It’s nice and thick,” Halkalı escort Mary told her, “I can feel it still growing in my hand. It kind of pulses itself bigger every now and again, if that makes any sense.”

It was amazing. She was maintaining just the right amounts of pressure, friction, and speed, but listening to the two of them discussing my hard-on was what was really turning me on.

“How is she doing?” Terri asked me, “What’s she doing that’s working for you?”

“Ah,” I tried to reply while jolts of pleasure coursed through my cock, “Her fingers are hitting the sweet spot just under the head while her thumb sort of massages the other side. Plus, she’s got her other hand on the back of my neck.”

“What is it about that that you like?”

“It’s like she’s taken control of me.”

“Well,” Mary said with a smile, “I kind of have.”

“It looks that way,” Terri said. “What if you stopped stroking him?”

“No,” I said quickly, “Please don’t stop.”

“I don’t know,” Mary teased, “My arm is a little tired.”

“Please,” I managed, so close to the edge. “Please don’t stop.”

“What will you do for her if she agrees to keep going?” Terri asked me.

“Anything,” I said. “I’ll do anything she wants, just please don’t stop.”

While her right hand kept stroking my cock, Mary’s left hand gripped the back of my neck tighter.

“Anything? Really?”

“Anything,” I replied. “Really. Just please don’t stop.”

“Why?” Mary asked. “What’s going to happen?”

“I’m going to cum.” I was really close.

“Not without my permission, though, are you?” Mary said.

“No, not until you say.” I could feel my cock filling with cum; it wouldn’t be long now.

“And you agree that we can do this again?”

“Yes, yes, please we’ll do this again!”

“Whenever I want?”

“Yes, whenever you want.”

“And maybe if you’re really good,” she said, “I’ll let you fuck me?”

“Oh, god,” I was having a hard time holding back, “Yes, please I want to fuck you, but please Mary please let me cum!”

“Ok,” she said, “You have my permission to cum.”

I came harder than I had in a long, long time. Mary kept stroking me throughout my orgasm, making the sensation last, and finished by gently milking all the cum from my cock. The two of them cleaned me up with Krispy Kreme napkins while I sat in the driver’s seat catching my breath, my dick slowly softening until I could do my pants back up.

After a few moments, Terri said, “Thanks for that. They were telling the truth about you.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. “The pleasure was all mine.”

“And don’t forget our agreement,” Mary said. “Whenever I want.”

“Whenever you want,” I replied.

And then I drove them home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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